You know how when you’re breezing thru thousands of email submissions and you suddenly start sreaming with delight? Well, that’s what happened with Greg H’s sumbishe below. You know what I mean. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!!!!!


For crying out loud, Greg. That’s potent shizzle.



  1. OMG!!!! how freaking cute!!

  2. TheLoveOfIsis says:


  3. Wow, Meg has been rendered spellbound. (And by this I mean her spelling has plotzed.)

  4. I want one for my desk!!! Squeeeeeeeeeee

  5. swayte jaysus this puppy has cooked my brain ow cant breathe cant find shift key either

    turned meg into a basket case

  6. Looks like Meg’s not the only one, either.

  7. AAAAAAAAWWWWWWWWWWEEEEEEEE!!!!! Everyone needs a desk pup!!!

  8. I had to click away, just to stop the sqeeeeeeeeeeing in my head. I click back and the PUPPEH IS CUTER THAN BEFORE!!!
    Look at his little snoot–he has a heart-shaped nose! Plus he’s smiling. I can’t even talk about the ear flop.

  9. Kim in PA says:

    I want one for my desk too!! Pocket size – just right. Kisses – XOXO

  10. Cute Overload is the name
    Cute Overload is the game.
    Thank You Meg!

  11. sometimes I look at little animals and say “he looks like a little man!”

  12. katherine says:

    AWWWW! I want one of those for my desk!

  13. staticgirl says:

    Awww his ikkle smile…

  14. Puppeh kerplunkitude. My head just went kerplunk.

  15. He looks like he’s being served up somewhere. Do fries go with that pup?

  16. sarah, sarah, sarah.

  17. I would much rather a bastit of dis puppeh than a bastit of breadsticks from Olive Garden. and I lof me some OG. Seriously.

  18. Peg of Tilling says:

    I need put him on my Thanksgiving table so I can eats ‘im up. Pass the puppers please!

  19. He has such a humanish face! I just expect him to turn to the camera and ask in a really high-pitched voice if “we’re having pizza for supper?!”

  20. Holy. Cow.

  21. Are he and that letter opener bunny part of a set?
    Some supercute desk set? Is he the stamp moistener? He licks stamps for you?

  22. SarahJanet says:

    What kind of dog is it? it has tiny ears!

  23. katherine says:

    I just noticed she said “sumbische”. that’s not a nice thing to say about a puppy!
    hee hee.

  24. Snoot! Redzilla said “snoot”! Yaaay! My family says “snoot” too 🙂 And here we thought we were the only ones…Of course, we are totally biased towards Flat-coat snoots 😛

    I would love to plant a smooch right on his wee fuzzy little snoot…and on his fuzzy little ears, too. The wee ears, they kill me!

  25. katherine – it could be a female puppy so sumbische s’ok.

  26. Yes, Alice, letter opener bun, and stamp moistener pup come packaged with the kitteh combo paper shredder/staple remover.

  27. I died when I saw it, Puppehs rock!!!!! and this one is certainly starting to give me an earworm!!!! 😉 lofly!!!

  28. A basket o’ Baked Alaska
    A basket obasked Alaska
    A backit o . . .

  29. falnfenix says:

    the little itty bitty floppy earflops…omfg


    and the baaaaaaaasket!!!!!



    (that was the equivalent of a high-pitched girly squeal)

  30. katherine says:

    actually, I guess all puppies are technically sumbishes now that I think about it…

  31. LOL at all the cwaaaazy peeps….whatzizzz…..PUPPPPPEEEEEHHHHHH…..*poit-splat*

  32. That picture doesn’t show scale. That’s actually a laundry basket. That puppy is HUGE.

  33. katherine says:

    all male puppies, that is…

  34. FYI… “sumbishe” is actually a misspelling (trust me). It’s actually “submische” — which is Meg shorthand for “submission” or “submittal”. Dog’ll do that to ya.

  35. oh dang…. I bow(wow) to your cuteness

  36. katherine says:

    I know. I just thought it was funny.

  37. Well, it was.

  38. Theo – so it was.

  39. A thinker says:

    OK, now that the picture’s finally loaded, I can see what Meg’s all excited about. I lof the little ear flops on the rounded head and the pink nosicle.

    (Also, no offense, but Meg’s spelling frequently plotzes…we lof her for it).

  40. World without end.

  41. Theo: the snow cone bun!!! I remember the first time I looked at that my head popped. Because I actually have one of those laundry baskets shaped like that–it’s like knee high. I thought that was a GIANT bun.

  42. *sings*

    there’s a puppy in my basket dear C.O dear C.O

  43. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    On my desk is a puppers so fair,
    In a basket of love for all to share.
    With a dastardly cute heart-shaped snoot,
    My work is doomed to sit and stew!

  44. I wanna stuff hamsters in my mouth, and even the occasional kitten. But never a puppy ’til now. Sweet lil marshmallow peep pup.


  45. I. Want. A. Dog.

    Dammit, it’s SO unfair!


  46. Thi pup just MADE MY DAY =D

  47. NebraskaErin says:

    The earflops are so cute, my retinas are burning!

    The beanie baby pig on my computer is just no longer cute. I must now have a wee marshmallow pup. Yes. I think I shall ask for one for my birthday.

  48. I also say “snoot”. Yay!

    This puppage exceeds my daily allowance of cuteness. I am going into cuteness-related shock. Unacceptable.

    I am not normally an ear-obsessed person, but this photo has changed my life. Those ear flops are like perfect little triangular aperatifs! So snackable!

  49. oh da little earses, the earses! the little foldy earses of ultra-proshness.

  50. bseballgrl says:

    **In my best loony toon voice** “I shall love him and pet him and squeeze him and call him George!”

    Ooohh the cuteness!! 🙂

  51. Could people just stop using PNG for photos since it only adds 5-10x the filesize over JPEG for almost zero gain in quality. PNG is designed for images containing shapes, text, lines and JPEG exclusively for photos!

    Homewer, he’s cute.

  52. not even png dithering patterns can detract from the cuteness! (i think it’s dithered, anyway.) ph33r!

  53. Can I just say I’ve got a basket that looks just like that for my keys, and it’s about 4″ across? That’s got to be the leetlest guy I’ve ever seen…must be why his eyes look so sleepy, he’s brandy-new!!

  54. Elizabeth says:

    Am I the only one who thinks that this pup isn’t cute at all?

  55. “A-tisket a-tasket
    A puppeh in a basket
    He’s on a desk
    To take a rest
    Just like we would ask it”

  56. Does fries come with that sumbische?

  57. Ok now that was just too much!! I saw the picture and yelled out “Oh my god.. Awwww” and almost had a heartattack from the cuteness!!
    Make it stop make it stop!

  58. Yes, Elizabeth, you are wandering in the barren wasteland alone. :o)


  60. Whoa…

    Theo cited me!


  61. Bettymouse says:

    Oh, for the love of God! There’s no need for this much cuteness! It’s totally gratuitous…

  62. Diane N — heh. I’m tempted to go back & compile all the ambiguously-scaled photos.
    “Cute… or giNORmous?”

    Elizabeth — wha huh?? Baroo?

    Adam — dithered? [squints at photo]
    …all I see is background blurring, due to tight focus & large aperture. But yeah, I don’t miss the JPG artifacting.

  63. There once was a pup oh so cute,
    That I wanted to smooch on his snoot.

  64. But alas what a shame
    I am too lame
    He was only on my compute…r

  65. I want to beep his nose.

  66. The widdle pink and brown nose and snoot! (We say snoot too.)

  67. i want to hear the puppy bark! i bet it is a cute bark.

  68. Doxie mommy says:

    A tisket, a tasket,
    a little tiny puppeh
    in a basket…

  69. Holy heck!!!

    That’s a cute little doggy-pup!

    I’m having chest pains, he’s so cute. Really, I can hardly stand it!

  70. Someone pass a kitten please, I need a huff. I am having some sort of weird “I have a deadline I can’t meet” anxiety attack.

    This site shores up my sanity. Not like my sanity’s way past saving, but…

  71. Maureen — will a basket-O-puppeh do?

  72. Snoot theory:
    Snout isn’t as fun. If you say snout, you can’t really cutify it. It’s just snoooowt.

    Snoot, though, you can purse your lips really small when you say it.

  73. Snoot-sayers of the world, unite! And celebrate by smooching a furry snoot near you 🙂

  74. “Schnoooooooot.”
    [listens for giggling]

  75. “McSnootsons”

  76. You know, this puppy could be half as cute and he’d *still* be outrageous.

  77. Brak_Silverbone says:

    If this is the handbasket we’re all going to hell in… I’d happily ride along with this little fuzz-pup!

  78. His name MUST be half & half….Cause I’m drinking him UP! Too cute…

  79. I dunno, Redz, I think the word “snout” is kinda cute, too.

    It just sounds so Lewis Carroll-y and Jabberwocky-y.

    Snout! O frabjous day. Callooh! Callay!

  80. Arvay, those ratsnoots are so cute and she lubs dem so much. Warms my heart.

  81. /huffs a basket o’ puppehs.

    /feels better

    /snickers through “schnoooot”-pursed lips

  82. Precious, precious, PRECIOUS!!!!!!!

  83. ok, so we have a bunny letter opener and a puppy paper weight – what else can we get for our desk?

  84. musicchick2 says:

    Maybe I’m biased, but I just can’t put rats in the “cute” category. *shiver* Mr. Pupper McPuppersons, though, is the epitome of CUTE! *sigh*

  85. Great. Now I’ve lost my hippocampus.


  87. Yay for rat snoots! Thanks, Arvay.

    Oh, and subhangi, I know where you can go to replace your hippocampus: Hippopotamidae University. Go team!

  88. Cathryn Bauer says:

    The ears; the EARS!!!!!

  89. Viviana Lotti says:

    Eeeeeaaooo! This pic brought our entire office to a standstill. It’s so cutably delish, human words can’t describe it without turning into a dollop of vanilla icecream with chocolate…you get the idea. I’m now completely unable to do anything. Ever again.

  90. Theo-
    Canopic jar?
    Is THAT what you’re using to contain toxic spam?

  91. No no, Luau — they hold the bits of sploded brains until such time as their owner reclaims.

  92. Oh man….I can’t deal!!

    *brain melts*

  93. hrh.squeak says:

    All snoots are cute
    And snouts, to boot
    We love to view
    A ‘tock or two
    And nawm on ears
    So give three cheers
    For Meg and crew
    Posts and comments too!

  94. (takes baton/puddin spoon from hrh.)

    We’ve waited and waited
    With breaths that are bated
    But with no new post
    From our lovely host
    We still remain content
    With posts aleady sent
    And with comments without peer
    We will have nothing to fear!

  95. That’s one delicious looking bread roll 🙂

  96. Every hour Meg doesn’t post is one hour closer to LLAMA LIPS….
    [drums in the deep]
    [they are coming]

  97. (readies the bow-wow-itzer, the cat-apault and loads the hare-trigger pistol)

  98. can’t…





    it’s gotten to the point where at least it doesn’t hurt as much to look at him. Jeez – it’s like looking into the sun, innit? PUPPEH!

  99. Sun Spot?

  100. there is much to be said for a pink snuzzle such as this puppeh has, much indeed, and floppity flap earses!

  101. that is one of the reason’s why i would love to have a dog! ahhhhhhhhhhh!

  102. rho dun dant says:

    lil twinkoo! He is very awesome because he looks so feeble and exhausted but has the endless good humor. I love hiiiiim!

  103. Oh my! This little fella made my day! His face is just precious.