These Guide Ponies are TOO MUCH, Julie M.



  1. musicchick2 says:

    First!! Can’t you hear the little snore-ies from here?

  2. the one one the right looks like she’ll find a big patch of drool on her pillow in the morning.

    cute little curled up hockses!

  3. musicchick2 says:

    OOOh!! They look all curly and floofy! I wanna snuggle too!

  4. OH! I love the little sneakers they wear on their website!

  5. D:
    The website makes me sad

  6. OMG! WTF?! LOL!

    seriously, you guys, seriously.

  7. I want a pony.

  8. little miao says:

    Awwww, little ponies tucked into bed. Who’s gonna read them a bedtime story? *melts*

  9. OMG! tiny sneakers!!!! On teh tiny ponehs!!!!!!! EEEeeeeeeeeeEEE!!!!

    i had no idea they made ponies that small nowadays. and with extra functions too. sorta like an advanced technology pony.

  10. Unequine-omously cute! When cuddle-up is better than giddyap…

  11. Pon1e #1 is all “No, *you* turn out the light…”


  13. jaypo – Flicka off the light?

  14. I totally wantto nap with them!

  15. little miao – I see that too.

    Horace – Read me Black Beauty one more time, pleeease?

    Winnefred – No, it’s way past time to hit the hay.

    Horace – Neigh, then sing ‘Wildfire’ for me.

  16. No more horseplay.. time for bed!

  17. Theo – Ow. That hurts my brain.

  18. Oh. My. Goodness.

    As a certified horse geek, this makes my brain implode. It’s magical horsies.

    And not to be a stupid and useless pedant, but for anybody who’s interested, they’re actually mini horses not ponies…yes, there is a difference, which probably means less than nothing to most of the average Real World.

    Nevermind…enjoy the Cute.

  19. OK I simply must know, what is the difference between a pony and a horse?

  20. Just when you think you’ve seen it all! SWOON!

  21. A thinker – Aw don’t say ‘nevermind’. Peeps are interested.

  22. OK, fer interested peeps:

    (GAH, I cannot seem to find a suitable link.)

    Basically the difference is proportions: besides size, ponies have different body proportions to a full-size horse. The goal of miniature horse breeding is to create a horse that has as much as possible the body style of a large horse, but in a small size. When judging them, minis which look most like a fullsize horse (to simplify a lot) will do the best.

    (I’m a fullsize, not mini, horse geek, so any mini peeps out there who care to add or correct are welcome).

  23. Teh ky00t notwithstanding, I never knew that there were miniature horse guides. Its certainly an interesting concept.

  24. OK, fer REALLY interested peeps:

    (second para. under “The skinny on minis” gives some info on the difference).

  25. Ohhhh! It’s Trip and Cuddles! I found the best picture ever of Cuddles on the job, with her guide harness and her little sneakers and everything. There’s a small dog looking on like “darn horses, stealing our jobs…”

  26. Oooooooh! They are all shetl-ed down for a nap! =)

  27. i love these sleepy horseys! meanwhile, speaking of OMG! Ponies! Has anyone seen the new Fur Real Butterscotch the Pony? I couldn’t stop petting it at Target the other night. I think I may have actually elbowed a toddler out of the way. (kidding). Anyway, here’s a clip i found on YouTube. if this thing wasn’t $299, i would SO want one, especially at work!

  28. A thinker – Thank-you. Great website too.

  29. Chocolate ponies, dusted with cocoa.

  30. I’m stunned…I had no idea that they could be trained as guides for the blind. A_thinker, how long do these horses live? I’d think that that would be an asset, as a guide dog usually only has a 7-8 career.

  31. oh my god, I sent this in over a year ago! hahah! still cute as hell.

  32. A thinker…. I believe the PC term is “little horses” [kidding]

  33. SO CUTE! I want one!

    Anyone know the reason why they wear sneakers? Grip? Noise?

  34. What kind of bedtime story do you read to a pony?

    “Once upon a time there was a magical kingdom of humans…”

  35. bats, the little horsies can live up to 35 years or even longer.

    anon, they wear the sneakers to protect their feetses from glass and hot pavement, etc., to avoid slipping on slick surfaces, to prevent damage to floors, and for sanitary reasons… but mostly ’cause they’re very stylish.

  36. acelightning says:

    I sent in a link to the Guide Horse website myself, a few weeks ago. Not only are the little horsies just too adorable for words, they live much longer than guide dogs, and they have much better peripheral vision, for guiding blind people in situations like city pedestrian traffic. They’re also strong enough to help a person who has trouble getting up from a chair, or keeping steady for someone with balance problems. They’re even “housebroken” – when they’re indoors, they go to the door and whinny when they need to go outside. And they make their human partners the envy of every little girl they meet!

  37. warrior rabbit says:

    Oh, I remember seeing this a couple of years ago one one of those news magazines, like Dateline. The program was just starting and they went and talked with one of the first recipients, some blind guy…The whole thing was awesome, once you got over the fact that it was just too weird to see a miniature horse in sneakers walking down a city sidewalk.

  38. My Little Ponies have come to life!

  39. lurkertype says:

    Seepy widdle guide horsies!

    (TK is asleep on my lap right now — dreaming)

  40. Does anybody else hear the Godfather theme playing in the background?


  41. Martha in Washington says:

    We (my brother, sister and I) were lucky enough one year to get a pony for Christmas. We still lived in the city so we kept it at a friend’s farm then we moved to our farm the next summer. We named the pony Jingle Bells (Jingles, for short). She was a very nice pony.
    Then we went to a farm auction and bought another pony but we had come in our car so we ended up bringing the new pony home in the backseat of the car, scrunched in with us three kids. We named her Belle Starr cause she had a bell-shaped spot on her side.
    No, we didn’t live on a farm-we lived in a zoo.

  42. this is actually painful to look at for too long. it’s that freaking cute.

  43. I’ve seen one of these guide horses around town, in her little pink sneakers. Not only are the horses hintygazillion times cuter in person, (horse-son?), but they seem to do a great job as guide animules.

  44. I would love to see one acting as a guide horse. I think it would be hilariously cute.

  45. oh. my. god. Guide ponies? That is the most spectacularly awesome concept I have encountered for some time. Oh to tool around town with my own little mini-horse in sneakers. Wow. I think I can die happy, now, just knowing someone gets to live that dream. *sigh*

  46. If I ever go blind, I want one of THOSE! 🙂

    Heck, I want one anyways… *LOL*


  47. *snarl* Someone needs to edit this biased heap of crud. This was obviously written by someone with no experience in the field:


  48. EEEE! Elizabeth has frightened me! Horse head in bed!

    Oh, except it’s two full ponies. So that’s cute. Guide ponies. I’m just imagine, being sight impaired and sending your ponie out to the kitchen to get you a beer, and the joy of hearing its little hoofsies clip-clopping back to you! Er, anyway, that’s what I’m imagining.

  49. See, this is what happens when you get a visit from the *Cuteness* Mafia. Apparently it’s the final warning before you, eh, honk-shu wif da feeeeeshies.

  50. The website says they’re minature horses not ponies. >.> I’m pretty sure there’s a big difference. Ponies I believe are actually larger.

    Absolutely adorable though! ^__^

  51. I lose it everytime I see the OMG PON1ES … it’s too much… the words themself.. but this picture…. *sigh* I want to crawl into bed with them

  52. to see the somewhat creepy sneakers, check out

  53. Okay, if I’d seen the the guide horse sneakers website first, I would have believed it was a joke, because it’s too ludicrous–dress shoes for PONIES!!1!! OMG!!!!!

  54. Holy moly! These lil’ horses are too tru for you, Godfadder! Away with your crime! Cute here to stay! On flowery bed sets all their own!

    On a serious note, always glad to see another guide companion option, esp. for those allergic to dogs…

  55. The sneakers article describes that some of the horses are used not by the blind… but for “emotional support.”

    Honey… you know how you said you’d do anything to cheer me up? HORSE ME! =D

  56. Anyone can edit Wikipedia, so you can just go ahead and change the entry. I agree that it’s is terrible and biased.

  57. I don’t understand… When I was young I had a dream that consisted of that picture exactly. I had never seen that as a real picture, until today. I am confused…

  58. For interested parties, here’s a FAQ page on miniature horses, horses as guide animals, and more:

  59. Link to page on sneakers for mini-horses (brand name is Reebuck!):

  60. lurkertype says:

    “Emotional support”?

    Oh my gah… I’m with Sarcasta. I gots a backyard the horsie could romp and graze in (it even has an APPLE tree!), a car big enough he could ride in…

    (9 year old fades away) Of course, the house is too cluttered — and the cats would HATE it.

    (TK already sounds like a mini-horse running around, and HRT would grrrrr forever)

    Nevertheless, if I should ever (God forbid) need a guide/companion animal, I am soooo getting a horsie. Dogs are great, but horses got panache.

  61. “Reebucks”!!!

  62. In response to “What kinda bedtime stories do you read to ponies?” Pony’tales’ shouldn’t be to scary or else you will give them nightMares! ps. avid horse, pony and minature fan for life. I currently own a miniature.

  63. Hmmm…pyrit, maybe I could come up with a song about PONIES!!1! on a picnic…
    Don’t worry, folks, I earwormed myself with that one. I won’t be doing that again anytime soon.

  64. I went ahead and changed the Wikipedia entry. Tried to make it a bit more balanced and less POV-ish. Whoever wrote that other stuff obviously had a personal agenda.

    Staying on topic: sooooo cute! And right here in my own state, only an hour away. Though I hate the little sneakers, I really do.

  65. OMG I LUFF DA LEETLE PONIES!!!! They remind me of the minis at the barn. =)

  66. acelightning says:

    I recently read something else about guide horses. It seems that, in many parts of the world, dogs are considered “unclean” animals. People from those places come to the US, and often wind up working as taxi drivers. There have been many cases of taxi drivers refusing to take a handicapped person with a service dog, because it would permanently “contaminate” (in a symbolic sense) the vehicle. Usually the cab driver claims to be allergic to dogs, because they do know that it’s illegal to refuse service that way. At any rate, horses are apparently okay, so a blind person with a guide horse won’t have trouble getting a taxi.

  67. I saw a woman with a guide pony on the El train once – it attracted a lot of attention but, unlike most guide dogs I’ve seen, seemed able to handle the attention AND keep working. It also helped the woman navigate off the train and down the stairs – standing in fromt so she didn’t fall – which was incredibly impressive.

    (I like guide dogs, too, but the horse was amazing.)

  68. “After the ball is over, after the last of the corn,

    After the prancers’ leaving,
    to their stalls they have gone,

    Many a cart deserted, they tried to lead them all—

    Their bridles of ropes have vanished
    after the ball.”

  69. PWNIEZ!!!

  70. I’m equined to love these ponies very much.

  71. Ok, 1st: Oh mah squeee! They’re too stinkin’ cute. 2nd: Why are these ponies on my mom’s old sofa? That fabric pattern is right up there with the ubiquitous linoleum pattern seen right on this sight. The truth is out there!

  72. A horsie in a taxi!!! Worlds colliding! That would be totally frickin awesome…riding down the street with a lil’ velvet nosie hangin out the window with his mane in the wind. That picture will stay in my mind forever…g-d forbid if I ever have to use a guide, it will DEFINITELY be a horse.

  73. Sweet jeebus! I wanna tiny witto horsey to cuddle in bed!

  74. “In old country, we all had ponyes. My brother had ponye, my sister had ponye, I had ponye…and I luffed him!”

  75. This Guide Dog organization seems to have its panties in a bundle about the guide ponies. They make some good points, but there is also a lot of screeching in there.

  76. Wow, you are right, Arvay.
    There’s nothing wrong with pointing out limitations/problems, and letting the person needing the guide animal make the decision. But, to “screech” about “Losing independence” and “being in prison” because you choose a horse instead of a dog.
    Well, geez, are blind people unable to weigh choices and make decisions?

    Give people fair information. Most are intelligent enough to process said info and make their choices.

  77. And how big a stick do you have to have up your butt to scoff at the sneakers!

    “they will make exhibitions of themselves with ridiculous‑looking guides wearing tennis shoes”

    What would they prefer, that the horses harm their feet, and other people’s floors, so they can look more dignified? Anyway, sometimes a little silliness doesn’t hurt, and sometimes a little silliness is the point. My SO’s just had a rather alarming surgery in the course of his cancer treatments… and he jokes constantly about his Uniball. Dang, being blind must already be very difficult; why make it worse with a piss-poor attitude?

    I carried an armadillo purse to my graduation after a hard-earned master’s degree:

    Yee and hah, baby!

  78. I LOVE the armadillo bag, Arvay!

    And as for attitude, it’s about all we got! Those with bad ones….well, that’s what THEY’VE got!

    Hooray for your SO, he’s got it right!

  79. brownamazon says:

    I wonder how they override the spooky/fearful/prey animal instinct. I mean, I adore my (full-size) horse, but if I were blind I wouldn’t trust him to guide me out of a paper bag…

  80. Great pic, I didn’t realize horsies (mini or otherwise) actually lie down to nap!!

    Um, 2 points though…

    1. If you’re allergic to dogs, wouldn’t you also be allergic to the adorably fuzzy horsies? An allergic friend swells up just in the vicinity of horses.

    2. As for guide dogs not handling attention AND keep working, I’m not sure what kind of guide dogs you’ve ever seen. I live in Morristown NJ, HQ of The Seeing Eye (first guide dog org), and have seen them training in town for the past 40 years. The only time the dogs respond to attention is when the owner lets them, by dropping the handle – it’s their signal that they’re off-duty. Even the trainee dogs do not respond to distraction, which the trainers often ask passers-by to try to do.

    Anyway, off my soapbox…I think it’d be cool to add horses to the admirable ranks of guide animals!

  81. Mia, oh my goodness! Guide puppies in training march up and down your city streets? How cute is that?

  82. Cuddles, the first of the guide minis and his blind daddy live up here in Maine. The fellow who owns him made sure he had an outside place, too, so he can be a real horse. He says that Cuddles is the most powerful chick magnet on earth. I mean, really, a fluffy little mini horse walking through the mall in his custom Nikes? Cmon. Admit it. You’d use George Clooney as TRACTION to get over to see this sight, now wouldn’t you?

    And yes, minis can live into their 30’s, though their guide life would likely be a little shorter, but well into the 20’s, anyway.