Go Chiefs!

Git out the way, Justin, Kanye and Pharrell—this ferret is bustin’ out a neckerchief TOO.

Take it from the experts—neckerchiefs for ALL yer perfessional photos. [Knitted blankie extra credit]


Larissa A.—got that neckerchief in a Burberry print?



  1. STOP IT! Just stop.

  2. Pink-nosed ferret awesomeness!

  3. BEF, Muzzlepowche, I think humanlike with the wearing of the bandanna..


  4. Hey, this little fellar started it all. Ferret fad-fashion followers got nothin’ on him.

  5. I declare it
    A demerit
    If you can’t wear it
    Like a ferret

  6. Martha in Washington says:

    The beautiful blue bandana goes perfectly with the snow white fur and soft pink nose and ears. Obviously a fashion forward ferret.

  7. I CAN’T STAND IT!!!

  8. How debonair.

  9. NebraskaErin says:

    “You’re fabulous darling, the camera loves you! Yes! Work it! Pout, darling, pout!”

    -Overheard at photo shoot for Ferrets Illustrated, Bandana Edition.

  10. Martha in Washington says:

    Did anyone else notice that the ferret’s eyes follow you when you move? Like the Jesus pictures that Grandmas everywhere always hung in their living rooms. Creepy!

  11. ShelleyTambo says:

    Martha in WA, I’m now creeped out by a photo that had made me think, “Well, not such a ferret fan, but this is cute.”

  12. Aubrey, I absolutely *adore* your rhymes! Here’s a haiku for ya:

    Ferret, on blankie
    Neckerchief makes me go “Squee!”
    Pink-nosed perfection

  13. chet's momma says:

    awww! is he drooling?

  14. Lady Chroe says:

    See it drool as it looks at you? Cute little bloodsucker.

  15. Ferret, don’t watch me!
    Martha in W waits–
    She wants you to look.

  16. aww, look at his tiny teeth! 🙂

  17. Love the juicy pink ferret lips!

  18. Awww, ferret smile! I luf da ferriiiit. *sniff* and miss my ferret. (He passed of old age last November. )

  19. Is that ferret sportin a grill?

  20. Lofly, dahlink. Ze colour, she complements your fur magneefizently!

  21. That ferret needs a hat. Like pronto! Cowboy, fedora or Kangol….it’s all good!

  22. HEY. Ferret! Get thee to a millinery!

  23. Am I the only one creeped out by this ferret? He’s got fangs and soul-less eyes and he’s SLAVERING to bite us! Okay, his EARS are way cute, but his mouth, eeeek! Get him tested for rabies!

  24. Of what does this ferret disapprove?
    The way it stares, I can’t move.

  25. I think teh ferret is P.O’d, because it looks like Owen Wilson and the bandana disguise is not working.

  26. Gosh, Monique you’re a real sweet heart.

    Toad’s got a snaggle tooth. He’s not mean, or souless. He’s sweet and loving and kind and cuddly.

    His teeth gut out because his teeth are crooked and it gives him a bulldog or Elvis face.

    He’s not mean. He doesn’t have rabies. He gets his shots just like every other pet that’s taken care of.

    The “drool” is mostly a liquid ferret treat called Ferret Tone.

    Toad’s never bitten anyone, ever in his entire life. He’s too sweet for that mess.

    The picture was modeling a nifty tiny ferret bandana made by an amazing crafty lady named Rachael who does custom ferret clothes.


    -Rissa, Toad’s owner.

  27. you guys r silly says:

    (haiku for jaypo and Martha W and Monique):
    slinky ferret waits.
    he drools, anticipating
    *kronsching* on da peeps. . .

  28. LunarFlame says:

    Congrats Rissa and Toad!

  29. *kronsching* on da peeps
    but only little love bites
    Ferret Toad would *kronsche*

  30. (Gives Monique a kitten to huff, it’s name is “Li’l Oopsie.” Gives Larissa a kitten to huff, it’s name is “Frog” and it wants to be buds with Toad.)

  31. you guys r silly says:

    Of course — *love kronsches* are ALWAYS welcome…&:o)

  32. Agh, not “it’s”, “its'” ….(heavy breathing), IT’S Monty Python . .. .

  33. I like that. He does have a little Elvis mojo/sneer going on.

    Hey,there pretty momma! Got some peanut butter and ‘nanas?

  34. Maybe he’s just waiting to give a Grande Chomp.

  35. This here looks like my friends first ferret. Cept Digger was an albino and Toad seems to have black eyes. Out of all the ferrets I’ve seen, none have ever been mean and bitten anyone. My friend went out and got some bracelets and a charm or two and gave Digger some stylin’ bling too!

  36. “Toad…. You are really selling that bandana! This photo keeps you in the running for America’s Next Top Ferret.” [ flips over photo and strikes a pose ]

  37. I see his teefs! He looks like he’s smiling at us! too cute.

  38. Rissa – he’s adorable!!!
    Snorgles to him!

  39. Rissa, he’s gorgeous! I’ve learned ever since I got my three ferrets that there is a LOT of ignorance afoot about these incredible little animals. I looked at this picture and just saw his charming dookness. What a handsome boy!

  40. Awww just another reminder to watch what you say… these animules’ mamas and papas read, too, ya know. >:/

    Someone once posted to my website, a looooong time ago, something along the lines of, “Ew! Rats! Get a life, loser!” I was aghast! What’s wrong with people, that they take the time and energy to be mean!


  42. Ferret, how I love to see
    the your glistening rows
    of saliva-slicked
    razor-sharp teeth.
    I kees you.

  43. Tell you what though, if any of my pets’ pics ever got 10 minutes of fame on CO I would HOPE the Peeps would give it their BEST shot, from what ever angle, because CO Peeps are awesome and I would snorgle *almost* any comments! Gah. Def.

  44. Stupid supervisory training, it has again killed my typing abilities. Just you know, fix the typo in your mind.

  45. pyrit, point taken, and it is a good one.

    But still. If you can’t say anything nice, and all…

  46. Two of my ferrets give kisses of the Frawnsch variety, meaning you better not think too much about where those little tongues have been. 🙂

  47. What’s wrong with his teeth? He’s just about one of the most handsome ferret dudes on the net! I love the bandana Rissa; Toad’s stylin’!

  48. I just knew Toad would make it one day!

  49. musicchick2 says:

    Ceebs, I think it’s ferrit spit that’s catching a reflection from the bright photography lighting.

    Erin – LMAO!!

    Oh, and the ferret is cute too. Think my kitties would enjoy him as a playmate? 😉

  50. Arvay – Yes, agreed.

  51. Oh a snaggletoothed ferret named Toad – what manna for poetry fodder is this??? Thank You!

  52. There’s a woman named Rachael who makes custom ferret clothes?


    The apocalypse is nigh!

  53. Toad… you da ferret!

  54. musicchick2 says:

    Kayte – I guess everybody should have a hobby. Keeps them out of the mental institutions. 😉

  55. LOVE the juicy mouth, too. I actually did put my little fingers to my lips on this one.

  56. Toad is one of my all time favorite ferts 🙂 What a handsome man.

  57. Yes, Kayte. I exist.

    Toad is a fabulous muse.

    Not all ferrets appreciate fashion, but Toad is exceptional. He is a delight to sew for and to dress.

    Congrats, Larissa! I knew Toad would be on CO someday!

  58. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAADDD!! So great to finally see the world’s most handsome and well dressed fert!! And if y’all love the bandana you shoud see his other clothes! ;p

    Many kisses to Larissa, Toad and Rachael!!

  59. We must see his other clothes.
    C’mon don’t tease.

  60. Toad is one amazing ferret.

    Gigolokitty (charter member of the Toad fan club)

  61. you guys r silly says:

    Larissa : I hope you weren’t offended by the haiku that I made up to scare jaypo, etc…I wasn’t cutting up on handsome Toad, I was cutting up on jaypo and them…(playfully, of course!) Anyways — I didn’t mean to offend you & I apologize if I did.
    Toad’s very *spiffy*looking* in his little bandana!
    Please give his fluffy head a scritchy-scritchy from ME, ok?

  62. Toad! I love this boy. He`s so handsome! Looks great in this photo. The drool is a nice touch 🙂

    prelud at LJ

  63. Clearly posing for Ferretwear Daily. VERY skilled fotog, the Avedon of animal High Fashion, and she has just told Toad ‘Moisten the lips; now eyes WIDE open; now a little shoulder action..’ Of course with ferrets, no action stops with the shoulders, the rest of the body just pours after them, and in the next frame, all we would see is the ferret tail. Then the fotog has to start all over.

  64. I’m not really sure ferrets have collarbones to hold the neckwear on. Maybe in the next frame all we would see is an empty bandana. And it would have to be very very fast photography, to catch a wiggling ferret.

  65. Monique, when you stop to think about it, to some people all beady eyed animals (no whites) look soulless. If Toad looks soulless, then all ferrets do. But I assure you, Toad is a cool, funny little guy, definitely not soulless.

    This makes me wonder about the whole BEF. Remember that shark named Bruce in Finding Nemo? Most of the time he had eyes with whites and he managed to make us like him. when he got a taste of blood and was overwhelmed by instinct, the movie makers changed his eyes to black only, no whites. In an instant he looked like a scary, soulless monster. And they used BEF to achieve that. So I`m not sure if BEF is a determining factor of cuteness.

  66. Ferrets on ur cowch wearin ur hankercheefs.

  67. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I LOVES me some ferrety goodness. I love the Elvis lip, it totally gives him character. Go Toad! Come hang out with my furret The Cheat!

  68. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    OMG! You guys, if you haven’t done so yet, RUN, not walk to that link that Larissa provided. If you get to the pictures there’s a whole youtube slideshow of Toad.

    His cute widdle teef, if anything make him all the more photogenic and expressive IMHO! 😉

    Thanks for sharing your cute little wiggle-baby with us Larissa.

  69. Burberry eh? Well it’s not a ferret, it’s a hairless guinea pig, but I did make him a Burberry jacket!

  70. chet's momma says:

    i like the drool…i wuz jes’ sayin’…..! Toad is the cutest ferret furever, so i’m sorries if his feelings were in any way hurt! xxoo

  71. A hairless piggy wearing a burberry jacket.

    Yep. Just the thing I thought I would sit down at a keyboard and type someday.

  72. you guys r silly says:

    oh my goodness! a *naked*piggy*!
    I’ve never seen a hairless guinea piggy before! Look at his little naked self — he’s *ADORABLE*!!!

  73. If a person alludes
    To pigs in the nudes
    What words would they use
    If grammar not to abuse?

  74. Aubrey, you make my forehead wrinkle, and that’s not good. I hadn’t un-wrinkled from the pic of the hairless pig. It just keeps getting worse. I need a nice soft fluid ferret to put his nosicle up my sleeve and tickle, that’s what I need. Anybody got a loaner?

  75. Another Toad fan from LiveJournal. Rissa has also sent pictures of Runty McRunterson, her very cute foster kitty. Can we have a Runty picture too?

  76. That’s some major salivation.

  77. Monique, I’m with you. Cute ears but creepin’ me out w/ the eyes and the slavering!

  78. If my choices are Justin, Kanye, Pharrell, or the Ferret? I’ll take the ferret.

  79. ferret in a neckerchief
    ponies!!1! in sneakers
    squirrel in a sweater
    hairless pig in burberry jacket…

    I’m considering a change in career right now, because it’s clear to me that the world needs more pet-tailors.

  80. Dont forget the trees, redz! The trees need sweaters, too!

  81. you guys r silly says:

    And don’t forget lambs in wool jackets and guinea piggies in bumblebee costumes, either!

  82. OMG a nekkid piggie. I wanna nibble his ears. And Aubrey is a genius, but we already knew that!

  83. A. Toad-fan says:

    Toad even looks amazing in a Christmas hat!

    Merry Christmas Toad!


  84. Ferret Claus!!!!
    All the sudden I want to like Christmas again…EEEEEHN. No dice. Well, I tried anyway. I still like Ferret Claus.

  85. Loooooooooove the ferrett. He looks like he’s ready to give a big, juicy kiss… not like he’s all slobbery….

  86. ryuuseishinda says:

    TOAD! Yay you finally made it on CO!! 😀

  87. Dang it I forgot to mention that my little hairless piggie’s name is Costanza. Yep, cuz he’s bald.

    Here’s another pic of his jacket from above so you can see it’s burberry-ness better: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v628/fairysari/Piggies/Accessories/P8032228.jpg

  88. Squee! His cute is killing me! I especially love his curl-covered snoot. Who knew I had a thing for hairless piggies?

  89. andrea l nash says:

    I smell like tree-flowers and you can kill me by stepping on me. Why do you hate me? All I want is to be fed – and play and sleep and play and sleep and play and…I luvu… and sleezzz…

  90. MEG! You are so stinkin’ PHUNNY! And, yer article in Bust Magazine this past month was FIT! You go grrrrrl!

  91. Toad Fan number 12434524635656577 says:

    Oh yeah? Well Toad being a mommy to a little tiny kitten is even better than a piggie!


    SAY, AWW!!!!

    We love Toad! Runty too!

  92. i do not like it!!!

  93. not so cute


  94. dissapointed says:

    Ella and Masa, if you don’t like it why do you have to be rude and leave such a negative comment?

    Why not just keep your little fingers to yourself and move on?

  95. Well I didn’t mean to imply he was an EVIL ferret, I’m just saying his cuteness didn’t overload me (except for the ears). If he has crooked teeth that makes me feel better, I thought he was snarling at the camera. And honestly, he IS pretty drooly. We all love our pets, but that doesn’t make them neccessarily CO-worthy. Although now I’m tempted to submit my bunnies and puppy to prove I’m not some mean animal-hater, I just have seen cuter critters than this guy.

  96. Poof* I have exploded… the photo of Toad and the kitteh has Keelt me…keelt me dead of the cuteness.
    Elric ferret,(an albino but otherwise much like Toad) was grown when we got Miss Megumi as a teeny kitteh. They were this sweet together, and he even made sure she knew how to use the litter box.

  97. Martha in Washington says:

    Jaypo-I can die happy now. I’ve been immortalized in a haiku on the CO!!! I’m gonna call my sister and my brother and my aunt and my cousin and…
    Shelley Tambo-I’m sorry I creeped you out with my observation. The ferret is still cute.

  98. CO Headline!

    “Ferret Forgoes Food To Fondle Feline”

    Send it to the printers!

  99. Hmm… I wasn’t aware that ginea piggles came in a “nekkid” variety.

    And the ferret is most def. cute! He looks a little dismayed, like, right after the flash went off he must have said–“Hey, I wasn’t ready! No fair! Retake!”

    I now want a ferret… but my fiance thinks our cat, Strife, would eat it. 😐

  100. Toad is a gorgeous boy. SO CUTE. He has a ton of great pictures, too. TONS.

  101. Just look at the ‘chief on this ferret!
    Not many around here could wear it.
    He’s looking so hot…
    In fact, I know what!
    I’ll award him an Order of Merit.

    *beeps the pink ferret nose* 😀

  102. It’s got a look on its face like it just narrowly escaped Richard Gere’s ass.

  103. he needs a lil’ backwards baseball cap. I’d suggest sunglasses too, but surely that would negate the BEF.

  104. I’m so cute I’m slobberin’ al’ ova meself, mate!

  105. Awww, the fuzzies!!

    Toad and the kitten has slayed me.

  106. FairySari, how did the adorable and fashion conscious wee-piggles come to have the fierce hairdo?

  107. YAY!! I <3 Toad!!!

  108. yoohoostereo says:

    If there was a website called MyFerretHatesYou.com this dude should be the star.

    He looks 10 types of evil.


  109. I have been singing/humming/chanting “Wear it like a ferret.” for almost a whole 24 hours now.

  110. [scores one for Aubrey Earworm]

  111. TTTOOOAAAADDDDD!!!!! Toad rules ferretland! He is the ferret model with the mostest!

  112. Dude! What is wrong with people? If you don’t like the way the ferret looks, don’t say anything. Geez! I’ve seen plenty of ugly, ugly critters on this page before and never said a thing about them.

    As to this little dude, well I think he’s just too cute for words, little snaggle tooth and all. Toad your snaggly tooth gives your snuddlebum face so much character. Love that bandana too!

  113. yoohoostereo says:

    Lizzie..if you were talking about my post (which I don’t think you are), then you read it wrong.

    IMO Evil=Cute sometimes. Just look at MyCatHatesYou.com

  114. Toad rules. People who don’t like it can surf on to another pic. You don’t have to like everything but you don’t have to be rude about it either. I don’t like bananas but I don’t go around insulting them and people who eat them. I think he’s muy guapo. Best-dressed ferret of the year! 🙂

  115. Nimrodjess says:

    TOAD! Finally. And if that look is souless you haven’t seen an albino. My Lidda looks downright evil, and thats exactly why I love her.

  116. Yay Toad! After seeing him on LJ for so long, I was wondering when he was going to make it on here.

  117. omg its Toad the ferret! He’s such an adorable little guy. Too bad these folks commenting don’t realize this ferret is internet-famous! He’s a star, people, sheesh!

  118. Of course Toad’s famous, he’s on Cute Overload.

  119. I know that ferret, its Toad!! What a ham! Cute as usual.

  120. First and foremost… YAY TOAD! Not the best picture of you ever, but still damn, DAMN cute!

    You sirrah, are one of my favorite ferrets out there… ever! I can only hope that next time CO decides to accept a picture, they accept one that the owner sent in, because she chooses the absolute best of the BEST of him, and they make me “awww!” every time!

    And second of all… what the hell? Why do people feel the need to say they think a picture isn’t cute? If you don’t like it, scroll past it and comment on something you DO like, instead of making someone feel like crap just because you felt the need to run your mouth off.

    It’s like walking up to a brand-new mother and saying her baby is ugly. You don’t do it! Jeeze, people. Grow some manners.

    Rissa, Toad is amazing, and one of the most photogenic and handsome ferrets I’ve ever seen. Keep up the fantastic photos, and I can’t wait to see him on here again!

  121. That’s one charismatic ferret 🙂 And, once again, I’m wondering which part of the world the picture was taken. You see, it’s not impossible for a Finnish girl to have a name like Larissa (most of the Finnish names are variations of Anglo-Saxon names anyway, like mine) and, most importantly, the blankie underneath the ferret resembles quite a lot the ones my 90 year old grandma has.

    I’m sorry if Larissa has allready revealed her nationality, I just haven’t noticed it. Whatever the case, that’s one cute and charismatic ferret ^_^

  122. Awww, makes me want a ferret that much more 😦 So cute!

  123. “Laughing at me bandana, eh?”

    Sooo pink.