Oval-faced Kitteh

Baroo!? [Kitteh looks up]


Showin’ off his stubdetude…


AND Tiny mouf action…


OK, make that REALLY tiny mouf action.
Sent in by Wong C.Y.—You are brilliant.



  1. juggle geese says:

    Is that really a kitten?

  2. juggle geese says:

    looks very plush

  3. Why so sad?

  4. A kitteh is too dignified to say “baroo”. They utter “mroo?” or “proo?”.

  5. I have NEVER seen such a sad, cranky, sourpuss. His disapproval shall go down in history. Shame on us for disappointing him.


    What a precious little Percival. Doesn’t he look like a Percival?

  7. Oh, poor little guy. All scared and confused at the Sears photo gallery.

  8. Positive Jube says:

    Oh kitteh, why so confuused?

  9. Poor thing!

    Seriously, not just because it looks ‘sad’. Cats like that, so overbread to look ‘cute’, are an awful example of how people play with healthy animals to create something that is going to have extreme health problems to make us happy.

    It has nearly no nose! How will it breathe? And I sincerely hope it’s not one of those cats bred to have legs so short that it looks like a kitten for its entire life.

  10. gloom raider says:

    Awwww…poor little orange kitty looks like he’s read some of CO’s commentroversies about stubby muzzles!

    And I, for one, would volunteer to comfort him!

  11. i dont like this one. i bet it smells, as well

  12. daisycat622 says:

    my fingers hurt from trying to grab that kitteh outta the monitor. *splode*

  13. i believe this kitteh belongs in my pocket for easy-access snorgling. yes. right next to the puddin. (for easy-access launching)

  14. “I think I’m cute, not really sure”.

  15. Redz, Lauri, AmyH – I’m laughin’! Thanks! Percival disapproves of the Sears Photo Gallery. Sthnerrrk-k-k-k!

  16. Mitten!

    (muppet kitten)

  17. awwww! bwess his widdle heart! him cannot help it if he is the product of over-breeding. poor little guy! he really does look sad and he probably does and will have breathing problems. i want to love on him and make it all better!

  18. Shame on the greedy breeders who crossed a manatee with a kitteh!!!

  19. also, what breed of cat is that? I’ve seen similar kitten photos, but what do the adult cats look like?

  20. He looks so concerned! What’s to worry about, Percival?

  21. Snort, pyrit! Yes, a teeshirt for sure! Percival disapproves of the Sears Photo Gallery.

    I love it!

    And, as for overbread kittens,
    don’t you just loaf them?

  22. I shall take this delectible orange kitteh and bury me face in him! Easiest way to hide from the early morning nuffs.

    He could be a powder puff! Imagine putting on your face with a tiny purry puff that gives kisses!

  23. *kiss* kitty

    *kiss* kitty

    *kiss* kitty

  24. warrior rabbit says:

    “Overbread.” Come on, so he’s a little doughy — it’s baby fat!

  25. i agree with ‘jessikat’. it breaks my heart, and not in a good way. 😦

  26. While I’m sure the kitty is a little sweetie-pie, I also think it’s wrong to breed for traits that are unhealthy for the little critters, such as the smushed face of this little guy — HUMANS’ fault, of course. And honestly, I think that face is sad, not cute.

  27. Poor kitty – he looks like he’s been hit in the face with a frying pan. Those overbred kitties with the breathing problems make me sad.

  28. Mmmk. Hauling my self away from the computer to clean guinea pig cages and vacuum and dust, and then…


    a weekend of winetasting in northeast Michigan! wOOT!!!

    It’s rough, but SOMEone has to do it! ;)~~~~~

  29. This is Cap’n Smooshface, not a pug! There are two unobstructed holes on that adorable not-pug mug — all he needs to breathe.

    I can just imagine him with this expression every mealtime!

  30. oooo not cute at all. not even a little bit. it makes me sad 😦

  31. Can we take off the cute-goggles for just a few seconds? Would that be blasphemy on this website? This is intentional breeding for deformity. This poor little thing doesn’t have enough to breathe with and will be very susceptible to respiratory problems all its life.

  32. Lauri – Sigh. That’s all I have to say. Sigh. And because I’m extremely jealous, I’ll be a snotty twit and add, it’s going to be at least 80 degrees here today. Stick that in your mittens!

    (And have a most lovely time. Enjoy!)

  33. Poor kitty wishes we would just bag-it with all the insults.

    Dang, that pun is doomed. Just no good way to spell it to make it come out right. *sigh*

  34. little miao says:

    awwww, I’m sorry, darling baby kitten, please forgive me? here’s a *snorgle*.

  35. this is sad,poor thing, dont think its cute either but misformed 😦

  36. Kitty wit a FIVEHEAD!!!!!

  37. NebraskaErin says:

    That is the teeniest mouf EVAR!

  38. AliceBlue says:

    Death by cute stubby kitten tail, what a way to go…

  39. sweetiewolfie says:

    One of the ugliest kittens ever…and yet you still want to squeeze him…that poor deformed face…

  40. W00T

    Attention people!
    Remain calm!
    The cute has been harshed!
    I repeat: the cute has been harshed!
    Remain calm!


    Personally, I think that poor Mr. Kittehkins is so ugly he’s cute. Or, as my grandma once said of my kitteh (how *dare* she?):

    “That is the homeliest cat I have ever seen.”

  41. Leave the kitty alone… That poor little kitty will more than likley be treated better than most of the chrildren on earth today, he will more than likley be hugged everyday and kissed everyday and someone will more than likley tell him they love him,and he or she will also get feed more than once a day. WOW that POOR KITTY…

  42. Lisa B: it’s a frickin tragedy, I tell ya.

  43. A thinker says:

    It’s a smooshy. And I loves it. Regardless of its breeding.

  44. http://www.cfainc.org/breeds/profiles/persian.html

    “A well-bred Persian is a hardy and healthy cat and is not more prone to illness and respiratory infections than other breeds.”

  45. My auntie’s black persian, The Dreaded Jub-Mo, lived to be 23. He was not well-liked, but he was indeed hardy.

  46. bseballgrl says:

    Well no wonder poor Percival looks so sad with all the soapboxing going on here!

    Laurie Amen on the T-shirt idea!!

  47. Purrs-evil – vewwy scawwwy.

  48. Yknow, I actually knew a 16 year old cat with a smooshed face like that, but it wasnt from his breeding. It was because when he was a kitteh, he got his face SMASHED by a door.
    But, anyway, he lived a long and hearty life till he was..18? 20? something like that.

  49. And, Also, although Persian Cats do sometimes have breathing problems and eye problems coz of their smooshed faces, what can we do? This is one of the oldest breeds around.

  50. Kinda creepy Michael Jackson nose…

  51. He looks so confused.

    “You promised we were gonna go to the toy store! Why are we taking pictures?”

    “We’ll go to the toy store after sweetie.”

    Cue pouting eyes and wobbly lip.

    “But…. you promised…..”

  52. katherine says:

    well, you know, the white blue-eyed kitty in the picture below is almost certainly deaf, but I don’t see anyone getting bent out of shape about that?
    (blue eyes are linked gene to deafness. if kitty has one blue eye and one eye that is another color, he will only be deaf in that ear. I have a blue-eyed deaf kitty at home btw and it does not slow him down in the least, except that he has a very unmelodious meow)

  53. Sigh. I feel like that third one today.

    Though not as cute.

  54. katherine – what was that middle part? Leetle joke.
    (btw – I am not following you,
    you merely happen to be ahead of me. I’m all “you again?”)

  55. Looks SO SAD!

  56. Widdle Percy (aka Percvial McSquishers) is to cute! How is that we know for sure he was bread that way? Maybe we knead more info before we start making pudding throwing statments. I mean, his momma could be Persian and his daddy a Scottish Fold! Gees, maybe they found love despite their ethnic differences.

  57. Oh my god. That is so cute! I’ve always wanted a kitten like that.

  58. katherine says:

    ooh, you’re right pyrit, that was some bad grammar! the trait for blue eyes is linked to the trait for deafness, is what I was getting at. SO LETS BAN ALL BLUE EYED KITTIES CAUSE THEY ARE SUFFERING!!!!!!!111

  59. My cat had no nose when she was a widdle fwuffball like this (and she was also very grouchy about it). But she aquired a very cute ‘n’ petite nose as she got older. She now looks adorably like an anime princess.

  60. This kitty looks like he’s been chasin’ parked cars. However, I do adore the stubby tail and the little ears.

  61. little miao says:

    are all blue-eyed kitties deaf? my blue-eyed kitties respond to human voices and other noises.

    *snorgles the controversial Mr. Fluff-kitten before going off to bang pots and pans at my blue-eyed kitties*

  62. It’s a sweet little wingless angel, not deformed. How dare you insult someone so prosh.
    Kitteh probably thinks YOU are funny looking, you silly two-legger!!

  63. ShelleyTambo says:

    I dunno–this guy looks like he may be breathing through his mouth, which isn’t good.

    *positions soapbox and steps on* Reputable breeders will have healthy cats, but lately they’ve been bred for smooshier faces (and narrower nasal passages), which does cause problems. At my shelter, the Persians quite often are in the worst shape of all the cats we get, in terms of health and grooming. A few weeks ago we got 19 from one “breeder” who wanted to start a daycare in her house and had to get rid of the cats before the health inspector came. Most of them had horrible respiratory problems or calicivirus and were infested with ringworm. Would you want to send your kid to that daycare?

  64. ShelleyTambo says:

    little miao–white cats are deaf more often than other cats, white cats with blue eyes more than the others (~70% of the time). Also tends to be more in males.

  65. ShelleyTambo says:

    OK, off soapbox now. I’m not a fan of the smooshy face in general, but this is one of the 19 Persians/Himis (one of only 5 that we were able to make available for adoption) and I will say he’s a cutie: http://www.flickr.com/photos/shelleytambo/274218906/

  66. Wow that is one UGLY very NOT CUTE cat.

  67. happylittleprimate says:

    OK, look at that last picture… now look at this http://www.imdb.com/gallery/ss/0450232/14.jpg.html


  68. “Yes, kitty, we must face the meaningless of life. The hideous lonely emptiness of existence. Nothingness. The predicament of man and animal forced to live in a barren, godless eternity like a tiny flame flickering in an immense void with nothing but waste, horror and degradation, forming a useless bleak straitjacket in a black absurd cosmos.”


  69. Kitteh says, “Eight weeks old you reach, look this good you will.”

    I’m feeling a rumbling in the force.(Maybe it’s just my insane laughter!)

  70. Gawwwww!! Poor sad little kitteh face! I must snorgle! *snorgles kitty mercilessly*

  71. little miao says:

    thanks, ShelleyT for the info on kitty deafness.

  72. artschild says:

    Awwwww… poor, adorable little guy. Agreed with everyone on the terrible breeding practices. He DOES look like he’s breathing through that tiny little mouf. Maybe we can all just agree that this little guy should go under “Cute or Sad?”

  73. I think he’s still adorable, despite unethical breeding practices not his doing at all.

    Can I make a formal request? (delurking) Can we have a Lexicon of CO? I get some of the words, such as “prosh” seeming to be short for “precious” but others, such as “anerable” have me going, “Aroo?” (or as you might say, “Baroo?”)

  74. ShelleyTambo says:

    Noelegy–see at left, under “More! More! More!” the link to “Official CO Glossary.”

  75. There actually is a “vocab” here, Noelegy

  76. I own two perfectly healthy, pure-bred persians; not all of them have breathing problems. ETHICAL persian breeders do not even CONSIDER breeding cats who have any sort of problems, respiratory or Totherwise.

    I have read that at one point, there was a strain of orange-colored persians with VERY extreme faces that were caused by one mutant allele. Though cute, these cats had severe respiratory problems. Luckily, this strain is no longer bred.

  77. AlbertaGirl says:

    These pictures caused me to make noises that I did not know a human could make. I had to excuse myself to the bathroom so as not to disrupt the office with my hyperventilating/giggling/squeeing combo. Perhaps kitteh’s alleged breathing difficulties are contagious, because goodness knows I can’t get a proper breath right now!!!

  78. Um, our family had a cat (white long-haired, blue eyes) who was deaf but she wasn’t SUFFERING. (All our cats are always indoor cats, so that wasn’t a problem.) She was a happy funny girl who responded to hand signals. Of course, she wouldn’t LOOK at you if she was doing Something Bad ’cause then she wouldn’t have to get down off something or stop knocking those things onto the floor or whatever. After she went in the litter box, for some reason, she would dig at the air in a vigorous but not very helpful fashion. But it wasn’t because she was deaf – she was just nutty. When she was little, we started to suspect she was deaf, and started clapping by her head and screeching chairs and things to see if we were right; thank goodness she was, in a way, becuase she would have been a nervous wreck otherwise!

  79. That is the ugliest goddamn cat I have ever seen.

  80. Evangeline's Staff says:

    Aw, c’mon, Triggur! It’s a sweetums! Teensy mouf,all that fuzzy. But Evangeline’s predecessor was deaf in his later years; before that we just figured he didn’t speak English.

  81. Evangeline's Staff says:

    Aw, c’mon, Triggur! It’s a sweetums! Teensy mouf,all that fuzzy. But Evangeline’s predecessor was deaf in his later years; before that we just figured he didn’t speak English.

  82. Evangeline's Staff says:

    Aw, c’mon, Triggur! It’s a sweetums! Teensy mouf,all that fuzzy. But Evangeline’s predecessor was deaf in his later years; before that we just figured he didn’t speak English.

  83. Evangeline's Staff says:

    Aw, c’mon, Triggur! It’s a sweetums! Teensy mouf,all that fuzzy. But Evangeline’s predecessor was deaf in his later years; before that we just figured he didn’t speak English.

  84. Evangeline's Staff says:

    Aw, c’mon, Triggur! It’s a sweetums! Teensy mouf,all that fuzzy. But Evangeline’s predecessor was deaf in his later years; before that we just figured he didn’t speak English.

  85. Evangeline's Staff says:

    Aw, c’mon, Triggur! It’s a sweetums! Teensy mouf,all that fuzzy. But Evangeline’s predecessor was deaf in his later years; before that we just figured he didn’t speak English.

  86. “Reputable breeders will have healthy cats, but lately they’ve been bred for smooshier faces (and narrower nasal passages), which does cause problems.”

    Who in the world would want to produce a race of breeders with smooshy faces?

    Hee hee! Oh, ST, dat made me laugh so hard. No offense, that just made my day.

  87. Winston Churchill came back as a cat?


  88. he looks confused – “what happened to my face, man?”

  89. ShelleyTambo says:

    RedZ, you’re right. For a grammar wench, I was a bit careless, wasn’t I? The breeders should be the ones with smooshier faces, though, right? See how much they like it.

  90. It’s worth saying that the kind of person who would buy a cat bred like this is also the kind of person that would spoil ‘im completely rotten.

    I have a feeling for all the mild difficulties in breathing he has, Percival there is going to lead a more posh and cushy life than most of us could hope to.

  91. Now Showing at CO:
    Stage 1:
    Smashmouth – featuring, Can’t Enough of Your Air Baby.

    Stage 2:
    Deaf Leopard – Hysteria
    (Warning – played very loud)

  92. Pyrit: that’s all at Commentroversapalooza.

  93. I just love to imagine a world in which breeders looked like the animals they bred: so all bulldog breeders would be jowly people with underbites and bowed legs.

  94. zosterops says:

    apart from breathing problems due to nose absence, who wants a cat that looks like it’s left with less brain power than your average fridge?

  95. zosterops says:

    redzilla: its already happening and called family resemblance

  96. ShelleyTambo says:

    RedZ–Don’t they say that people start to look like their pets after a while?

    Hanlon–I wouldn’t bet on your first statement (see my first comment). I give props to dedicated Persian owners and breeders who screen buyers carefully–I wish more of y’all came to adopt the Persians/Himis at my shelter. But too many people don’t know how much maintenance these guys require or just aren’t willing to do it.

    Dusty, I’m happy to report, went from one extreme (ringworm and ear mites so bad he had to be anesthetized to have a surgical earwash) to the other, adopted by two guys who took their previous cat for an enema once a month for a year and a half because it was recommended by the vet. I feel bad for that cat having the enemas, but props to his owners for following the vet’s recommendations.

  97. CAT ENEMAS?! hahaha

  98. “RedZ–Don’t they say that people start to look like their pets after a while?”

    Peeps, I do not find that comforting.

  99. You’re gonna be bald and grey and pointy! 😀

  100. happylittleprimate says:

    RedZ, if you end up looking like your pet, here’s this kit’s owner…http://www.imdb.com/gallery/ss/0450232/14.jpg.html
    I already posted this link, but no one noticed and I think it’s too funny to miss 🙂

  101. Yum…but Flan has the *prettiest* eyes, Redz!

  102. Please take notice to the pokey back legs in the last picture. Stickin’ out from under his bottom as he sits awkwardly – AWW 🙂

  103. er, that’s

    yum = um

  104. happylittleprimate, *I* noticed before, I am a huge David Morse fan. Thanks for the pic.

  105. happylittleprimate says:

    Hopefully Mrs Morse didn’t get baby David from a bad breeder.

  106. RedZ — I’d be more worried about this one:

    OMG teh YEEM! teh YEEM!! teh YEEM!!!
    (RPennefe, take note. Pretty eyes indeed.)

  107. oh! kitten! this could be the cutest thing i’ve ever seen!

  108. ShelleyTambo says:

    RedZ–Flan does have nice eyes, and it could be worse to look like a pet: http://samugliestdog.com/

    Yes, it’s true, peeps.

    anon–yes, cat enemas. Having never seen one administered, I can only imagine poor kitty’s face looked like Dusty’s in the link I posted earlier.

  109. So cute! But he looks so sad!

  110. AAAAH! That dog. Makes me want to poke out my own eyes.

    He must have a great personality. Ahem.

  111. katherine says:

    kbo, I was joking about the kitties suffering — I have a deaf blue eyed kitty too, and he’s just as happy as the other cats. I was making fun of the commentroversy. hence the !!!!!111!!!

  112. Zosterops–
    Someone gave my mom a pedigreed black persian with gold eyes — papers and all.
    We were more into your basic DSH, tabbycat types.
    We all had a great time mocking the kitty.
    Hey, she was hunting the dishwasher, obviously lacking all proper catly instincts, overbred idiot cat.
    Boy did we feel silly when she pulled out that rat.

  113. katherine says:

    OH SWEET JEEBUS!!!! Why oh why did I look at the ugliest dog?

    yes, he must have a lovely personality…

  114. ShelleyTambo says:

    Hee–if you read the article, Sam did NOT have a great personality, at least at first. And apparently he’s made young children cry.

  115. I hate to rain on the parade, but breeding these cats should stop. Please. They are lovely, but it’s cruel to breed cats that cannot breath properly :´(

  116. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.

  117. Lisa…maybe you should read up about Persians over on the Cat Fancier’s Website. Seems to me the only exposure you’ve had with Persians is with ones that came out of a kitten mill (and kitten mills should be shut down). Reptuable, registered breeders of Persians do not deliberately overbreed their cats in the manner described by many here.

  118. I have to add my 2 cents about cats with smooshed-in faces. I could love the little darling, but I still wouldn’t enjoy looking at it’s face. It’s just kind of freakish looking. Poor baby.

  119. Oh, Debi, I so agree…I don’t like shaving my legs, I can’t imagine shaving a cat’s nose!! Gross!!!

  120. Kittens, by and large, are the cutest things in creation. Sadly, this kitten is the victim of Far Too Much Inbreeding (otherwise known as Pedigree Breeding). Please note the complete lack of nasal/sinus cavity. breathing is going to be rough for this little one, and it’ll probably have to resort to mouth-breathing. This dehydrates them, and with the added discomfort of a long coat in a hot climate (I think the owner was Californian) that poor little blighter is going to be in a constant state of overheating and be going through the water like it’s going out of fashion. Also, if the kitten was in a cold climate it’d be suffering too. Nostrils and the nasal cavity warm the air and take out all the dust and particles on the way to the lungs. A pointy nose is a good nose, and this kitten hasn’t even got the beginnings of a nose.
    Then there’s the eyes. Persian cats suffer chronically from having backed up tearducts because their sinus cavity is full of nose, because the nose isn’t as long as it should be. This leads to conjunctivitis, eye infections, constantly gooey eyes and this in turn stains the fur and makes the skin under the eyes sore and horrible.

    It’s not cute, it’s a freak of nature. Family trees that loop and don’t branch are NOT GOOD and lead to health and behavioural problems. Quit pissing in the gene pool.

  121. Okay, the nose-shaving has completely put me off my feed-bag. That ain’t right. But fuvenusrs, I think it’s silly to talk of California as a hot climate for an indoor cat. I’m guessing this poor little blighter will be living in air conditioned bliss.

  122. that is the ugliest little thing i have ever seen! To each their own though because my roommate thinks its adorable. hahaha

  123. Shaving a cat’s nose so it’ll have “nose mascara” or whatever the heck they called it, strikes me as a bit batty. Poor kitty. But I can’t chide too much–I loves me some newfies, and giant dawgs are prone to some horrendous health problems. I know I will never buy a pure-bred animal from a breeder, but it sho’ doesn’t stop me from being a hypocrit by staring at their photos and boggling my eyes and sighing.

    Like this one:

    newfie! baby! newfie! baby! Sweet baby Jesus, is that the luckiest man alive there, or what? Newfie on one side and behbeh on the other!

  124. This poor kitty, through no fault of his own, is being kicked around like a theoretical football. (No relation to Theo).

    Lof the kitteh. Don’t like purebreeds? Don’t buy purebreeds. See a purebreed at a shelter? Have a heart. Have a big heart and take home a few kitties of all kinds.


    /preachy preachy

  125. Oh my lord I cannot imagine how a person plucks her cat’s nose and still has fingers!!

  126. uberkitten says:

    I’m adding my voice to the “NOT cute” chorus.

    It disturbs me that so many people find these facial features “cute.” The degree of smushiness in Persians varies, and many have enough of an eye-socket to keep the eyeball from getting infected or popping out, and many have enough of a snout to prevent food clogging their nostrils when they eat and suffocating if immediate assistance isn’t available. But this kitten is not one of them. The above maladies DO afflict over-bred Persians, and SHAME on anyone who sees no problem with breeding cats to look this way.

    I’m done.

  127. Shelly Tambo:
    I haven’t seen a cat get an enema either, but I did assist with a suppository. (Before anyone starts on me, it saved my cat’s life, so there!) Kiki did not look like that other cat, but she did look like one of her eyes got bigger than the other, sort of like this:


    I still remember that look.

  128. Oh, and I agree: not cute. Poor baby.

  129. That last picture is so funny! He looks so confused, like he just can’t figure something out. Poor cat can probably barely breath out of that nose. 🙂 Great site.

  130. this specimen is proof that aliens are among us. it doesn’t seem to be a product of earthly nature. gaahh!

  131. It’s a kitteh. Just love it – is that so hard?

  132. Momi: >O.o<
    Redz: your captions are classic!
    Arvay: how big is that dog???

  133. I do love all kittehs… even the non-cute ones. This one gets extra snorgles for being so sad. Heck, I once got to snorgle a baby tiger, THAT was an adventure!

  134. chacha, he is big enough to hugandhugandhugandhugandhugandhugand nevernevernevernever let go!


  135. Here’s the blog of the owner of a cute and happy persian: tarothecat.blogspot.com

  136. And you bring this guy along for protection, because no one could bear to disapoint him by behaving badly.
    You just take him out and he *looks* at people.
    (Can’t fight and snorgle a kitten at the same time. Nope. Can’t be done.)

  137. OMG! The teensie earsies as well!!! *Dies*

  138. I think that cat is creepy looking

  139. Happylittleprimate – I too looked at the link and you are right they do look a lot alike! Very funny!!!
    Redz – maybe you should consider a second pet? Something a little fluffier and cuter? Not that he’s not perfectly nice and lovable I’m sure, but you know, if you don’t want to end up wrinkled and bald……

  140. Awwwwww, the first pic is so sad n sweet … poor lil’ smooshyface.

  141. LOL, Momi. I think that’s what we all would look like at the moment of, um, supposition.

  142. Poor baby. 😦

  143. lurkertype says:

    Okay, people who shave and pluck their kitties’ noses need to be STOPPED. Ewww.

  144. I’m just thankful to be able to have kitties. Hubby and my best friend have allergies that rule out any animal with fur, so the *purebred* hairless cats were my only option. They still produce all the allergens, but they can’t leave it behind with fur, and I just bathe them once a week–no shaving :o) (So people can freak on the purebred front, but you cannot find a hairless cat at your average shelter. I just assuage my guilt by giving and volunteering at my local shelter. And I’m grateful that there *are* reputable breeders, breeding healthy kittens. Ahem. Thanks for listening.)

  145. Momi – snorgle a baby tiger?!?! HOLY INSANE JEALOUSY, BATMAN!

  146. You know, all you people who say “oh my god, it’s horrible, the kitty is the product of overbreeding, it’s cruel, it’s evil…”

    Get over it, the kitten is alive and needs someone to take care of it, regardless of it’s parentage.

    Same thing with pugs. These animals live, and need homes just as much as the cats and dogs without smooshy faces. And I’m sure the Persians and Pugs of the world would rather you just call them cute, scratch their chin, and be on with it, instead of debating about breeding. Geez.

  147. *looks at first pic* Awww!
    *scrolls to second pic* AWWWW!!
    *scrolls to third pic* *head asplodes!*

    That is a verrah verrah fuzzy kitteh! Just luff the kitteh, peeps. Luff him. That’s what we’re all here for.

  148. Redz – Hurray for finding kittehs you and your loved ones can live with – literally. I once dated a guy who was so allergic to cats, within minutes of stepping into my place, I could hear his lungs crackling, he was gasping for air and grasping for his inhaler. Yikes. We stopped dating because he was a jerk, but I have a new respect for cat allergies.

  149. BATMAN (the real one-seriously) says:

    if eric cartman was a cat, this is what he would look like.

    i deem this kitteh eric catman.

  150. kimberlee Cordova says:

    that kitten has at least one if not several extra chromosomes…eewe!

  151. This just isn’t right!

    The CO Glossary says of “Baroo”:

    Dogspeak for “Whut the…?” Frequently accompanied by the Canine Tilt for enhanced effect.

    Occasionally, animals which are not dogs have been known to have this cute-ism ascribed to them, but this is never appropriate. Picture Jon Lovitz trying to pull off a line like “Fo shizzle, my nizzle” on Oprah… it ain’t right, dawg.

  152. Looks like Jamie, from “Mythbusters”.

  153. Awwww so sad…

  154. Frigging A says:

    Cat in post below: HOT
    Cat in this post: NOT

  155. Doxie Mommy says:

    This cat is just…. not cute, its a little strange looking to me.

    I can personally attest to the overbreeding of animals, not just kittehs in general. Back in 2000, my then boyfriend, now husband bought me a mini doxie puppy for Christmas. (aww!) He was very cute and very lovable and was pure bred. Six months later, when we finally weaned him off puppy chow, he broke out into a rash. He stayed on puppy chow for a while, then he got what we thought was a staph infection or so said the vet. Because the breeder we got him from overbred and didnt take a break between litters, our little Oscar has more allergy problems that we ever imagined. He has to take allergy shots twice a month. He can only eat turkey and barley for the most part. He is allergic to chicken, beef, pork, rice, corn, leaves, grass, roaches (!!), and people dander. Yes! people dander. It’s kind of funny in a way, especially when you think of people dander (that’s your skin cells people)- but it infuriates me to no end b/c the jerk we bought him from said he was AKC registered and breeds like this all the time. Im sure he does, but when we got the 2nd puppeh- he came from the humane society.
    / rant

  156. There *are* some ‘breeders’ out there who give a terrible name to responsible breeders. A responsible breeder would never overbreed their females, and do not breed siblings together, rather they go to other breeders of the same breed and mate their female to that male, and do all in their power to prevent the advent of many health problems associated with overbreeding and inbreeding. Folks need to learn to differentiate between the two kinds.

  157. One thing to look for–health guarantee. If a breeder is really doing a good job, he/she will offer at least a one year health guarantee, promising that the animal’s health is good. My kittehs came with a 2-year guarantee, in which time, the breeder agreed to pay for any “non-maintenance” vet costs. There weren’t any, and that’s how you know a good breeder. The cost of course, is that animals from a breeder like that are expensive. I would not have done it, if there had been any other alternatives. (And of course, shelter animals are often the product of very dubious breeding, and come with their own slate of unknown health concerns. Just the nature of the beast, so to speak.)

  158. Redzilla’s cats are nek-kid!

    Redzilla’s cats are nek-kid!


  159. uber kitten kinda put into words my sentiments too.

    Feelings evoked: sadness, not cuteness, creeped out by over bred respiratory problems from smashed face, feeling bad for how traumatized the little fuzzbutt looks, going back to work now 😦

  160. This kitteh will probably make Grand Champion before his first birthday. I once knew a sweet red Persian boy of this level of smooshiness; he snorted and snored, and needed regular eye-wipings, but he was healthy and playful and lethally snuggly. Lived to be almost 20, too. 🙂 (My black Persian boy is not so smooshedy as this li’l guy.)

  161. i lof him. i doan care whut u say, i lof him. he’s helpless, for cryin’ out loud. how can you pick on a poor, helpless little kitten and call him ugly just because he’s the product of overbreeding. this is the saddest thread i’ve ever read.

  162. It’s a baby Persian Persian! Cute!!

  163. and, might i add, i understand the concerns of overbreeding – believe me i do – but if you want to get into “overbreeding” let’s talk humans, shall we? i’ve certainly seen some mighty ugly babies in my day.

  164. Hey, to each their own, as long as an animal is well-cared-for, healthy, and happy.

    I just happen to think cats look better with schnozzes. My cat has a long ‘roman’ nose with a big broad muzzle, and when I adopted him, I was struck by how handsome those features were.

  165. I don’t personally like the looks of fancy-schmancy animals, either. I think what they call “American shorthairs” (isn’t that a generic word for “cat mutt”?) are my favorites! And I feel the same way about dogs…
    Well, except for retrievers and newfies! Them’s cute!

    But I wouldn’t turn away any animal that needed a home, even a pointy or nose-less cat, or a goofy-looking (IMHO) wolfhound or poodle or shar pei.

  166. To allergy person a while up the page:

    Even mutts get allergies and food ones are the hardest to diagnose. (Good job for sticking with it! Most owners give up in frustration.) They can come on a lot later in life, potentially after your dog has been bred. A breeder can’t always avoid that. I’d have to say though, there are a lot of irresponsible breeders out there. Go to petfinder.com and find a pet or your local shelter. Mutts generally live longer and have less health problems because of something called hybrid vigor. Puggle, labradoodle, etc breeders will boast of this…you can get a nice shelter dog for $100 with all vaccines and neutering or pay $1,000+ for a mutt without any of that.

    Also…Dogs don’t need to take a break between litters either. Cows, Horses, sheep and basically any other animal don’t take breaks and no one complains. That’s how we keep milk on the table during all seasons, lambs at easter and cute little foals in the winter (when they’re not supposed to be born mind you…yay hormone and light therapy).

    Heck check out all those cats and rabbits out there…little nymphos.

    Dogs can only be bred 1-2 times a year, so with a gestation period of 64 days and the pups born and out of the “nest” in another 6-8 weeks, they actually get a break between breeding and birth. Cows don’t even get that. They’re being milked WHILE pregnant.

    The reason I put this all in is so many times we get clients in who saw/heard something on the internet, chat about it with their friends, use words they think they understand and actually don’t really know the facts.

    Bottom line: Talk to your vet. They went to school as long as any human medical doctor and are paid <1/4th of the salary, know diseases of every species out there except humans though end up learning a lot of human inadvertadently in school, and still give you an awesome discount and a big smile to boot.

    Heck, give your vet a hug while you’re at it too. 😉

    And this kitten…it looks like it can’t breathe out of its nose or has lips that don’t touch (notice how mouth is open in all pictures) and the bubble at the top of the head in the front…looks like that brain isn’t being encased so well, BUT I’ve never seen such a young persian kitten. They might just look like that and develop better proportions as they age. I know I had huge feet when I was 13 and then the rest of me caught up.

  167. “looks like that brain isn’t being encased so well”

    That’d make a great multi-purpose comeback!

    “It sure is nice having a nice young girl like you around the office.”

    “looks like that brain isn’t being encased so well”

    “My wife’s out of town. Wanna have dinner tonight?”

    “looks like that brain isn’t being encased so well”

    “You need to reduce the cost of this part. Can you thin down the metal?”

    “If I do, it’ll break. I’ve already done the stress analysis.”

    “Can you try it anyway to reduce cost?”

    “looks like that brain isn’t being encased so well”

  168. IT actually looks like a Scottish fold, no??? Too cute no matter what

  169. To all the people saying, “Hey, quit picking on the kitten! He can’t help how he looks. Just LUV HEEM!”

    Calm down, no one’s advocating tying him up and throwing him in a river! It’s not about a crusade to insult the kitten or deprive him of love, my gosh. What I am saying is that these cats should be spayed/neutered, and never bred again, because they’ve been bred into mutants with health problems to plague them throughout their lives, however long that may be. (News flash: a long life is not necessarily a healthy one. Not if the kitty has sleep apnea and eye infections for all those years.) All I’m sayin’ is STOP BREEDING them this way.

    Have you ever seen the episode of the Simpsons with the octo-parrot?

    “Awk! Polly shouldn’t be!”

  170. I use to have a kitty that had that same face only hers was a perfect circle. and now cant tell wich is cuter

  171. Anon:

    Yeah, it was really an accident, being able to snorgle a baby tiger. I was at hotel, where they were holding one of those local things for the Labor Day Telethon. There was a huge crowd, and some people who had just started a wild cat sanctuary had brought said tigerette for publicity. They set it down on the floor, and I saw a child in a powered wheelchair beelining for where this baby was on the floor. No one else noticed, and so I grabbed it up just in time! The owners were quite indignant until they noticed that where the baby was, was now a really wide-eyed kid in a wheelchair! They asked me if I would like to hold it for a while (the baby, not the kid in the chair!) as a reward for helping… Heck yeah! Snorgling commenced.

    They are really dense compared to a housecat the same size… really musclular, with HUGE paws! Really raspy tongues, too.

    Hope you all enjoyed the description. Even though this happened to me over 20 years ago, I will never forget.

    It can breathe fine. My cat, her names BevBev, she has a rather smushed face. Pretty much the same face as the kit we see here. She can breathe fine however.

  173. Oh, but I have heard of overbred persians and hemis. That’s very sad, but this cat doesn’t seem so. The nostrils do seem big enough to breathe through, and they will get bigger.

  174. You know, if this thing were human, we’d all be very, very disturbed at the sight of it. And certainly wouldn’t think it cute (cf. anencephalic baby). I wonder if it scares proper cats?…

  175. You know, if this thing were human, we’d all be very, very disturbed at the sight of it. And certainly wouldn’t think it cute (cf. anencephalic baby). I wonder if it scares proper cats?…

  176. Redzilla – your grey kitteh looks like it is made out of soft labradorite, especially the eyes – gorgeous. And your other kitteh has the cutest kitty-elbows evar! There’s nothing cuter than kitty elbows.

  177. ka9q's wife says:

    The scary thing is this kitten reminds me of an ex boyfriend from long ago. NOT IN A Good WAY. Although I dare say the kitteh is prolly smarter than the ex. heh

  178. ka9q's wife says:

    The scary thing is this kitten reminds me of an ex boyfriend from long ago. NOT IN A Good WAY. Although I dare say the kitteh is prolly smarter than the ex. heh

  179. ka9q's wife says:

    The scary thing is this kitten reminds me of an ex boyfriend from long ago. NOT IN A Good WAY. Although I dare say the kitteh is prolly smarter than the ex. heh

  180. ka9q's wife says:

    The scary thing is this kitten reminds me of an ex boyfriend from long ago. NOT IN A Good WAY. Although I dare say the kitteh is prolly smarter than the ex. heh

  181. ka9q's wife says:

    The scary thing is this kitten reminds me of an ex boyfriend from long ago. NOT IN A Good WAY. Although I dare say the kitteh is prolly smarter than the ex. heh

  182. ka9q's wife says:

    The scary thing is this kitten reminds me of an ex boyfriend from long ago. NOT IN A Good WAY. Although I dare say the kitteh is prolly smarter than the ex. heh

  183. ka9q's wife says:

    Although i have to admit not to loving Persians. However if one was in front of me i wouldn’t say no to snorgles and pets and maybe a cat treat or two.

    On the other hand my kitteh just came up and kissed me. I’m melting *splode*

  184. ka9q's wife says:

    Although i have to admit not to loving Persians. However if one was in front of me i wouldn’t say no to snorgles and pets and maybe a cat treat or two.

    On the other hand my kitteh just came up and kissed me. I’m melting *splode*

  185. ka9q's wife says:

    Although i have to admit not to loving Persians. However if one was in front of me i wouldn’t say no to snorgles and pets and maybe a cat treat or two.

    On the other hand my kitteh just came up and kissed me. I’m melting *splode*

  186. ka9q's wife says:

    Although i have to admit not to loving Persians. However if one was in front of me i wouldn’t say no to snorgles and pets and maybe a cat treat or two.

    On the other hand my kitteh just came up and kissed me. I’m melting *splode*

  187. ka9q's wife says:

    Although i have to admit not to loving Persians. However if one was in front of me i wouldn’t say no to snorgles and pets and maybe a cat treat or two.

    On the other hand my kitteh just came up and kissed me. I’m melting *splode*

  188. ka9q's wife says:

    Although i have to admit not to loving Persians. However if one was in front of me i wouldn’t say no to snorgles and pets and maybe a cat treat or two.

    On the other hand my kitteh just came up and kissed me. I’m melting *splode*

  189. Oh, if only inbred humans were this cute.

  190. Bori and Peter says:

    On that last picture the cat looks seriously like Russel Crowe.

  191. Humans are so stupid.

    What the hell is cute about a kitten like that? It’s darn ugly, and it looks as if it could die every second.
    So what exactly is the point of breeding animals that are a) ugly and b) easily sick? I don’t understand it.

    And I also don’t understand why anybody would find this cute.

  192. The smoosh of the face! The stump of the tail! This kitty is so cute my just head exploded.

  193. i am against overbreeding – i will say it again – but i always have a special place in the heart for the otherwise “unloved” – i guess this is as good an argument as any against overbreeding judging from the unkind comments on here about a defensless little kitten that had nothing to do with it’s appearance being odd – he’s cute because he needs to be cute BECUZ he needs to be LOVED! I thought that’s what C.O. was all about. you people are really making me sad with your unkind comments – not ever having had children, i’d like to make some “ugly baby” comments on here about “overbreeding humans,” too but i refrain in order to not “harsh the cute”

  194. and to Morg, I repeat: it’s cute because it needs to be cute because it needs to be LOVED!

  195. I don’t know if his squished face was the cause of breeding, but why blame it on him? Let us comfort the kitty! He looks very sad. Poor baby!

  196. uberkitten says:

    Once again: Who’s blaming the frickin’ kitten?! NObody!

    I guess I just worry that pro-smushed-kitten comments will only encourage people to breed them. There are lots of perfectly healthy abandoned cats at your local shelter that need love, too! (I know, I volunteer at one.)

  197. Just for the record, may I present my credentials: I am AGAINST overbreeding and am pro shelter pets. One of my cats is a shelter cat, the other 2 would have been taken to a shelter by their uncaring owners had I not intervened. But I still say, love the ugly ones, too, that’s all. I GET IT ABOUT OVERBREEDING, but love them all, people. If you can’t, please don’t say unkind things about a kitten that is just about deformed from overbreeding. Would you say such things about a deformed human child? (And yes, I believe the unkind comments are a form of “blaming the victim” if you will). That’s all I’m saying peeps.

    I think this is close to my heart because I saw deformed and sick animals abused and scorned as a child by my child peers so this is why I am getting emotional about this. I’ll get off the board now. Thank you.

  198. And I apologize for harshing the cute, but I didn’t start it.

  199. Definitely one for the “cute or sad” category

  200. hmmm… Persians can be bred as either “babyfaced” (older style, without as much face-smooshing, as seen in Austin Powers), or as this prosh desired type.

    I personally hate seeing the “desired”, inbred Persians, not only because it looks kind of ugly but because this kitty can have all sorts of serious health issues, and for no good reason. My sister was given a newborn kitten like this, and it ended up having a serious eye infection and dying.

    Hopefully this kitten will be fixed and not forced to pass his gene to others… It’s so sad…

  201. Um… since when did it go from “this kitten is a Persian” and “disreputable Persian breeders *MAY* overbreed their cats to have respiratory problems” to “this kitten *WILL* HAVE RESPIRATORY PROBLEMS FOR THE REST OF ITS LIFE!!!!” Seriously folks–do you KNOW that this kitten came from a bad breeder? Stop jumping to conclusions.

    I too had a Persian who came from show stock with a very squished face, and like pretty much everyone here who’s actually *had* a Persian, he breathed fine and lived a healthy, happy life.

    Also, it pays to remember that this kitten will probably live a happier, more spoiled life than the majority of human children on earth. As for that ridiculous “what-if” story about mouth-breathing Persians overheating in California because they are over-fluffed, last I checked Persians are indoor kitties and Californian homes are as climate-controlled as anywhere else in the states.

  202. Yeps its true … I am the proud owner of TWO smooshers (one Persian, one exotic shorthair) I got my persian from a rescue, my exotic from a responsible breeder and they are both healthy AND happy — Another thing you may have not considered, while maligning the lovers of this particular breed – I think they’re cute, yes. But the reason I chose to adopt them is because of their personalities. They are sweet, somewhat shy, playful and gentle, kind of lazy and definitely one person cats. They are the perfect “indoor” pets because they couldn’t care less about going outside. Please, could all y’all haters cool it already??
    PS don’t worry, my cats are fixed so they WON’T BREED! settle DOWN now.

  203. Kissing and cuddling would be non-stop, if this darling were mine!

  204. oye, this fluff looks so saaaaaaadddd!!! :{ Don’t cry little one *cuddles*

  205. To Diana S: Agreed!

    Persians have personalities that are as docile and smooshy as their faces! My cat used to creep the hell out of my friends because he always looked angry, but he had the sweetest, nicest, least dramatic personality ever.

  206. bender b rodriguez says:

    he’s sad because he wants to know where in the heck his nose went.

    “But, aren’t i supposed to have a facial sctructure??”

  207. persians *USED TO HAVE* noses, albeit slightly shorter ones and siamese cats didn’t used to look like cornish rexes in siamese drag

    the whole smoosh-faced thing is the result of decades of across-the-board overbreeding not unlike in pomeranian dogs

    i for one find the look too unsettling to be cute

  208. what sort of cat is that?

  209. I’m sure this kitten’s family tree does have a few loops, but there’s got to be a branch in it somewhere for William H Macy…

  210. that cat is like the cutest thing eva but why so sad? are they torturing him??

  211. Alice Shortcake says:

    No wonder the poor little chap looks worried – he’s probably thinking about the breathing difficulties he’ll experience later in life.

  212. agree with uberkitten pretty much word for word re: the comments here. Just because we’re lamenting overbreeding and inbreeding doesn’t mean we’re advocating mistreatment of this particular kitten, or of any kitten with this particlar problem. What we’re advocating is spaying/neutering kittens like this (well, wait until they’re cats to neuter them, you can’t do it when they’re quite THIS young) so the problem doesn’t continue further.

    That said, I think some of the unkind comments here do border on the malicious, or are an attempt to be humorous by making a hideously offensive joke. Don’t take them too seriously, people.

  213. The kitten is sooooooooooo cute I hope my mom will let me get one like that!