Fair warning

I shall kees you.


In the form of a GRANDÉ CHOMP!


OOF, Kurtis H….



  1. Oh! Lovely colours! What kind of turtles/tortises are those?

  2. Mmm… I love tortes. Lemon tortes.

  3. ShelleyTambo says:

    Maybe turtle 2 is just the dentist turtle…

  4. katherine says:

    I just want to say that I truly love how everytime I check back here there is something new and adorable to squee over!

  5. Turtle jewels!

    Turtle 1: does my breath smell like smelts?
    Turtle 2: Lemme check…

  6. NebraskaErin says:

    Ooh, pretty torties! That first one is sneaky sneaky…pretending to kees, then giving a grand chomp!

  7. Turtacular!

  8. Turtle 2 also looks like he’s going, “Dood. Brush your teef, already.”

    Like Turtle 1’s got… halitortoise! HAH!

  9. The turtle equivalent of “Neener neener neener.”

  10. The one on the right seems kind of shy. Well, that’s what comes from leading a shell-tered life.

  11. *snort*
    Arvay: Halitortoise…. good one.

    I love turtles! Especially Brach’s.. the carmel..the peanuts.. yum

  12. I lerve frowny mcfrownypants squinty eyed anticipation turtle


  14. Weird. What is it about Turtle kisses/PDA that scares away all the fish?

    Lookit the second pic. No fishies!

  15. I lof you. Kronshe.

  16. Uh-uh (Young Frankenstein voice). “No tongues!”

  17. Turtle 1: “Whut did the li’l snail say when it rode on the turtle’s back?”
    Turtle 2: “Dunno.”
    Turtle 1: “Wheeeeeeeeeee.”

  18. Doesn’t the 1st one look like “she” has tiny eyelashes?

  19. A thinker says:

    1st pic: Kissee: “Awwww…”
    2nd pic: Kissee: “GAGH!”

    Ze lofly colours, zey are making my heart melt.

  20. :::add-mmm::: says:

    holy sh!t CO is on the ball today!

  21. “Halitortoise” (rubbing eyes – reading again), oh wow Arvay oh wow. Tortie needs to gurgle with seapacol.

  22. Whoa, those colors are so spectacular, they don’t look real! I’m not saying they’re not real, I’m just saying…I don’t know what I’m saying…I’m dazzled by the beauty…

  23. Photos like this inspire generations of marine biologists.

  24. These are sea turtles … I’m not sure what kind.

    They ARE very pretty — and the water looks extraordinarily blue — I wonder where these pics were taken?

  25. Oh, if the pics weren’t enough to keeel me, the puns are! I love you all.

  26. You know, I’ve been fortunate enough to have some very special encounters with turtles, and they are really amazing creatures. I spent some time in Asia and the two times I went scuba diving, I had up-close encounters with huge sea turtles (they may look a bit ‘clunky’ on land, but they are amazing swimmers), I also had the the fortune to ‘see off’ into the ocean a baby turtle that was born at a turtle hachery, a tiny lil thing, so beautiful! As if I wasn’t already turtle-blessed enough, I had a turtle FRIEND living in my temp yard who would literally come out of her bush and greet my when I came home.

    Turtles are wonderful creatures. Really.

  27. michellemybelle says:

    I think the big mouth is just because he’s a teenage boy turtle and is so swept up in the moment that he’s gonna plant a big ol’ sloppy kiss on the chicky turtle.

    KAM: that’s wonderful – what great experiences!

  28. I think this is really how it went:
    PIC 1-
    Toitle 1- “hey…look at this…what is that on my chin? Can you see it?”

    Toitle 2- “yeah I see it…is that a PIMPLE?? I think IT IS!!! Can we get pimples?”

    PIC 2-
    Toitle 1- (with look of disapproving annoyance) “not funny dood, not funny..”

  29. What are those things floating around in the background of the first pic? Snailio Iglesiases?

  30. daisycat’s a genius!

  31. Turtle is being Nelson from the Simpsons: “HA HA.”

  32. Turtle Turtle Turtle

  33. My guess is Sipidan, off the coast of Borneo, based on the fact that it’s just crawling with turtles and the colour of the water, personally.

  34. ooh funny the left chomping turtle in the bottom pic looks like it has eyelashes!!

  35. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Not only do you have to love the turtle-love, but check out the beautiful colors in these photos!

    Turtles are awesome.

  36. Woo Hoo.. a new image for my desktop. Beeyootiful torti (uh, tortoises?)

  37. Isn’t it amazing how a leathery reptile can be so adorable?

    Thanks for the awesome pics.

  38. See! I knew Finding Nemo was real! Those are the turtles from the movie! I swear…

  39. Paula, that’s just what I was thinking–that turtle has eyelashes!

  40. “Photos like this inspire generations of marine biologists.”

    I resemble that remark, Theo!

    These are green sea turtles. They’re the kind you see most often in photos, because they’re the species most likely to hang out in the same sorts of places as divers.

    FYI: Tortoises are strictly land animals, so it’s unlikely they’d be found floating around a reef. Terrapins are freshwater turtles. And I’m sure I’m straining people’s tolerance for turtle trivia!

  41. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    They look like Loggerhead Turts but… I’m not 100% on that one. I’d need a better look at the shell if anyone else would like a stab at it this is a good site: http://www.dec.state.ny.us/website/dfwmr/wildlife/endspec/loggfs.html

    They are gorgeous whatever sp. they are. 🙂

  42. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    There you go, Katie’s the expert. 🙂

  43. “What are those things floating around in the background of the first pic?”

    They’re spots that have floated off the tortie’s heads.

  44. oops, “turties” not torties, since I don’t want Katie to think me don’t read comments. Which I didn’t…

  45. Hey Katie…since you are the expert here…CAN toitles get pimples? just asking. 🙂

  46. Now see, I had immediately assumed the photos were taken at some kind of aquarium…up close and clear clear water and so on. Taken “in the wild” would be really cool.
    Wherever it was, those turtles are very cute and yes, definitely the one on the left has eyelashes. What a seductress!

    (now some expert will tell me it’s a boy.. but I don’t care..still looks like a seductress to me)

  47. Looks like turkle #1 just told #2 a really dumb joke and is laughing in his face to convince him that it was really funny.

    Sorta like the knee slapping otter a couple weeks ago.

  48. You know what? I don’t think those are the same two turtles. Check out the markings on Turtle #2’s head in the first pic and the second. They don’t match. 😛

  49. “Hey Katie…since you are the expert here…CAN toitles get pimples? just asking. :)”

    Hmm. Reptiles don’t have sebaceous glands, so technically no (and I envy them – I’ve got a nasty one on my chin right now!) but they CAN get barnacles!

    “now some expert will tell me it’s a boy.. but I don’t care..still looks like a seductress to me”

    No worries, Mary. I’d have to be a lot closer than this to tell you that!

    I’m not sure about all this “expert” stuff, though. [blushing]

  50. You know what? I don’t think those are the same two turtles. Check out the markings on Turtle #2’s head in the first pic and the second. They don’t match. 😛

  51. Hello everyone. This (http://www.flickr.com/photos/kim-chee/288910791/ ) is a loggerhead turtle (at least that’s what the sign said at the Georgia Aquarium). The markings on the turtle shells (carapace?) are different, so I don’t know if these cuties here are loggerheads. Anyone know if this a valid way to identify turtles?

  52. jadie…I think eet doesn’t look like they match cause thee skeen ees streeeeetched out.. just saying.

  53. Hey, at least I don’t get barnacles.
    I am soooo cheered up by that.

  54. Will Turner: So how did Jack get off the island?

    Mr. Gibbs: On the fourth day, he roped himself a couple of sea turtles, lashed ’em together and made a raft.

    Will Turner: He roped a couple of sea turtles.

    Mr. Gibbs: Aye. Sea turtles.

    Will Turner: What did he use for rope?

    Jack Sparrow: [from behind them] Human hair.
    Jack Sparrow: From my back.


  55. Maybe it is going to be a Fransch Kees?????

  56. *squeals*



  57. I love this picture. One of my favorite so far on the CO.

  58. Renee – checking out pix #2, it looks like it’s about to become a kronshe kiss!

  59. fridgedicebunny says:

    I second the streeetched out comment… I can match up both turtles spot for spot. The first pic is just caught from below and the second is more head on.

  60. Oooh, what gorgeous colours!!!

    threadjack – does anyone else think Steve Leonard is dreamy? Le Sigh ….

    (hint: Animal Planet’s “Ultimate Killers”)


  61. AuntieMame says:

    I don’t know who Steve Leonard is, but I used to have a crush on Nigel Marven. He’s doing a show about dinosaurs (with really crappy special fx).

  62. HAHAHAHA! In the second pic, the turtle being glomped has a total look of “oh god, here we go again…knock it off already”

  63. Turkle 1: This is driving me nuts, man, seriously.
    Turkle 2: Don’t look at me, I told you that kelp looked sketchy.

    Turkle 1: Look, could you just like… like grab it for me? C’mon man, it’s just stuck in my back teeth right where my tongue won’t reach. My flippers are too short man, help a bro out!
    Turkle 2: I dunno, we’re really that close of friends, dude….

  64. Dude, Mr. Turtle is my father.

  65. chet's momma says:

    pyrit! seapacol????!!!!! ROFLMAO!

  66. chet's momma says:

    pyrit! seapacol????!!!!! ROFLMAO!

  67. chet's momma says:

    pyrit! seapacol????!!!!! ROFLMAO!

  68. chet's momma says:

    pyrit! seapacol????!!!!! ROFLMAO!

  69. chet's momma says:

    pyrit! seapacol????!!!!! ROFLMAO!

  70. chet's momma says:

    pyrit! seapacol????!!!!! ROFLMAO!

  71. Yikes, it’s spreading!
    More cans.

  72. Sweet mercy – it’s like an episode from the X Files! Has the format for alien DNA finally been discovered – on CO?

  73. I scuba’d in Hawaii, on Maui, and saw sea turtles. Tried to follow them (from a safe distance) and it was like they were flying. Transcendent moment.

  74. Theo – you might need CHOP sticks too.

  75. Or chomp sticks! Hee.

  76. Wow, LC, that sounds awesome. Kind of like penguins–super awkward on land, but amazing fast and agile under water. *sigh* I lof dese turkles.

  77. Evangeline's Staff says:

    Turtle Loff – it is to laugh! They are a-dorabobble and romantical and I am lawvingk on them.

  78. Evangeline's Staff says:

    Turtle Loff – it is to laugh! They are a-dorabobble and romantical and I am lawvingk on them.

  79. Evangeline's Staff says:

    Turtle Loff – it is to laugh! They are a-dorabobble and romantical and I am lawvingk on them.

  80. Evangeline's Staff says:

    Turtle Loff – it is to laugh! They are a-dorabobble and romantical and I am lawvingk on them.

  81. Evangeline's Staff says:

    Turtle Loff – it is to laugh! They are a-dorabobble and romantical and I am lawvingk on them.

  82. Evangeline's Staff says:

    Turtle Loff – it is to laugh! They are a-dorabobble and romantical and I am lawvingk on them.

  83. Good morning. I’m busy here, deep frying home made doughnuts and checking CO. As I’m looking at the balls of dough cooking I see turtles! The dough cooks into the same cracked pattern as the turtle’s markings and the sticky trails of dough here and there are the flippers and head and tail. And they even swim around a little.

  84. I believe a CO party needs to congregate at pyrit’s. Stat. Homemade donuts sounds better than pudding to me…

  85. Mmmmm…turtle donuts….

  86. Aye! Doughnuts all around. It’s BYOP, bring yer own puddin’ if ye prefer. And BYOC, Bring yer own catapult…

  87. PYRIT!! me wants a bite o’donut…pweeeease!?

  88. Redz, I’ll make a ratsnoot shaped doughnut for you.

  89. d00dz… why compromise? Let’s make FILLED donuts!

  90. *Puddin’* filled donuts, T?

  91. Thinkie, you genius you.

  92. ‘Tonly seemed fitting, jaypo.

  93. Lessee, some of these doughnuts didn’t quite cook through and are a leetle bit puddin-ish in the middle . . . I was savin’ ’em for catapultin’. Doink-splat.

  94. ‘zackly my idea. Puddins in teh middlins.
    Hey, can anyone make espresso truffles?

  95. FYI, on the topic of “Fair Warnings” — if there’s no new Meg postings today, I’m-a post me some CROONING LLAMA LIPS tomorrow. Gottit?

  96. ok, I’m 6 mo pregnant here and now I have to leave to work in search of a fresh donught…CO once again kills my productivity. 🙂

    They’re def. green sea turtles: http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/pr/species/turtles/green_photos.htm

  97. Rat Snoot Puddin Donuts, New from Hostess!

    Llama Lips
    Llama Lips
    Llama Lips

  98. No way, kate jones!!
    Is that second turtle on your link doing the cat loaf on the ocean floor?

  99. Redz, that is definitely Turkle Cat Loaf. Tres cute!

    And T, I wanna see Crooning Llama Lips–pwease?!

  100. T. – espresso truffles? Can do. But I warn you – the smaller the object, the fiercer the velocity. I have a truffle-launcher here (looks to the right, proudly), the creation of a certain Landgraf von Chowitzer, that can pepper you with truffles as if they were grapeshot.

  101. Peg of Tilling says:

    Turkle pix: paddle tuckage!

    Which reminds me, if any of you all get a chance to see the IMAX movie Deep See (narrated by Johnny Depp and Kate Winslet), do go–much undersea beauty and plenty of briny squee-ing action. Also a script that doesn’t make your ears hurt, like many IMAX movies.

    Truffles, Theo? for throwin’ or for eatin’?

  102. Don’t get me started on the waiting for the new photos thing again. (pushing Theo, go’head-go’head, nudge-nudge, go for it.) I can’t do the schtick again – nobody get’s it. MEG!

  103. As if you’d waste truffles that way, Aubrey.
    As IF.

  104. Pyrit — two things:
    1) It’s Meg’s deal. I’m just the backup/mod guy.
    2) The llama pix are at home on Big Green, which is currently disconnected (renovations).

  105. PofT – Johnny Depp?!
    “Obviously, you’ve never been to Singapore.”
    “Today is the day you will always remember as the day you *almost* caught Capt. Jack Spar-wooaaahh!”
    “Where’s thump-thump?”
    “I’ve got a jar of dirt!”
    “Allo Beastie.”
    (Did I say that out loud? Sorry)

  106. /threadjack
    how come vox tells me I can’t upload a picture to my page? I’ve changed it from bmp to jpg and back again. It’s saved in My Docs. What’s WRONG with me?!! Why is nothing easy on that d*mn page..?!?? [starts to cry]
    //end ot tj

  107. I want to come out and play and Computer won’t let me!!

  108. These kissing turtles make me want to take a dive trip somewhere tropical perhaps to the Flower Gardens off the Texas Coast. [ goes to second monitor for travel search ]

  109. Jaypo — hard sayin’, not knowin’… but what size is this BMP/JPG/BMP of yours, in MB?

  110. michellemybelle says:

    Truffles are dangerous to the eyeballs – they’re the perfect size to blind someone in a haze of chocolatey, delicious evil!

  111. Peg of Tilling says:

    Pyrit, don’t forget:

    *smak* “I may have deserved that.”

    The narration was Serious Environmental Johnny Depp not Pirate Keith Richards Johnny Depp, but the photography made up for it. Even the sea urchins were pretty (though you could lose an eye snorgling ’em).

    Yeast donuts or cake donuts?

  112. Sorry, I am also of the opinion that photo 1 and photo 2 have a total of 4 different turkles.. I can’t match up the spots even taking into account the stretching or other factors. Not that it matters, the photos are wonderful no matter who the star is.

    I’m just sayin.

  113. Cake Donuts are best.

  114. Peg of Tilling says:

    Is the file a bitmap or jpg, jaypo? Does the filename end in .jpg or .bmp? If not, try renaming it, just add the right extension to the filename on your desktop.

  115. Theo — Two things:
    1. You are more than *just* anything.
    2. You have a llama at home named Big Green?

  116. Jaypo — MS Paint?? People still use that? (…people EVER used that??)

    OK… with the JPG version of your pic, did you save the actual “.jpg” suffix in the filename? Dunno if MS Paint is smart enough to do that automagically.


  118. Peg of Tilling says:

    Time warp: it’s just a jump to the left…

  119. Looks like it’s got you too, Peg. Er… J-Peg? It’s just a BMP to the left…

  120. J-Peg of Tilling says:

    Excuse me while I step to the right.

  121. Pyrit — these are from when Big Green was still under construction:

    It’s basically a dual-Opteron server, tricked up to be a gamer’s rig. Runs WinXP 64-Bit Edition.
    No llamas here. (OOORGLE!!)

  122. Theo – Big Green sure is! I don’t see any llama lips on there.

  123. I’m in a zone, T. I can cook ’em as fast as I can fling ’em.

  124. Is that a flux capacitor on that big glowing green contraption? Sweet!

  125. 960 KB, teho. It might be because I drew it in MS Paint. Publisher and Adobe don’t recognize it either. I didn’t think that would matter. Oh well…it was for you guys too. 😦

  126. Teho, it looks like something that abducts people out of cornfields. When they come back, all they can say is “It was BIG! And it was GREEN!”

  127. Kewl, Teho.

    And jaypo, I wants to see your drawing. Keep trying!

  128. JP – T. has a server that looks like it’s been slimed and it scared me. I need art for comfort. I second the thinkster – keep trying!

  129. [snicker]
    AmyH — Exactly! They’re only $20 at Spencer’s and come in three colors, too.

    Powered by YEEM™

  130. (Stepping up to the mic, “While we eagerly await jaypo’s masterpiece I offer a leetle poeeem”):

    Happy Veteran’s Day

    I hope all the Veterans get a break
    While we have a world of peace to make.

    And Happy Pet-erans Day, Peeps,
    Hope you got some extra sleeps.

    Or Happy Veterinarian’s Day.
    Celebrate with a neuter or spay!

    (“Theo, jaypo, how’s the automagic going? Do you need more time?”)

  131. Question: why don’t people here in America wear poppies for Veteran’s Day? I would like to start it as a custom.

  132. Beautiful, pyrit. I always put a handful of poppies in my doorway’s ‘go-to-hell’ window. The poem would do nicely too.

    Ah, the stories of the fighting at Furr-dun trouble me still.

  133. Peg of Tilling says:

    Back when I was young [sits in rocking chair, pulls on a shawl] veteran’s groups would be out around Veteran’s Day selling little silk poppies for pocket change…any o’ you young whippersnappers out there seen that lately?

    Heard on the radio today (speaking of poppies) that you can count the number of living WWI vets on your fingers, and the youngest is 106.

  134. I remember red fake poppies from when I was younger. Was that for Veteran’s Day? Or from the Hare Krishna’s? Seriously – it’s a hazy memory (and not because of any Hare Krishna experiences).

    Theo – lurve the flux capacitor. I may have to get one for the Silver Lemon (aka my @#$% Jetta). Maybe it would help, couldn’t possibly hurt.

  135. Thanks, Peg, you answered my question before I was finished asking. I thought that was the case, with veterans selling the poppies. Not that there were a lot of Hare Krishnas running around Michigan farm country.

  136. Thinker, speaking strictly in terms of World War I, where the poppy ‘tradition’ began I suppose, I believe because America was involved in World War I for less than a year, there is no ‘Flanders Fields’, or ‘lest we forget’ ethos going on here. We have no listings of the names of the ‘glorious dead’ and we don’t have a Cenotaph. This changed with subsequent wars, of course.

    Peg, I had a pen pal who was a WWI vet. He was a Kiwi, and died months before his 99th birthday. He was one of the oldest vets in New Zealand at the time.

  137. “Silver Lemon” — Ha! I have a ’99 New Beetle. Guess what color (and, y’know, shape).

  138. Here in the Great White North, we even have the “In Flanders Fields poem” on our 10-dollar bill. And there was a poppy quarter introduced last year, with a red-painted poppy on it, too.

    (Our five-dollar bill has an excerpt from a children’s story about playing hockey.)

  139. LC – does your $50 bill still feature the Mounties?

  140. ok, maybe I am stoopid, or just not well versed in all things door….but Aubrey, what may i ask is a “go to hell” window? Cause it sounds like I need one and I would like to know what I am lookin for when I go to buy one. *snickering*

  141. AmyH, indeed it does. Even though Disney is now in charge of their trademark. I guess they still let us use it.

  142. Speaking of flux capacitors, you gotta go visit Arvay’s site and read her e-mail exchange with a guy looking to buy parts for his time machine. Oh, and look at a few rat snoots along the way.

  143. Daisy:

    Gosh door-n it, I was being vague..again!

    My apartment was built in 1919, so it has some interesting things. A “gth” window is the little window in your front door, which itself opens and closes like a little door. Through this you can see who has come a-knocking, or a-ringing. If you don’t like the looks of that person, you say ‘go to hell!’ and slam the little window shut!

  144. bunnajenny says:

    My Canadian alma mater sent me a silk poppy in the mail, which I thought was lovely.

    WAMU(88.5)in the DC area is broadcasting the WWI Living History Project tomorrow at 11am. It’s hosted by Walter Cronkite, who is talking with 12 vetrans who range in age from 105 to 115.


    So tempted to rename Walter Cronkite as Walter Kronsche-kite. slaps self.

  145. Her link is a bit dinked, so here’s the direct link to hi-larity.

  146. Disney owns the rights to teh RMC?!? How very benevolent of Teh Mouse to continue letting Canada use a symbol of its national identity. Usually they are quite nasty about trademark infringement. For example, it wouldn’t be a surprise if they bought your maple leaf and then cut down all the trees they didn’t themselves own.

  147. Aubrey, that explanation makes sense. Thanks.

    I’m also guessing that because wearing the poppy is originally a British tradition, that’s why they do it in Canada but not here in the States. I’m rebelliously wearing a poppy pin this week anyway–I miss buying them and having them drop off randomly every other minute 🙂

  148. re: the arvay links: ummmmm….. whoaaaahhhh. how come I never get cool spam like that? and how come I would never be clever enough to respond like that?

  149. thinkie, I think we’re also attached to the poppy thing because a Canadian wrote “In Flanders Fields”.

    But as you’ve noted, the poppies often don’t stay attached to *us*.

  150. Does anyone here celebrate A.N.Z.A.C. Day?

    LC, I have the sheet music! I collect WWI ephemera – I’ll have WWI postcards scanned on my blog later today.

  151. Laurie C, I always suspected that the non-attached poppies was a scheme to get people to buy more.

    And I was right–there was an article in the Toronto Star this week where somebody basically admitted as much (could probably find the link if I tried hard enough).

  152. AlbertaGirl says:

    I find it very odd that poppies are not commonly worn in the US. Here in the frozen north, not wearing a poppy during the week preceding Remembrance Day is on about the same level as giving cigarettes to school children. Lose your poppy (or don’t buy one at all), and you risk withering glares and whispered comments from those around you. (Checks to see if poppy is still attached to coat.)

  153. I saw that article about the poppies, too. I don’t think they admitted they were *meant* to fall off, just that it costs too much to design them *not* to fall off, and well, it was an unintended benefit to the veterans if people did have to buy more, so they weren’t going to feel bad about it. Good for them.

  154. I now have poppy envy. I feel like a horrible person for not having my poppy. 😦

    WWII story – A Canadian farmer arranged to buy a cow from my mom’s parents during wartime. They met at Port Huron (US)/Sarnia (CAN) under the watchful eyes of the US and Canadian boarder officials. While Gramps was conducting business, my grandmother was slipping the farmer’s wife sugar, flour and other rationed supplies when the officials weren’t looking.

  155. Arvay, that was beyond brilliant! Light-years past funny.

    I used to see old VFW guys selling poppies outside my post office. They haven’t done it lately — p’raps they’ve all passed away? 😦

  156. Last year when a group of little old WW II vets had a parade in town to celebrate Vets Day, a group of “liberal” protestors harangued and heckled them. They should be ashamed of themselves. If you wore poppies, they’d probably try to start an argument with you.

  157. michellemybelle says:

    My mom’s birthday is 11/11, so when I was little I thought the parades were for her.

    Since then, I’ve learned that my grandfather and Ira Gerswhin were bunkmates, and my great-uncle was gassed with mustard gas in WWI. He lived until his early 90s, but was scary skinny all his life due to the gassing.

    My mom has all sorts of neat pictures that the two of them took while they were station in Europe, but my prized possession is a letter from King George to my grandmother thanking her for allowing my grandfather to serve in the Army and defend England. It’s just cool as hell.

  158. Super cool, MMB! Thanks for sharing!

  159. Yeah, the VFW is getting a bit sparse, and young veterans like my husband aren’t comfortable joining, because our last few wars haven’t been quite the feel-good experiences that WW2 was.

    And WWI, wow, those guys are old, and then so many didn’t make it home. My great-grandfather and his brother fought. His brother Ogden fought at Belleau Wood, the only member of his unit to survive. Came home and hung himself in the barn at the age of 22.

  160. Those protesters weren’t liberal they were just agitating jerks who wanted to start trouble. Sorry had to get that off my chest.

    My grandpa was a member of the VFW and he was so proud of it. And my great uncle (grandmother’s brother) was a Marine commander and Tyrone Power was in his unit. I always thought that was cool.

  161. Oh God, Redz, how awful! Belleau Wood was a terrifying battle. I’m not quite sure, but I think it was in ‘The Grand Illusion’ where the director made the American soldiers advance at a steady pace, in time to a drumbeat in the distance, because that was the rhythm of advance he remembered from Belleau Wood.

    My Grandfather fought at the Battle of the Piave River in 1918. I have a photo of him from that time, age 17, in his traditional uniform: tunic, beret, feather and all.

  162. I hear ya, Lilith. Got they heads up they butts.

    My dad fought in WWII, and he’s so proud of his time in the Navy, South Pacific, Leyte Gulf. His hat has his ship’s name on it and he wears it everywhere. He’s 85.

    RedZ, that’s so very sad. “The Grand Illusion”–one of the greatest movies of all time.

  163. JP, my dad was a sailor in the South Pacific too. He’s consulted maps and timelines and believes that if an alert was immediately sent out to save the USS Indianapolis, his ship would have been redirected to rescue the survivors.

  164. Um, God bless the vets (my late grandpa served alongside a certain Harry S Truman during WWI), and up with poppies, and all that – but I must admit I’m kinda confused about how we got from turtles to poppies. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! I’m just sayin’. (2 stale pop culture cliches in a row = *really* confused)

  165. (puts away scrapbook, pushes away empty puddin bowl)

    Stooges, pyrit contributed a Veteran’s Day poem to tide us over until a new posts wafts its way over here. And the peeps took the thread and ran with it.

  166. Check out Martin & Louise on DailyKitten.

    And Luna on Baruchito. Lavi loooofs those hammies. They’s lucky lil fellers.

  167. And that’s the almost best part (after cute pictures of kittehs, buns, turkles et al) about this site is that you *can* come in looking for cute pix of puppehs.. and instead learn about people’s family experience in WW* …. too cool.

  168. The pretty nurse is selling poppies from a tray,
    Though she feels she’s in a play, she is anyway….

    I always thought it was just a British thing, and came from the poem.

    In Flander’s fields the poppies grow,
    Between the crosses row on row
    That mark our place….
    (And so on. I had to memorize this in 8th grade. He was a rather odd teacher.)

    Stooge’s Woman–We could try feeding poppies to the turtles, to make a logical transition.

    (If I can think of something really obnoxious to say, d’ya think Aubrey would pelt me with truffles?
    Please, please??)

  169. “…and in the sky
    The larks, still bravely singing, fly
    Scarce heard amid the guns below.

    We are the Dead. Short days ago
    We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
    Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
    In Flanders fields.

    Take up our quarrel with the foe:
    To you from failing hands we throw
    The torch; be yours to hold it high.
    If ye break faith with us who die
    We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
    In Flanders fields.”

    Sure we could feed the poppies to the turtles, but it would make them sleeeeeeeeeep…

    And I have the truffle trebuchet locked and loaded, lauowolf, just in case…

  170. I cannot read “Flanders Fields” without crying. Even when we had to learn it in school, year after year, I would be a big ball of cry baby by the end of it.

    And, to ship in on the detaching poppy conundrum: the lovely man from whom I bought my poppy pinned it to my lapel (man, I’m getting all emo just thinking about it) made sure that it got woven in and out of the material, so it won’t come out (and hasn’t yet!).

  171. Oh, I’m awfully late here (like Alice’s White Rabbit), but to put in my 0.02 on the poppies:

    The short answer is that wearing them (mostly silk ones, as Aubrey mentioned) used to be pretty common here in the US. My thought is that most everyone over un certain age knows “In Flanders fields…,” too.

    In fact, I had no real idea that either of these things were passé in these parts – living in the D.C. area for so long, where there were plenty of reminders of fallen servicemen, including WW I vets.

    Lerve de tvrtles, teugh.

  172. OTOH, my grandparents stayed in the habit of referring to Nov. 11th as “Armistice Day” for a long, long time…

  173. Eric Bogle’s ‘And The Band Played Waltzing Matilda’ makes me bawl like a child, myself.

    I’ll be out of town on the 11th, so I’m putting the silk poppies in my ‘g.t.h.’ window tonight.

  174. Yes, Aubrey, that *is* a sad song. I know it from June Tabor’s interpretation (on Airs and Graces).

    And I like the name Remembrance Day – seems more fitting, somehow.

  175. EC, that’s what I grew up calling it. As little as ten years ago in my tiny hometown in Kansas, the poppies were still handmade of paper and the little ribbon that came with them said, “On this day we remember their sacrifice.”

    Mmmmm…Daily Kitten. Wonder where I could get me some llama lips?

  176. Ooo.
    In seventh grade, (I’m now in the ninth-weird, eh?) we didn’t recite In Flander’s Fields, we sang it. It came out beautifully.

  177. RedZ, I didn’t encounter the term “Remembrance Day” until I lived close to the Ontario border. (I’m from PA, BTW.)

    it was either Veterans’ Day or Armistice Day here, when I was growing up, at least.

  178. I will agree that, when faced with the choices between armistice, veterans, and remebrance, I’ll choose remembrance as the theme for the day.

    Armistice celebrates the end of a war… but isn’t there always a new one?

    I have no negative opinion on the word or concept of a veteran, but I like “remembrance” because
    I think of more than just the people who fought in any war or conflict, I think of the people at home who supported them, none of which are “veterans” in the strictest meaning of the word.

    Dear lord, someone please pass me a circle o’ puppehs, I need a huff—STAT!!

  179. Maureen–
    I think you’ve figured out what that circle of puppies was for.
    There’s times you need more than just a kitten.

  180. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Duuude… these are turtley awesome pics!!

  181. I think the Veterans-Remembrance-Armistice Day conversation posted above ranks right up with the poems and songs mentioned within. (low sweeping bow.)

  182. Stooges Woman, I think the poppies discussion was my fault. I think it is such a nice custom and I really miss it here in the States 😦

  183. michellemybelle says:

    The VFW back home is kind of a big deal, but I think that’s mostly because it has a golf course. Both of my sisters used to work there, in fact, that’s where one of my sisters met her hubby – he was in Vietnam. We used to go there quite often for family dinners – the cooks were little old ladies that made the best food. Oddly enough though, the women in my family could join the Ladies’ Auxilliary, but my dad – who was in the Navy in WWII – was just a guest as he actually didn’t go overseas. Apparently being a woman relative of a soldier that did make it over was okay though (anything to bring in the ladies!). If I was back home, I’d join up. The VFWs here in the city are odd little places.

    Reading all the stories is really interesting – we’ve got a good little group here 🙂

  184. bunnajenny says:

    Aubes, I’ve been known to commemorate ANZAC day during my Australian identity phase. It’s as solemn as Remembrance Day but with something much more raw…that loss of innocence thing, is just heartbreaking. “And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda…” combined with a screening of Gallipoli and I’m a blubbering mess.

    A very good book on the human element of WWI is Vera Brittain’s “Testament of Youth.”

    The last person to serve in an active war zone in the bunna family was my great-uncle, he was a bicycle messenger on the front lines during WWI in France. He survived the war only to die of the Spanish flu while waiting to return to England.

  185. Maureen, of course! “Armistice” is very WWI-specific, and not about those who died. But “Remembrance” is pretty all-encompassing…

    a thinker, I used to be made to wear fake poppies (sold by VFW members) whether I liked it or not! (My mom said I had to, and that was that.)

    I believe that things began to change after Vietnam vets started coming home – the times and mood were so different than post-WWII, or even Korea….

  186. E.C., that’s interesting. Maybe we should start a campaign to bring the poppy back to America…

  187. Peg of Tilling says:

    Now might be the time, what with the centenary of WWI and a fresh crop of vets and all.

  188. bunnajenny’s book rec. – Vera Brittain’s memoir of service as a volunteer nurse on the front (WWI) is excellent, BTW.

    There was a BBC TV adaptation that also played on Masterpiece Theater here in the US. I was riveted and bought all 3 volumes of Brittain’s memoirs as a result. Memorable reading, Testament of Youth especially.

  189. ReAllY cUtE!!!!!! TURTLES ARE GREAT!!!!

  190. Green Sea Turtles!!!

    Also known as Honu by Hawaiian folk.

    I got to go snorkeling with them on the Big Island last summer. I love them.

    I adooooore them. I wish I saw more of them on this stupid island.

  191. I also watched Testament of Youthand read Vera Brittain’s books. I thought I was the only one. She was an interesting feminist as well as chronicler of WWI.

  192. Laurie C, I think a lot of us here are of “un certain age.” 😉

  193. The junior ROTC kids were at Wal-Mart on Saturday, raising money for disabled vets, and they were giving out little fabric “forget-me-not” flowers with your donation. I HAVE seen fabric poppies in the past, but it’s been many years, and in recent years the forget-me-nots (which is also nice, if not poetry-inspired) seem to be the norm.

    The poppies make me think of the poem, and also the Sting song “Children’s Crusade” (on the album “The Dream of the Blue Turtles”…how apropos!)