Check it!

Love the cackling, Erin C….



  1. cute cute cute!

  2. actually, i have not even watched it yet, i just wanted first post because i never got it before and knew better than to just be like– first post!!!!

    but it looks like it should be cute!

  3. okay, in real life i cant get the video to work. maybe this is why no one else has posted yet.

  4. I saw this on You Tube a few weeks ago. It could only be better if the cat had figured out to drape the toilet paper into the bowl as well, then it would unspool and unspool and unspool with each flush.

  5. Whoa Meg — new Ning toy? The “Check it” link is goofy for me… unformatted web page…

  6. I love this one- the intensity of the cat’s purpose is just awesome. I agree with Meg, they should put up a follow-up picture showing us their water bill!

    Beamer is getting “tutored” tomorrow- anyone have any advice/things I should watch out for. Miki’s spaying was seriously traumatic, the vet really did a hatchet job on her, I still get teary when I think of it. But I have a completely different vet now and I’ve been told it is a lot easier on boys….

  7. ShelleyTambo says:

    Hee–I saw this on YouTube, too. So glad my kits haven’t figured this out.

  8. SHelleyT, I saw this on YouTube also!

    LaurieC, sounds as if you have experience with this tactic…;-)

  9. ShelleyTambo says:

    Direct YouTube link:

    Maybe this’ll work for peeps who can’t view this one.

  10. My kittens have already discovered that the TP roll is endless amusement. If they ever learn to flush, then I’ll never have TP again!

    However, if they learn to use the potty for, well, going potty, then it may all be worth it… here kitty kitty!

  11. musicchick2 says:

    Hmmm…. scratches chin thoughtfully. I sent this one in too. *makes pouty face* Oh well, it IS hilarious!

  12. “HEY! Can’t you read the sign? Paw-cuppied, pal!”

  13. musicchick2 says:

    Thanks Shelley for the link. Meg’s links appear to be out of order

  14. jaypo, thankfully, I have not had the pleasure of that one being performed in my home. Recent Boxcar Kitten Masquerade did discover that she could shred about twenty layers at once of a roll of toilet paper without even unrolling it. While she was with me, I had to keep it in a hanging basket with brushes, etc. above my toilet.

  15. How Charmin’.

  16. Catman Dude says:

    Easily amused cat!

  17. This is adorable! I thought I saw this before too, either way it was worth seeing again!

  18. Kathryn Young says:

    Just one more reason to
    close the lid!!

  19. “Jinxie can’t flush, Focker, he has no oposable thumbs!”

  20. Saw this one on YouTube a while ago and was heartily amused. Glad it’s not my cat, though. They should just toilet-train this one as well, and they’ll be all set.

    And shanchan, yes, neutering is much less traumatic than spaying, because it is not dealing with internal organs and opening up the abdominal cavity. Just a couple of quick cuts and snips, and all over. Your boys will be just fine.

  21. Bwahahaha! My sister’s ragdoll Miss Pinky loved to flush the toilet. They used to turn the water off each morning when they left for work. That way she got about 2 flushes, and then there wasn’t any water in the tank.
    *sigh* Good times. Miss Pinky died at the ripe old ornery age of 16 this year.

  22. I think the funniest part is the human comments: “We may have a problem here.” “We sure have a talented cat.”

  23. This kitteh’s antics have me all flushtered.

  24. ahahahaha! That’s so funny. Cats are so cute when they point their ears down like that. My kitties haven’t figured out how to flush, but one of them went through a phase when she would go “fishing” for floaters (my toilet doesn’t always flush perfectly). After a couple of unpleasant incidents, now the lid is always down.

  25. Athinker: Just a couple of quick cuts and snips, and all over. Your boys will be just fine.

    Your boy’s boys, on the other hand…

    (running away now)

  26. Y’know, Diane N, I did think that right after posting that comment…one of those times that the ability to edit comments would be nice >:-/

  27. Looks like kitteh went Straight to a Full House (people are obviously waiting in line) to enjoy a Royal Flush.

  28. Yer swell, Aubrey. Watta card.

  29. Aww, notice how he (she?) tries so hard to SNEAK UP on the toliet’s flushing action. xD

  30. “Yer swell, Aubrey. Watta card.”

    T., but it’s obvious, isn’t it? It doesn’t take a de-deck-tive.

  31. [shuffling away]

  32. I’m dying here.

  33. QUICK! Don’t let T. get away – hold ‘im!

  34. Don’t mess with Texas, Aubrey.

  35. OK. T.’s right. The Fellow Knows, I guess.

  36. Watch out, Theo, you’re playing with the Queen of Puns.

  37. RedZ — as if the Ace of Spayeds wouldn’t know his opponent.

  38. I’m gonna cut you, man! I’m gonna club you!

    Actually, chemin defer to our rulings, don’t they, ladies? So no worries!

  39. You’re struggling, aren’cha? Ha! It’s all coming down, isn’t it, like a house of…

    …damn. Lost it.

  40. Roulette yourself into a world of hurt, that’s all.

  41. I play the hand I’m dealt.

  42. LOL, that’s all, just LOL!!

  43. So we can take you at face value, eh? How i-deal.

  44. gwenchocolate says:

    The funny thing is that I watched the first five flushes in silence…and THEN started laughing out loud when the kitty wouldn’t stop.

  45. Aubrey — nah, just bluffing. I fold.

  46. You ‘fold’? So…do you crease or cease?

  47. I desist, sis.

  48. LOL at the cat.

    Aubs & Theo, sparkling as ever, but I’m still poker-faced.

  49. You need to get liquored up, Sub. Gin?

  50. Whoa…y’all! I fold AND …um let’s Rummy!!!

  51. It’s like he’s trying to figure out where the water’s going!

    My cat, growing up, loved to drink pool water. Swimming pool water. She was usually pretty good at it but sometimes would go for a drink right after we all got out and the water was a little choppy and … it never failed. She was SO mad every single time she fell in!

  52. haha! I was going to say, my cat does this too, but then the cat flushed the tolet! my kitty can’t do that yet!

  53. Hilarious!

  54. little miao says:

    that’s the most amazing thing I’ve seen! 🙂

    I’m sure never showing this video to my kitties… 😮

  55. I loved it when the cat put her paw in the bowl and realized it was water.. and then when she decides to bite the handle.

  56. luckycliff says:

    it looks like a certain “mfrost” has more than one video posted on the cutecast website.. hmmmm.. meg what’s up with that? I feel kinda betrayed 🙂

  57. WickedWendy says:

    Wow. That was very interesting. Hmmm….smart cat.

  58. Interestingly, I know the couple who owns this cat. I married them.

    In the sense that I performed their wedding, not in the sense that I entered into a marriage with the two of them.

    I just wanted that to be clear.


  59. This has got to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen!