Remember when these two squirrels were "talking about retirement"?

I wonder what "Thumpère" and "Reggie" are talking about? Prolly plans to go Florida for Christmas.


Kristie P., May the paws on your shoulder be warm and have claws retracted.



  1. Nuttin like a little bunbun luvin!!

  2. This cat looks like my old cat Princess reincarnated. Crazy! And cute snorglin’ btw.

  3. Inter specie kama cutra.

  4. Adorable… but OMG the fur! The shedding!! No surface is safe!!!

  5. It looks like Thumpère is telling that One Story, the one that Reggie has heard like a bazillion times already! Reggie is saying “Please, someone, change the topic! Now! Please!”

  6. Anybody else think Reggie is hanging on for dear life? Like “Thumpere… dude… stop pushing so hard… I’ll share the towel… ”

  7. chet's momma says:

    they could NOT be cuter!

  8. Oh noes.

    that is the cuddliest thing I have ever seen. Plop me right in the middle of those two fur-buddies.

  9. They look so cozy. I bet it’s warm there. I need a kitten and bun to snuggle for warmth.

  10. …and Meggums, not to be a nag, but I think this deserves a category of its own…bigger than licking…


  12. bun: okay, you rub on her legs and she’ll put down the grocery sacks to pet you. I’ll go for the carrots.

    kitteh: I get the kibble, right?

    bun: sure kid..what ever

  13. NebraskaErin says:

    Awww! So cute, but the interspecies snorgling reminds me of what my mom told me yesterday when I was out at her house…she woke up in the middle of the night to find her neutered cat “violating” one of her beanie baby lambs on her bed!

  14. That is agonizingly cute. My bunneh loved my kitty.

  15. I’m with Tinkie. Maybe “interspecies snorgles” would cover it all.

  16. Yeah, Teho, I’m arguing for a big “interspecies snorgling” category (or maybe just “more than one animal snorgling”), not yet another category.

    But oh well…we’ll take the Cute in whatever form it comes…

  17. They are plotting to get the dog locked outside!

  18. how many cat-egories is ‘too many’? and really, what difference does it maaaaake? [sings like morrissey]

  19. The Guy Over There says:

    They’re probably vegging out. If it was something exciting, then the bun’s ears would go all up in a “vwoop!”

  20. “People let me tell you ’bout my beeest friend!”

    Nice that kitteh and bunneh get along.

  21. This kitteh looks exactly like my Sara. However, Sara doesn’t have a matching bunny.

  22. Kitteh:Stop hugging the covers, am I about to fall oooofff!

  23. Oh, I love the little arm hug! “My buddy, my buddy . . . “

    Why can’t my 3 kittehs get along as well as some of these interspecies couples?

    Does anyone know if there’s such a thing as a Cat Whisperer, per chance?

  24. you guys r silly says:

    This kitteh looks EXACTLY like MY Wembley! — She USED to have a marmalade bunneh that was built JUST like this bunneh, and Wembley used to looooooove that bunneh dearly! (MUST look for those pictures…..)

  25. Double Dolby (I’m blinded by their alliance) Floofiness! If I were to pet any one of these fluffences, I bet the floof would come up to my second knuckle.

    YGRS: Yes! Pictures!

  26. Nobunny’s anybunny till somebunny wubs you.

  27. acelightning says:

    Bunnies and kitties are my two favorite kinds of critters. And hugging is one of my favorite pastimes. So a cat hugging a rabbit – well, it sure makes Monday easier to deal with!

  28. Whole lotta lop-pa loffin’ going on!

  29. Gives me hope that one-eyed-jack will get along well with my 3 rabbits when they meet. SOOO cute!!! I can’t take it, my day is done.



  31. This is totally blowing my mind, man. “Thumpère” looks exactly like my old rabbit Thumper did… but he died years ago… Could he be.. reincarnated? O.o

    Of course, my Thumper wouldn’t even be caught dead in a snugglin’ sesh like this. He used to chase the cat around and scare the bejeezus outta her. Such a shame I missed out on Kodak moments like this

  32. My daughter just called with a wish for a lionhead bunneh.

    Personally….I’m all for it. Yeah, why not! 🙂

    Are there lionhead bunneh rescues?

  33. Aw! That bunny looks like my Niles! Except this guy has squishier cheeks and my cat won’t let him get anywhere near her, she thinks he’s a knob.

  34. this picture makes me….make me…wanna give a big, warm hug….aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh…splody

  35. I love the coordinated fur, and Reggie’s handsome stripes!

  36. Too sweet. Love the classic tabby and the fuzzy bunny.

    Hey, cat-lovin’ peeps… I asked last week for some help for an ailing friend of mine, who is a Siamese fiend (the traditional kind, “apple-headed”) and who needs some cheering up. Anyone come up with any pics or videos? General cat stuff is welcome too. the girl is having a not-so-good day, and distraction helps, and I am running out of things to send her.

    You can email me if you don’t want to cause a threadjack.

    Hey Theo, maybe if I sent you a pic of one of her siamesies, you could give it eye-beams?

  37. Kim H — you don’t *give* YEEM to cats. Cats give YEEM to *you*.

    (camera flash + reflective feline retinas = eyebeams… the trick is *avoiding* it)

  38. Snort. Too true… but some over-the-top green glowing eyebeams would be fun. I will have to work on it.

    Kitty retinas (retinae?) are fun to look at. I’ve had some very cooperative felines who would let me stare at their eyes with an ophthalmoscope and marvel at the wonders.

  39. How can I get my kitteh to agree to something like this?


  40. what a gorgeous pair … beautiful cheek stripage.
    give peace a chance, right?

  41. bUNNYLUVER says:

    OMG Rayn the bunbun looks exactly how my bunny MIffy does!!! weird is ther some breed of rabbit like that floppy ears brown + black fur and orange neck?

  42. bUNNYLUVER says:

    OMG Rayn the bunbun looks exactly how my bunny MIffy does!!! weird is ther some breed of rabbit like that floppy ears brown + black fur and orange neck?