I’m staying in my pajamas all day and you can’t stop me

I’m all smooooshed up, and I refuse to move.

OK, I’d move for a frozen Snickers, but that’s about it.


Cid and Raymi—thanks once again… 😉



  1. Squooooshy kitteh! 😀

  2. woot! first post finally! anyway, back to the post. i could possibly settle for a milkyway. or two. aww heck with it, i’m not gettin’ up!

  3. oops, i guess not first post after all…oh well

  4. Salt-n-pepper guardhairs! And big gold foofy paws! SQUEEEEEE!

    I love a nice sleepy kitteh.

  5. chet's momma says:

    I’m so there! me and chet are in the same predicament–which WOULD we get up for? turkey samwich? or a trip to favorite coffee shop with sunday paper? nahhh. well, maybees…

  6. Peg of Tilling says:

    I so want to be this kitty right now…just move the remote a little closer pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…

  7. TastesLikeChicken says:

    The paw against the cheek (do cats have cheeks?)is just too cute!

  8. My bebeh does this… then she stretches and covers her eyes with her paws. It is the picture of comfort and relaxation. Really, what else could you desire?

  9. musicchick2 says:

    Awww… this guy looks just like my Tipper, so named for the snow white tip on the end of his tail, & nowhere else. (See him at http://www.musicchick2.vox.com) Tipper assumes this position every chance he gets, and yes TLC, cats definitely have cheeks and I agree – the paw against the cheek is prosh!

    We interrupt this program for late breaking news. REBECCA SKLOOT ALERT! I sent Rebecca an email asking when & where her article would be published and she replied “…it’s going to be published in the Jan/Feb issue of Hallmark magazine. I’ll post something (or meg will) when it’s out. Best wishes and thanks for your note – RS”
    /end threadjack

  10. I *was* in my jammies all day up to now, with my tabby smooshed up by my side as I napped (not feeling well) and one of my tuxedo grays on the other side.

  11. M*O*O*S*H

  12. Mmmmmm, he’s all comfy toesy!!!

  13. Heh, its a good jammies day. I went out in the rain did my shopping and am back in jammies right now!

    Polly does the paw over the eyes thing when she sleeps, its really to cute for words.

  14. Mmmm…I love me a corduroy jacket, and that looks like the kitteh’s chosen snoozle location.

  15. Qte smooshy sleeping cat. That looks like an excellent Sunday afternoon strategy.

  16. lurkertype says:


    I’m still in my jammies and until 20 min. ago I was snoozin’ in bed with HRT.

    Is that the TAIL between the paws and under the muzzlepuff? Does this kitters have all his appendages tucked in for maximum Qte?

  17. cid needs all his feets and hands and tail touching his face at all times. he’s actually striking this pose right now.

  18. I am still in my jammies, and don’t intend on removing them until tomorrow morning when I get ready for work. I’d wear them to work too, but they frown upon it. And, of course, Jahari (my cat) was with me until my mom decided to nap… where momma goes, Jahari goes… except work both Jahari and the bosses frown upon it.

  19. I had a massive week with events, parties and such for a book launch. I stayed in bed until 1:00 p.m. today, until Elvis decided he couldn’t wait any longer for Cuddling Time. Nothing like a mutual snorgle to top off an extended Sunday snooze.

  20. AlbertaGirl says:

    I would have given anything to stay in my jammies with my own cuddly tabby today. But no, I had to come to work! Oh well, this picture reminds me what is waiting for me when I get home. Lots of stripey snorgling is in my future!

  21. Karen in Toronto says:

    Today’s paper copy of the Toronto Star showed Mexican Hairless dog Chili Bean befriending Foot Chief, a registered miniature horse, at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair — “it’s like cuteoverload.com going on tour.”

    I didn’t check the online version.

  22. YES!!! stayin in jammies with kitties all around is the best way to spend a sunday. of course we all are watching football too.

  23. Lullaby to shvweepin kittenzes:
    Purrs are flying out like
    endless rain into a paper cup
    They slither while they pass
    They slip away across the universe
    Paws of softness waves of joy
    are drifting thorough my sleepy head
    Possessing and caressing me

    Jai guru deva om
    Nothing’s gonna change my world
    Nothing’s gonna change my world
    Nothing’s gonna change my world
    Nothing’s gonna change my world

    Thank you George, RIP.

  24. This is just what I needed. Craptacular day, feeling bad, and then there is a sleeping kitty. And everything’s ok.

  25. Karen in Toronto says:

    Martha in mobile: fortunately, katz are not not as lethal as they like to think. Soundz like your huzband is still with you and Dono is up doing metal detector duty at the Rainbow Bridge.

  26. little miao says:

    *snorgle* (at the exact point where nose meets toes meets foot)

    aawwww, musicchick2, I looked for pictures of Tipper’s white-tipped tail on your vox but couldn’t find any. 😦 He’s a very charming kitty, though.

  27. This cutie pie looks just like my cat. The weather was yuck today so my cat and I spent the whole day napping (both of us) and reading(just me) in bed. The only thing that could have made things better would be if my mom showed up at meal times to feed me/my kitty
    tasty Indian food.

  28. martha in mobile says:

    Ahhh, this kitteh looks like my girl Dono (as in “I dono who broke that vase!). She was this beautiful and, unfortunately, as crazy as she was beautiful…she loved my husband and tried to kill him at every opportunity.

  29. musicchick2 – Have you noticed, pets with white tipped tails are very special.

  30. same here!

  31. Pretty baby! All squished up!

  32. Aww, cats are so cute when they squoosh themselves all up into small spaces. 😀 And then go to sleep!

  33. hehehe, i’m in complete agreement. still in pajamas! blame the weather..it’s been snowing off and on today

  34. I wasn’t able to stay in bed with kitteh today but I’m happy to say that recently… since other kitteh has been gone.. she occasionally will now curl up to sleep next to my pillow. So last night when I went to sleep, we were pretty much nose to nose, forehead to forehead (me on pillow, her next to it) and there’s just nothing much better in the world. (except under the covers, but she doesn’t like that.)
    The snuffiness of a sleepy kitteh is too amazing.
    (oh and I forgot .. the way she curled around, put her toes somewhere more or less under my chin. Bliss.)

  35. elizabells says:

    in re not being able to go to work in jammies: go into medicine or nursing. Scrubs are a lot like PJs.


  36. Aww, this purr looks so much like my Ozmeow, except she’s got wittle white toeses.

    I slept until 11 this morning, with my puppy curled up next to me. 🙂

  37. This photo is simply the cat’s pajamas.

  38. Uh, pyrit, that would be John not George, unless it was the cat named George, in which case, sorry. Either way, yeah, RIP.

  39. Amoebatabby!!! He looks just like my Bonny.

  40. musicchick2 says:

    Little maio- I s’pose my Tipper (who is a twin to the kitty in the above foto) is hidin’ his spayshul leedle tail tip in ‘dose fotos. I will have to sneak up on him when he’s snuggled & honk-shu’ing and take a pic for you 😉

    Pyrit – I have! Very spayshul indeed. I know it sounds silly, but I believe Tipper is very intelligent & after 9 years we really communicate with & understand each other. He can even tell time! Nap time around here is after All My Children & before Dr. Phil (1pm-3pm), & he’ll come & ‘scratch’ at the covers & make that little ‘chortle’ noise in his throat during that time if I haven’t invited him to come nap. I swear! He’s been touched with kitty magical powers!

    His brother Pooh, on the other hand, is a big goof ball ‘surfer dude’ who wrestles me for the remote (THIS pic IS on my blog @ http://www.musicchck2.vox.com) *grin*

  41. Look up “Relaxed” in the dictionary, and you’ll find that cat’s picture! *LOL*

    Threadjack: I love my new digs, now that we’re settling in…one of the greatest features of this neighborhood is the fact that there’s enough wilderness between most of the houses that we still have a lot of wild critters–including deer and coyotes! And the very best part is, at least one mated pair of grey foxes has territory here. Shortly after we finished moving, we discovered that they have a regular path that runs right up the middle of our side yard. I’ve watched them trotting past in the wee pre-sunrise hours–but this evening, as Zane and I toasted marshmallows at the fire pit, a GORGEOUS vixen-fox came ambling by less than fifteen feet from us. We were spellbound…*sigh*


  42. Thalia – Thanks for the correction. I was mixed up.

  43. D2D — sweet! Makes me miss my old summer camps. But I’m guessing this also means the cats are 100% indoor residents, eh?

  44. awww the cutest kitty picture ever ..it reminds me of one of my old kitties who is gone now. Tabbies are the best!

  45. Denita! It sounds heavenly!
    I LOVE watching all the wildlife in our yard. (10 acres).

    Yeah, ditto Theo, indoor cats…although ours still go out during the day.

    We lost our little Gandalf one night when he stayed out all night and I have to think a coyote or an owl got him. He was small.

  46. I’m jealous. I didn’t get to sleep in or look at cuteoverload all weekend. Now I’m caught up on the cute – but sitll behind in my sleep.

  47. i can hear the happy little honk shus all the way over here

    this picture should be in the dictionary next to “cat nap”

  48. Aw. It took me a few seconds to sort this kitty out. 🙂

  49. He’s staying in his pajamas all day… so would that make them the cat’s pajamas? :]

  50. Mwahaha! I have that coat!!! xD