A Cinderella story

" ‘Wash your coat!’

‘Clean yer stall!’

‘Drink yer milk!’

Is there anything we DON’T hafta do ourselfs!? Geeshe."


Kirsten H., nice lil’ stable slaves you got there.



  1. I can’t help but notice that lambikins are wearing faux-shearling lambcoats. Odd, that.

  2. That makes it doubly cute.

  3. NebraskaErin says:

    Knobbly knees!!!

  4. chet's momma says:

    double heart shaped nosicles!

  5. Teho, they’re slepping out in the barnyard. Listen….[honk-shu, honk-shu]

    There’s nothing I wouldn’t do for those lammykins.

  6. YUMMY!!

  7. little miao says:

    awww, lambkins wearing lambcoats, what could be more cute?? I want to kiss their little noses and the tops of their fuzzy heads.

  8. Lambies in lamby-coats!!

    They have such innocuous little faces.

  9. Teho, why did “geeshe” make it into the vocab?

    Just curious…think I missed something?

  10. OK, duh, nevermind. Now I feel stupid…

  11. oh da lambs! an da cute! and da eaaars! and da noses! and *poit*

  12. kinda reminds me of Pixar’s short “Boundin'”. . . what with the shearing an stuff. Can these lambs do a jig?

  13. Thank goodness – an antidote (cute-i-dote?) to the grasshopper stories! Such sweet little behbies.

  14. warrior rabbit says:

    Sheepies! The one on the right looks like he was just starting to say something when the pic was snapped.

  15. Peg of Tilling says:

    “Wash your coat! Drink yer milk! Clean yer stall! I suppose we have to count ourselves too!”

  16. Allie and Jojo-s Mom says:

    Makes me Sheep-y just lookin at ’em.


  17. Meg, LURV the “Pink ear action” rollovers…

    I thought instantly of Wallace and Gromit’s “Close Shave”…where’s the little bandaid “X”s on their widdle bee-hinds?

  18. The Guy Over There says:

    Those lambcoats somehow remind me more of armadillo pads.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing a sheepadillo. I’m sure it would mind, though, since I’d want to roll their baa bodies around.

  19. Awww! These lambs got fleeced at the baa-baa shop so they went to Woolworths.
    (neeeeeeaaooorrrrwwwmmmm !)

  20. warriorR, what do you think he was about to say?

  21. Stephanie C. says:

    Sheeps!!! I love them!! This photo helps make a semi-crummy day better.

  22. Are those lambs Scandinavian? No lambs are cuter than the Scandinavian breeds. 🙂

  23. Aww!!! Look at the babies in the coats! So cute! They look like little old ladies in sheep coats. They need little purses and a brooch for their coats.

  24. Moist nosicles! Moist nosicles!

  25. Thinker — http://preview.tinyurl.com/utsl4

    “Geeshe” is definitely an established cute-ism. I may have taken some liberties with its Glossary entry, of course.

  26. Lambies in coats to keep their wool nice and clean so I can spin it!!

  27. Kimberly Knits says:

    Is it wrong that I keep envisioning yarn when I look at them…

  28. Villeline – I think “Scan” means something different to some of the Peeps here.
    I think these lambs are South American. I could snorgle a Brazillion of them until the end of obolivian.

  29. Two sweet leetle smiling, pink-eared, knobbly-kneed lambies all a-sweater on a Tuesday morning…

    Can the world GET any better?

    I submit that it cannot!

  30. Zippy McPinhead says:

    Those are REAL lambskins they are wearing. Gives the pic a creapy – nice with a glass of Chianti – feel to it.

    “If a lamb dies, an orphan lamb can be fostered onto the ewe. An old-fashioned trick was to cover the new lamb with the dead lamb’s skin. The first lamb may have been brown and the new lamb snowy white. But even with head and ears poking out from under the old skin, the sheep will accept the lamb because it smells correct.”

    Awwww 🙂

  31. Awwww!! Widdle lammies in coats! too much cute for me!!

  32. they have hearts for noses!!!!

  33. I looooove little baby sheeps!

  34. I took the pic and these lambs were in England, not sure of the breed, but I assume good old fashioned British lambs@

  35. kirsty, lovely lambs. Are those in fact real lambskin coats, or an incredible simulation?

  36. Kristy – these little lambekins have pulled the wool over your eyes:

    Lamb #1:
    “I’ve had it with the pastel eggs, the bunnies…”

    Lamb #2:
    “…and the little chicks – BAAAAAAAAH! We don’t share time!”

    Lamb #1:
    “It’s like they’re trying to hide us under a blanket – and what’s WITH these wool blankets, anyway? Can anyone say ‘redundance’?”

    Lamb #2:
    “I can’t tell you – besides, I’m having too much trouble trying to SMILE! But next year we take over! Welcome to Springtime victims, and enjoy our FLEECE-STER!”

  37. Sigh. Baby livestock. Heart…melting…

    [checks condo’s HOA regulations for restrictions on raising farm animals in patio]

  38. Awww! Fuzzy and knobby and wide-eyed!

  39. Kimberly Knits, much better to envision lambswool than lamb chops. 😉


  40. Ah, thanks Teho.

  41. Although I know real lambskins *are* used in some situations, I do not believe these to be real lambskins. I say this with no expertise in real lambskins, but as someone who is painfully, intimately familiar with faux-shearling fleece, which this appears to be. (Once made 15 lamb costumes for a 2nd grade play.)

  42. OMG!!!!! what cuties!!

  43. It’s shear madness!

  44. SHEEPIES!!!

    I love sheepies!

  45. Can’t say I’ve done it personally, but with the uh, previously used skins they deliberately try to cover some of the head & tummy, not just the back.

  46. Martha in Washington says:

    I absotively LLLOOOVVVEEE sheeps!!! The US needs more sheep. When I was in Scotland they were everywhere and I was in Heaven! I wanted to smuggle one home but it wouldn’t fit in my luggage.
    I always wondered…why don’t sheep shrink in the rain?

  47. Martha:


  48. ka9q's wife says:

    i want to kiss their little noses and snorgle their necks.

  49. Kirsty! Near enough! They are Right-Side-Of-The-Planet lambs! Hah! Animal breeds south of the Rhine tend to be shockingly ugly. Except the donkeys. The donkeys rock! 😀

  50. i’ve heard of a wolf in sheep’s clothing but this is just silly!

  51. Anyone distressed by limericks should look away now.

    I was shocked when these cute li’l lambs
    Let fly with a chorus of DAMN!!!s
    “You want us to work?
    We say “Never, you jerk!”
    Just wait til we grow into rams.”

    *checks into Specialist Clinic for Verse Disorders*

  52. Your verses sound wonderfully Ordered to me, Kate! 😉

    You’ve a knack!

  53. Awwww…lambies in pajamies!

    Um, that wouldn’t be one of their relatives they’re wearing?

  54. Robbie – a lamb-t, perhaps? Shear-ster?

  55. warrior rabbit says:

    “warriorR, what do you think he was about to say?”

    Ummm….something fLAMBoyant?

  56. I would have thought they said “zheesh!” so as not to confuse the peeps. But, oh – they sure are anerable, either way!

  57. the honourable Gladys Anstruther says:

    well some one had to say it.

  58. It reminds me of the cute sheep in the Wallace and Gromit short.

  59. Armadillambs?