“We’ve been living in a constant C.O. situation since we got these two cats…”

Please check out the hilarity taking place in the Anna-Maria G. household. Two nonstop wrestin’ kittehs on Oriental carpets! Sweet.

"Ehn ehn ehn" [wrestling sounds, ears back]


[SPROING!] Grey cat Luna suddenly cat-tacks the photographer! Aieeee!


Agnosto, Marco, and Mom, WATCH OUT!



  1. A thinker says:

    AHAHAHAHAHA! Spikey-clawed ninja-cats.

  2. I wubs the kitten, but the grey guy looks like my ebil nephew.

  3. Best 2 out of 3, guys?

  4. Jan Spencer says:

    Oh no!! Body slam!!!
    Love it!!!

  5. the second picture scares me.

  6. that second photo of the gray cat leaping is HIGH-larious!! 🙂

  7. They look like they have a ton of fun together, even if the gray cat is an order of magnitude bigger than his stripped-tummy partner.

  8. Mean Gene Okerlund: Oh! The the famous “Kitteh Wap” followed by the “Leopard Leap.” This is one exciting match, folks!

  9. I WANT PIC #3!!!

    Teh awsum.

  10. Big Gray is the Sean Penn of kittehs — “Hey! I told you no pictures! C’mere, you!”

  11. ShelleyTambo says:

    HA! Picture 2 is priceless!

  12. We always called this “Big-Time Kittie Wrestling” at our house. Masks and folding chairs optional!

  13. The grey one needs a cape in that 2nd pic.

  14. OH GOOD LORD, THAT IS TOO ADORABLE FOR WORDS! Literally, language just ain’t gonna cut it here…

    urgggghhhh, teh cute! Tiny little stripykit with tewtelly separate toes, lol, and the large gray yoda cat!

  15. AWESOME shots!

    The kitteh is all feet! ^^

    And check out the squinty-eyed action from Luna in the first shot.

    I lofs it!

  16. That is one stripey kitteroo! Even stripes on the belly.

    We just took in a little stray kitteroo, and the antics are beginning. Watching kitteroo Simone stalk and hiss at 20 lb. Maine Coon Dougall is a riot! LOL! Like Gary Coleman waving his dukes at Mike Tyson.

    Great pics!

  17. OMG!!!! That second picture is such a perfect capture! How on earth???? I love it love it love it!!!

  18. The second pic is one of the best of seen in a while – very super-heroish.

  19. yoohoostereo says:

    A Russian Blue!!!!!

    I love that second picture, it is totally trippy. I like little kitty’s retractable claws in the first pic.

  20. Gray kit kat: “Tag! You’re it!”

    Photographer: “Crap! My eyes!”

    Dangerously cute/scary pics 😉

  21. That grey kitteh is gone keeeell us! The picture was at just the right moment

  22. WHOA! I love the leaping at camera shot!

  23. This is what my house looks like! We have a 10 lb., 2-year-old tabby and just rescued a little black kitty who is about 10 weeks and less than 4 lbs.

    Awesome, just awesome.

  24. Talk about David & Goliath.

  25. “Sean Penn of kittehs” lmao!

  26. Love this! Reminds me of my Archie and Chula, bro and sis but Archie’s about five pounds heavier. Chula doesn’t care, she’s always trying to tear his throat out.

  27. NebraskaErin says:

    Ninjaaaa kittehhhhhh! AIIIEEEEEEEEE!

  28. Peg of Tilling says:

    …and the photographer wins a Furlizter prize for combat photography.

  29. “Furlitzer?” I thought that was a pipe-organ manufacturer. (They specialized in thumbless ergonomics, waaay ahead of their time.)

  30. I got to stay home 2 days last week (aahhh!), only to find that our two cats do this ALL DAY LONG! And my two are a little closer in size than the 2 in the pics here.. kind of an unfair matchup I think! 😀 But omg it was HILARIOUS!! Now catching it on film though.. brilliant!! I love the little kitty’s stripes, they’re so vibrant! 🙂

  31. Re: the second photo –

    What we just missed seeing, actually, is the stripey-kit using his superstrength to throw the russian blue towards the camera.

    That’s right, the russian blue isn’t attacking…he’s taking a flight, courtsey of the stripey-kit.

  32. lurkertype says:

    Oh, yes, that’s going on in my house right now, with the 6 yr. old tortie and the 4 month old TuxKit.

    The kitten here is redonkulously stripey.

  33. WOW! That is awesome!!!

  34. There is no third picture because the photographer is now dead, lol.

  35. Terminatah: Cyborgs don’t feel pain.
    Tigger the Tiger: Bouncey, trouncey, flouncey, pouncey, fun, fun, fun, fun, fun!
    Terminatah: Aah’ll be baack.

  36. Good grief, Pyrit… I’ve had variations of *both* of those nicknames. (Not recently.)

  37. The stripey kitteh has claws like Wolverine. New member of the X-Men?

  38. Robbie — Wolverine has six. NinjitsuNeko has TWENTY.

  39. LOL that’s awesome!

  40. Peg of Tilling says:

    You’re right, Theo–I meant Pawlitzer Prize.

    Besides the standard stops, pipes, and keyboards, the Mighty Furlitzer Organ includes such special sound effects as ringing collar bells, electric can-opener whizzer, kibble rattle, mouse squeaks, and bird trills.

  41. Sweet Lady says:

    Hahaha! Grey kitteh says, “I said NO PHOTOGRAPHS!! Gwwwaaaarrr!!!”

  42. My money’s on the grey one. But they’re both sooo cute!

  43. Hmmm…makes me think of Inigo Montoya trying to duel the count, only the count is all, “Damn it! Who let the press in here?”

  44. Luna in the second pic reminds me of the Boomtown Rats’ album cover of The Fine Art of Surfacing.

  45. We have the same combo at our house, only our grey cat is a Russian Blue. Bengals are so fiesty, rower… our adult Bengal still acts more like a kitten.

  46. Captain, that second picture is more hilarious than 92% of all photographs encountered so far.

  47. fight fight fight!!!

  48. sweeeeeeeeet action shot

  49. HAD to make pic2 my desktop background!!

  50. Love the pics – but the cute little striped kitty looks seriously outmatched….

  51. Hey! I thought I’d invented the word sproing years ago to describe my puppy’s leap-pounce anerableness, but it seems that you use it too! This makes it clear that ‘sproing’ is in fact THE perfect word to describe such an action and should be quickly entered into the Dictionary as a ‘proper’ word henceforth. SPROIOIOIOING!

  52. snowpupgirl says:

    I’m sorry…

    But that second pic totally PWNS all other pics.

    Let’s see more crazy action shots! New cat-egory if there are two more…

  53. Those are high class photography, especially the 2nd one. I have 8 cats and I can relate to the constant C.O situation. My cats catch anything, from feet to flies. *sigh*

  54. Just this evening, I took in a young adult female foster cat (maybe 2 years old, but full-grown) to keep Xena (7 1/2 week-old foundling) some company.

    I expected that Xena would be a friendly playful pain-in-the-ass and that the older cat would be annoyed.

    Wrong. 180 degrees wrong. The older cat approached Xena in a *totally* friendly way, not too quickly, making little “chirp” noises, like she’d do with her own kittens … and Xena went completely Hallowe’en Cat ballistic, puffed, yowling, shaking, spitting, and … she shit on the pillow she was standing on, out of pure rage and fear! (A few weeks back Xena had a couple of piddle accidents, but she seemed to be over it, and she has *never* pooed in the wrong place before, ever.)

    I guess “you scared the shit out of me!” is literal.

    After about six forays of hissing, spitting, shitting Xena, the older cat visibly sighed, and finally spat at Xena, and is staying out of her way.

    I hope the situation will improve. That was the first two hours. At this point, the older cat is (wisely) hiding behind the piano. I *know* she’s not scared of someone 1/5 her size. I think she’s just being polite/politic until the little one gets used to the scent and occasional sight of another kitty.

    But hey — I’m up for advice, here, and ideas of what to expect.

  55. musicchick2 says:

    Cutener – apparently the word SPROING has overflowed the banks of the U.S. of A and washed up in Austria! check out http://www.sproing.com

  56. Uff, CatFreak, that’s a hard one. You can’t backtrack and completely undo it, but how I’ve always introduced new housemates is gradually, and you might pretend to start over with them. Let them sniff a towel the other one has slept on. Let them sniff each other under the door, see each other at a distance, over the course of a week or so. Usually the freak out is produced with immediate introductions, because all the senses are ON, and overloaded. Letting them get used to each other’s smell can be a big help.

  57. NebraskaErin says:

    “Hmmm…makes me think of Inigo Montoya trying to duel the count, only the count is all, “Damn it! Who let the press in here?””

    Redzilla is awesome. That is all.

  58. Whoa!

    We needs a third pic!

  59. Thanks, Redzilla. I guess it’s been 20 years since I had more than one cat; 35 years since I’ve had unrelated cats, so I’m a bit rusty. Also, I’d heard that introducing a kitten to an adult is about 1000 times easier than introducing two adults.

    I just hadn’t expected the kitten to be the one with the Issue! Oh well. She *was* here first, and that’s probably not the usual situation.

    And they’d sniffed each other through the carrier bars for hours without incident, displaying only mild curiosity. When I first let them out, they butt-sniffed and nose-touched with no drama at all.

    But I guess when the new girl jumped up on the end table while Xena and I were on the couch, she really really startled and threatened Xena, like that’s when the, “My God, there’s another *cat* in here … and it’s *big*!” penny dropped.

    After the hissy fit, I separated them, keeping Xena in the kitchen. But she’s exceptionally brave and curious, and insisted on being let out to Explore. So I let her, with very close supervision from me. At this point, she seems to want to sit about six feet away from the newcomer, and ostentatiously play with *me* (i.e. “See? This is *MY* Mommy!) while glancing over at New Cat frequently.

    It helps that New Cat seems to have the calmest temperament I’ve ever seen in a cat. She just looks … unconcerned. And the more unconcerned she looks, the more curious Xena is.

    Xena is still uneasy whenever the big cat moves quickly or jumps, but nothing like the earlier reaction. It’s the difference between mild trepidation and psycho panic.

    BTW, New Cat fostered several different abandoned litters at the shelter this season, before she was spayed a week ago, so she’s used to kittens. Maybe that’s why she hardly batted a whisker during Xena’s freakout, just giving one mild gently rebuking hiss.

  60. bunnajenny says:

    Cat Freak…completely concur with Redz on the going back to basic introductions. The other step I would add in, is let each kitty into the other’s space while the other is absent. You’ll still get some hissing and moaning even after all that, but it will be a lot less freaky.

    As for the pooping in an inapporpriate place, make sure you get it with an enzyme spray so that Xena doesn’t get it into her head that this is an ok thing to do. With the peeing outside the box, did you get her checked for a UTI?

    And feliway…lots of feliway. Hefty investment at $29 for a tiny spray bottle, but oh so worth it for stressed out kittehs.

    And then, when you’re having one of *those* moments, search through the posts for lurkertype and her stories on the introduction of the Tuxkit(s) to HRTortie.

    Good luck with it all!

  61. Hmm. Rereading my two accounts here, I realize I sound really inconsistent.

    The two cats were in the carriers, facing each other for about two hours, sniffing and observing. They seemed OK, so I let them out. They sniffed each other, still OK.

    Then Xena and I went to the couch, and the new cat hopped up on the table next to the couch to say “Hi!”, and chirped at Xena, all with extremely friendly ear and tail position and vocalization.

    Xena lost it badly, as described.

    I posted the story, and all three of us took a nap. Arising from the nap and retelling the story, I find I didn’t realize until now that the New Cat had just moved too fast. And Xena may just be extra-territorial about the couch (and Mom) being *hers*.

    It all makes more sense now.

  62. Thanks, guys. Do you remember where lurkertype told the story of the tuxkits and HRTortie?

    I looked all over PetCo for that Feliway. It sounds great. Didn’t see it there. I’ll try to order some online.

    As for the poop, I grabbed it instantly with a Kleenex and flushed it in the people toilet, sprayed the pillow with the gunk, and dropped it in the wash.

  63. that gray kitty’s eyes are really orange in the second picture…it looks interesting with his fur colour.

  64. CatFreak, I do believe and Xena and the new cat (name?) will get along jus’ fine. Xena just had to get the ‘interloper’ that there are, yanno, “rules”.
    unfortunately, there is no single post where the saga of LurkerType, TuxKit aka TK and HRTortie (with guest appearance by MomTux and a bleeding Mr. LT) is recounted. there may be a book someday . however, if you go to the “SIZZESEARCH” box on the top-right corner of this page and enter the term “Tuxkit” you can read the story, bit by bit, on the comments section. or click on this link:

  65. Well, I’m looking forward to the day when Xena and Newcat frolic like the two cats in this picture. I know they really *want* to …

    Xena won’t do the “separate rooms” thing. She wails piteously and hurls herself at the door when I try it. Despite her fear and indignation, she is intensely curious about the new arrival.

    Today, she seems to want to walk about four feet behind Newcat, staring and sniffing. Whenever Newcat turns around, ears forward, to utter a pleasant little Momcat “beckoning” chirp, Xena puffs. If Newcat takes a tentative step *toward* Xena, Xena hisses and goes to find me and hide behind my skirt.

    But a few minutes later, she’s prowling after Newcat again.

    Newcat’s got some good psyops tricks up her sleeve, though. Xena was in the office, sitting with me, and Newcat decided to romp happily up and down the hall, batting at dustmotes, as if to say, “Wow! Look at all the *fun* I’m having out here! I’m just romping my *ass* off!” Xena was eyeballing this, looking a little wistful. After all, Romping is Xena’s very most favorite thing!

    So they’re sharing space, uneasily but not that badly compared to yesterday.

    I’m supervising closely and holding out hope that there will be co-romping within a week or two!

    (As for Newcat’s name: she doesn’t have one. She was dropped off by her owner at a shelter early this past spring with a litter and no documentation or explanation. She served as wet nurse for all the orphan kitties all season. The shelter folks just called her Gray Momma.

    I’m thinking Hermione, or Penelope, or Temperance, or Prunella, or Prudence. She’s quite prudent. But no name has settled yet. She’s a shorthaired gray tux with long legs and long foxy face, tiny feet, and a big muscular body. The shelter people told me she wasn’t very pretty, but *I* think she is, in her way. She reminds me of a little Puritan matron.)

  66. Oh gawd!! Loooove it! I have 2 that fight this way. It’s always over who gets to sit on the rug. I call it “The Rug Wars.” In the second pic, the “launching” of the gray-blue one, that’s just priceless!! He thinks he’s an aircraft!

    ((SIGH)) Thank you, C.O.

  67. Oh, man, that’s gotta be a British Blue on top (or at least his daddy was). Gorgemouse!

  68. CatFreak, thanks for the update. You give good descriptions. If she’s a Puritan, maybe Newcat’s name should be double-barrelled and start with “Goody” like the goodwives of the time were?

    I have a small, but heartwarming cat story, too. A friend of mine picked up a lost or stray cat the other night, but was so bogged down with helping his elderly dad move and other household upheavals, couldn’t get on any postering or other efforts right away to help find its way home. I suggested he at least take it to the Humane Society to see if it had a microchip. Two days later, he found the time to do that and it was microchipped! So simole, and the cat will now make it home after all.

  69. “simole” = “simple” Oops.

  70. yip, it’s a British Blue (the eye colour gives it away). They’re also chunkier than Russians, so you don’t wanna be messin’ with them…!

  71. hugs to CatFreak, sounds like you could use it. But I confess, your first post made me laugh so hard my sides hurt.

    Now about that second pic, since the British Blue’s eyes are closed in the first, I think the second is an “I’ve had enough of the kitteh spaz and I’m outta here” maneuver. Silly photog for being in the line of flight.
    luv it!

  72. Catfreak–
    Hester — from the Scarlet Letter?

  73. bunnajenny says:

    CatFreak, Petsmart has Feliway in the cat cleaning section (the wipes, the shampoo, the fake nails). But it’s on their web site too.

  74. “Hester” is a good suggestion, but temperamentally, I don’t think it will work. Hester Prynne had some fire to her. This cat is on the sweet and prim “go along to get along” side.

    Maybe we should call her “Goody Fourpaws”?

    Although I’m leaning to “Prudence”, since, as a “quality” name, it’s appropriate for a Puritan lady, or to “Hermione”, just because I like it, and would never inflict it on an actual human child.

    I am now seeing Simultaneous Romping, where they romp, romp, romp, just a few feet away from one another, pausing every now and then to fix the other with a gimlet eye before returning to more, and more ostentatious, romping.

    No co-romping yet.

    It’s Xena’s curiosity and her boredom with my play style which will win her over, I know. I’m OK as a human, and I’m a fine source of eyerubs and cheek skritches and Fancy Feast, but I make a boring cat, especially for such a little maniac as she.

    When Goody Fourpaws was dashing up and down the hall, caroming off the walls and making the floorboards boom, Xena couldn’t entirely hide her admiration. She was eviscerating my (gloved!) hand at the time, and stopped in mid-kick to watch intently.

  75. Noiw that I think of it, Hester is too hissy anyway.
    Have to watch out for that kind of thing.
    I had a friend who named her Lab Noah, resulting in serious confusion (“No! I mean, Stop it, Noah!”).
    Poor dog never did figure out no.
    Well, actually, he was a Lab.
    He just figured he had an excuse to ignore it.
    Prudence (“won’t you come out and play”) is a great name.

  76. “Goody Fourpaws” – I love it.

  77. And Goody is a great name too.
    Although somewhat vulnerable to the same problems as Noah:
    “Goody! Stop that. Bad cat!”
    “Good cat, Goody.”
    Of course, cats never listen to you anyway, so it probably doesn’t matter.

  78. CatFreak – you might try asking at the check-out counters about the feliway. One pet supply place I shoppped at kept it behind glass, along with the frontline, because it’s small and expensive. Kind of like the jewelry counter.

  79. Hey, delurking to say….

    Awwwww, they remind me of my two cats! Tasha is a gray domestic longhair, and Rocky (as in Balboa, not flying squirrel) is a striped ocicat and looks EXACTLY like little Mr. Claws there.

    They even romp like that, although it’s not as cute. Tasha just wants to be left alone (she’s my little old lady) but Rocky wants to play all the time. However, Tasha sees Rocky’s playing as “Holy crap, he’s attacking me!” so they usually wind up hissing and howling and rolling around in a furball for a while until oen of them will break away and walk off. Luckily neither of them can hurt the other, it’s just noisy.

    Tasha lives with my mom, while Rocky lives with me. They only interact when I’ve come to stay in Casa de Bookworm’s Parents while Mr. Bookworm is deployed (as he is now). Once Rocky and I are safely ensconced back in our apartment back home, poor old Tasha can relax a bit.

    Whoa, so much for keeping my first post short and sweet! Carry on with the cuteness. Nothing else to see here…

  80. Come to think of it, I’ve counted the toes on our littled striped friend there, and I think he IS an ocicat. Kewl.

  81. bunnajenny says:

    Goody Fourpaws is a brilliant name. “This is my cat Goody, Goody Fourpaws”, yep that works!

  82. Bookworm, “short and sweet” is overrated! ;->

    My best wishes for Mr. Bookworm’s safe return.

  83. OMG! The Russian Blue looks just like my Ophelia, right down to the stripey tail!


    (Although, you can’t see her stripey tail here.)

    Eep! And EEP!

  84. hrh.squeak says:

    Eeep! (Downer alert)

    CatFreak, please please don’t flush kittie poops down the people toilet. The parasites in feline poops are deadly to sea otters, and I think seals and sea lions as well? What works for me is dropping them into a plastic grocery bag and tying the bag off tightly before putting it in the trash. Keeps the stinkle down, ifyaknowwhutImean.

  85. I’m loving the saga of Xena and Newcat.

    My cat had a positive, full-on mental breakdown the first time she had to live with another cat (she was four-ish at the time, the new kitten was about five months). I’m talking hiding under the bed, week-long hunger strike (she’s really fat and I think she snuck out for snacks while I slept), hissing and spitting every time any one came near her. But, over the course of about a month, she went from under the bed, to angrily slinking around with a ferocious glare, to smacking the kitten every now and then, to playing with him, to grooming him and snorgling him and creating many awwww-able moments. I see much co-grooming and romping in Xena and Newcat’s future very soon.

  86. ericka ortiz says:

    oh my gosh you just made me, acat hater love them bcuz of these adorible pics of these so q.t. *kittins* u should send me some pics to ortizericka@yahoo.com tay hpoe you do…………

  87. I have a 3 year old, precious kitty named Minus. He’s had lots of mommys, but I love him so much he’s not going ANYWHERE. Anyway, due to some circumstances he became an only kitty for the first time in his life and I’ve never seen anything more pitiful. So, I got a teeny, tiny kitten. Like, barely weened, teeny tiny kitten. A stripey one, of course… anyway the first day together Minus was TERRIFIED of the kitten, he’d never seen anything like it! Holy Crap! It was so SMALL! Eventually they learned to get along and they are as happy as can be, but watching my 15lb long-hair respond to a pound of stripey fluff like that was hilarious.

  88. I want to rub the tiger kittie’s belly so bad!

  89. Tiger kitty vs. Nightcrawler from X-Men.

  90. :: BAMF ::

  91. Further update:

    Twenty minutes ago, while Newcat (aka Good Mistress Prudence Fourpaws) was curled up on my bedspread, half-sleeping with one leg out, Xena climbed up on the bed, snuck over, and sniffed Prudence’s paw very slowly, seeming fine with it. Then she sat down *right next to the paw* and began licking herself.

    At this point, Prudence awoke, gave a sleepy yawn and stretch, and then … made the mistake of *looking* at Xena, at which point Xena had to puff up, give a tiny hiss, and Hallowe’en Cat Hop three inches backward, just so we all know she’s nobody’s fool.

    Prudence didn’t care. Just shut her eyes and continued lolling. Xena backed slowly to a point about three feet away and lay down.

    Right now they are both awake, three feet apart, bathing, apparently mimicking one another’s gestures, but carefully avoiding eye contact.

    I don’t think it will be long now, as long as no one overreacts and smacks anyone else.

  92. CatFreak, keep those stories coming. The saga of Newcat and Xena is better than TV.

  93. I agree, your writing style is hilarious. And it is so fun hearing someone else going through the same thing I am now (although mine is reversed- old cat’s upset, new kitten wants to play).

  94. “old cat’s upset, new kitten wants to play”.

    That’s what I was expecting. Apparently, it’s the Territory-Holder who is most apt to become upset by a new arrival. *I’m* loving everybody else’s stories, too. I’m in stitches over the 15-pounder who was terrified of the weanling, or the Four Year Old who spent a month under the bed, another month in a sulk, and another month bitchslapping the intruder before realizing it was True Love. ;->

    The only thing more fun than a cat is *two* cats, even when it’s nothin’ but Drama.

    (And thanks to whoever that was for the tip on not flushing kitty poopies. I didn’t know that.)

  95. Is this the re-enactment of The Battle of Pearl Harbor by the Cat-ley Townswomen’s Guild?

  96. That grey kitty looks just like my Horatio. I think those Russian-blue types all look alike.

    Hey, kitty lovers who might be reading this thread… could someone who has Meg’s ear (Theo?) make a special request for some pics of Siamese kitties? I’ve got a friend who is VERY ill, suddenly, with an extremely scary medical problem, who would love a quirky Siamese pic. Or for that matter, if any of y’all have some great Siamese pics, please send the links my way, and I will pass them on to her.

  97. CatFreak- old cat (Miki) pretty much “vultures” the kitten (Beamer)- waits behind doorways, sneaks around the couch, sits four inches behind him while he’s eating and, when he notices her, takes off after him in a grand chase around the house, usually ending with Beamer under the bed or hiding in one of the kitty baskets. Tuna treat time give me hope, however, because then Miki just chows down on the tuna from the same plate, their little noses right next to each other. The closest we’ve come to a “laying on the same bed” situation is this: http://shanchan.vox.com

    The funniest thing happened this morning, however, when I was taking a shower. Beamer was hiding in the corner behind the laundry basket, Miki was in the meatloaf position on top of the toilet seat cover. She suddenly jumped down to try and grab him, he jumped into the bathtub, realized he was getting seriously wet, scrabbled around until I could grab him and put him out onto the bathmat, dripping water all over Miki, who took off like a shot. I was dying laughing, Beamer started to give himself a bath, and Miki walks back in, like, that had nothing to do with me!

  98. shanchan, I knew it was just a matter of time before you posted about Miki and Beamer.
    /should it be “Miki and the Beam’ ?
    //yanno, like “Wally and the Beav’ ?

  99. How ’bout one of those celebrity couples nicknames, like Beaki. Wait, that’s kinda ugly. Mimear? Sounds kinda like what the Swedish chef would say. But, I like Miki and the ‘Beam!

  100. MikBeamish?

    Maybe not. I was just thinking of a friend’s late, loved terrier, MacTavish.

  101. The claws! The claws!

  102. musicchick2 says:

    By request from Kcat, in the interest of “new cute for today”, feast your eyes on ‘TOCKS!! http://www.musicchick2.vox.com


  103. This series of photos reminds me of this old favorite on YouTube:

  104. Yet Another Update on Xena and Pru:


    There is a little mild chasey-chasey and batty-batty going on. Every fifth or six foray, Xena gets a little freaked and hisses slightly, and then Prudence backs off, and lets Xena come for *her*. Yes, each time Xena gets scared, Pru plays “submissive” and lets Xena mock-aggress.

    Prudence may be hell on bedspreads, but she certainly is a genius with kittens. I’ve seen Prudence barrel down the hall on her own, and she’s got a lot of speed and strength that she’s holding back. She’s really pulling her punches to “play nice” with the little slightly nervous one.

    Wow. 29 hours from Xena crapping herself in terror, to playing a little gentle “tag” and some patty-cake with the interloper.

    This is so squeeable, I’m about to explode. Awesome.

    We’ve got to get our camera fixed so I can post pictures of this.

  105. Actually, it looks like the little one launched the big one at the camera.

  106. CatFreak, that is so great!

  107. “My best wishes for Mr. Bookworm’s safe return.”

    Thanks…. he actually comes home in two weeks!!!!

    And CatFreak, that’s like the end of the Kitty Cold War, yay!

  108. Brak_Silverbone says:

    One thing I think gets overlooked a lot here is that there’s some awesome photography goin’ on. I love the completely frozen motion of that first photo! I’m in love with the angles they’re holding their ears at (at which they’re holding their ears, I should say). And SPROING!! A nanosecond later, the photographer got a severe nose-bonk as the camera connected with his/her nose.

  109. I have a gray cat too whose name is Luna…*snickers* she was just like that when she was playing with my other kitten….except she stole the camera and destoryed it *glares at the innocent looking Luna cat*

  110. WOW! I have the same cats! Seriously identical!