Let’s just agree we read it for the articles

Dewds, we made it as a "Sick Site" on Maxim this month. How H-O-double-T is that? woo! According to Maxim, you should "sneak on to CuteOverload then sit back and aww like a schoolgirl." OK!


Who knew you read Maxim, Snakeobsen? (Only in the airport, I know. I know)



  1. CO is getting all sexy~

    Congrats on the Maxim blrb.

  2. apparently I got first post! tee hee

  3. apparently I got first post! tee hee

  4. AuntieMame says:


    Oh, wait, this isn’t Fark.

    And anyone who spends only 15 minutes at CO isn’t trying hard enough…

  5. Who woulda thunk that being sick could be a good thing?


  6. Of course this happens AFTER I don’t renew my subscription ! Oh well 😀 Congratulations on the press, keep up the cute work!

  7. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    AuntieMame: Hee. I kinda wish CO would do a filter like that… It’s one thing if someone posts something of some substance and than adds, “Hey, first post!” (like sandy p. did), but when they only post “first post” and NOTHING ELSE, it’s really damn annoying. Though it’s funny when they post that and they’re NOT first… Heehee…

  8. love the picture. apparently maxim and jack daniels go hand in hand.

  9. lurkertype says:

    Maxim readers would never ever say “anerable” or “snorgle” or “soft kronche” or any of the proper CO words.

    I guess it’s a good enough start that we just get them looking at the pictures.

  10. Maxim is not cute. Hah!

  11. DavidBoBavid says:

    haha.. i’m an infrequent maxim reader, and i use some of the proper CO words..

    maybe it’s all in the moderation?

    LT: haha.. maxim readers know all about looking at pictures.

  12. Congratulations. Cute Overload to the Max, impressive.

  13. i would TOTALLY chomp the ears of the one on the right

    …i’m just sayin’

    (oh, and kudos to us)

  14. Congrats! I know for a fact that Maxim is one of the favorite and most-requested magazines by our (male) troops over in Iraq, Kuwait, & Afghanistan (at least from the request lists at AnySoldier.com). Maybe exposure to CO will remind them that there are still puppies and kittens and softer things in the world to come home to… 🙂

  15. An odd side note: I got my first blog proposal–that is someone who visited my blog proposed marriage. This individual said, “I clicked found you through Cute Overload.” So apparently, CO is like the new internet supermarket–a great place to pick up chicks. So, uh, watch out for the Maxim guys.

  16. NebraskaErin says:

    CO is the new sexy.

  17. OH WOW Meg!!!!!

    You’re Faaaamous!!!!

    Can I have your autograph??!!!

  18. I thought Cute Overload was supposed to be cute as in baby chicks; not cute as in hot and sexy chicks!

  19. artschild says:

    *Just waiting for the day snorgling makes it into S.I.*

  20. “I thought Cute Overload was supposed to be cute as in baby chicks; not cute as in hot and sexy chicks!”

    Are you kidding? Have you see the photos of Fearless Leader Meg?

  21. brownamazon says:

    Red: You’ve *got* to be kidding me. Also, am I the only one vaguely creeped out by Maxim’s suggestion? It would be like, I dunno, pervs hangin’ out in the Olsen twins fan chat, pretending to be 10-year-old girls. Look out for suspicious characters, yo!

  22. *** SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! ***


  23. This is a little disgusting. We’ve finally reached the point that no site on the web is safe from female degradation.

    I came to this site to see pictures of animals, and instead I see Meg participating in female exploitation by posting images of women to treat like meat.

    We don’t need to know who likes this site, Meg. We already read it. If a bunch of perverts want to spead the word about cuteoverload, good for them. You don’t have to endorse them in return, especially to an audience that could largely be young people. I thought you were better than that.

    Not impressed.

  24. Tasha:

    1) We’re PG-13 here.

    2) Note also that the Maxim isn’t open, in this picture.

    3) If Meg is “participating in female exploitation” by announcing CO’s plug in Maxim, then so too must Maxim be participating in the celebration of cute cuddly fuzzleby woopsums. And that’s all to the good, wouldn’t you say?

    4) And you know, by way of example: I don’t read Playboy (or Maxim, for that matter). But if CO got a capsule writeup in Playboy, that would definitely be a feather in CO’s readership cap, and I’d have not the slightest problem with Meg posting another “WOOHOO!” like this one.

    5) A Cute Overload writeup in Playboy still wouldn’t induce me to subscribe.

  25. NebraskaErin says:

    Pass the kitteh to Tasha, she needs a huff.

  26. Tasha: Lighten the heck up. You need to look a little more at (the vast majority of) the photos at this site and absorb a little sweetness and light. BTW, I am a woman. In fact, I think the idea of grown men oohing and ahhing over the cuteness on this site as rather endearing. And hot.

  27. so i guess those hot and heavy leering maxim couch potato wannabe k-feds (like, they wanna be k-fed, which makes them wanna-be wanna-bes) are actually just sweet little puppy loving people at heart!
    I feel this must be either some pre-april fool april fools (what can top last year, though,really, when that nerdsite and co had such a full on party) or just proof that god is crazy and all’s right with the world.
    Heaven help us!
    (in short, I agree with Glitch and just find this too hilarious!)

    or no…maybe what it really reveals is that co readers are just LIKE Maxim Readers? Do we not objectify nude or semi-nude critters? gaggle over their pretty soft parts and coy eyes? ogle their proshness! I think the truth may be we are smutty and leering as those dudes after all.

    Poor kitties and puppies, they need to get themselves some self-respect and stop baring it all for the camera!
    You can’t find self-esteem by opening yourself to a COXCU, mister kitten!
    nor is it at the bottom of a cat food can.

    whew, I’m so pooped from all this typing I gotta go ‘flop.’
    hope someone’s here to to take a snap in case I look cute!

  28. anarcarrot says:

    Tasha has the right to her own opinion without you guys telling her to lighten the hell up.

    Also, I agree completely. Not cute. Not cute at all. We´re all supposed to “leave the politics out of this”, but posting half naked women makes this impossible.

  29. I hate it when CO gets so heavy. Good job, Meg, I would post such a major kudos if I had worked so hard to run and maintain a site many people worldwide enjoy.

    ANYWAY, I saw a CO mention in Maxim *MONTHS* ago. It was some kind of four quadrant graph of internet sites with how sexy, embarassing, fun, etc. sites were. Must find that to reference better…

  30. “Tasha has the right to her own opinion without you guys telling her to lighten the hell up.”

    So what you’re saying is, Tasha has the right to her opinion, but I don’t? Lighten the hell up.

  31. laureling says:

    Oh no, I’ve been sucked in to the commentroversy!

    anacarrot, yes, Tasha has a right to her own opinion, but everyone else has a right to tell her to lighten up or express their opinion about her opinion. That whole freedom of speech thing is a two way street you know. Get your undies out of a twist, it can’t be comfy.

  32. Nebraska Erin – Aye, aye.
    Passes Tasha a floofeh kitteh, “It’s name is Braveheart.”
    Passes marmie kitteh to Theo, “Here, your Honor, but it costs $100./hr. plus legal fees.”
    Alright, looks like we’re going to need a lot more kittehs here!

  33. maxim has the best articles ever!!! i htink it says on the maxim site that 30% of the readers are women lol.

  34. i like hot half naked chicks just about as much as i like sweet lil baby ones. maxim and cuteoverload.com….a match made in heaven.

  35. marsheeeee says:

    I think it’s cool that Maxim is pushing CO. Nothing endearing than a cute guy thinking a cute animal or human baby is cute. Shall I even mention “Cats and Racks”? (ducks from nuffers)

  36. marsheeeee says:

    And I do consider myself a feminist, for whatever that’s worth.

  37. marsheeeee says:

    Nothing “more” endearing than… sorry.


    And in other news – Way to go, Meg!!!

  39. Way to go Meg!

    By the way, I hate the commentrovery that follows this site around. Tasha – for the record, I do agree that Maxim is exploitive, and finding out a guy likes it automatically puts him on my “disgusting creeps to avoid” list. BUT – and this is the important part – I won’t let my opinion of the magazine stop me from giving Meg a hearty thumbs up since she’s obviously pleased about this.

  40. C.M. — two things:

    1) Word.
    2) Kickass GMail address, but baked beans are off.

  41. Tygress22 says:

    Congrats! Whoohoo 🙂

    and for the record, i am a woman and i like to read Maxim. It amuses me. I thought about getting a subscription to it myself but i like reading it for free at my friend’s house..hehe.

    Now….back to the cute! 🙂

  42. So is CO listed in the “50 Bad Things To Do Till Sunrise” article?

  43. it is odd that, on a site we all must go to for a quick smile amid the dregs of work, there is so much Outrage! (such as the great Turtlegate issue..)
    ’tis a mystery.
    or maybe there’s some kind of extra reaction–like i just wanted to see a f–ing fuzzy Rufus paw, and now i’m all upset about maxim babes and tortured turtles instead and i’m mad i’m upset…because I just really wanted to cheered up by the cuteness…
    just my little contribution of pscyhobabble.
    snorgle to the world!

  44. chet's momma says:

    let’s not furget it’s MEG’S blog, and we are all the happy recipients of free daily smiles! snorgles to everyone! *passes the kitten*

  45. I find this terribly funny. Congradulations, Meg.

  46. I agree that Maxim isn’t something that CO fans would want to read, and maybe Maxim readers WILL come trolling for dates. But CO viewers will see though any faked interest in the Truly Cute. The Truly Cute cannot be corrupted. The Truly Cute will overcome their cynical intentions. The Truly Cute shall prevail!! Now, where is that cat belly for me to snorgle?!?

  47. As long as it’s not “Penthouse” don’t got a problem widdit.

    It’s funny.

  48. I think part of the frustration and dissapointment with some of the “viewers” here is that they consider CO to be the only site they can go to to escape the ugliness of every day existence, which does include being assaulted with hyper-sexual imagery, etc.

    Now, I really love CO, but my favorite site is Oolong’s web page. If you want sweetness and light, innocence and gentle humor, that’s the place to go.

    But CO is not only cute but also fun & goofy and this is just funny – no it’s not cute, but it’s funny.

    So anyway, jest me 2 cents.

  49. And, oh yeah, Chet’s Momma: Don’t bogart that kitteh, my friend, pass it over to me!

  50. The kittehs are working!!! Keep passing them around.
    I’m in line behind the “TrulyCute” (-kbo), doin’ the limbo.
    Gettin’ “widdit”(-carolina)

  51. If I’ve said it once, now I’ve said it twice. I have other real things to be upset about/worried about so forgive me if I’m wearing bunchless panties and can’t really see what there is to get all worked up over.

    Well, okay, I’m jealous of Redzilla getting a date offer, but I’ll just be happy for her. Or scared, whatever is more appropriate.

    It’s election day, U.S. peeps! Vote early and often!

  52. Maxim is no more expolitative than Cosmo is (hello? Bachelore issue? Guy without his shirt? Big breasted model with big hair on cover?)

    I fail to see how the appreciation for the opposite sex (or same sex if you go that way) is degrading. And honestly, given that many of my male friends and relatives read Maxim, I personally would most vocally disagree with the assumption that Maxim readers are perverts. That’s an insulting generalization if you ask me.

  53. Maxim advising men to come over to CO? That’s the only good advice this mag has ever given.

  54. Encouraging Maxim readers to check out CO will help get them in touch with their inner squishiness! It’s like Oprah for men. 😉

  55. Carolina — I agree, prostate exams are a good idea.

  56. Okay, I’m just imagining a group of bleary-eyed, smiling hippie types, all sitting around a messy room, belleh-snorgling kittehs and passing them around. “Mannn, you wannanother hit of this?” “Nah, dude, I’m good” “Here, Carolina, but don’t get greedy like last time”


    “Come on, Carolina, pass me the kitteh. Give it up, NOW! “

    “NO, not done yet!! **growl**”


    “pssst, hey man, think Carolina’s gotta problem, man.”

    “yeah, I know. She’s been in rehab six times but she can’t shake it.”


    “NO!!” **SNORGLE**


  57. hrh.squeak says:

    Teho – eeewwwwww. 😉

  58. MWHID

  59. Redzilla, this is for you (from the panda thread):

    Dumbo ritten cleaning feeties!

    Who loves ya, eh?

  60. Quick, hrh.squeak needs a kitteh.

  61. anarcarrot says:

    I think there’s a difference between saying “I don’t agree with you” and “lighten the hell up”. One is polite, one is just not the way to “express your opinion about someones opinion”. Nuff said. Won’t comment anymore.

  62. I like how there’s a bottle of whiskey at the top….. ;P

  63. And proclaiming that the webmistress is “participating in female exploitation by posting images of women to treat like meat” isn’t exactly polite either, since that was never Meg’s intent.

  64. Allegra — whoa! I *recognize* that bottle of whiskey!

  65. anarcarrot: lighten up squared.

    You know, half-naked women don’t bother me half as much as reading most of the news stories that pop up on my Google home page…

  66. theo@11:04 am: lmfao. you rule.

    ppl who are getting pissy about this: lighten up. i think there is a very adorable sleepy bunny a few posts up. maybe you should look at him/her and take a hint?

    lady on left-hand side of maxim: we should snorgle; give me a call.

  67. Arvay loves me!!!!

    Yay! Dumbo ratten baby nibbling his own toes beats the heck out of blog-marriage proposals.

    Also, it massively improves the headache I got from all-day supervisory training and zero cute for 7 hours!

  68. WickedWendy says:

    I like that. Right next to the bottle of Jack! Maxium and Jack! Yum!!!

  69. Oh my GOSH! When I looked at it amongst all the cuties, I thought… “Why are they showing scantily clad pregnant woman on a Magazine cover!”

  70. two words: breast implants.

  71. Honest to God, I do like it for the articles! Super funny magazine! I buy it for hubby but alway steal it first, for the jokes, literally!

    I will look you guys up!

  72. OK…don’t knock it til you’ve read it! Maxim is so well written and witty. I steal my husband’s before he can get to it and I am a rabid CO fan too! I just spotted the CO plug last night while reading my stolen copy. If you need a really good laugh, pick up a Maxim. It’s hilarious!

  73. LOL! Not the usual “C.O.” cute, but the women on the cover look happy and healthy, so that goes! 😉

    I’m a woman and a photographer, and there’s a VAST difference between degrading and “happy-sexy” portraiture, and I’m inclined to think its the latter. In fact, a pic cannot be BOTH sexy and degrading. There’s a “positive” sexuality and a “negative” or “degrading” sexuality – the latter automatically translates to sexual crime. No two ways about it.

    Okay, sorry for the sermonising – but this stuff is just once in a while, peeple. Lighten up!

  74. Go the Jack Daniels!

  75. Cats N Racks is perfect for the Maxim set.

    jus sayin’

  76. hrh.squeak says:

    Pyrit – thanks, I’ll take one. (snorgle, huuuufffff)

    Teho, not familiar with the initials. ? It was just the juxtaposition of prostates and squishiness that prompted the ewwww. Exams are an excellent idea and I plan to nag hubber till he gets one, just like the commercial on TV.

    Arvay – loves the ritten! Next rattie might just have to be a dumbo . . . .

  77. *Demonstrating complete pop culture illiteracy*

    Heh – I just found out what Maxim is. At work. By visiting their website. Which has sound. 😀

  78. #1 Tasha, you very eloquently said EXACTLY what I was thinking.
    #2 Theo, do you EVER shut up??? Get a life.

  79. Well, *that* was hardly worth posting twice.

  80. anti-maxim says:

    maxim probably trying to unstain their terrible reputation. besides, like people read the articles. the articles are appalling – such as, “who is the ugliest woman on tv”. i mean puh-lease, could their editor have thought of something original and smarter than that?

  81. Tasha, you must not have looked at a Maxim and decided that it’s just garbage without reading one. Most of the magazine is about trends and style, and there is no nudity. And the photos of women in their interviews typically don’t show anything different than what would be in Cosmo or Vogue.

  82. Gena — re: #2 —
    No I don’t, and yes I will (but it’ll mostly have to wait until the girls are in college).

  83. I still can’t grasp why some folks are all up in arms over a magazine aimed at the young male set. And I am STILL very offended over the assumption that it’s male readership is somehow a bunch of perverts. My brother, my husband, my male cousins and several male friends all read this magazine, and not ONE even REMOTELY could be classed as a pervert.

    As to the articles, well, I suppose that depends on your sense of humour, some I’ve found funny and some I’ve found not funny.

    In the end, this post is no different from the one regarding the mention in Bust Magazine. And before ya’ll point out the difference in the magazines, let me point out that Bust does sex toy comparisons and reviews adult movies that women would like. Which doesn’t offend me. Nor does the image of Sophia Bush wearing undies and a half open white dress shirt.

  84. Cute overload is about maternal cuteness for mothers and kids.

    For this dude who is pornificating the site and writing all these posts under pseudonyms to defend his agenda, I say, “Leave the mothers & kids alone!”

  85. What dude?

    Are you suggesting that *I* am said ‘dude’ out to pornificate this site or any other, then you had better get your head checked. I am a woman, a married one, and ONLY post under THIS name…MY name.

  86. “Cute overload is about maternal cuteness for mothers and kids.”

    Whoa. Serious dispute territory there.

    HOW do you DARE…

    Sigh. Nevermind. You are no more worth yelling at than a carpool cheat.

  87. Timbo, *that* was hilarious.

  88. BTW, mothers only become mothers, and kids only get born, because of SEX! So what’s wrong with sexy, eh?

    sex, sex, sex! sex and chocolate fudge brownies and squishing newfie paws and running barefoot in the grass and red wine and cheese sammiches and kissing fuzzy bellies!

    There! Has timbo spontaneously combusted yet?

  89. LOL w/Arvay

  90. Thank you Maxim, My husband was reading it and found this site. I’ve never been happier.

  91. love the whiskey in the background!

  92. Ya, and the cute little baby animals all got here through some sort of animal reproductive act. It’s natural. I mean, without the act of reproduction (Xerox?), we wouldn’t have little puppies. And that would be a Sad World.

  93. What!?????
    I’ll never look at another photocopier the same again…

  94. to be honest, i rather see people like adriana lima or doutzen kroes on here then sophia.
    sophia have absolutely nothing sexy about her, she is just some teeny tweeny girl with no attitude what so ever.

    sophia is just someone got trap in her former husband “abstience” trick.
    :S no offence but i really think she have nothing that can qualify as sexy.

  95. Shannon says:

    That is one hot girl out there! It makes my body so warm especially seeing those girls! LOL! Ill just have to be conteded now with my toy from http://www.xandria-products.com.