[hovercraft sounds]


Nyerrrrrrrrrrrr-owwwnnn [hovercrafts just breezed past]



  1. littlelizard says:

    Wow! Check those pointy ears of joy!

    Flying legless dogs!
    It just goes to disprove the theory that where you find a dog with no legs is right where you left him!

    Go, little weenies, Go!!!

  3. The brown one appears to be far more aerodynamic. Maybe that’s why he’s winning the race.

  4. Peg of Tilling says:

    Which one is Anakin driving?

  5. Nyerrrrrrrrrrrr-owwwnnn [hovercrafts just breezed past]

    haha i actually read that out loud just now and it actually sounded like a hovercraftthingy!



  7. NebraskaErin says:

    This pictures is so hilariously cute that it has rendered me incapable of cognizant thought. I have nothing clever to say. Or maybe it’s because I’m laughing so hard that I got puddin’s all over my monitor. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

  8. Oh no…seriously, this must be the best thing I have ever seen. Im too overwhelmed to say more.

  9. chet's momma says:

    wonder where they are flying to?

  10. I also did the “Nyerrrrrrrrrrrr-owwwnnn [hovercrafts just breezed past]” sound out loud… 😀 And I haven’t even had my coffee yet.

  11. *Hands NebErin a Puddin’ Squee-Gee, so she can see the flyin’ weeners agin.*


  12. It’s the new “HoverDog 2006, with Service Bark 3”!! Enjoy the new and exciting version of this state-of-the-art gadget in your color of choice – black or light brown. With HoverDog 2006, walking the dog is no longer a tedious task – it will fly by before you know it! Available from authorized retailers and online at http://www.hoverdoggie.com :))

  13. They have launched themselves into the Cute universe — and we are all the better for it.

    I love the ears on both of ’em, and the smile on the one in back! You just KNOW they’re thinking “This is waaaaaaay better than hanging my head out the car window!”

  14. Weenies? They look like Min Pins to me. I’d know that bouncing, manic look anywhere. :p


    I wish I could do italics in these comments…

  16. Anybody else suspicious that the dog in front doesn’t have a shadow corresponding to the rear dog’s shadow?

  17. Evan — I think 2 things:
    1) Brown Hoverdog looks like he’s up a bit higher, and
    2) the photo is cropped close at the lower edge

    So I think one shadow’s been cropped out.

  18. indigoreiki says:

    HaHAHa…This just made my day!!!

  19. Sweet Lady says:

    It’s a bird!

    It’s a plane!

    No, it’s Super Weiner!


    *fits of giggles and aww’s of cuteness*

  20. velocity x height = time cooped up in the car to get there x immediate proximity of squirrels off-screen

  21. [speechless at the teh kewtness of it all!]


  22. Invisible bikes!

  23. gloom raider says:

    “MANNED flights?? To heck with these ‘manned’ flights”…

  24. Too cute! Wh-what-how? Ow! ow!

    Thanks, CO. I’m really getting my money’s worth out of that Home Aneurism Repair Kit.

  25. HAHAHAHA! BEST THING I’VE EVER SEEN! Seriously. I’m not even kidding.

  26. “Which one is Anakin driving?”

    Holy frawkin’ mackerel, Peg, I just about sprained my sinuses there!

    The answer? The one at the head of the race, of course… 😉


  27. The brown one def. looks more aerodynamic. But I love the shadow under the back one, and the tail that looks like a rudder.. Great photo 😀

  28. On the heels of THAt geek moment, my second thought was…it’s Dogleks!

    *mechanical voice* EX-TER-MIN-ATE THE DOG-TOR!


  29. OMG!!!!! That is so awesome. I have a weenie dog and he sprongs just like that =D! Just never taken a pic of the acshun.

    Made my day…

    I love my weenie dog, and I have to give him up to my dad but that’s okay… they’ll keep each other company

    I’ll still miss him :~(

  30. Thing 1: “Min-Pin, win!”
    Thing 2: “Wheeeeee-ner Dawg!

  31. It’s the U.S. Reverse Luge Team practicing on the dirt slopes of DogPatch.

  32. Holy Crap!!! I’m suffering fits of laughter over here! That is the darn tootinest funny thing!

  33. wait…it’s really creepy if u imagine they’re coming to attack u!! lol, but creepy in a cute way.

  34. I see that Superman finally got himself some pets!

  35. That’s one of the funniest photos I’ve ever seen!

  36. Is it just me, or does the brown one look like a vampire-dog? Perhaps they can fly because they are undead. *shifty eyes*

  37. Paranoid — [ahem] …daylight.

  38. no sheeeet! this is a crazy funny pic!!! 🙂

  39. marsmannix says:

    Unidentified FLying Dogs!!!
    this picture is

  40. Reminds me of invisible bike cat –

  41. (airplane engines whirring)

    Take cover!

    Dog flight!


  42. OMG!!! My MinPin does the same thing! That smile…ears of joy (LOL)! He also does a funny butt tuck run I will have to try and capture for CO. LOVE the sound effects!

  43. This MAKES my DAY! Redonk hoverdogs. I wish my cats could do that.

  44. Awwe! Minpins!!! I miss my lil min pin buddy. 😦

  45. Okay, I give. What’s a “minpin”?

  46. Yeah, definitely min pins. I have one and he looks like that all day. Wish I could bottle some of his energy and drink it!

  47. minpin is Miniature Pinscher. That’s what they look like to me, too. But I’ve never seen a minpin with uncropped ears or tails – so cute! Dachshunds usually have a more substantial muzzle, but I have been known to be wrong.

  48. Here are some small dogs going “Nyeeeowwwmmmm!!”
    Because they are keen to get
    Where they’ll get lots of treats,
    And warm rugs for their feets,
    And maybe the odd silly peeeowwwmmmm…

  49. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I have a min pin whose tail is docked but whose ears are uncropped. She looks like Yoda, her ears are so big, it’s awesome. She also is able to fly like this. Maybe that’s why she can fly; her giant ears provide lift. Or perhaps, like Yoda, she is strong with The Force.

  50. heh, Teho.

    Now all it needs is one of Michelle’s foal-esque hovering animations…

  51. It’s a tuff call, but this ‘un made me day.

  52. Someone should animate these guys hovering up and down and put in Johnny-Quest like sound effects. Totally prosh.

  53. Sopwith Pups!

  54. KATE! Your peeeowwwmmmm caused actual tears of mirth, right here in the workplace, which caused me to have to mumble “*&%$@#@ allergies” when a coworker ambled by. Good thing I wasn’t reading it out loud!

  55. AlbertaGirl says:

    Kate – you rock! (bows)

  56. Chastity Kennedy says:

    CUTE !!!
    I never knew they could fly!!!

  57. Martha in Washington says:

    I snorted when I saw this one! Nobody else is home to hear me though. Which begs the question–If you snort in an empty house, does it make a sound?

  58. Martha,

    If you snorg a tempting mouse will it make a sound?

    If you exempt a soused Borg will it make a sound?

    If you get trounced defending a fort will it make a sound?

    Crikey. I need some lunch.

  59. Heeheeheeing at Kate, and Martha and Aubrey!

    Whilst in Ireland we had a running tale going about how Really Old Abbey, who we often saw by the sides of roads was in love with Old Norman Fort, also seen by the sides of many roads….well, it went on and on and you really HAD to be there.

    And, I already HAD lunch. 🙂

    ….maybe a cupo’tea.

  60. Kate Antimony — Our Lady of the Limerick.
    And not a scansion issue in sight.

  61. May I say to the minpin/weener dog crowds…..

    Black one, Manchester Terrier?

  62. [OT]The peeps here may not have done it to their dogs themselves, they may have gotten them from shelters or other people that way, so no direct attack, BUT: WHY do people cut off dogs ears and tails??? I mean, WTF, people??!?!?!!

    I think any person who does that to an animal should have the exact same thing done to her/him. Ini the case of the ears, anyway. For the tail, well — grab the closest thing![/OT]

  63. You know, Rumi, cropping and docking are getting very unpopular everywhere and that is a VERY good thing! Yay!

    What a barbaric thing to do!

  64. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Even as a min pin breeder, I’m against docking and cropping. THere used to be a reason for it, but now the dogs are just pets and companions, there’s no reason for it at all.

  65. Hey, GreenEyedHawk,
    do you have a website for your minpins?

  66. Is it possible that they are a mini-pin and dachund mix? They strike me as more dachund than not, the wide thick chest/stomach and just the face says weiner to me. Hrmm dont know, but cute 🙂

    Its red by a Nyerrrrrrrrrrrr-owwwnnn!

  67. MIN-PINS!!! I’ve got a doggie that’s half Min-Pin, half Yorkie and when she runs her shaggy little legs do a 180 just like these pups. Awww. I miss my doggie (at college= no doggies)

  68. Lucky's Buddy says:


  69. Lauri and GreenEyedHawk,

    Glad to hear it! 🙂


  71. Anyone else thinking ZEPPELINS?

    Anyhoo, I can actually *hear* the boings.

  72. CO is always a learning experience. Before I was told what a ‘minpin’ was I thought it had to do with a rather small bowling alley. But that would have been silly.

  73. Awww! This picture perfectly captures the MinPin joie de vivre I have seen in my own little poopies. They always cheer me up when I’m having a bad day.


  74. Heeeeee….yay for poopies making our bad days better!

    Mine always do! Do.

    Aub…CO is always about learning…and usually, YOU are one of the main…um…learners…no, teachers! 🙂

    Keep up the good work!

  75. Flying squirrels better look out now.

  76. Am I the only one hearing that sci-fi “oooo-OOH-oooOOooOOooOH!” sound? …am I the only one who knows what I mean?

  77. Where is that Levitay-shons! thing from? I only know it from Brooker’s Harry Potter video.

  78. omg, i actually laugh harder every time i look at it!! and my roommate’s trying to sleep…whoops 🙂

  79. whaha.. so funny. zhang ziyi being chase by chow yun fat..


  80. Martha in Washington says:

    Aubrey, you made me snort again. And yes, I think the mouse would probably make a very big SQUEAK!
    Speaking of docking tails, our black lab mix had her tail docked before we got her. That was one of the things that I fell in love with when I first saw her. She was a rescue dog, only about six months old. She was so adorable with these big brown eyes and this little bitty tail knob. (My husband loves to tease her about it. Meanie!) I hate to see it done to dogs and nobody at the rescue society knew why it had been done.

  81. this looks photoshopped… does anyone else think that?

  82. As if the picture isn’t redonk enough, “Nyerrrrrrrrrrrr-owwwnnn” is just pure genius.

    (I just had a weener dog owner tell me hers goes into hover craft mode too…must be a breed thing…hmmm)

  83. Teho – tanks for the link about min pins.
    I saw this little dogglette taking walkies last week and its gait reminded me of a Clydesdale, have to wonder if it wasn’t a widdle min pin.

  84. Hoover-pups! I just can’t stand it!


  86. This is my new favorite picture of all time.

  87. Kelsey Burd says:

    OMG sheer cuteness……*falls over*

  88. XD I just can’t stop laughing

  89. XD I just can’t stop laughing

  90. Hahahahahahahaha

    well funny