Asleep at the wheel

Hams these days. Lazy, good-fer-nuthin’ hams. Sleeping at the wheel. What slugs.

The other ham on the right is checkin’ in to see the paws up action. Right on.


Louise M.—nice mini-schnozzle, paws up action there.



  1. Even gorgeous fluffballs need their beauty sleep! ^.^

  2. ShelleyTambo says:

    That egg-yolky yellow thing is mesmerizing.

    Cute hams, too (although I’m a gerbil girl).

  3. My cat sleeps like that.

  4. Ummm… am I the only person who thought someone was actually FRYING this poor hamster??

    Maybe I’m slow. But it was scary.

  5. That hammie looks dead!

    Are you sure he’s just sleeping?

    I hope so…

  6. i-i give up….i no walk! i sleep…i speen later

  7. katey – you’re not the only one wondering… look at the schocked face of the other hamster passerby.

  8. It’s almost lunchtime, but Ham n’ Eggs sounds lovely.

  9. ShelleyTambo says:

    Katey–hams sleep on their backs like this all the time. (And I’m pretty sure it’s a girl–boy hammies are, uh, obvious.)

  10. Well, Hams n’ Egg, anyway.

  11. NebraskaErin says:


    My hammie fell asleep in her wheel one day. I walked into the room and turned on the light, and she jumped about three inches in the air!

  12. musicchick2 says:

    Is it just me,or did this take forever to load for everyone?

  13. Ham on right: “Hey, sleep somewhere else! I gots me some runnin’ to do!”

  14. I love the lil tucked in front paws and bucky teefers…

    btw, I didn’t have any trouble loading…

  15. “Screw this! All this running ain’t gettin’ me nowhere!”

  16. leprechaun says:

    D’aww! So much cute.

  17. So cute!

  18. omg. I wish I could slepp like that… so peaceful…
    but noooooo, I have 10 cats trying to walk on my head…

  19. It looks like the intake of a jet engine.

  20. Teh feets!!

    Teh teef!!

  21. Too cute! Is there a little ‘tock sniffin’ goin’ on? ewww lol

  22. ceejoe – everyone knows the head is the most comfortable, not to mention convenient, spot for kitties! also, sleeping between legs so ya can’t roll over, on the neck so ya can’t breathe.. these are good options too.

  23. ka9q's wife says:

    katerpie my cats always like to sleep on my butt as i roll over onto my tum often.

  24. i actually “awwww”ed out loud on this one. Made my day! Yay!

  25. That’s sooo cute! I thought at first he was rolling around a fried egg.

  26. awwww…. my cat sleeps like that too!

  27. GAH! want…to…post…first… comment…on…new…post…
    won’t…let me…..dying… of…frustration

  28. Okay, one of my fave things about hammies: they’re built like foot stools–the feets squarely located in the four corners of the (boxy) body.

  29. Holy macaroni!!! I’m spewing slush all over my monitor!!
    It looks like it ran out of steam and just decided to sleep! HEEHEEHEEHEE

  30. Is this a modern version of the dog in the manger?

    The poor other hammie is like, “er, will you be much longer? I was hoping for a run…”

  31. Teeny little hammy honk-shu’s…

    Adorable picture!

  32. Looks like me when I sleep – yees : )

  33. Get that hammie some pajhammies!

  34. gawrsh… i didn’t know fluffy hamsters slept on their backs too! cute!!!

  35. jenniflower says:

    I wuvvem widdle toofers!

  36. *singsong* hammie teefies, hammie teefies!!!

  37. I must add too – the teef are the best part!!

  38. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Aww… I love it. And I can just hear the other hammie: “Hey! If you’re not gonna use it, at least get off so I can have a turn!”.

  39. My initial reaction, like many others’, was that someone was frying a dead hamster with an egg. still cute! making a tasty ham-let on the stove sounds pretty tasty right about now. I may have to go make one. perhaps, if i ingest it, i will gain these hamsters’ powers of cuteness and become some sort of cuteness superhero.

  40. That is an unbelievably “squee” inducing pic!
    It’s the angle of that lower back paw that’s really getting to me.

  41. OMG! The tiny nose-let. The little teefs! The tucked in paws! The tiny little hammie nads! Awwwwwwww!

  42. This is cute but it would be cuter if it didn’t look like the hamster was dead.

  43. you guys r silly says:

    Every single time I look at this picture, I start giggling all over again…

  44. this is your hammie. this is your hammie on drugs. any questions?

  45. I want to poke his little belly!

  46. I love the cropped off hamster in the corner who looks ready to awaken him/her or just stare. I hope it’s not dead. o_O

  47. It looks like our lil’ hammie friend here took it pretty seriously when the other one told him “play dead! play dead!”


  48. LOL, Amy…This is your hammie on drugs with a side of grits.

  49. pookiepuff says:

    My hamster sleeps in some pretty weird positions too. It has a wheel just like that and when it’s running in it and stops too abruptly it flies out of it’s wheel. I was so shocked the first time, but it never gets hurt. It just climbs back on. Sometimes if it falls asleep in it’s little ball I put it in, I can scootch it out onto the carpet and it stays sleeping like that and I just watch her. Also, when it’s sleeping sitting up, it sometimes slowly leans to one side and falls over, readjusts itself, then falls on to the other side. hehe! I love my russian dwarf hammy!

  50. Lucky's Buddy says:

    Here’s what really happened: He looked at the kitteh in “I can see an ocean. . .” It was the little pink lips, the big blue eyes, the skinny kitteh neck, the soft tabby hair, the tiny ears, the little paws and extended claws. . .

    I had the same reaction. That kitteh is a knock out. . . literally.

    Even hams know cute overload when they see it.

  51. Um, wow. I’m always momentarily scared when I see pics of Hammies sleepin’ – they really do look curled up and over the rainbow bridge. Then I come to my senses and chuckle at the adorableness of sleeping Hammies.

    Good way to start the day here in cloudy, foggy, grey and abnormally-warm-for-November CT.

  52. Thats so funny. She doesn’t look real, like a toy. I never knew their fur carried on all over their feet tho.

  53. to say what we perhaps all know but do not observe often enough: yes, the hamsters are dang cute. but what really makes this so essential a website? It’s the CAPTIONS! asleep at the wheel…so cute-evoking! and then the comment on the observer-ham–well, let’s just say it’s nice to watch the game but it’s the color commentary that really makes it a satisfying experience.
    plus, I love the idea of the cute-providers (hammies) become connoisseurs of the cute themselves!
    I wonder if any other photos show cuties digging cuties…good gawd my brain has turned to cotton candy laced with treacle, if that isn’t a tautology of some sort. must go inhale some bitters as an antidote.

  54. It’s the hamster reenactment of Romeo and Juliet. Anytime now, Romeo-ham is going to pretend to plunge a tiny little dagger into his heart.

  55. If I see one more cute hamster I’m going to have to get me one! Do hammies allow snorgling?

  56. hammies do indeed allow snorgling. except for the occasional bad-tempered one.

  57. Awwww, I can see it’s lil privees and it doesn’t care cuz it’s tewtally zonked!

  58. NebraskaErin says:

    “hammies do indeed allow snorgling. except for the occasional bad-tempered one.”

    I wish my hammie allowed snorgling!! She’s a little tempermental. It’s all I can do to hold her for a moment without her wiggling away. With two cats in the house, she understandably prefers the safety of her cage or ball.

  59. “Harold?? did you take out the garbage like I asked you to?? What are you doing sleeping AGAIN?! Get up off that couch and take out the garbage!!! Harold, I’m speaking to you…HAROLD!!!”

  60. That is what excercise does to you. Consider yourself warned.

  61. Is this the hammie equivalent of hanging your laundry on the treadmill?

  62. I can’t remember ever cracking up that hard at a picture before. THANKS Cute Overload!

  63. i think that other hammie was about to check the pulse or stick a mirror under the nose of the hammie on the wheel, as it looks quite deed.

  64. Ah, that explains why our network has been down all morning!

  65. Looks dead to me 😦

  66. Does anyone else see the micro nostrils. OMG.

    Other hammie thinking, “I AM going to push the yellow ejection button”

  67. That hammy isn’t sleeping… Passed out from too much exercise. Poor thing, I know exactly how he feels! >< Just the sight of a treadmill might makes anyone fall asleep instantly.

  68. Alternate caption: “When I get the urge to exercise, I lie down till it goes away.”

  69. LC, that STILL looks like an egg to me.


  70. i was scurred he looked like he was in a frying pan! it took me so long to get the “wheel” concept together! my world is collapsing!!!

  71. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Yeah, I know just what you feel like, little dude.

  72. I have the best hamster ever. He’s a big puffy white teddy bear. We treat him like our child. He allows SUPER snorgling, and cuddles for hours with us or rides around in our pockets. He will snuggle up beside us and fall asleep, or sleep on his back as we cradle him in our hands. And he allows kissing too, and we cuddle and kiss him like a little puppy. He will also lick our tears if we cry. People say they’ve never seen a tamer hammie.

    We also have stuffed animals in his terarium that he’ll sleep under, and he has little hamster sized ones that he’ll pick up and move around.

  73. Mmmmm. Ham n eggs sounds like a good breakfast.

    (And no, I’m NOT gonna eat the ham.)