mmmm, slurpliciousss…

For some reason, Super-Sender-Inner "Yuriy S." decided to send in like a hunderd photos today. This is one of them. Hmmm.

Just discover C.O., Yuriy? Welcome to the party, my bruthuh. Welcome.


[Licking vanilla off lips]



  1. That’s the same face I make!

  2. Hey, I’ve never been first!

  3. NebraskaErin says:


    I can hear the purring from here. Theriouthly.

  4. Ice cream headache!

  5. quite possibly the cutest image i have ever seen.

  6. A thinker says:

    Oh, I wish I had a kitty to share an ice cream cone with…

  7. Cute! I’d share with this baby any time. My Bucky Katt loooooves cherry vanilla ice cream, and he’s not too patient about waiting to lick the bowl after I’m done.

  8. musicchick2 says:

    Soooooooooooo cute!!! GAH!! I have been known to share my vanilla cone with my Tipper on occasion. He also enjoys sharing a bite of Nutrigrain cereal bars. Who knew kitties liked sweets!

  9. Allie and Jojo-s Mom says:

    My babiers luff to eat Little Debbie Strawberry Shortcake Rolls. It’s heaven in a box for them.

  10. My oldest cat loves banana pudding. He goes absolutely nuts…it’s hard to make him wait for the last bite.

  11. Okay, so now I want some ice cream. At 10:15 a.m.

  12. Laurie C: it’s NEVER the wrong time for ice cream. Frozen custard is awfully good, too. (If you’re going to throw pudding, can you make it custard and freeze it first? Please?) My Sanibel kitteh helps me with whatever frozen delight I’m eating – sometimes she even waits for me to finish!

  13. I had a Marmie kitty that loved veggies!! If you opened a can of peas, or green beans, you HAD to share the juice with her… And she absolutely loved tomotoes and tomato juice… I think she was a vegetarian in a former life, to be honest…

    My parents had a pure white kitty who loved ice cream…She used to give herself brain-freezes… That was funny to see her walk around the living room shaking her head…

  14. dragonrose says:

    Should this maybe go under the new “I shall leeck you” category?

  15. its amazing fact mark this ice cream cone is actually mini-size as the kitten.

  16. I think I heard somewhere that kitties can’t actually taste sweet things? Am I completely off ma rocker? you would never know it w/ my kitties….but then again they eat anything…shoulda named one “Mikey”….

  17. oh how cute!
    too cute for me to even have anything witty to say!

  18. Lil’ pink tongue!
    Hope he doesn’t get brain freeze1

  19. If you lean in close to your compooter, you can hear the kitty saying “Nyum”.

    I promise. Try it.

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  21. Ah hah! I knew I wasn’t the only one to share my ice cream/yogurt/cream cheese/cheese/chicken/cereal milk with my cat! Now, take that anerable little Sylvester kitteh and replace with an anerable 17lb black kitteh with HUGE gold eyes….and you have what goes on in my house.

  22. StormCat, I actually discovered last night that my tabbico kitten, Pinky, is very enthusiastic about green beans. Never had a veggie-eating kitteh before…

  23. NebraskaErin says:

    I had a cat once who loved potato chips, American cheese, and red licorice.

    My kits now beg and beg and beg for people food, but if I cave and give them something, they don’t eat it.

    I have a friend who feeds her pups off of her own fork. Bite for her, bite for pup, bite for her, bite for pup. That’s going just a bit too far for me.

  24. Llamas — would those be the green beans flavored with bacon? Just guessin’.

  25. ShelleyTambo says:

    Kitties supposedly don’t have the correct digestive enzymes to eat vegetables–but I’ve heard of/seen too many veggie-loving cats to think that would stop them.

    My kitty hasn’t tried ice cream, but she loves any other dairy, even macaroni and cheese, which really isn’t dairy (but it is nice and salty). She doesn’t even wait until I’m done with the cereal to try to get the milk–depending on what kind of cereal residue is in it. She won’t drink milk with cinnamon in it.

  26. ShellyT, I discovered the same thing with my cats and cinnamon. They love ice cream and will go enthusiastically after the dregs in my bowl when I’m done, until I started buying the new Haagen Dasz Mayan Chocolate flavor (chocolate with cinnamon — not a formal plug, but it is goooood). Then it was all “No, thanks!”

  27. I used to always let my previous cat lick popsicles and she loooved it, even the weird flavors like bubblegum and whatnot. My kitty now always licks the bowl when I’m done with ice cream, but that seems understandable to me because of the dairy thing. She also likes cheese and oreos, which I find weird.

  28. My cats have always loved melons. Especially cantelopes.

  29. I had a cat that loved potato peels. The sound of the potato peeler was cause for kitty happy dance. Diving into the trash for the peels as they dropped.

  30. AlbertaGirl says:

    My Buster cat loves oranges – mandarin and navel. I peel the ‘skin’ off the segments, and he happily (and messily) will eat all the yummy orange pulp inside.

  31. Love the ear angle on this little guy…

  32. My usually-reserved-about-such-things kitty was being really obnoxious one night about my dinner.
    Well, I had made a roast.
    So I gave her my plate at the end, with some left over meat scrapes and one extra asparagus spear.
    She soooo grabbed the asparagus and ran off growling to kill it in the corner.
    Same cat once knocked a cantloupe off the table, rolled it against the wall and ate a hole into it.

  33. Oh that face is priceless!

    One of my cats will practically crawl into the bowl when I eat cereal. My other cat doesn’t go too nuts over dairy, but he’s a big fan of dog food, unfortunately for the dog.

  34. My old cat Wilma *loved* yogurt. She would be in my face while I ate it–big time. To appease her, I’d put some on the lid and put it on the wood floor. She’d lick it all the way across the room. lolz

  35. i..must..schlurp…must…schlurrrrpppp……*enh*

  36. One of my kitties is nuts about yogurt – plain, flavored, sweet, with apple sauce, with flax seed meal, with almonds, with fruit. I have yogurt for breakfast and she won’t leave me alone until I give her a little. So cute!

  37. nightbird1962 says:

    My Zhu-Zhu kitty luvs the heck out of broccoli. and Chuckie will take my tomato juice away from me. I read that thing about cats not being able to taste sweet…tell that to the cats that will lick the maple surup off the plate when the waffles are all gone. (mine)

  38. Elvis has never attempted to eat people food, except for that one time we caught him checking out the Thanksgiving turkey so many years ago. We never told our guests that the bird was already taste tested.

    Not too long ago, I set down a bowl with remnants of my pasta dinner. He licked clean the olive oil, oregano and parmasan (sp) cheese.

  39. chet's momma says:

    chet is a turkey lover! and he knows when I’m making coffee and will mroew like he’s about to perish if i don’t give him some half-n-half, aka “creamies.”

  40. My first FitzThomas cat, Brendan (a lovely Snowshoe, but with a real attitude problem) adored chili, particularly homemade. Canned would do, but he agreed with the Chili Cook-off folks about the ingredients. I would put a couple of tablespoons-full in a dish, and he would eat all of it except the beans. When he was done, the dish would be pristine, and there would be a small pile of well-licked beans in the bottom.

  41. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Does this go in the “I shall leeck you” category?

  42. FENM — I don’t really consider ice cream cones to be a species, but that’s just me.

  43. My Bugs kitteh lurves cheese – not just any kind but the expensive, extra sharp aged stuff – no cheap cheese, thank you very much. Can’t get out of the kitchen alive without leaving her a couple of pieces which are promptly taken into the living room to be devoured on the oriental carpet – very sociable she is. Think she’s really a mouse in cat’s clothing.

  44. Off-topic… but peeps, The Daily Kitten is back up, with a marmalade vengeance!

  45. My kitteh Polly loves fried rice as I found out when I left a dish of it unattended for a couple of minutes. She will also lick up vanilla ice cream very happily.

    I did have a cat when I was little who loved tomatoes and a friend had a kitty who ate cantelope.

  46. Here’s a run down on what my kittehs like:

    Pinky will eat anything meat and ice cream and cream cheese

    Emily likes yogurt, especially Activia blueberry flavoured, loves bananas, and roast poultry

    Coco-Butt loves roast duck and pringles (she just licks the flavour off and leaves a soggy chip behind)

    My husband will eat anything I give him

  47. Aww, cute kitty. 🙂

    Kitty’s eating ice cream.

  48. Sandy P. you are married to a kitteh? Oh the joy!! LOL!! 😛

  49. Love the kitteh (my next cat I swear will be a “tux” color) but also enjoying the stories about the different things our kittehs love/eat. My current cat loves powdered sugar (after the donut is gone).. friend’s cat would kill for asparagus (someone else above mentioned asaparagus too, funny) and had to have it made for her frequently. I also once had a cat that would climb into cupboards for Fritos and/or spice cake. And my Shadow would go insane over an olive-wood kitchen spoon someone gave me. I couldn’t leave it on the counter, had to close it in the drawer. He liked olives, also. Strange what those critters can come up with.

    And I love how everyone indulges these cravings although I agree with NebraskaErin .. bite for pup, bite for me, bite for pup, is going a bit toooo far.

  50. zosterops says:

    a friend here has a cat that goes all crazy eyed about sun dried apricots. makes you wonder where in the sun they dry the apricots these days…

  51. What a cutie!!!

    My Jahari LOVES marshmallows and butter(margarine). Plus ice cream, even with cinnamon. And cheese… but dang if you can get her away from the butter (margarine)!!! All we have to say is we’re having bread and butter, and she’s all over you!!! Once my mom caught her licking the margarine right out of the tub. My mom just scooped out where she licked and never told me until it was empty. Gee I hope she got it all.
    LOL @ sandy p

  52. i love this photograph and i love your all’s comments even more. they made me think about my boy bunny (that’s his name. he was a manx who looked like a little bunny rabbit when he was a kitten. he ended up weighing about 25 pounds at his healthiest. who knew he would grow into a shetland pony. he crossed the rainbow bridge when he was 18 in 1996). we would give him a hostess twinkie on his birthday every year. as soon as he heard the wrapper, he knew what was coming. thanks for the memory!!!!!

  53. Makes me want some ice cream too!

  54. Bucky Katt, MDawn? Is he a super-scarcastic siamese?

  55. Nancy, I call my cats “bunny”, too, just as an endearment. Sodapop becomes Sodabunny, Tumbleweed becomes Tumblebunny.

  56. That’s just too funny, I had a cat too who was absolutely crazed over cantaloupe. He’d nab a nugget of it out of your hands and growl like he was defending the most precious thing in the world.

    He also liked strawberries, and a billion other human-food bits. But the Cantaloupe and strawberries had to be the weirdest bits.

  57. “Mmmmmm. Wait. Is it lactose-free?!?!?”

  58. Brain Freeze!!!
    I wonder if that person even knows that Mcslurpersons here snuck a lick…

  59. A thinker says:

    Well, that’s nothing. I had a cat who liked bread-and-butter pickles and would open the jar to get at them.

    He also liked Diet Coke and figured out how to puncture the tops of the cans to drink it. He’d even pour it into his kitty water dish.

    And then there was the time he ate all the icing roses (but ONLY the roses, not the other decorations) off a birthday cake.

    /joking! I keed, folks, I keed.

  60. katherine says:

    hmmm…. I’m not so cuted-out by the squinchy eyes… otherwise, adorable!

  61. I’m having ice-cream with cereal right now….no milk in the house:( The kittehs are asleep and husband is out trying to bring home the bacon 🙂

  62. Laurie C, I call my cats ‘bunnies’ too!

    I took them to the vet one day and we had to sit in the waiting room for a while. When they called my name, I picked up the carrier and said, “Let’s go, bunnies!” The vet tech looked at me, looked in the carrier, looked at me again and said very seriously, “Those aren’t bunnies!” I nearly exploded trying not to laugh.

  63. That’s it! I’m starting a new brand of cat food, called CO ONE Fripeepskies.
    Featured flavor will be:
    Pickled cantaloupe with marshmallows.
    For ‘picky-eaters’ there will be Asparagus turkey-chili complete with a plastic lid for kitty to lick across the floor.
    For the older felines I’ll offer yogurt with Activa blueberries. For the Irish kitties, there will be potato peel and Guinness!!!

  64. My palate hurts. Oog.

  65. Ya know when you are trying not to LOL and you make that crazy snort sound that is worse than the laugh would have been? Well Jessica I have you to thank for that. LOL!! “Those aren’t bunnies!!”

  66. Had a Siamese that loved rainbow sherbet and Starburst Fruit chews. Would try to take them out of my mouth when I was chewing ’em! *snif*…miss her…. 😥

  67. My kitty is all over canteloupe and cottage cheese. He’s also a HUGE peanut butter fan.

  68. Anyone else have a cat that goes nuts over nori? Specifically terriyaki flavored nori? We’ve taken to using it as a bribe…I mean treat. Freshens the breath a little too.

  69. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Theo: “I don’t really consider ice cream cones to be a species, but that’s just me.”

    Does it say it has to be an animal licking another animal…? ^_^

  70. slurp! sooo cute! looks like a miniature of my rocky! awww…..

  71. FENM — heh. Well… it does say “I shall leek *you*! ” rather than “I shall leek *that*!” sooo I’m for sticking with the interspecies grooming concept.

    Now, if there was a “TONGUES!” category…

  72. sooo cute

  73. Literally, that is one of THE cutest things I have ever seen. It positively reeks of kitten greediness and curiosity and cuteness!

  74. lurkertype says:

    A tux kitten licking a dairy product.

    No, that nevvvvvvvvver happens here.

    TK has yet to find a people food he doesn’t like. You should see him wrestling with the wild flour tortilla.

    HRT is only partial to meats and soft cheese.

    We once had a cat who liked Pop Rocks, in moderation.

  75. useta hada kitteh says:

    I’m having such a great time reading about all the cats who love strange foods! Long long ago, we tried to give our Panther (not a real panther, you understand, but a regal TuxCat also known as Sir Alexander J. Pussycat)a plate of leftover veggies with gravy poured all over them. He carefully licked all the gravy off, then stalked away in disgust. “Veggies? What do you think I am? A — a — a rabbit???”

  76. My cat Sippy loves Brie. Go figure. Flanny, on the other hand, only loves cat food: dry and canned. The worst part is that she thinks the sound of any can being opened is cat food. Then she comes running and cries for about half an hour before she gives up. I once stepped out on the front porch in a hurricane to open a can of soup, just to avoid an altercation with her.

  77. Martha in Washington says:

    We used to live on a farm with LOTS of cats and they all loved corn-on-the-cob! We’d throw the leftovers outside and they would completely clean the cobs of any tiny speck of the kernels. And frogs, they ate frogs, too. ;P

  78. My kitten Princess goes after the whipped cream nozzle with pretty much the same expression as this kitteh.

  79. In response to the Snowshoe owner, ours had a real attitude problem too .. is that common?

  80. I don’t know theo.. I say “I shall leeek you!!” to ice cream cones all the time.. ^-^

  81. …and then what does the ice cream cone say?

  82. really interesting things like “this is the sixth of me you’ve had today” and “you’re gonna gain 20 pds!”… whateffar.. >.< (pouting)

  83. Oh don’t pout. Here, have some ice cream.
    [straining to listen]

  84. OMG!! that is the cutest little kittie kat<3 and that ice cream must have been lip licking good!

  85. so cute I may ‘splode.
    I have a cat who likes danish and another who likes cheese nips. And all of them like to lick the ice cream bowl – unfortunately one of them really does not tolerate dairy too well so then you are just cleaning it up *yuck*

  86. BenPanced says:


    More, p’ease!”

  87. WARNING:

    NEVER hold a kitty in one hand and an icecream cone in the other. You might lick the wrong hand.


  88. Yeah, so feeding a kitten icecream is incredibly unhealthy. That’s not cute, it’s sad.

  89. acelightning says:

    My big ole orange-striped cat Loki doesn’t eat people food very much, but there are a few weird things he goes nuts for. He loves the oil-and-vinegar dressing on deli salads like “market vegetables” – he’ll lick the plastic container when the veggies are gone. He also loves plain spaghetti sauce, but not the noodles. And he loves butter, but that’s not “weird” for a cat. Sometimes when he thinks nobody’s looking, he jumps up on the table and licks the edges of the butter dish.

  90. lindr, I’m worried. If you throw frozen custard at someone, wouldn’t it hurt? On the other hand, I guess it wouldn’t be as messy as not-frozen (or defrosted) custard…

  91. My mom had a creamsicle cat Taz (RIP), a feline drag queen if ever there was one, think feather boas & big heels. And he loved marinated olives. He would snatch them away, flip them around, roll on them, neeeble them & repeat the process til the tattered pip could be recovered off the floor.

  92. You know that baby’s kneading like she’s making ice cream.

  93. Nightravyn says:

    My kitteh Sylvie has decided that the cans of crunchy chow mein noodles are hers. I used to eat them as a snack. Not any more. The second I open them, she magically appears out of nowhere to shove her head into the can. Not even chicken can distract her. She would also attack me when I would buy these amazing buttercreme pound cake cupcakes from a bakery down the street. She could care less about the icing. It was the cake she wanted.

    Two nights ago, I was eating a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie when a crump fell from the cookie and onto her head while she was in my lap. She sniffed, ears went forward, eyes got big, inhaled the crumb, then stood up on me and started chewing on the cookie sticking out of my mouth, while I sat there in shock.

    :;shaking head:: Only cat I’ve ever had that goes nuts for baked goods.

  94. paintedlady says:

    First time posting to this site (though I’ve been a long-time fan).

    ink, when I was little, I had a cat who L-O-V-E-D Italian oil-cured olives too! Only my dad had to cut the pit out for her. She wasn’t big on working too hard for her treat 😉

  95. Nightrayvn, my troublesome tabby will nibble the tops of muffins I’ve just baked and left to cool. And last time, I set out 18 muffins to cool, took a phone call, came back and only 17 muffins were left. I never saw any remains of #18, not even the paper muffin cup.

  96. My sweet (hah!) little Angora, Geisha, will eat anything. Seriously. Her favorites are banana Laffy Taffy and strawberries, both of which she will try to paw out of your mouth if you don’t share. Unless it has onions or mustard, she seems to think that if I eat it, it must be good.

  97. crittermom says:

    Awwwww sooooo cute! Makes me feel all fuzzy.

    One of our cats loves to share Tootsie Pops with my husband. She also eats lettuce. Knows the sound of a salad bag opening and comes running to get some. Go figure!

  98. army_kitten says:

    crittermom, i was waiting for someone else to say that their cat loved lettuce!

    my kitty wolf rabbit (of whom i have only visitiation rights) would come running into the kitchen if she heard the vegetable drawer in the fridge opening. she loves butter lettuce, kale, asparagus, and once ate some lucky bamboo–maybe because it looked like asparagus? she also has gone crazy for barbeque sauce, goat cheese, and beer. yes, beer. you can’t leave a bottle of a nice amber ale unattended around her, or she’ll leek the top of it furiously. leek leek. nyum nyum.

  99. dixie st. anne says:

    army kitten, my late cat Lovey adored beer. she lived with my parents near the end of her life as i could not have her with me in college (sad!), and they’d inform me whenever we talked about the new and exciting things my cat had a fondness for. beer was at the top of the list, as was oatmeal, blueberries, pesto sauce…and just about anything else. i have a fond memory of her throwing a grape around the kitchen in frustration and confusion. i don’t think she could figure out what it was, and if it was dead or not.

  100. Nightravyn and Laurie C, I too had a cat who went nuts for baked goods! We used to call her “Bakery Kitty”…Amanda liked anything flour-based: Cookies, crackers, cakes, muffins, you name it! She also loved tuna, which is pretty standard for cats, I’d imagine. If you wanted to find Amanda, just rattle the can opener! And chicken, wow, did she love chicken; my husband made the mistake of offering her a bit of chicken off his plate one night and we never had a meal in peace after that. And of course he’d have to share his ice cream with her too, just to get a moment’s quiet. Cherry Garcia was her favorite flavor!

  101. Our cats don’t give two hoots about people food except for two things: beef jerky and my five-alarm chili.