Just for safety purposes—

Please consider following this advice.Very, very wise.


Kurtis H., Thanks for the +5 Cuteness. We might need it.



  1. Good Gravy, check out the fangs!

  2. If I was going on a quest, I would take this little guy. Darn right.

  3. OMG! That is the cutest safety device I’ve ever seen! Can I take one to the hospital with me next week for my surgery? He can keep the doctors in line!

  4. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeep! Too much!

    *dies of cuteness*

  5. Sign me up for one! He is so fierce and so mighty…killer rabbits beware!

  6. Absolutely ferocious

  7. I dunno I might need two just to feel REALLY safe.

  8. ShelleyTambo says:

    No one would dare cross this kitty.

  9. Karen in Toronto says:

    One in a shoulder holster, and a backup strapped to my thigh under my pinafore.

  10. NebraskaErin says:

    Fierce little kitteh!

    At the very least, he can distract my enemies with his cuteness whilst I scamper away.

  11. Can I take two since they’re small? I’ll share, I promise…

  12. I will admit
    That it is fit
    To keep a kit
    Inside a mitt
    For a lonely trip
    Where it isn’t lit.

    Semper Feline, little kitteh!

  13. Kitteh: “Back off, man. Don’t be gettin all up our bidness or I might haffa hurt you. Don’t make me bus’ a canine off in you.”

  14. OMG Those little feet! If he can’t kill with the biting he can kill with the cute.

  15. He appears to be laughing in the face of danger. I’d take him along, for sure.

  16. and i shall raise my sword and bellow “by the power of grayskull!” and point my sword at yonder furball and he shall be my BATTLECAT!!!

  17. Dire Housecat in Training! Ee!

    So fierce! ^^

  18. Amusing! It’s from The Legend of Zelda btw. http://gc.advancedmn.com/images/media/040104_nes_zelda_ss-01.jpg

  19. AlbertaGirl says:

    All your kitteh are belong to us!

  20. Wooot!! I thought I could call zelda first! More nerds on Cuteoverload? Who’d have thought?

  21. O.

    That is SO cute!! OMG! No words.. it makes me laugh.. CUTE!!

    And what a pretty color he is too! gosh.

  22. Yes, just for you CO.

    -just in case that pic doesnt load… here is the link.

  23. Ack! I was afraid someone else would notice the Zelda ref. Any mention of that game causes my Zelda thumb to start aching. Wasted youth.

  24. let’s play snorgle making game!

  25. Nice trend in self-defense, but it won’t work for me. Where I live, you can’t carry a concealed handcat.

  26. Christine says:

    haha, that person looks like they have some extra fingers on their hand. Too cute!

  27. Hello corran__horn, welcome to NetHack! You are a chaotic male human Wizard.


    The cutest cat to ever face slime molds!

  28. chunkstyle says:

    Redzilla, what are you calling wasted youth?? I accomplished so much with my silver bow and arrow by killing that invisible dragon…If I had had this kitten, it would’ve been a different story entirely.

  29. Hmm..lemme theenk..either a kitten with +1 in piercing ability and +20 in (tewtal) charisma, or a Frodo’s meethril short sword…mm…I takes the fierce wittle keetin of DEATH.

  30. Oh, alright, it wasn’t wasted. Not anymore than I’m wasting my adulthood on CO.

  31. muffincat says:

    Held in off hand.

    +10 stamina
    +10 spirit

    150 armor

    Use: When equipped, the bearer feels much better.

  32. A thinker says:

    I don’t know about danger, but I’d *definitely* feel much better if I had one of these to tote along. *Sigh*

  33. A thinker says:

    LOL, Margo!!

  34. This will go perfectly with my lucky pants and bandolier of fate.

  35. The Guy Over There says:

    I dunno, he’s got a bit of a “Scrappy Doo” quality about him, this kitty does.

  36. Yay for the Legend of Zelda reference! How many attack points per a kitten?

  37. Forgot to mention that this is in fact also the Kitteh Kombo Staple Remover/Paper Shredder that goes with the Puppeh Stamp Licker and Bunneh Letter Opener Desk Set.

  38. Definitely going on the cubicle wall. It might save my life some day…

  39. This is the best post EVAR! I am sending it to all my friends!

  40. cavalaxis says:

    Cute Overload.

  41. I’m taking this to work with me later… some customers need a good cat-whoopping

  42. I’m printing this out and taking it with me on job interviews. It’ll give me courage… and perhaps some of teh qte will emanate from it and addle the interviewers’ minds long enough for them to decide to hire me.

  43. Godspeed, BonzoGal.

  44. If you listen very closely, you can *almost* hear the hiss.

  45. I’m packin’ kittehs and I’m not afraid to use ’em!

  46. I don’t think that’s a hiss. I think it’s part of a “MEER! MEER! MEER!”

  47. OH ooh Funny Story, the vet I used to work at recieved some ferrell kittens, and they would “hiss” every time someone got near the cage… except it didn’t sound like a hiss, more like a sneeze, “chkeeah! chkeeah!” and EVERYTIME they did it they’re whole bodies would jump back an inch!

  48. My eardrums hurt just looking at that! MEEEEEEEE!

  49. haha hah What 80’s video game is that from? http://www.FunnyAnimalVideos.com

  50. Heather S — I know that was a typo, BUT, the mental image of a boxful of little Will Ferrell kittens doing the Roxbury head-bob is toooo funny.

  51. nah it’s my brain not working and not knowing how to spell it! hahaha but thanks for the benifit of the doubt!

  52. Bonzo, armed with a res-mew-me like that, you most certainly will succeed. Good luck.

  53. What a fierce leetle kitten! Where can I get one to guard me from all bite-size enemies?

  54. lurkertype says:

    I could face any danger armed with that!

  55. The Guy Over There says:

    It’s from Legend of Zelda. Remember the old man who gives you the wooden sword? Remember? Remember, curse you! REMEMBER OR ELSE I WILL ETCH IT INTO YOUR-

    Sorry, old habits die hard. Anyway, yeah, Legend of Zelda. This begs the question: if you’re at full health, then does this cat shoot little teeth when you use it?

  56. Conflagration of salt and whirling razors, TGOT. It’s a cat thing.

  57. I’m surprised this hasn’t been up sooner! I’ve seen it around for several months.

    Next, you’ll say you’ve never seen No Hands.


  59. Can ah haf ANOTHA, pleease??

  60. A thinker says:

    [chuckling at just the THOUGHT of invisible bike]

  61. I want an invisible bike!

    Can it play the Pokemon bike music when I ride it too?

  62. “I’m in ur House, takin’ ur seatz.”

  63. House of Mayhem says:

    computer says meow

  64. kathernator says:


  65. NebraskaErin says:

    “Heather S — I know that was a typo, BUT, the mental image of a boxful of little Will Ferrell kittens doing the Roxbury head-bob is toooo funny.”

    Oh, Theo, I am SO glad I’m not the only one who got that mental picture!!

  66. Brak_Silverbone says:

    So does this mean there’s people who have a tiny windowless room in the basement stocked with canned food, bottled water, sleeping bags, a radio and KITTENS?!

  67. +5 you say? Then I guess I can face the vorpal bunny with my cuttie kitteh sword!

    How many XP would that be?


  68. *falls off chair*

    If only I’d known you hadn’t seen that before!

  69. Rafael, tell me how it goes, when you come gallumphing back.

  70. Ooh, it’s getting kinda nuffy over at the other kitten.
    Predictable, of course, by applying the

    –Theory of Nuffingbait–

    Nuffins can’t resist posts of:

    Purebred anything–if people even *look* at something, evil bad people will breed it.
    So hide the cute.

    Baby peoples–with and without animals.
    Babies with little animals endanger the animal; babies with big animals are threatened by them; babies alone are icky.

    Baby or small animals with other animals. Unnatural. Dangerous. Don’t try this at home, folks.

    What am I missing?

  71. Here, folks. Have a baby lion:


  72. Auntie Mame-
    He’s great, but not pocket-sized.
    Maybe some kind of holster arrangement….

  73. LOL, lauowolf! I suspected as much and haven’t been over at the other kitteh. Think I’ll go peek…

  74. Aubrey:

    It went something like this;

    Me:”Die foul beast!”

    +5 kitteh:”Baroo?” jumps out of my hand.

    Me looking down at empty hand “Oh sh….!”

    Vorpal Bunny:”Rooar!”


  75. Post deletion request. See above…

  76. Mame, at first I thought the writer’s name ‘Dementia Galapagos’. Yep, I sure did. I probably need…(reads up)…what the hell? RUN AWAY! RUN AWAY!

  77. WTF Mate did I miss something here, did we just get bi*ch slapped with a bible?

  78. Heather S. –

    A bible thumping, indeed!

  79. little miao says:

    Eeek! Eeek, a cute kitten!

  80. Save us, mighty kitten! Save us from the bullsh*t threadjack!

  81. Ok, I’m girding my loins and bringing my +5 kitty back! Take this!

  82. Not _the_ Bible, no, since the post says one of the things one must _not_ do is let one’s children become Christians (or male children be circumcised, so not the Torah, either).

    But one of what Dorothy L. Sayers called ‘fancy religions’*, yes.

    * I’m not where I can find the exact quote, and _Gaudy Night_ is still in copyright and not available online, but the comment was to the effect that ‘fancy religions’ cause an immediate deterioration in one’s grammar and/or syntax (which, since the person being discussed is a graduate of Harriet’s college at Oxford, was presumably impeccable once upon a time)

  83. Whatever it was, it was rude and it ruined my thread line, bad poster, bad!

  84. Emc2:

    “I can’t think why fancy religions should have such a ghastly effect on one’s grammar.”

    Gaudy Night is my favorite Sayers mystery.

  85. This isn’t off an old Dr. Bronner’s soap, is it?

    Whatever, I point armed kittens in its general direction.

    Nah, going to keep the kitten.

    Fetchez la vache!

  86. lauowolf, have you ever read the Doc B’s? It’s actually… not as loony as at first glance. It’s quite sensible, methinks. Anyway I like the phrase “God’s spaceship earth” and his warnings against overpopulation and the ecstatic love poetry on the almond. Only I don’t use almond any more, so am relegated to the more mundane rantings on the peppermint and the lavender.

  87. I’ll confess, I haven’t read one for a *very* long time.
    Think bunches of decades.
    I think they only had peppermint back then.
    And -um- I don’t think I ever read it when I was fully -uh- focussing.
    And the mint was rather ditracting.
    So I mostly remember a whole lot, I mean really a *whole* lot, of words.
    But now that you mention it, I do remember finding it charming in a goofy sort of way.

  88. Oh, and when they say you can use it to brush your teeth?
    I don’t really recommend doing it.



  90. Um, yeah Bling is for clown – if you actually had a point – could you try being concise??? Nobody could wade through all that bull! Sick the cat on him now!!!

  91. Wow – I thing he befuddled my mind – that would be “sic” not sick – although come to think of it he/she is sick!!

  92. freetomato says:

    Disclaimer: No political message! You wouldn’t want to hear it!

    My dear sweet hubby is in the desert, in a relatively safe place (Thank GOD!) and we communicate via email most days. He is NOT allowed to leave the base (when he is 35,000 feet above the nastiness, I have no say) but since he is a CO junkie now (thanks to me, the enabler) I just had to copy/paste that pic to him!

    Beware bad guys! Kitteh will rip your face off and look cute till the bitter end!

  93. Spam canned.
    Carry on.

  94. Most excellent!

  95. AuntieMame says:

    Thank you, Theo.

    I didn’t even bother to read it. I just saw six miles of stuff and figured it was pointless crap.

    And I love Lord Peter! Gaudy Night has one of THEEEE most romantic scenes in any book, ever.

  96. lurkertype says:

    I KNEW cute kitties could help world peace, and freetomato’s post proves it.

    Also, glad I missed the spammage.

  97. AuntieM — I know that scene. The book version gets all Latin and pedantic, though; I like the PBS version where I can understand what they’re saying. (Teh Schmoop does too.)

    BTW, I skimmed the spam, just to make sure. It most certainly was.

  98. YOW. I’d like to keep my fingers, thankyouverymoishe.

  99. AuntieMame says:

    I liked the PBS version of Gaudy Night, except for the very last scene. It needed the Latin. Other than that, I was pretty satisfied (and I’m touchy about book adaptations).

    And even further OT: my copy of “The Two Towers: The Complete Recordings” arrived today! Yahoo! Yay! W00t!

  100. For me, Ian Carmichael is the only Wimsey. So as the early TV versions skipped the Gaudy, I stick with the book. I love the wordiness, the quotations used and the fact that my copy is so yellowed and dog-eared.

    Thanks,T., for the deletion. It wasn’t the type of Spamalot I’d look forward to.

  101. AuntieMame says:

    The only Carmichael I tried to watch was The Nine Tailors and I turned it off after only 30 minutes. They’d changed the story too much and Peter was already too old in the first scene, which was supposed to be 20 years before the real story started.

    I need to find some of the Carmichael audio books, though. I hear they’re very good.

  102. There’s more where that little guy came from 🙂


  103. Theo? Theo?
    What have you done with that can?

  104. If all else fails, use kitten.

  105. minnesnowtah says:


    The Loch Ness lurker surfaces, opens one sleepy eye, and comments:

    “Kitteh, protect me from the spam!”

    Nessie dives back to the deep.


  106. lauowolf – maybe Theo needs one of those little white, fold-top, take-out boxes with a wire handle . . .instead of a can.

  107. Pocket sized for your convenience!

  108. I dunno, pyrit, it’s hard to say, “Watch out or I’ma open up a Chinese take-out carton of whoop ass on you. Want egg roll?”

  109. RedZ — I keep a Big Ol’ Can of Whoop Ass on my desk. Not making this up.
    (Actually it sits on top of my work PC.)

  110. HA! I’ve seen those, Theo. My only question–is it a pop top or do you need a can opener?

    Oh, and I’m kind of annoyed with Vox this morning. I was intending to transition, but I can’t figure out how to post links of my favorite websites. Seems a little incestuous, like I can only link to other Vox blogs?

  111. Huh?? I post links in my Vox all the time! And in OTHER folks’ Voxes, for that matter, since Vox COMMENTS allow URLs too (unlike the comments in some other closely-related services I could mention).

  112. No, I mean a running column showing my favorite links. I can’t find a way to do it, and I don’t see one on your blog, either.

  113. Ah, I get you, RedZ. No, I don’t think Vox has that feature.

    I do like their Tags and Collections concepts, though they’re not at all the same.

    You can submit feedback to the Vox admins directly from your console, AND/OR you may want to add “Pants Party” and “Team Vox” to your neighborhood, and post questions & comments there.

  114. this is from 4chan

  115. Where can I get one of those??

  116. From “4chan”, apparently.

  117. Cute cat, apply directly to forehead.
    Cute cat, apply directly to forehead.
    Cute cat, apply directly to forehead.
    Cute cat, apply directly to forehead.

  118. You never know when you might need a kitten. Seriously.

  119. I totally heart this!

  120. This is so cute I didn’t read it right the first time.

    The 2nd time I read “for safety purposes”.

    The 1st time I read “for safety porpoises” and got really confused.

    The cuteness nearly did me in!

  121. The Zelda reference makes it even cuter <3

  122. This is way too adorable.

    It reminds me of something from my childhood. When I was little and I was afraid to go down the dark hallway at night, I’d pick up the cat and carry him with me! He made me feel less scared. Looking back, I honestly don’t know how I thought the cat was going to protect me should something happen. He was sweet and he let me do it, and I was grateful.

  123. housecat:

    Cats are also smart, they know that all the claws in the world will not protect them from one scared little girl. Then again, kittens tend to be caring in all sorts of weird and wonderful ways.

  124. Karen in Toronto says:

    I’ve been holding back Fiasco T. (for Ther, in case you were wondering) Peabrain, aka the One-Kitten Wild Bunch, from attacking the purrsor (“im in ur lap…”), and he is now purring contentedly, because he cannot see the purrsor from where he is.

  125. Karen in Toronto says:

    “He looked up; and she was instantly scarlet, as if she had been dipped in boiling water. Through the confusion of her darkened eyes and drumming ears some enormous bulk seemed to stoop over her. Then the mist cleared. His eyes were riveted upon the manuscript again, but he breathed as if he had been running.” What punctuation!

  126. This is what you get in place of the wooden sword in the Master Quest 🙂

  127. luckycliff says:

    the kitten does 1-4 damage per attack but 25 attacks per round LOL

  128. lmao luckycliff! and snorgling the kitten restores 2d12 hp and 2d6 mp.

  129. If you can find a polydactyl kitten, it’s 2-5 dmg/attack, plus they’re purple.

  130. I believe, this too, was created by someone at somethingawful.com