Only on special occasions…

…Does the Puppy Crop Circle appear!

Hmmmmmmm—what could have caused this today?


Anne P.—Do you know what caused it?



  1. fancyclaps says:


  2. You know, doll manufacturers use, among other guidelines, over-sized heads and large eyes to accent cuteness. Could there be connection to cute ets?

  3. Most adorable forming of an “o” ever! Now if only they could form all the letters of the alphabet… that would be the ultimate in cutenss!

  4. Wow, I don’t know…but I want one!

  5. pookiepuff says:

    Wow! How was that ever accomplished! hehe! The puppies must have alligned themselves like that because they know the planets are aligned or something. That’s DEFINATELY what happend. hehe!

  6. Ottawa Steve says:

    That has to be a drugged staged photo. No training can accomplish that.

  7. Aha! Special occasions, huh? :$ was my birthdya special enough for puppy circles?

  8. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Ah, these dogs have been watching _Paranoia Agent_!

  9. Aha! Special occasions, huh? :$ was my birthdya special enough for puppy circles?

  10. Grumblecakes says:

    How tough it must have been moving all those sleeping puppies into just the right shape. But I want that job!

  11. All the little feeties point inward makes a little flower shape in the grass and that makes it all the more adorable! >.<

  12. OMG the redonkulousness of this is keeling me!!

  13. Lady Linden says:

    …How is that even possible. Who gave these dogs roofies??

  14. It’s a fool moon of pup! in honor of my birthday! Oh!

  15. Peg of Tilling says:

    Clearly this is a Strange Canine Rite of Great Secrecy…turn away, people! It’s something humanity was not meant to see! Turn away!

  16. The cuteness is killing me here!

  17. I know, I know…..Pick me, pick me!

    We WON!

  18. bunnajenny says:

    This pic was worth the wait!

  19. If this is the ring you see before you die…keel me now!!! LOL!

  20. THAT is HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

  21. I want to be sitting right in the middle!

  22. Look how some of the tails are perfectly curled around the head of the puppies next to it. Ohgodohgodohgod!

  23. Before you squee, you see… The Ring

  24. cutest font ever! i want to see the whole collection.
    i plan to step (vewy, vewy quietly) into the center of this pup circle and then wait until naptime ends and the belly snorgling begins.

  25. Oooooh! Ooooooh! Now do YMCA!

  26. How is it that no one has stated the obvious? Puppy Crop Circles only appear during bizarre mid-term elections people!

  27. Now this is the picture that could bring about world peace!

  28. This makes me think of a joke Andy Richter did on his show once, when someone was made at him, he wore a puppy coat, ’cause no one can stay mad at someone in a puppy coat. Then I actually found a picture of it!,1002,274%7C74597%7C1%7C,00.html

  29. Arrgh! Made= mad

  30. how do I get in on this action?!

  31. cheeri-O!!!!!!!!!

    I want to snuggle in the middle.

  32. cheeri-O!!!!!!!!!

    I want to snuggle in the middle.

  33. holy rainbow unicorn vomit! this is total belleh overload!

  34. Attention puppies-please do a heart shape next!

  35. AlbertaGirl says:

    Perhaps the puppies were trying to spell CO, but fell asleep halfway through? Too cute for words, honestly…

  36. musicchick2 says:

    Snorg-able! Can’t you just hear all the little ‘honk-shu’s’? Leesen vewwy vewwy cwosewy!

  37. As a lab mom – this is too cute. Can NOT get enuff of this site!!!

    And if you’ve ever seen sleeping babies – you know you can do almost anything with ’em – especially if they’re really tuckered out!

    (Now where are the pics my sis sending in of her new little kitten? 😉 )

  38. Were all gonna have to be flashy-thinged by Agent J… You see, this is actually some swamp gas reflecting the light from Venus on the grass.

  39. HedgePigLove says:

    OMG – look at all of the perrrrfekt ‘zamples of that mysterious malady – PUPPY TUMMY!

  40. See the blonde one on the right with the flopped ear? Doesn’t that ear belong in my mouth? Yes, I believe it does.

  41. holy cow next time I see a man in a puppy coat Im gonna propose to him

  42. It’s some kind of doggie ju-ju! They’re actually all wiggling their tiny toes, trying to summon some kind of super-cute mojo in the center of the ring. It’s really quite scary, but in a completely innocuous way.

  43. Maybe they’re demonstrating safe driving practices- you know, “grip the wheel at 10 and 2 o’clock”…

  44. L-O-L!! I think this was done very carefully, while the puppies were sleeping very soundly. Tres cute.

  45. I particularly like the way the tails were arranged around each other’s necks. Very nice composition!

  46. Boy are they gonna be embarrassed when they sober up!

  47. Mercury traversed the sun yesterday, hence creating the correct metaphysical environment for spontaneous puppy crop circles.

    It is simply science.


    Sorry about that folks.

  49. Lol…that’s a whole load of very tired pups!

    *Snorggggggggg*(in a circular motion)

  50. That’s it, I’m joining a puppy coven. If this is what goes on a the various rituals, I want in on it.

  51. Too cute! I love how their tails are curling over the neck next to them.

  52. NebraskaErin says:

    So when is puppeh synchronized sleeping going to make it into the Olympics? These pups is ready!!

  53. good gracious – serious belleh action goin’ on here . . . times 7!

  54. Karen in Toronto says:

    Did ANYone else see piglets when this pic first loaded? Am I the ONLY one?

  55. As someone mentioned previously (yes, I read all the posts) they are stretching and wiggling their little toeses. SOOOOO cute.

  56. Hmm, I didn’t see piglets here, Karen in T., but I DID see “flatulence” rather than “fluffulence” in the Angel Kitten Title. Sigh. Involuntary dyslexia.

  57. It’s Synchronized Sleeping. Haven’t you ever seen that before?? They’re still trying to make it an official Olympic Sport.

  58. OMG! SO CUTE! 😀 I want them bellehz!

  59. michellemybelle says:

    shanchan: that was great! Why that show isn’t out on DVD hurts my heart. I <3 Andy Richter.

    And I <3 Puppy Crop Circles.

  60. This can only mean that the Cute Apocalypse is near. The earth will be overrun by puppies, kittens, bunnies, and hamsters – and all who do not acknowledge the Cute shall be cast into the Lake of Eternal Tummy-Fuzz.

  61. Either that, or the pups just got their vaccinations and are sleeping off the Benadryl.

  62. Can I have one since you have so many???

  63. Let’s go with the Cute Apocalypse, Mad Mike! I love the smell of tummy in the morning! 😀

  64. There’s a fungus among us. It’s a mushroom fairy ring. Pupshrooms. Portobellehs.

  65. I bet 5 minutes before this pic was taken they were all running around like mad, wearing themselves out!

  66. I never saw so much headbutting in one picture before!! And who knew headbutting could be so dang-gum cute????????

    Maybe it is “Labrador of the Rings, the Puppyship of the Ring”,or “The Two Yellows” or “Return of the Belleh”???

    I know I’m lame…

  67. Actually, I WANT to be cast into the Lake of Eternal Tummy-Fuzz.

  68. Hahaha, Renee, not lame!

  69. Red, I’m with you – sign me up for this coven, stat!!!!

    All those poofy snorgley bellehs!!!!! tiny puppeh honk shus!!! feel head about to explode!!!

  70. This looks like something cooked up by the Bitches of Endor.

  71. And I just want ONE! How come they have SEVEN! SEVEN dawgs! Not fair!

  72. NebraskaErin says:

    “Circle up the pups, the kittehs are attacking!”

  73. Aubrey – don’t start, I can’t, it’s just, I mean, how, don’t you, you know, what about, think of all the, see, I, well, POP!


    Bellies in a ring
    Pink pink pink pink bellies!

  75. Karen, you’re not alone!! Even after I read that it’s puppies, I still saw pigglets!! GGAAAAAWWW.

  76. Weirdest thing… I had a dream last night that looked just like this! It was a circle of a whole bunch of black dogs (different breeds) doing some sort of ballet in the grass. This is WAY cuter. Wuh-uh-aaaay cuter.

  77. Strange … Are they alive ? That is so unusual … :-/

  78. (In a whisper)
    I see pig-puppies! (Like Sixth Sense; I know; if i have to explain it, it’s not funny)
    I think it’s the ginormous belleh action that makes them look like piggehs.

  79. what makes me nervous is the idea that one of them might flatulate.

    (sorry, my dog was gassy today.)

  80. It’s the new L.L. Belleh Christmas Wreath – mine arrived yesterday!

  81. Maureen – a case of deja cute? Prosh-nostication?

    And just wait one moment – I’ve already seen this picture on Art Belleh’s website!

  82. AWWWW! I want to have a black and white necklace made to look exactly like this!

    Plus, I’m sure that if you could nestle inside that circle, it would the perfect cure for insomnia, as the teeny puply honk-shus lulled you off into dreamla.. zzzzzzzzz

  83. Awwww, a flower in a circle! How cute.

  84. Very creepy because I can’t help thinking that if they aren’t drugged, then maybe they’re dead!

  85. Heh. Prosh-nostication.



    Going to bed to dream of more puppies.

  86. This is the well known synchronized pupster-sleep position in which an asymmetrical seven petalled flower pattern is formed.

  87. CROP CIRCLE!!!


  89. Heads in Butts.

    Not my favorite category, but cute nonetheless.

  90. Photoshopped – but a good idea withall.

  91. It’s magic!

    A ring of puppies means good luck for seven years!

  92. Here you go, NM. *Now* it’s photochopped.


  93. anyone else think of a daisy chain? salad-tossing all around!

  94. In our country during Fall you can sometimes see -in hidden glades- mushrooms circles (especially chanterelles). It is nice to see what can happen in yours!

  95. dat is a good pic dont ya remember me

  96. We are family o yeah. HA HA HA. That is so cute.