Who said that? Some voice from my childhood is yelling it out…. who is the famous person that said "walkies!"




Ratlettes "Squidgen and Kiflin" out for a walkie and picnic in the park. Thanks to their pink tote and sender-inner Aiza.



  1. wallace of “wallace and gromit” says, “walkies!” is that what you are thinking of? oh, and um, f1rst p0st!

  2. Mrs Slocombe on Are You Being Served says it in at least one episode.

  3. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    No, there was a famous dog trainer who said that. I can’t recall her name.

    What cute little rats! ^_^

  4. The original saying goes back to a British dog-training show called, I believe, “No Bad Dogs.” The trainer’s last name was Woodhouse, but I don’t remember the first name. Victoria, maybe. I think the series was from the late 70s or early 80s.

    Yes, I am that old!

  5. Nope, it’s Barbara Woodhouse! At least I was half right.

    Yep, cute lil rats on leashes. Hee hee! 🙂

  6. I want that rodent to put my unruly cats in their places!

    Seriously, my cats would be scared silly.

  7. ka9q's wife says:

    sweet ratties in the park. yayyyy.

  8. Martha in Washington says:

    LOVE the weensy pink fingers in pic3! And the pink plaid handbag. Very fashion conscience ratties there.

  9. Cute little boogers, and hey, nummies! Nom nom nom

  10. Fish Eye no Miko says:


    Yes, that’s it! I just remembered it, myself.

  11. AuntieMame says:

    Leashes for rats. What *will* they think of next?

    “Walkies” was the code word Sir Humphrey Appleby used to alert the RAF to go ahead and commence the rescue of Benjy the sheepdog from Salisbury Plain, wasn’t it? 🙂

  12. leashes for your fish? comes complete with a fish tank on wheels!

  13. Martha in Washington says:

    We are going to get a leash for my son’s Chinese Water Dragon as soon as he (the lizard, not my son) is big enough. They have them at PetsMart. We are going to put wings on it too.

  14. Hah, I can remember wondering why there were no rats on Cute Overload when I first started reading, and thought maybe you didn’t like them. Evidently I was wrong! These little fuzzbutts are just too cute! :o)

  15. wow…that is really, really adorable 🙂

  16. staticgirl says:

    Yep it was Barbara Woodhouse, who also said Si-it!! and insisted on those cruel choke chains that animal trainers now frown upon.

    Those ratties are the cutest. They make lovely pets. 🙂

  17. Karen in Toronto says:

    Pinkie extended: well-bred rattersons.

  18. ‘Walkies’ is a very common term in England, so any dog related program that originated from this side of the pond would have used it. You just have to figure out which one you might have encountered as a child.

  19. Oh, and more rats please! I love their adorable little nubs that are almost an opposable thumb.

  20. That’s so cute!

    I’ve thought about walking my own pet rats, but I’m not sure if they would appreciate a leash. It does seem a lot of fun, though.

  21. acelightning says:

    What charming ratties! Sleek, urbane, and well-behaved, *and* they have such fashion sense!

  22. I grew up watching Barbara Woodhouse. 🙂

    *Pulls out her human to rat dictionary*

    Squeekity, Squeek, Squeek, Squeek. *nose wiggle* *whisker preen*

  23. dickie twinkles says:

    Tres cute!

    I’ve never walked my rats…I wonder if they’d enjoy it or be scared. Mine seem to prefer climbing up the curtains the most :p

    Yay for ratty appreciation, though!

  24. walace from walace and gromet sais Walkies.

  25. It was Barbara Woodhouse who said walkies in a very nice upper class British accent. She was on tv and did a bunch of books.

  26. starrburstsnickers says:

    My Boys! On CO! I never thought it’d happen! Heeheheee…

    Now I must give them some Nutella as a reward for finally making it to the big time!

    *scrounges around in drawer for nutella*

  27. want more of the leetle furbebbehs? 🙂


  28. Aww, such adorable ratties.
    *kisses* for their little curious noses.

  29. I can’t stand rat’s no matter how tame they are. I don’t think less of the owner, but never will bring the kids around.

  30. Oh Starburstsnickers! Thank you for sharing your bebehs with us. I especially love the last/first pic on your flicker of them in the tissue box. So very cute!

  31. teehee, piggalette! now they are so big it is a miracle if they can fit into a tissue box *individually*! i can’t really believe they were actually so tiny once they could *both* fit in with room to spare!

    jesse, how dissapointing for your kiddies! here’s a link for you:



  32. How adorable!!! I swoon with intoxicating rat cuteness!! And LEASHES!!!! SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  33. I have always thought CO needs a “wattie” section!

    Let’s hear it for the Ratfans!

  34. Ok, that’s ONE way of clearing a dog park!

  35. AIEEEE! I have died. Seriously.

    Can’t. Stand. The cuteness.

  36. Awww, rat-rats! Cute Overload does not have enough rat-rat pictures. They are the best pets ever.

  37. rattie snoots, rattie snoots! They cutes.

  38. Rodents of all kinds are adorable. They are champion nose twitchers. Doesn’t get much cuter than that.
    Thinking of Barbara Woodhouse saying, “Wawkees!” is like an earworm! But the anti-dote is how Wallace says it.
    starrburstsnickers: what a great website.
    May I ask:
    Aw, is it true rats only live 8 months as I read above?
    I read about a much stronger strain of salmonella carried by pet rats, hammies, mice. What’s the latest on that?

  39. Rattie Rattie Rattie Rattie Rattie!
    The fuzz on their noses is just perfect. And their teeny tiny ice cold toes… and when they whiffle in your ears (the correct term, I think you’ll find).
    I miss mine so much…
    I got a harness/lead thing for my last one, thinking I could take him for fun garden adventures, but when I put it on he just did the mad squirming ball of fur thing until his legs stuck out all the wrong holes and I had to give up.

    Jesse, I hope you don’t pass your phobia on, that would be such a shame for your kids.

  40. Oh, it was also said in Night Court when Bull got the pet turkey around Thanksgiving.

    Boy, that’s obsurce!

    ~ Doug

  41. you’re thinking of barbara woodehouse. she was all chins and teeth and turtlenecks like an old gail from corrie. i always imaginedher poor dogs covered in spit.


  42. For those of you who might be interested, Barabara Woodhouse was also known for saying there are “no bad dogs”. Owners on the other hand….

    What lovely, lovely rats! They are so affectionate and intelligent. I miss having one, and am giving serious consideration to getting one once I move.

  43. Oh. My. Goodness. That is so incredibly cute. Adorable. I want a pet rat now!!

  44. This may be the wrong blog for this, but does anybody else thing that “Rat on a Lease” would be a good name for a band? 😉

    …. Or at least a song title.

  45. Blargh!

    *Lease = Leash

    “Rat on a Leash” would be a good name for a band. 😛

  46. Ok, yes Ms. Woodhouse did use the coke chain, but it was set loose and only used by a flick of the leash to tighten it for maybe a second as a negative reinforce.

    And yes, I do prefer Patricia McConnell (Calling All Pets for us radio people).

    Nice little rats, also very law abiding. Where I live they wuld need a leash to be out of the house.

  47. [yawwwwwwning]
    [rubbing eyes]
    [shoving Mr. Bounce off keybor2p;:65+

    Judging by timestamp alone, which shows 11:09 PM (Pacific), Meg narrowly avoided the llama lips of dooooooom. We’ll ignore for the moment the unreliability of said time (warp) stamps.

    I’ll stick ’em in my Vox for those llama lovers among youuuuu.

    Skielar — Koi leashes and rolling fishbowls are inspired. Seriously. MoMA needs a set.

    Arvay — wheres ares ya??

    and T Kitty… grrrrr… that’d be first COMMENT… don’t make me sic the wrong trousers on you…

  48. Good idea to go into the park with your animals : )

    They sure have fun outside : )

  49. pyrit, wild rats live about 8 months but fancy rats live between 2-3 years because they dine on fresh vegetables, chicken breast fillets, baby food, muesli, whole wheat bread, peanut butter and the occasional bit of nutella. Oh, and sometimes they drink Milo. my rats are proper little gourmands, they are!

    salmonella? really? hm, i haven’t heard about that in the rat community here in australia. is it something the rats where you are have developed? :O

  50. Where’s hrh.squeek?

    So very cute! Ratties out for a picnic. 🙂

  51. K, Rats on a Lease – the secret term that real estate agents have for non-home owners?

  52. Awww. *melts* Makes me miss my girls! Rats make for some of the BEST pests.

  53. OMG! The rat has pantaloons in the second picture.


  54. starburstsnickers, those are beautiful ratties. I wanted to get a pair, but the bf wouldn’t let me. /boo

    They look so snuggly!

  55. uberkitten says:

    Awwwwwww!! Rattiiiiiiiiiiiiies! Gosh, I do love me some ratties. ^_^

    I can almost feel their teeny tiny claws running around my shoulders. And their little whiskers whiskering in my ear. Oh, now I wanna hold a little rat.

  56. If you go to see the most excellent film “The Queen,” you will get to see Helen Mirren, as Queen Elizabeth, turn to her pups and say, in her best Barbara Woodhouse, “Walkies!

    It’s a joyous moment.

  57. Awwww! That made my day! I LOVE to see animals that get to get out of their cage! What a great rat companion they have!

  58. But ‘walkies’ is just a word… do you not use it in the US? We dooo.

    This makes me sad, because i got two baby rats and i had a carry bag and everything ready to take them out, and then i couldn’t keep them. 😦

  59. P. Erasmus says:
  60. Yves St. Laurat – Zees bag ees all wrong, no it wont do.

    Oscar de la Ratta – Sacrat bleu! Zee plaid ees for Westies, for Scotties, no?

    Yves St. Laurat – I speet on zee plaid.

    Oscar de la Ratta – Oui. Ah, my fwend, at least vee have our cheesey leashes so ees not so bad, eh?

    Yves St. Laurat – Vell, I vant zee matching cheddarchino moleskin bag next time we go out, no?

  61. love the little hands in the last pic.
    and yes – I think “Rats on a Leash” would be a GREAT name for a band!

  62. *GASP* Rattie babies on leashies? I used to have rattie babies (the large kind… the ones that look like small cats) and we always thought it would be funny it we put little leashes on them and took them for walks. But *le sigh* they got sick and died before we got the chance

  63. I don’t want to hate on people with rats, but these are not cute. Maybe I can squint and pretend it’s a sweet little hammie…?

  64. Awwww I LOVE happy, healthy rats!! They are so pretty and what adorable leashes. I want one!!!! (or two!)

  65. TwinklyTerrapin says:

    I used to take my rat, Jonny, for walks, but no fancy leashes or carriers — she preferred my bra.
    …and I never did take my fish, Sid, for walk, but he did go for a few car rides in a big jar. I let him look out the window…

  66. Oscar de la Ratta – “Moleskin”? What?!

    Yves st. Laurat – Relax, mon cheri, ees only an ezpesshawn.

  67. If you go out to the park today,
    You’d better not go alone.
    It’s lovely out in the park today,
    But safer to stay at home.

    For every rat that ever there was
    Will gather there to frolic, because
    Today’s the day the ratty rats have their picnic

    CHORUS (come on peeps, you know the chorus!)

    Every ratty rat on a leash
    Is sure of a treat today
    There’s lots of wonderful things to eat
    And wonderful games to play

    In the plaid bag, where nobody sees
    They’ll hide and seek as long as they please
    Today’s the day the ratty rats have their picnic

  68. O MY EFFING G! It’s not a rat on a leash, it’s . . . just . . . NOT!

    I just love pet owners with a sense of humor! “Take your rat to the park for some fresh air”

    This is so great.

  69. “SCURRIES!”

  70. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Every time I see rats on CO, I mourn the fact that they are illegal to have as pets here where I live. Back when I used to work at Petcetera, I used to always have mice with me, in my hood or on my shoulders or in my pockets…but we were never allowed to have rats. Booo-urns on rats being illegal, I want one!

  71. Yay! Rodents! And even bonus mice on the Fickr stream! It is a good day when you get bonus mice. Thankyou.

  72. Agghhh, Starrburst, your bebehs are adorable. And their rat flat is pretty frickin’ impressive!

    My wah-wah Diego is envious of their Burberry tote. It matches his collar 😉

  73. I want a rat like that!

  74. Pyrit & RedZ — so very nicely done. LOL!

  75. some years ago I had an impressive experience with my 2 rats. one used to steal the other ones food, especially treats. usually I didnt interfere, however one day when I had just given a biscuit to each and after some squealing there was one rat that could barely walk under the weight of two I gave it back to the rightful owner. now, that night, when serving their dish of chopped up fruits and veggies, that rat came up to me with a piece of cucumber, took it into its paws, pushed it through the bars over to my side and waited until I took it. It then went back to its dish – where the other one was stuffing himself, by the way – and brought me four (!!) more pieces of assorted fruit, which he all held out with his little hands between the bars for me to take. I was speechless. never happened again, no witnesses around, but I swear this is true on my honour as biologist.

  76. hrh.squeak says:

    Zosterops – Woah. Just woah. That makes me tear up, it’s so cute and loving.

    Wattieswattieswatties! YaAAAY!!! I have a harness and leash, just haven’t tried it out yet for fear of the “mad squirming ball of fur thing until his legs stuck out all the wrong holes and I had to give up” effect (thank you CreepySheep) These rats are Just Adorable and so well mannered and I’ve been saving looking at the Flickr stream for dessert.

  77. I am thinking “Walkies” is from that Muppet movie — the one where Rolf is gets a job at dog boarding place. Some rich dude comes in with a dog, says the dog only reads the squeaky “Times” or something. Eh? Pfft. Whatevs. It’s Saturday…

  78. Theo, those llamas look awfully camel-ly.

  79. Eee! Where does one find a harness that small? The smallest I’ve seen is guinea pig sized… Unless those ar REALLY fat rats…

  80. Walkies is definitely generic Brit. My great uncle used to say it long before Ms. Woodhouse’s fame. As did all of our very English friends. It is just one of those wonderful things that these usually reserved but quite pet -mad people say that is quintesentially English. And these rats would definitely approve of the Woodhouse method, as aside from the poor reputation gained from the use of choke chains, was always gentle and always dog-first-people-second. The choke chain was only used loosely and gently but firmly tugged to snug — but never tight. Just so the pup could feel the tension chain. The goal was to have a dog accustomed to obeying without having the collar held (hence the loose chain, which would feel invisible to the pup.)

  81. [sigh]

    Truth is, I don’t remember. The pix are at least 2 years old, and “Llama Llips” is funnier.

  82. musicchick2 says:

    Pyrit & Redzilla – *loud raucous virtual applause*!!!!!

    Rats? I’m with you Jen. *sigh*

    *Sending out positive energy to Meg*

  83. Oh, my rat just cannot be showed these pics. I fear she will fashion a weapon of some sort and hold me hostage until i figure out a way to harness her and take her for walkies. Too bad we have mean ol’ hawks that live around or else I’d take her for jaunts around the park. Too cute.

  84. musicchick2 says:

    /threadjack Sorry to interrupt the Rattie love fest. BUT have any of you dreamed some random name, and then when you woke up you found out it was a real person? FREAKY!! This morning the name ALDOUS HUXLEY was in my dreams, and I swear I don’t think I ever heard it before. BUT he lived! Check it out! http://somaweb.org/w/huxbio.html


  85. musicchick2 says:

    Oops…. sorry
    /end threadjack

    We return you to our regular programming, already in progress.

  86. i’m sure this isn’t what you were thinking of, but when i think of “walkies” i think of how it was used in this monty python sketch about a secret agent named teddy salad who was so good at disguise he impersonated a dog.

  87. Sheesh, what are they teaching in school these days? Huxley’s Brave New World is one of the most famous dystopia novels of the 20th century, musicchick. Often taught in conjunction with Orwell’s Brave New World and 1984.

  88. Not cute.

  89. pny, it only has to be cute to Meg to be on here.

  90. MC2 — I’m sure the name was buried in your subconscious & your dream jostled it loose.

    PNY — Not useful.

  91. YOOoo-HOOooo, Redzillaaaa! (little wavey hand, insane grin, too cheerfully) Your little SONG, stuck in my HEAD, all DAY Sweetie! Someday you will paay-eee!

  92. pyrit and redzilla – yaaayyy!

    intoleRAT peeps –
    uh, boooo!

  93. chet's momma says:

    zosterops–that. is. theeeee. cutest. thing. EVAH!!!!! how lucky you are!

  94. starrburstsnickers – Thanks for the additional photos! Very Cute! The behbehs don’t look spoiled at all! p/s I am now craving Nutella myself!

  95. Can ratties learn the time warp??

  96. Yay for rattie pics! My son’s rats, Maggie and Petunia, are smooching and whiffling me while I look at this. Folks, if you’ve ever even *thought* about having ratties for pets, I highly encourage it! They are sweet, friendly, intelligent, clean and quiet. If you like hamsters, you’ll LOVE rats!

  97. I had a rat that would allow me to put a leash on him, of course he was a fat lazy squish. My other 7 ratties won’t even let me think about putting a leash on them. Luckly they have been trained so well that they stay up on my shoulder and I can take them out for walks that way. My oldest rat, Freddy, loves to ride the subway to the pet store and back with me, and yes Freddy is named after the movie Freddy, because he has razor sharp claws.

  98. Zosterops

    That story belongs in the Chicken Soup for Pet Lovers book. So sweet brought tears to my eyes. I want one so bad and no one understands why. My cat certainly never did that! lol!

  99. You know… I’ve tried really hard to look at a rat and see what’s uncute about them. I’ve squinted, even.

    And they’re just adorable all the way around. If you don’t see it you’re CRAZY.

    I used to take my girls (rest in peace) to the pet store where I worked and let them hang out with me and every now and then you get the screaming hysterical woman.

    I just don’t get it.

    PS- Was Barbara Woodhouse the one that the Simpsons spoofed when Santa’s Little Helper had to get obedience training when he tore up Marge’s family quilt? The one where Lisa got mumps?

  100. little miao says:

    Awwwww… lovely ratties! when I first saw the picture, somehow I thought they were giant kitty-sized ratties, but I’m only slightly dissapointed that they’re normal on a rattie-scale after all.

    So fluffly! And such whiskers. It makes me feel ticklish to look at them and imagine their wet little snuffling nosies.

  101. where can I get those leashes and harnises for my gerbils?

  102. WHAT would one of these commentary pages be without Laurie C. and Theo??? they are so completely sure that only THEIR opinion matters and you better not disagree or you will be attacked from all sides. i will say it again: GET A LIFE, LADIES!!!

  103. gena, my comment was that only *Meg’s* opinion matters on this site, it being hers and all.

  104. Also, thanks for lumping me in with Theo. I am honored.

  105. lol.. who would of thunk that your opinions only matter on here Lauri C *giggles*

  106. Gena — thanks for the Sunday morning laugh.

  107. Oh my goodness! Rats on a leash!!!

  108. Theo is a lady now??!


  109. May I suppose on Theo’s behalf that he is honored to be lumped in with the ladies???

  110. >>Theo is a lady now??!

    Not the last time I checked, but hey–I’ll happily go take inventory again.

  111. [shuts down computer]
    [lopes upstairs]

  112. And aren’t these rats amazing and check out the whiskers in the last pic,…pic

    “Picnic time for ratty rats,
    The little ratty rats are having a lovely time today…”
    (slapping palm to forehead)

  113. pyrit and redzilla! Awesome songs and now the ratty rats are having their picnics in my BRAIN!!!!
    Tank you vedy mush!! 😀

    I LOVE the rats, the pics of rats, the leashes of rats and everything ratty. Zosterops….that is an incredible story and I believe every word of it. Rats are THAT smart!!

    Hmmm, I really need to get more rats.

  114. *Snort* Theo and Jaye….how’s the inventory going?

    (I was going to say coming, but….geez, I just got home and there’s no need for me going there, now)

  115. Ok, ratty story. One of my favorite pet stores in E. Lansing, Mich. has a dumbo earred rat who lives in a lovely cage on the checkout counter. Blix, the rat, comes out of his house everytime a bill of any denomination is laid on the counter. He picks up the money and carries it back to his house.
    It’s the cutest funniest thing to see.

  116. Jaye–niiiice.

    I don’t think we’ll be hearing from them for a while.

  117. Mary not the one that commented way earlier says:

    The rats are adorable and it’s a joy to discover they can be put on leashes, which I didn’t know (although I can’t say I have researched it.) “Walkies” made me laugh. Hurray for c.o. and Theo who also made me laugh by loping upstairs…

  118. From the leader of the Rat Pack:

    “I’ve got two rats on a leash
    I’ve been barfing rainbows
    Got that leash around my finger
    What a world, what a life – I’m in love

    Rat behavior’s what I teach
    I can make my rat go
    Walkies when I move my finger
    He’s got no fleas, so don’t flee – You’ll be in love

    Life’s as sweet as a peach
    As long as I hold the leash
    I’d be a silly so-and-so
    If I should ever let ’em go”

  119. Awww, they’re so sweet! And so well-behaved. Clearly these rattishes don’t chew through harnesses! unlike mine…

  120. Tiny Ratly Walkies!

    My brother has a rat; her name is Dutchess. She takes her royal ratly walks on the couch every single day, but, she’s -terrified- of heights, so, she never jumps off XD.

  121. Aubrey! I am so stealing those lyrics to make my own recording of the song.

    Now all I have to do is set up my karaoke system… hmmm… Wait, I don’t have a karaoke system.


  122. Lauri — That is too adorable! I don’t suppose they let him keep those Jeffersons for long, do they? 😉


  124. Loris sez: It is a good day when you get bonus mice.

    Words to live by…

  125. Aww how adorable! I can’t believe your rats would tolerate that harness! Mine would have removed it immediately. Mine were also inveterate stitch-removers when they had surgery. Perhaps the harness training will teach them that it’s okay to have funny human-things on your body if sometimes.

  126. It’s a good day when you get bonus mice.

    I am so saving that quote. It’s great, Loris!

  127. Hi there. Adorable pics. I really miss my rats. I adored albinoes, damn, I feel the urge so badly…

    Does anyone on here know of a rat breeder somewhere I think in the central states, that has been breeding for a few years, and you can have your entire rat history? THey’ve been bred for traits, and the breeders are super serious about their care, and do not let you breed them. I beleive they were also breeding tailess rats. They have a fabulous website with extensive rat care info, and updates one what/who will be up for adoption in the coming months. I am concerned about this because I kown they also track any illness in their rats, and the last rat I had, develloped red .. bumps/patches, and passed them onto me. And they reoccure abotu twice a year. So Iam heasitant to get another non bred rat. Help?

  128. furbabies says:

    Too darn cute!