St. Fuzzulence here, ready to hear your confessions


Christy R., all that’s missing is the halo.



  1. aww so cuteee! the lighting’s perfect

  2. Fuzzy Kitteh . . Pink nose . . . I die *swoon*

  3. How cute is this guy? SO CUTE! Snorgle snorgle snorgle coma

  4. How cute is this guy? SO CUTE! Snorgle snorgle snorgle coma

  5. It’s funny that Meg chose to call the photo “Happy Place” coz that’s what I call CO….. hard day at the office, I go to my “Happy Place”

  6. kitten angel!

  7. Sorry about the double post there. Guess my computer couldn’t handle the cute!

  8. The sheer… whiteness!! *snorgles* Nothing has ever been so fuzzy and white as this kitteh.

  9. AlbertaGirl says:

    I must keess his pare-fect peenk nosicle!

  10. musicchick2 says:

    I TOTALLY agree. Purrrr-fection!

  11. O Divine Master, grant that I may not so much seek to be snorgled as to snorgle…

  12. sarah beth says:

    I think I had this exact image on my trapper-keeper in 1989. And it’s still cute!

  13. albatross says:

    1989? oh noes then the kitteh is dead! ENDLESS SADNESS

  14. Hail Shmoopy woopy widdo keeeeettieeeee, full of premium canned cat food, Theo is with thee. Blessed art thou among the snorgled, and blessed is the fruit of thy hunt, the mouse head placed so nicely in my shoe. Holy Shmoopy, mother of all cuteness, pray for us now and at the hour of our death from head getting asplode from t3h Qte. Amen

  15. eikoleigh says:

    little kitty angel. the lighting is perfect and his little upward gaze is just divine…. that’s too precious.

  16. Aaaaaaaaah! The eyes! The EYES!

  17. ka9q's wife says:

    i see the halo. I would love this kitteh and cuddle him endlessly. Well maybe not endlessly the two i have are pretty needy already

  18. fuzztacular!

  19. Woods Walker says:

    Beautiful kitten. I wonder how much mischief it gets into.-Woods Walker

  20. Sad n gross says:

    My cat ate my gerbil. All I have to show for it is his intestine and back legs.

  21. That is one pristine little kit, love the glare around the white fur. Love it =D

  22. acelightning says:

    What a beyond-perfect, Hallmark-card, keel-over-from-the-cuteness picture! With *flowers*!

  23. Could his nose BE any pinkier?

  24. alfhkjlhglkdfhglkdfg s/he looks exactly like my Tiuku when she was a bebeh! :3 The fuzz! The pink nose! *ded*

  25. musicchick2 says:

    Margaret & Michelle – Your adoration is truly an inspiration to us all. Let us pray. O:-O

  26. musicchick2 says:

    Sad n gross – That’s just sad…. ‘n gross 😉

  27. Very fuzzy, but why is the picture a PNG? A JPG would look just as good and save you a truckload of bandwidth.


  29. Kitty, I confess that I love thee excessively and would like to pick thee up and snorgle thy fuzz endlessly. The end.

  30. This should be on a hallmark card or something.

  31. Evangeline's Staff says:

    Halo? but there IS a halo! Seeing such a fuzziwomptious baby makes me want a bebeh kitteh….oh. Evangline says no. Oh well.

  32. This fluffy angel could get me to confess to things I didn’t even DO!

  33. Bless me, St. Kitty, for I have sinned. It’s been one year since my last real snorgle. [sniff] 😦

  34. Deckard Canine says:

    Bless my, fluffer, for I have sinned. I looked at Cute Overload when I was supposed to be working. 🙂

    Albatross, the kitten doesn’t have to be dead. My still-living cat was born in 1988. In fact, the oldest cat on record was at least 30. But yes, St. Fuzzulence is not a kitten anymore.

  35. ‘Fess up, who left this Brillo pad in the dryer?

  36. The ears? The nose? The eyes? The paws? The fuzz???

    Sigh, I just keep bouncing from one to the next trying to determine my favorite part of this picture. It is PURRFECTION.

  37. Sadngross,
    Sorry to hear that.
    I suggest you give the intestines and back legs a decent burial and remember your gerbil as he/she was.

    His/Her spirit is in a better place now.

    His/Her body, not so much.

  38. Dear Blessed St. Fuzzulence, please forgive those who would harsh thy cute by suggesting that thou art dead. In truth, your holiness, we know that thou dost live on through the miracle of the Sacred PNG File. (Mock it not, believers in the Holy JPG, for PNG doth bless us also with its pixelated goodness.) Amen.

  39. If I weren’t already dead from the extreme cuteness, I’d be dead from laughing at the “prayers” to this cutest saint. *looks at picture again* *poit*

  40. good old whatshername says:

    Aw, almost too perfect to snorgle, but snorgle I shall. Hopefully kitty won’t get too mussed up.

  41. little miao says:

    Awww, angel fluff!

  42. To Angel Kitteh

    When faerie tales come true
    It must be because of you.
    When skies are powder blue
    It must be because of you.

    Marshmallow puff,
    Chiffon fluff,
    Ephemeral pearl,
    Vanilla swirl,

    One mew from you
    and troubles are few
    Thanks to you.

  43. Awww,pyrit, tha’s so sweet and true.

    I’m gonna make a St. Fuzzulence holy card and carry it with me everywhere.

  44. Oooooh, NICE, pyrit! 🙂

  45. see, now this here is a nice natural abso-f-ing-lutely adorable little cat.
    my heart goes pit a pat looking at it!

  46. Heh….The Patron Saint of CO! When life is getting you down and someone took the last chocolate and you’re out of puddin, pray to this little fellow and miracles shall happen!

    (Seriously, if the Catholic Church started using this kind of iconography, I’d start going again. Imagine a stately old cathedral with all the saints shown as kittens, puppies, bunnies and other adorable critters.)

  47. LOL, Sarah Beth. I think I had that Trapper Keeper, too.

  48. This kitty may look saintly, but it will soon grow up to be a killer!

  49. Last night, we trapped a momcat at the boxcars:
    and this morning I took her in to be spayed. They were just opening up at the vets, and as I was standing at reception, waiting to have the cat checked in, someone opened a door in the back, and a whole herd of at least 8 little wee kittens came stampeding out into the front. About half a dozen little brown and orange tabbies about 6 weeks old and two black fuzzsters a little bit older. This vet is now fostering and these are the current crop waiting for adoption. I grabbed up kittens in both hands and got to cuddle the little purring bundles. Could have stayed all morning. Sigh.

  50. Go away Will you.. willrobinson1229@gmail.com

  51. Jaypo — do I gather that you expect this cat to transcend its nature, like a buddha?

  52. bunnajenny says:

    Bwah LC “a herd of stampeding kittens”, beyond being a fab-u-las expression reminds me of this

    Poor Momcat looks like she’s had pretty hard life, but made a lot better by you.

  53. Laurie C: Congrats on a successful morning…what a way to start a day!

  54. The Momcat is also known as Momcat E, or Ellie Mae, so named by my trapping partner because she was like a hillbilly girl who kept getting herself knocked up. She had a litter in June, from which little gray and white kittens Puffin and Pufferfish (whose photos many of you saw and squeed over in July) and then was pregnant again in September. She must have had that litter in the first few days of October, but we think they didn’t survive, since we haven’t seen them, or any sign she was nursing. We still waited 5 more weeks to trap her just in case they were around, so they’d be not so dependent on nursing. Ellie Mae is a sweetie, she comes out to see us feeders when we arrive and even twines around my trapping partner’s legs and gets patted.

  55. Laurie C — I’ve been trying to find your Vox & it occurs to me that I don’t even know if you have one. So what the hey, I’ll just say W00T!!!! GO YOU!!! …right here.

  56. Thanks, Theo. I started a Vox, but didn’t feel like I had much to put on it, since I already have the online boxcar album going. (shuffles feet) I’m kind of the wallflower at the Vox party.

  57. LaurieC, that’s great news! And the kittens–St. Fuzzulence knew you need more floof this morning.

    Teho–she is an acatar!

  58. katherine says:

    oh, oh the cuteness, the CUTENESS!!!!! He looks like my deaf white kitty looked when he was little, except fluffier and more angelic!!! I just wanna pull him out of the monitor and cuddle him!!!!

  59. This kitty leaves a swath of shredded furniture and clothes, half-eaten rodents, and bits of white fluff everywhere in his wake.

    The dog, of course, gets blamed.

  60. Forget the plastic Jesus–I want a St. Fuzzulence on my dashboard.

  61. My day has been truly blessed!

  62. St. Fuzzulence – Now showing at your local CAThedral.

  63. Kitty! So adorable. It makes having to do a triple load of physics homework bearable.

    Another cute ball of fluff I found on the daily kitten…


  64. show_me_cute_things says:

    What kind of kitty is that?? She is absolutely beautiful!!!

  65. Karen in Toronto says:

    This one’s pretty good too:


  66. That’s worthy of a calendar. Not just a gorgeous kitteh (I love that spelling), but a fantastic photo as well.

  67. Just FYI. In case anybody doesn’t speak Cat.

  68. thanks teho. I just spit tea all over my desk.

  69. Halo, there! What a cute-ster!!

    LC, St. Fuzzulence places his paw on your head and blesses you for all your efforts.

    Also – you will be in my Vox neighborhood. OH YES – by end of day it shall be done.

  70. What you mean to tell me you CAN’T see the halo????

  71. Okay, Aubrey, you have shamed me into it. I have now made a post on my Vox. But I don’t know how to add people to *my* neighborhood, or you would be the first. See me at

  72. Gah! Too cute. Can’t… look… away!!!

  73. Theeeeeeeeoooh! I’m trying to work here! Now I have to clean up all this coffee!

  74. Shanchan — I’ll brew more.

  75. lurkertype says:

    First this divine fluff makes me go :poit: and then LC talks about snorgling a herd of kittens and I just sploded.

  76. pookiepuff says:

    This is the prettiest kitty EVER!!! I want a kitty like that! All full of fuzzulence! Daaaaaah!

  77. St. Fuzzulance, we wish to be cat-tized. We wish to be born again in your image of cuteness! We have studied our cat-echism, we have spent our time in Pur-cat-tory! We wish to enter the Celes-tail Kingdom!

  78. Oh, this is one of those “died and gone to Heaven” ones, isn’t it?

    I’m still waiting for my pituitary.

  79. Wait for the squeepiphany, first, Sub.

  80. BATMAN (the real one-seriously) says:

    the marine corps has a term for psychotics and it’s known as ‘the thousand yard stare’.

    this kitteh has killing on its mind.


  81. Martha in Washington says:

    Which is St. Fuzzulence’s Feast Day? It could become a national holiday-like St Patrick’s Day. We could all drink warm milk and wear silly fuzzy kitteh ears. There would be hugh street parties and parades. Little flooffy kittehs could come into our homes and leave puddings and furballs. Everyone would wear buttons that say “Kiss Me I’m a Cat.”

  82. Martha in Washington says:

    uh…HUGE street parties. Sorry, love Hugh Laurie tho.

  83. “Which is St. Fuzzulence’s Feast Day?”

    Does it land in Paw-gust? Paw-ctober? Novempurr?

    And everyone should wear a sprig of catnip – like the Welsh wear leeks on St. David’s Day.

  84. heart meltdown
    so cute

    (ps teho, you one silly person, you know that?)

  85. I’ve heard it said.

  86. Martha in Washington says:

    I vote for Paw-gust for 2 reasons–
    1-There are NO good holidays in Paw-gust
    2-my birthday’s in Paw-gust
    Shall we vote? NO negative campaigning tho!!!

  87. OMG! How adorable?!?!?

  88. Martha in Washington —
    Pawgust sounds fine to me, and it *is* lacking in holidays.
    So we get Hugh Laurie in cat ears at a street party?
    I’ll go.

  89. Martha in Washington says:

    “Hugh Laurie in cat ears at a street party” It’ll be a smash hit! And maybe Hugh Grant and Hugh Jackman too. PLEASE OH PLEASE OH PLEASE!!!!

  90. What, no Hugo Weaving?
    Would that be cheating?

  91. Martha in Washington says:

    Hugo Weaving could come –if he wore the elf ears! And the headband. I LOVE the headband!!!

  92. St. Fuzzulence can hear my confessions any time. I wouldn’t mind holding him up to my ear to help him :).

  93. I hate to tell you, show_me_cute_things, but that’s just a plain old dumb patio cat that’s probably thinking about catching a bug and eating it, sorry I hate to break the truth to you, but that’s life…