What could be better than a tiny muzzle pow-sche?

The only thing better is a tiny pocket paw-or-

The fact the muzzle pow-sche is sniffling at 500 MPPM


Matt S.?






  1. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Teeny… tiny… paw….
    [head explodes]

  2. Faster than the naked eye!

  3. Not sure… is this the first gerbil on CO? (No wait, there was the animated sniffles…)

  4. PHOTOSHOPPED! The red eye, that is. ;P

  5. pookiepuff says:

    Aww! What a cute little friend to carry around all day! ^.^

  6. whooooo-hooooooo …

    a real live pocket-protector …

    hide your valuables under the tocks & the teeth’ll do the rest

  7. eepity eep, my children! eepity. freakin. eep.

  8. Hooray for Gerbils!

  9. Positive Jube says:

    Ehn…just…hooking my arm I can.. see over the top…

  10. SenseiKrystal says:

    Awww, this makes me miss my gerbils.

  11. There once was a gerbil who’d seek
    A place in a pocket to peek
    Having discovered
    A suitable cover
    He hoped that the rent would be cheap

  12. acelightning says:

    Is that a gerbil in your pocket, or… ???

  13. little miao says:

    awww, cute little toesies!

  14. The khaki styling is making me think “Survival Gerbil”. Possibly Swiss Army Gerbil? I bet he’s awesome at opening tins of ham.

  15. musicchick2 says:

    Ah..ha! This boy is so wee!
    Yet with his little eyes he doth see
    his whole kingdom from his perch aerie
    “I am so happy” he shouts with great glee!!

    *mouse/gerbil-like puff of cuteness: Ehn! Ehn! Move those fingers! I can’t see!*

    *MC2 scans the room worriedly, bracing herself for the fulmination to commence* :-/

  16. It’s so cute!!!!
    First thing Monday mornings are hard to come up with something more original

  17. They didn’t allow small animals in the building, and nobody can leave the cute muzzlepuff behind! So they hid him in a pocket. just don’t get him twiching his nose in there too fast, it’ll look…strange to say the least.

  18. “Gerbil Without a Pause.”

  19. I was doing fine until I saw that tiny paw…now I am done for. Gah!

  20. I do beleive that’s a dwarf hammie. They’re are perfectly pocket sized.

  21. Gerbilicious bebeh! He’s all like, “Why did you call me out here…?!”

  22. ShelleyTambo says:

    Nope, redhed, def a gerbil! Yay! I’ve been waiting for the gerbs. This guy looks just like mine did.

  23. A gerbil exceedingly small,
    Was sad not to travel at all.
    But he crept in a pocket,
    And thought “Hey, don’t knock it…
    At least I will get to the mall.”

  24. ROFL, Kate! I love it!

  25. “With a gerbil yell, she cried earworm, earworm, earworm.”

  26. NebraskaErin says:

    Why won’t my hammie behave like this nice pocket gerbil? My hammie, bless her, is the J.Lo of rodents.

  27. *whifflewhiffle*

    This is a literal Pocket Pet.

  28. …or Kate, alternately as a last line:

    “It’s faster than having to crawl.”

  29. …”Close that flap or I’ll bite your left [ker-censored!]”

  30. Kate, brilliant!

  31. LOL, Kate.

    This pic helped me figure out what all those extra pockets were for on my husband’s cammo uniform. The Marines are crawling with pocket pets!!!!

  32. ShelleyTambo says:

    Hmm…was the distinction between “muzzlepuff” and “muzzlepouch” ever confirmed and made part of the official CO lexicon? ‘Cuz gerbils don’t have the cheek pouches that hammies have, but they do have the puff.

  33. Hahaha, I don’t know, Shelley, but in my Personal opinion, puffs are for the dainty furries, and pouches are for the big doggy-type beef drapes!

    I am happy in my own little world. 🙂

  34. ShelleyT, it’s in the official Glossary now.

  35. Yeah. SOMEbody keeps mungeing around with a couple of the entries, though. Not sayin no names.

  36. Theo – while you’re on the line and the subject of the Glossary has been mentioned, I have a sort of request if you have a minute.

  37. Pyrit — j00 hv teh mailz.

  38. ShelleyTambo says:

    Duh, I did read that glossary entry recently. Sigh. It’s a dreary Monday morning–that’s my only excuse. So “muzzle pow-sche” isn’t the best CO-speak for a gerbil’s jowly region. (Not trying to be anal, but, as a gerbil owner, people conflating hamsters and gerbils always got to me. I’m also being more anal than usual because last week my shelter published–SENT OUT TO THE PUBLIC–an article that referred to a cat’s “cleft pallet.” Uff da.)

    Oooh, he reminds me of my gerbil babies. Half Pint, Daddy Long Legs, Charlotte, Moonbeam, and Starshine. OMG, I loved them.

  40. Theo – Joo are teh marvelous. I’ll take that as a go ahead.
    Possible wonky link?
    I was merrily perusing the Glossary recently, and what a fine Glossary it is. Wait, I don’t want to mention it here for other Peeps to see. Hang on. I’m thinking.

  41. Yay, a gerbil!!!

    I loved letting mine try new foods. It would set their whiskers a wigglin’. (Of course, the next time I offered the same goodie, they’d snarf it up, remembering that it was good to eat.)

  42. Pyrit — I meant, you have email, at the “” address that I have for you.

  43. Theo – Eeeeennnnhhh. How?
    A minute ago I sent you email at cuteoverload@frostdesign. Maybe Meg will fwd. it to you? Sorry for this confusion.

  44. Pyrit — hover your mouse pointer over your name in one of your comments here, then look in the lower-left corner of your browser window for the “mailto:” line. That’s what I used; it’s whatever you have typed into the email field of the Cute Overload comment form.

    I don’t have access to — that’s Meg (whenever she’s got time). You *could* try messaging me through my Vox, though, if you’re a Voxen yourself…

  45. Theo – The, it’s pffft, sorry.
    Meg does seem pretty busy.
    Vox. Hmmm, but then you might find out I’m not *really* a pirate. I’ll check it out. Thanks.

  46. Um… Pyrit? You might want to check your name, now.

  47. A gerblie on CO! I think this calls for a celebration! Yogurt drops all around! *Showers my gerbils with treats*

  48. GERBIL!! i miss my gerbils! they used to enjoy burrowing in shirt sleeves. it’s been far too long since one has appeared on CO! more! more!

  49. OMG GERBIE!!!

    Where’s NTMTOM? We needs Animations!

  50. Subhangi — if you want something done right…

  51. luckycliff says:

    uh, MPPM? do we have a new unit of measure to put in the glossary? that’s what I am wondering..