Yeah, I got a ‘pupzilian’ wax. I’m going to the beach for the holidays.

What? It’s not like it’s a tattoo.


Wow—she’s a little young for that, isn’t she, R. Larks?



  1. ahahahahaaaa

  2. thems are some beeeg ole doggie/moosie feetses!! anyone got a ball i can throw this pup??

  3. This puppy’s head looks too small for its body! Very cute though… 🙂

  4. That is one well-tutored pup.

  5. chocolate lab with a big squishy nekkid bellyyyyyyy!

  6. The tubbiness!

  7. chet's momma says:

    what a cute chubster! but WHY a pupzilian? (only on CO!)

  8. thelibrarianne says:

    She’s so pretty! Look at those eyes. The ‘pupzilian’ wax is from her getting fixed, right? She has good puppy parents.

  9. Can’t you jes smell his puppy breff???

  10. I think she needs to get her perfect nails done too.
    Something dark, with a little purple to it, I think.

  11. NebraskaErin says:

    Squishy puppeh belleh!!

    But won’t squish it until she’s healed.

  12. I just want to snorgle her ears and kiss the top of her head multiple times!!! All the while watching out for her tummy, of course…

    *Num num num kiss kiss kissssssss*

  13. meg that is tooo funny!

  14. Warm silky bebeh. Pre-yip? Post yip?

  15. bunnajenny says:

    I think it looks like she’s actually wearing a very fetching pink and purple striped bikini bottom. The thought of waxing a puppeh squishes the squee and promotes the owwwwwwch.

  16. “Weebles wobble but they don’t faw down.”

  17. oh my gosh what a cutie!! She’s gonna be a BIG girl!

  18. She’s going to grow up to be one big dog!! I showed the photo to my cat and she ran away…

  19. ShelleyTambo says:

    lauowolf–just get her some SoftPaws (purple, pink, or blue). She’ll be all set with her paw-icure.

  20. omg, is that not an adorabubble face???
    You just *know* there are *shterious* thoughts goin’ on behind those beautiful brown eyes!

  21. I want one of those paws in my hand. “Smells like Fritos.”

  22. Caption:
    I have chubby thighs but fortunately my stomach covers them.

  23. i saw a billboard yesterday that was nearly completely filled with a woman’s bikini-clad crotch. the caption? “HAIRY? CALL SHERI!”

    it’s sad to see that this poor little pup got suckered in.

  24. Alternate caption: “Dark fur is slimming, right?”

  25. Oh! puppyangelbabyboo! What a darling face! Someone get that puppy a merkin!

  26. Puppy: Whaaaat???

  27. This is the delightful stage when puppies’ bodies are disproportionate to their heads and then their legs will get long and they are all confused and clumsy and utterly prosh.

    Her soulful eyes seem to be saying “whatever. in two months time you will be sorry you laughed at me when I tripped on my ears playing fetch.”

    She may or may not have gotten snipped. My baby girl was naked “down there” until she was about 6 months old, so it was way before she was fixed.

  28. brownamazon says:

    It’s a chocolate flabrador!

  29. HAHAHAAAA! pupzilian.. hahaaha.. (I’m a little slow today).. phew.. that was toooo funny. She’s awesomely prosh and very very sofisticwated.

  30. Those little tummy rolls are just killing me….must….nuzzle…belleh!!!

  31. Absolutely too funny!

  32. Or:
    “After chowing 3 boxes of Whoppers, 2 Chunky bars and a Goo-Goo Cluster, Miss Lollipup, wolfed down the Spay Day.

  33. MUZZLEPUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh, and also adorable eyes, feets, belly, etc.


  34. *snort* “chocolate flabrador”!!

    God, I love you people.

  35. Beautiful photo!

  36. To view this wee puppeh we come.
    We stare at her wrinklesome tum.
    I don’t think they axed
    If she’d like to get waxed,
    So please don’t suggest it looks dumb.

    *gazes into melty eyes*

  37. LOL Meg!! Brilliant 😀

  38. i don’t know whether to cry or laugh…so i’ll just smile.

  39. ROFL all of youuuuuu!
    Kate!!! Grate!!!

    aaaaawwww…..her “wrinklesome tum”…..awwwwww!~

  40. In its entire history, Disney has NEVER managed to capture a puppy face that cute.

    They’ve tried, though. Oh they’ve tried.

  41. A soft, warm puppy belly…one of the very best things in life 🙂

  42. She is sooooo cute!!! Looks a little young to have been fixed to me. 🙂

  43. “In its entire history, Disney has NEVER managed to capture a puppy face that cute.”

    So true it hurts, EliottM.


  44. You know, and lately, it seems they have gone waaaay overboard with all the “cute factors”, making the animals too sickysweet.

  45. They’re probably digitizing that pic right now for analysis by their PupFace Animatron Mark II (TM).

    But it will make the machine explode with a sqeee, so it’s ok.

  46. “They’re probably digitizing that pic right now”

    When they’re not drawing little white windows on balloons to indicate their light and shininess.

  47. Hey Holly, yer jerkin’ my merkin with that comment. Not too many know what that is!

  48. Ok. I can’t help it…. I gotta put the PC term out there. She is a “full figured” pup! And I love her!!!!!!!

  49. Actually, on first glance I thought it was a waist pack.

    Aww, looka the trendy puppy.

  50. [ChrisFarley]

    Fat pup with a little headdddd…


  51. Martha in Washington says:

    My very good friend and neighbor just bred her yellow lab with a black lab and the puppehs are due at Thanksgiving. She asked me if I’d come over and help midwife when the time comes! I can’t wait. Fresh newborn puppehs!! And there could be chocolates in the bunch. My kids keeps asking if we can get one when they are ready, but I’m not sure my 8-year-old black lab mix, Jewel, would appreciate that. Jewel is pretty set in her ways. My oldest son wants a chocklit named Hershey (boy) or Godiva (girl).

  52. WTH, MY belly roll does NOT get this much affection. hmph.

  53. ka9q's wife says:

    Those huge pawssssess….splodes.
    Those sweet eyesssses….melts.

    I lof dem lab babies.

  54. LOL!!!!!!

  55. Caption:
    “Baroo??! What do you mean I’m not wearing undies?!”

  56. Faekitty:

    Maybe Under-baroos?

  57. ROFL, Aubrey….almost lost my OJ on the Underbaroos line.

    We went out to get a chocolate lab…had his name all picked out….Chip!

    But, we ended up with a black puppy, still liked the name, Chip, and he was one of our best dogs ever! He didn’t live long enough, though. :(….I guess they never do!

  58. HA! Did someone say merkin? Ah ha ha! She DOES need one.

    I lurve this fatty lumpkin.

  59. Looks like a shaved, not baby-hairless, belly to moi. Spays can safely be done as early as eight weeks. Her folks are clearly being careful (now they need to watch the treats!) with Miss Chubby McChubersons here.
    Awesome paws!
    Great comments today y’all!

  60. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Have to love those big-boned-babeh lablettes. Our lab-mix was just a big, warm ball of lead with giant feet. She grew up to be built more like a Newfie than either of her slightly-built parents. Genetics is wacky.

    This little luvalump is a doll. She’s going to be a whole lot to love going by those feet. LOVE HER!

  61. Puppy eyes and tummy rolls!! Arrgh! Too cute! I love big dogs….little dogs not so much….cept a few.

  62. Martha –

    Note that the girl gets the high quality chocolate name?

  63. OK, so I Googled “merkin”
    Now I get it, now I’m smirkin’.

  64. Martha in Washington – The puppy could be very positive for your Jewel. And Jewel might help train the new puppy. Aaaand, (talking faster while backing away) go ahead and get two puppies, a boy and a girl, while you’re at it!
    (neeeeeoooowwrrm – )

  65. jenni joon says:

    Ok. I just walked in from an absolutely hellacious 11-hr work day AND a heartbreaking meeting with my ex-husband of 13 years and all I wanted to do was just curl into a ball and burst into tears. Then a bright spot: I think “Hey, Jenni.. you haven’t checked C.O. today.” So. Whaddaya think happened? I open my little Mozilla browser and go straight to my favorite link and VOILA! I see this! And then I just got happy. For the first time in … I dunno… what feels like a really long time. 🙂

    Thanks so much, cuteoverload. Just a big *thanks* for making this horrible day end with this – the little “scandalous” pupper wif her adorable face and that special pupper-belly super pudge that always makes me laugh out loud! Made me forget my heartache for five minutes. That is really something.

  66. jenni joon, sorry to hear about your horrible day. Here, have some pudding.

  67. PUDDINS!!!

  68. Jenni, that’s rough – I’m sorry about your day; totally unfair.

    (wedges self in front of T.)

    YES. Please have some puddin. LC, it’s now safe to launch the catapault.

  69. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Large breed puppies are about as cute as it gets, with their big clumsy paws and flappy ears and coffee-table-clearing tails.

    She jsut looks like she has normal puppy belly. The fur on a dog’s undercarriage is almost always finer and thinner than everywhere else, and it’s even more noticeable on puppies.

    Makes me want to ppbbbssppppttttttt

  70. My 6 year old pup is half lab, half dalmation. My first of either. And I always wondered at his bare belly. Shmaybe a lab thing? He’s still pretty bald down there – always has been.

  71. Martha in Washington says:

    Pyrit-I’d gain two puppies and lose a husband. He wasn’t overly thrilled about the first dog and *he* is why I don’t have a cat. It’d be nice to dream about though and I’m sure once the puppies arrive I’ll dream about it even more. Le sigh!

  72. musicchick2 says:

    Aha! It’s PUDDINS that makes Teho decloak and furtively appear, albeit momentarily. And then, in a flash, he is gone again, cooking up more dastardly deeds and puddin’ wars! *ducks* INCOMING!!!

  73. dickie twinkles says:

    Awww! I love nekkid puppy tummies!

    My pup was nekkid down there until he was nearly 6 months…it was great – I could blow raspberries on him! XD

  74. *giggle*

  75. Martha in Washington – Immediately begin propaganda to husband that you need to fulfill your need for 2 horses and how and where the barn could be built, begin the bank loan application process, check out horse books from the library, use your imagination, and do not waver, work it, no giggling, and maybe when the pupppies are born he’ll get things into perpective! At the least it might get you a kitty-cat! 😉 (I keed, I keed, or do I?)

  76. Owwww! The face, the face, the face!! AND sweet bebeh puppeh belleh! It’s shaved for the numerous raspberries she will be getting just cuz she’s so darned precious!

  77. You’re right, lauowolf! She does have the most perfect little toenails. I’m glad you pointed it out; I woulda totally overlooked. 🙂

  78. Martha in Washington says:

    Pyrit-you have an evil side! But I like it, I like it alot!!

  79. jenni joon says:

    ohh..! Thank you, Laurie C and Aubrey. I’m verklimt… tawk amongst yaselves. (say in Mike Meyers character-voice from SNL when he plays the women on the talk show who loves Barbara Streisand – you remember??!) Thanks vewry vewry much for your kind well wishes. I appreciate it. Today was a better day. Ok… ciao for now!

  80. Belly up, Pup!

  81. This is my little puppy and for the record she hasn’t had a wax!!! 🙂 She just had the cutest pink belly until she was about 12 weeks old when the fur started to grow properly! Many thanks for all your comments, some of them were really nice.
    She was 8 weeks old then and is now 3 years – and has now grown into the most adorable labrador x