Jeck-pup and Hyde-pup

HYDE-PUP! (rrroooooooowr)


JECK-PUP! (cooing sounds)


Yael W., [Insert multiple personalities joke here]



  1. lurkertype says:

    Wait, isn’t that backwards?

  2. *faints*
    I lurve the first pic especially!! The cuteness!

  3. lurkertype says:

    I meant, Dr. J was the nice guy who mixed up the serum that turned him into Mr. H, the reprobate.

    (also, FIRST POST, and it was substantive! so there Teho!)

  4. Dr. Jekyll = good.
    Mr. Hyde = evil.
    Puppy belly up = cute!

  5. No complaints, Lurk.

  6. marsheeeee says:

    Whatever, they’re both cute pictures. He’s a little cutie, even looking “fierce”.

  7. A thinker says:

    Puppy actually looks rather like he is laughing heartily, in the first pic.

  8. Cats in Racks.

    Pups in Laps?

  9. Totally anerable!
    I Lurrrves this puppy doggie!

  10. lurkertype says:

    So I give this post a D in lit’rachur and an A in kyoot, anyway.

  11. It’s cute, but backwards.

  12. You’ve got the Jeckyl/Hyde mixed up. Hyde’s the bad guy.

  13. Hah! S/he’s so cool!! Obviously an abundance of personality in this little one…

  14. “This is the story of Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive…”


    Did anyone notice that the jeck and hyde are mixed up? 😉

  16. the bottom one could also pass as a baby baroo! so coy, so inquisitive.

  17. Aaaaiiieee!!!

    It’s too cute. Stoppit.

  18. chet's momma says:

    *singsong* I don’t caaare that they arrrrre mixxxxed uuuuup! yay for the pawpads and tiny teefs!

  19. chet's momma says:

    *singsong* I don’t caaare that they arrrrre mixxxxed uuuuup! yay for the pawpads and tiny teefs!

  20. chet's momma says:

    *singsong* I don’t caaare that they arrrrre mixxxxed uuuuup! yay for the pawpads and tiny teefs!

  21. chet's momma says:

    *singsong* I don’t caaare that they arrrrre mixxxxed uuuuup! yay for the pawpads and tiny teefs!

  22. chet's momma says:

    *singsong* I don’t caaare that they arrrrre mixxxxed uuuuup! yay for the pawpads and tiny teefs!

  23. chet's momma says:

    *singsong* I don’t caaare that they arrrrre mixxxxed uuuuup! yay for the pawpads and tiny teefs!

  24. AWESOME puppy face. But girl, get yo’self a tan.

  25. Meg, you may be an over achiever at Cuteness Blogging and always get straight “A”s, but you totally fail classic literature.

    Thus, this is why 98.5% of us LOVE it here and the other 1.5% come here just to scream PETA and wave anti-something virtual flags.

  26. Hey, cynical nymph, you stole my reaction! *head ‘sploding*

  27. First Pic: HAPPY PUPPY!!

    Second Pic: Pensive puppy?

    Verely cuuute I say!

  28. Pup is a super-model and the camera-person is saying, “Okay baybee, give me the fierce face! Growrr! Okay now give me the love- LOVE THE CAMERA!”


  29. They’re backwards, all right. Dr.J is the shy, flirty one, Mr.H the grinning devil-pup. The pics should be reversed, too. The impact would be that much stronger.

  30. NebraskaErin says:

    First pic, pup would like to nawm on your fingahs.

    Second pic, he’s all, “What, you didn’t want me to nawm on your fingahs?” *blink, blink, cute, cute*

    And yes, Jeck-pup and Hyde-pup are backwards, I just finished reading the Jekyll and Hyde musical libretto for next season. Still on the ballot, it’s a maybe!

  31. Martha in Washington says:

    Don’t you just love it when babeh aminals try to be all fierce and stuff. HEEElarious.

  32. Martha in Washington says:

    The 2nd pic is a salute! (My hubby’s in the Navy so I’ve seen plenty of ’em.) Aye Aye Sir! (And please remember to vote!)

  33. HA HA HA…too CUTE!

  34. Dat first crazy puppy pick reminds me of the “Invisible Sandwich” cat photo.

    That or pupperoo is doing some kind Rick James routine. Supah-freak, he’s supah-freaky.

  35. musicchick2 says:

    OMG!! He is the cutest puppeh EVER! I’m not a dog person but this guy could definitely change my mind! *poit*

  36. invade_russia says:

    i love his paws!

  37. And just look at those little teefs! Still so perfectly clean, plaque-free! *Sigh
    I will let him nyam my ear.

  38. Monkey Boy says:

    You’ve got it backwards. Dr. Jekyll was the weanie, Mr. Hyde was the meanie.

  39. [waits to see how many more people are going to point out the Jekyll/Hyde reversal because, you know, it’s always good to repeat the same thing 30 times in case someone missed it the first 29]

  40. I could never J & H straight either. Dang cute puppers!

  41. oh my god it’s the freakin seal/sea lion thing again.

    Meg you’re fired!


  42. haha I love this! made my day.

  43. [waits to see how long AmyH is going to be a snotty twit]

    The Jekyll and Hyde thing is backwards, btw.

  44. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Theo said: “This is the story of Dr. Heckle & Mr. Jive…”

    !!! Props for the obscure Men at Work ref. I remember that song, though I can’t remember much of it… I should hunt down the video on YouTube…
    /Who Can It Be Now?

  45. Hey anonymous K — pot, meet kettle.

  46. FENM — w00t! Somebody GOT it!!
    By the way… “Who Can It Be Now” has THE lamest sax solo EVER. Decent 80s pop otherwise, though.

  47. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Yeah, I got it.. I’m… old. ^_^ and I liked Men at Work. I still really like “Land Down Under”.
    Hey, look! I found the video for “Dr. Heckle and Mr Jive”. Men, M@W had same goofy ass videos.
    BTW, this puppy is seriously cute. The coy look in the second picture… awwww…

  48. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Crap, html isn’t working for me, gonna have to copy and paste… Here’s the URL:

  49. Just watched it. [sigh] They’re never as good as you remember, are they? Weird science…

  50. “Overkill” is my favorite Men at Work song, which is kind of ironic considering my irration with it on this thread.

    As for Anonymous K’s “Look at me, I want to say it too, because everyone else is doing it”, I was really going for ‘snarky’.

  51. AmyH sez,
    “I was really going for ‘snarky’.”

    noooooooo~! not for ‘snarky’! what will the cows think?

  52. I’m tellin’ ya, Mariser – those cows are wackier than you think. They’d appreciate snarky. Or they wouldn’t really care one way or the other. I’ll explain further when “Everything I Need to Know I Learned from My Cow” is published.

  53. No no! Use the other title! The third one! Oh please oh please?

  54. “Everything I Need to Know I Learned from My Cow”

    Look for it in your favorite cattle-logue.

    Busy day prevents cute view-age. We’re a bit cranky over here.
    Cute puppeh helps alot though.

  55. Check it, Theo:

    The support for #3 was so overwhelming, that it’s now going to be my debut. Mom and Dad will be proud. Until they read all the funny stories about them I’ve included.

  56. AmyH — wups, just caught up with all the various cow titles.
    So OK, I get it now.

  57. Gah! JINX!!

  58. Men at Work. Hahah! Only Devo could compete for stage presence.

    I’m blinded by science and that cute puppers up there.

  59. Theo – I had just posted the additional titles when I saw your comment. So you were with it as you could have been.

  60. Theo and Fish eye no miko – hahahahahahaha – *laughs hysterically until faints*

  61. CO Math:

  62. that pup must work in an awful customer service dept 😛

  63. Dr. Jekyll is the normal one, Mr. Hyde is his evil alter-ego

  64. So while I HAD started to say it was backwards…there’s 8 million other comments that say that, so I won’t.

    But I will say I agree with the person who said he looks like he’s laughing in the first pic. Too cute!

  65. how very cute!….but you posted them backwards, Jeckyl was the nice guy…Hyde was the monster.

  66. Amazing echo in here.

  67. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    kcat, What are you laughing about?

  68. I think we need a name for people who cannot be bothered to read the other comments, thereby creating the annoying department of redundancy department effect. I shall call zem bozzernauts.

  69. FENM — about Men@Work, methinks. And I, for one, am shocked and hurt. Deeply. Owie.

  70. Hyde was framed. This photo proves it.

  71. What type of puppy is this?? Anyone know?

  72. LOL! Nice recursion, Michele.

    [trots off, singing “I Am My Own Grampa”]

  73. Rachel — Bipolar. [snicker]
    (btw, I used to know a Teresa Doucette… are you Canadian?)

  74. Good one, Theo. I’m thinking “How dare you mock mentally ill people!?” [sarcastic indignity, of course] and “Dude, yeah, that’s so me, only it’s not cute when I do it…”

  75. redz…how about knowitallbozzernauts.

  76. Sooo cute! Can somebody tell me what kind of dog this is?

  77. This is exactly what we need on midterm election night. The insane amount of cuteness that this pup alone possesses takes the edge off.

  78. Yes Theo – you are right about what I was laughing at – and I meant no offense – I just really found it funny – please don’t be hurt.

  79. Gah! Men at Work?!

    (Bed memories of mum dancing in the living room)

  80. AuntieMame says:

    kcat, Theo’s just pulling your leg. There was no offense.

  81. Man, that puppy could go straight into a Disney cartoon! Too cute!!


    Second pic: “No, seriously. I’m totally gunna destroy the world.”

  83. Ceebs: how bout knownuttins?

    Although that makes me want a bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios.

  84. Not having read through the posts yet, I have to say these are pics worthy of my undying devotion. Talk about the “money” shot! So freaking adorable!

    A thousand kisses to the little fella, and a few for the genius photog, as well. Thanks for sharing! Hee-hee. 😀

  85. Uppity-belleh puppity.

    Someone hand me my pituitary please – I think it landed on the other side of the Atlantic.

  86. Gee
    I know.
    We need a name for people who won’t bother to read the comments and just say everything all over again.

    Put down that pudding.
    I was kidding, just kidding.
    ….backs away nervously.

  87. Redz–
    how about knowitnauts!

  88. Is this cutie maybe a Brussels Griffon?

  89. You know, all this talk about crappy 80s videos…

    I think this pup is doing
    The Safety Dance!

  90. Hmmm…it does have “naut” in it, which I like because of its space-y connotations.

    Tokyo wasn’t destroyed with pudding, Lauowolf :o)

  91. I don’t know, ceebs, he appears to be voguing in the second pic.

  92. The first picture looks like the Paris Hilton patented picture pose. You know, the one where her head tilts sideways and her mouth is slightly parted? No, I’m not obsessed, I just cringe whenever I see her doing that – and the puppy looks like a Paris poser 🙂 Cuter though.

  93. Hmm.. I don’t think the first picture mouth could be described as “slightly parted”.. Both pics do however exhibit truly masterful head tilt

  94. Here’s my take on it:

    First pic = PMS without chocolate…

    Second pic = PMS with chocolate!

    Of course, the fact that I’m currently, ahem, craving chocolate might be influencing my interpretation… 😉


  95. Bipolar AmyH 1: Hey, not to be a Nuff or anything, but wasn’t Jekyll the nice one and Hyde the evil one?

    Bipolar AmyH 2: What? You snotty twit! Didn’t you read any of the other posts?!?!

    [Pudding fight breaks out. Elvis the Cat wishes Evil AmyH had a goatee ala Star Trek so he could tell them apart]

    It’s been a loooong day, peeps.

  96. supergirl says:

    img 1: galgh! it’s election day! what if judy baar topinka wins??

    img 2: oof. sigh. looks like we’re in the clear and the dems have regained control of the house! *wipes tiny forehead in relief*

    happy tuesday, y’all!

  97. Happy Tuesday, Supergirl! Great commentary!

  98. AuntieMame says:

    No politics, please, people. I’ve had it up to here with the nasty campaigning and the partisan sniping.

  99. I’d say don’t worry, AuntieMame, it’ll all be over soon, but we’ll be ramping up for 2008. Sigh.

    I don’t watch TV (unless I’m home when the Simpsons are on) so thankfully I missed almost all of the nastiness.

    I am, however, very pro-Cute. Long live the Cute!

  100. Luuuuuurve teh puppitude! It’s obvious that his cuteness is SOOO intense and over-the-edge that he has confuzzled us all aboot the Jekyll-Hyde personality mabobber! My brain! She is scarmbled by the cuteness!!

  101. Redzilla-
    Well, not yet it hasn’t been.

  102. I have been coming back all day just to look at this one puppy. For all the cute here, for all my addiction to the cute, I don’t think I’ve ever seen any image that has held me so captive as this. I can not stop.. I am amazed. This pup is powerful drugs, dude. Oughtta come with a warning.

  103. Martha in Washington says:

    Ok, one more comment about the Heckyll and Jive video–Why don’t I remember this one? God knows I’m old enough and didn’t spend THAT much of the 80’s wasted!!

  104. Awwww, heh heh heh! What a little cootie!

  105. awww, my kitty is the same way! We say he has two “modes”… one minute he’s in Fearsome mode, and the next he’s in Puddin’ mode.

    And yes, our “puddin'” designation came about long before CO’s inside joke on the subject. Great minds, eh? 😉 We call it that because his tummy (prominently featured when in puddin’ mode) is like a big bowl of jello!

  106. Thanks Theo, I thought I should make a silly shout out too all the… what is that new word, bozzernauts. Although I am still not sure about that term. Maybe it will stick

  107. Multiple personalities joke? uh.. okay..

    So there I was, talking to this big, white bear. Everything was going fine until suddenly, he roared, and smacked me with a paw!

    Gotta watch out for those bi-polar bears…

  108. Can’t be true. People post comments without reading the whole thread? To me, that makes those people threadbare. I say we call them “tatters”. Mctattersons.

  109. And I thought it was because the acoustics were so good in here. Mind if I yodel?

  110. i vote the second picture (the hyde-but-really-jekyll one) to be the cutest puppy ever posted on this site. no foolies! he looks almost like a stuffed animal he is so perfect in his cuteness.

  111. I’m laughing so hard over the Men at Work conversation. I love this site and can’t believe how many comments get posted. Sometimes I don’t bother b/c I’m like, does anyone actually have time to READ all these?? I had to look b/c Jeckyl and Hyde, yes, are backwards and I wanted to see if it was mentioned. lmao I guess that’s been covered!

  112. pyrit, Mctattersons is very good! Or:
    Bigmoufs because they can’t wait to talk or one of my favorites for people who only like to listen to themselves–Imees. As in “I, I, I, me, me, me.”

  113. pyrit, Mctattersons is very good! Or:
    Bigmoufs because they can’t wait to talk or one of my favorites for people who only like to listen to themselves–Imees. As in “I, I, I, me, me, me.”

  114. ARGGGH!! DOUBLE POST. sowwy…

  115. Jaypo! There IS an echo in here.
    “Imees” – ha! I like.
    “Bozzernauts” and “knownuttins” too!

  116. Okay, okay [panting, just ran over here from wall-to-wall election coverage] I literally woke up at like 4 AM, thinking about what to call the folks who don’t bother to read comments before posting. Lying in bed, I said out loud: “READNAUTS” (to rhyme with dreadnaughts). Flanny cat promptly put a paw over my mouth to shut me up.

  117. Ann, I totally get that the quantity of post sometimes makes reading all of them impractical, but I think what cheeses me off is that upon seeing that there are 100+ posts, some knownutting or readnaut will think, “Oh, well, even thought 100+ people have already posted, surely *I* am the first to observe that Jeckyll and Hyde are reversed! I’m like the Marco Polo of CO! Boldly going where no other poster has yet gone!”
    Um, okay, so it’s not that bad, I’m just still in election night drama mode.

  118. exactly Redz…and I love to say “it cheeses me off” too Hahaha! one of my faves.

  119. Hah! I like bozzernauts, but readnauts is pretty cool too! I usually read all the comments, but then, my job is BORING.

    Theo – BTW, IMHO, best sax solo ever is Dire Straits “Your Latest Trick”; still trying to learn it.

  120. Oh my goodness! I love these pictures 🙂

    What breed of dog is this?

  121. Mia — that’s interesting. “Brothers In Arms” is a VERY mixed bag for me. The radio cuts are fun; the actual “Brothers In Arms” track is very good; “The Man’s Too Strong” is brooding and spectacular… but then you have this goofy reprocessed 80s stuff mixed in, like pinecones in the puddins. I’ll have to listen to “Your Latest Trick” again now.

  122. “”READNAUTS” (to rhyme with dreadnaughts).”

    Redundancy. Readundancy. Readunduns. Redunduns.

  123. HelloKnitty says:

    Bonus points for using “multiple personality” correctly, instead of “schizophrenic”:^)

    Yes, I am a stickler. So sue me.

  124. Missed all last nights exchanges because I was at some ex-pat friends’ place to watch the election returns (yes, we care deeply up here in Canada, too). My vote is knowitnauts, becuase they think they know it all, but they do naut.

  125. “Cheesers”

  126. Personally, I’d prefer to focus on the positives, right now. Call it campaign weariness.

  127. LC, a new political party p’rhaps!?

  128. Aye, aye! Long live teh peeps!! [raises stout bottle o’half-and-half and slurgs]

  129. [waiting for jaypo’s arteries to slam shut]

    Yay for da peeps!

  130. Half n half refers to a black & tan, which is what I hope Jaypo is slurging. Eh? It’s always Happy Hour somewhere. Cheers big ears, to all.

  131. [burple]

  132. Yes, Mr. Hyde is the “baddie” – Dr. Jeck, the “good guy” – still, this lil goober is gonna get smothered and snorgled regardless of whether he behaves himself. If you can look that cute whilst being bad, you can get away with murder! And why not?

  133. jaypo, not capilatized, sowwy twice.

    There is something I would like to say,
    To make this gray cloud over my head go away,
    For any upsets I hereby consoles,
    I do not condone the whacking of moles.

  134. Someone mentioned “puppeh belleh” – just realized the only thing wrong with these pics: we need a wider angle to pick up the BELLEH!! Perhaps, however, C.O. is exercising necessary discretion by “censoring” puppeh belleh. With the cuteness level of these pics already bordering on potentially lethal, a shot of puppeh belleh might send viewers “over the edge.”

  135. Best Sax Solo EVAR: Baker Street blues, Gerry Rafferty.

    “Windin’ your way down on Baker Street
    Light in your head and dead on your feet
    Well another crazy day
    You’ll drink the night away
    And forget about everything…”

  136. s’ok, pyrit!

  137. Why does that first picture remind me of Captain Kirk?

  138. LOL, LB! I dunno, it’s like one of those crazy episodes when he goes insane and they have to chase him all over the ship.

  139. Oh I loves it!

  140. Oh no, now pic2 reminds me of a tribble. The Trouble with Tribbles.

  141. Or it’s like the Simpson’s Halloween episode where Kang and Kodo kidnap Clin-ton and Dole, and then run for president themselves.
    Pup #1: Vote for me. My opponent is a puppy-eyed do-nothing.
    Pup#2: No, vote for me. Clearly my opponent is a slavering nut-job.

    But the joke’s on YOU, voter, because whichever puppeh you vote for, he’s gonna pwn you! No mercy!!!
    Just like Kang and Kodo.

  142. Um, actually, black & tan is Guinness and Bass, half & half is Guinness & Harp. (yes, I’ve spent entirely too much time in Irish bars in NYC)

  143. I’m actually drinking honest-to-goodness half & half, with a lot of sugar and a splash of coffee for color. Yu-um! It’s heart-stoppingly good!

  144. DONE! CUTENESS PERFECTION! CLOSE IT DOWN….SHOWS OVER! NOTHING WILL EVER BE MORE CUTE THAN THIS….. at least until I get back from lunch and log back into the site!

  145. LOL, AmyH. That’s how I like my “coffee” too.

  146. Mia-thank you for sharing with us the finer pints of inebriation. My apologies for the half-bassed comment.

  147. Yeah, you need to add a little something to the half & half to take the chill off it in the morning.
    (And to keep kitty’s face out of it.)

  148. AmyH, that’s ma girl!

  149. All this half-and-half chat is most illuminating. When my friends would order it, I never quite knew what they were about. I see that my bar-knowledge p-ales besides those of the Peeps.

    Oh, LB – I think he has more of a thoughtful look in the second picture. So: Pix #1: Kirk and Pix #2: Kierkegaard.

    Good Morning.

  150. ‘Morning, Aubrey. We missed ya when you were away.

  151. Yes, I was feeling lonely and punfulfilled.

  152. Where are you?? Dont you know how my day feels sad without Cute Overload? Pleaaaaaaaseeeee come back in a hurry!!!! My work doenst work, my day doenst shine, my dogs just bark all the time withour Cute Overload. Sniffffff

  153. NebraskaErin says:

    Hey, has anyone mentioned that Jekyll and Hyde are backwards?


  154. NebraskaErin-
    We have puddings and are not afraid to act.

    (Punfulfilled? ouch.
    Let me go get some more half & half.
    I mean, coffee.

  155. After all.
    Without my coffee, I’m feeling pun-chy.

  156. *You* are backwards, NireAksarben. :oP

    Aubrey, whenever you’re gone, we’re punfulfilled.

  157. Good morning to you too, Aubrey. We have all kinds of half n half here this morning. Pick your poison.
    We’ll be serving pun-ch very soon me thinks.

  158. A thinker says:

    Black and tans is GOOD.

    That is my thoughtful contribution to the subject.

  159. Pyrit, the kind of half and half I’m looking for is vodka and orange juice.

    I’d thought I’d puntificate on how much I missed youse guyz, but…NAAAH.

  160. We were talking Black & Tans. Aubrey’s talking Black & Decker!
    (rummaging in tool box)
    Flat head or Phillips head?

  161. A thinker says:

    Wow, nice transische, pyrit.

  162. Thanks, A thinker.
    Have furry fun all.
    Many miles to go before I sleep.

  163. Ha! The nuts I work with better not screw with me or I’ll have to bolt outta here. I hope I’ve hammered this home to them, and they’ve taken my ad-vise.

    I mean, it’s been a wrench getting back to work – thank goodness the CO talk has been so rivet-ing!

  164. That hurts, Aubrey. It just hurts.

  165. Try not to think of it as an a-tack, Jessica. I just do it for giggles and laths.

  166. [puts hands over ears and sqeezes eyes shut]

    LALA, lala la lala laaaaa…hmmm,hmm, hmmm hmmm…lalalaaaa!

  167. Jaypo – and you said you missed Aubrey. Careful what you wish for…

    Aubrey – great to see you making up for lost time!

  168. Man, I have to join in the fun. I’ve been reading your comments for weeks and weeks. I thinks you are all hammered wif the talk of half and half.

  169. Teughcats says:

    Golden, if you’ve been reading the comments for weeks and weeks, you know that it’s ALWAYS like this! Welcome to the family – would you prefer puddin’ or a kitten?

  170. somebody needs to ‘splain ‘puddin’ for me..
    Kittehs are ALWAYS welcome.

  171. bunnajenny says:

    How about a kitten made of puddin’…like a chocolate bunny, but um more delish?

  172. A thinker says:

    How DID pudding get started? I remember vaguely *when* it did, but not *how*…

  173. no details needed..just a definition will suffice.. i love puddin.

  174. bunnajenny says:

    Welcome Golden! Puddin’s just what we eats, and occasionally throws around here, we even have a puddin ‘pault to cover the horrendously long distances. Once or twice puddin’ has been sent down the interweb pipes, but that’s been known to cause some terribly clogging.

    Favourite flavours are butterscotch, pistachio, and chocolate. But then there are the more elaborate ones, like creme brulee, and the steamed puddin’s too.

    I’m sure I’ve missed a ton, like Puddin’ Day back on September 19th, but just, pull up a chair, pick up a kitten, and get cozy. You’ll be huffin’ kittehs and throwin’ puddin’ in no time at all.

  175. I’m IN!!!

  176. bunnajenny says:

    Atink, your comment made me think of flashback episodes from 1980s sitcoms, you know the ones, usually mid-season, where the screen suddenly got all wiggly and we’re back with the Keatons when they were flower children and before Arnold and Willis went to live with Mr. Drummond.

  177. Welcome, Golden! There’s also an elaborate hazing/indoctrination ritual we’ll need to subject you to. It’s so elaborate, I forgot what it all entails.

  178. Puddin became. It just happened. Puddin IS. It was a spontaneous dessert, and all the peeps were ready, spoons in hand. Golden, you are most happily welcome, but just keep this in mind: NO LOW FAT MILK.

    And remember: puddin is more than skin deep.

  179. [ahem] …
    A little background on teh puddins. Click the links, browse the comments, enjoy the show.

  180. The puddings could have started before this, but I remember a peep uprising after one too many slepping cat appearances. We all grabbed pitchforks and torches to march on the offender, but became distracted by dessert recipes.

  181. Typical.

  182. Puddin Peeps Ply Pitchforks?

  183. Low fat milk?! PUHLEEZE

  184. Aubrey: “Puddin IS.” Nuff said.

    I feel like I belong. Just wait. I ‘pun’tificate with the best of them.
    (ok, that was bad I admit it)

  185. coughingpuppy says:

    Cutest puppy ever. I want to kiss his little face.

  186. A thinker says:

    Methinks Teho’s first link in the Glossary is the first appearance of pudding. In its present form, that is.

  187. We need new CO! Where is Meg?!

  188. Thinker — ayup.

  189. sock monster says:


  190. And where’s Tony James been???

  191. ceejoe, I think I saw him comment briefly yesterday…

  192. And Not That Mike The Other Mike? Should we send out the hounds to search for them? And the bunnies and the kittehs?

  193. “Methinks Teho’s first link in the Glossary is the first appearance of pudding. In its present form, that is.”

    Not only that, but it was Teho who *flung* the first pudding! Wasn’t this foretold somewhere? “Let he who is without something or other cast the first dairy product.” Right after that part about “Blessed are the cheesemakers.”

  194. I’ll try this, again:

    I say we just gotta ask Meg where the new photos are.

    -Excuse me, Meg
    has the new photos of course.

    Hey, Meg has the new photos!
    Oh. Well. Great! Good!

    -They’re up there.
    Don’t you love the new photos? Not a very lively bunch though.

    So do you have any real new photos?

    – No. Only old ones. I mean if we had new photos here,
    it wouldn’t be called ‘The Cute’, would it?

    The Cute?

  195. I’d like to throw a quickie up there, in the interim, but right now I got nuthin.

  196. A thinker says:


    Sorry, pyrit, I’m sure it’s funny.

    Yeah, NTMTOM has been conspicuously absent lately.

  197. I want to hear from ‘you all r silly’, just b’cuz I like tha’ name so verily muchly.

    Welcome Golden, I’m newish but I think I can say welcome and, Forget Happy Hour, it’s Hammer Time! 😉

    Aubrey, that was a car crash on top of a train wreck!!!

    See???? I, AYE, EYE, READ the thread!!!!!!!

  198. ok, complete threadjack here –
    I just bought Bob Seger tickets!!!
    ROCK ON!!!
    I am sooooo excited!!!
    /you may now return to puddin ‘pultin..

  199. Late again to the party (always)- such a cute puppy. So cute I’m even *thinking* in baby talk when I look at those pics!

    Theo, if you’re looking for a pic, I love this one on Lauri’s vox:

  200. Speaking of peep celebration, that is.

  201. They have that Jeckyl and Hyde thing backwards, other than that he’s adorable.

  202. Well.. that was just to wake people up in case they’ve lost interest.. but no one seems to care anymore. :sigh:

  203. Thank you, Mary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  204. shanchan, Meg posted (and we all loved) that one some time ago. It’s a classic.

  205. lol, Mary.
    Long day with no new cute… we’re in a daze…

  206. Shanchan — you mean this? (Laurie C — yep.)

  207. Oopsie, thanks guys. That was before my time.

  208. ok…see what I wanna know is, why is it that whenever there is no new Cute, there is usually no new SOMC either…i lof both and usually use them to counteract my cute withdrawals… Are Meg and Mario related? Do they take mini vacays together? what’s the deal people. I NEED SOME FLOOFY GOODNESS HERE. SNORGLES,REMOTES,BELLEHS, SOMETHING!! AAAAAHHHH!!!

  209. (singing, waving a bottle in the air)

    “Daisy, Daisy
    You need a substi-cute
    You’re half crazy
    Here’s some pudding for you…”

  210. Hmmm…I just started putting a few pics on Flickr, so go ahead and look at She Who Rules My Roost: Sippy.

    She is slepping undercovers, annoyed to be awoken.

  211. i suppose the puddin shall suffice for now… thanks aubrey. 🙂

  212. “puddin pictures on Flickr”?


    Sippy has the classic cat look: “I was worshiped by the Egyptians…you wake me up when I ask you to!”

  213. I want to eat it!!! so cute

  214. RedZ! Is she a beautiful hair-free kitty? I’ve always wanted one of those…

  215. daisycat…. you might try for a fix in the meantime. Some of the captions are funny…a few are down right naughty! It helps me git by when Meg is holding out on us.

  216. are there new pics up on MCHY, Nora? cause I seen all dem!! Unless there are new ones for November!!! (runs over to MCHY to check)

  217. Is Sippy soft and velvety? Very Pretty is she!!!

  218. nope….sadness. 😦

  219. YIKES! Sorry DaisyCat…. didn’t know you were all over that site too! Nothing new there! Don’t know what to say… except have some puddin….?!?!?! [sheepishly hides behind laptop not knowing what the puddin thing is about]

  220. Daisycat….feel bad about gettin yr hopes up with MCHY. Here are a couple photos of my two kittehs….

  221. HEY GUYS they got Marmie Kittehs over at Daily Kitten

  222. nora, your cats are gorgeous. thx for linkages

  223. Nora, embrace the puddin. Jello with it. In times of stress, we also pass about a kitteh or two, for huffing. (produces kittehs) Now. What’ll you have? Chocolate? Vanilla? Or possibly an exotic orange marmalade?

    (runs over to TheDailyKitteh)

    (runs back)

    LOVE your beautiful and self-satisfied looking kittehs!

  224. Ceej, I don’t think it’s a threadjack after the same pic has been up and commented on for a long time. It’s just the peeps entertaining each other.
    And I just had to leave the office to run an errand and and ran smack into all the traffic for the first Bob Seger show of the new tour. (He’s here in Grand Rapids tonight and Sunday.) There are a lot of aging rockers out there!

  225. daisycat, you may wanna check out, there are always cute pictures of animals, updated weekly, in the pet health section which is a subgroub under health. 🙂

  226. Martha in Washington says:

    Hey Nora-love the pics of the kits but LOVE the pic of the isle. Is that in Scotland by any chance? Looks Scottish to me.

  227. Speaking of aging rockers, the Rolling Stones are playing out here in Phoenix (Glendale) tonight. I heard about the show for the first time on my morning commute. I thought, “Huh, it used to be a big deal and everyone knew about them coming to town.” Or maybe I’ve been to busy to care/pay attention.

  228. Anyone looking for extra pics of cute kittehs may enjoy this site.. it’s all I had before I discovered c.o. and cracks me up every time.

  229. army_kitten says:

    i always read nearly all the high-larious comments, and though i wish i had time to contribute more i usually can’t think of a thing to say.

    i would, however, be up for any hazing ritual involving pudding and kittens. just to break up the day, y’know.

  230. ArmyKit, the hazing ritual involves juggling. Just thought you should be warned.

    Puddins and kittehs are for afters.

  231. army_kitten says:

    aubrey, i’m no good at juggling–jobs, obligations, or oranges. but if there are puddins and kittins afterward, i’ll give it my best shot.

  232. NebraskaErin says:

    I just checked and my kitty is on there!!

    Woo hoo! I submitted it ages ago, I’d almost forgotten.

  233. NebErin,

    congrats on Riley making it to MCHY. he looks very evil.

  234. Nora, you kittehs is bootiful!! However I believe one of them is mocking me…that tongue is most def uttering a *pbbbttthhh* anerable none the less..

    NebErin- I am afraid. Very afraid. that kitteh needs some puddin…or yogurt or canteloupe or whatever..just not off your fork 😉

  235. a belated squeeee on what may be the cutest puppeh of all CO time!! i got to oohing and awwwing over this pup’s many-faceted anerableness late last night, but then forgot to post after reading and laughing at all the heckyling and jeckyling in the comments! now someone please tell me the particulars about where to go so i can dognap this cutie and snorgle him nonstop, with only occasional breaks for puddin’ and huffin’. yep, i lurf this pup!

  236. Yes, Sippy and her sister Flanny are hairless kitties. (Hubby is allergic to regular cats.) They are both velvety soft and when you snorgle them they smell like warm bagels.

    I lof Nora’s kittehs, too!

  237. So I must ask… are dads that throw pudding “Pudding Pops”??? And isn’t pudding day the same day as talk like a pirate day?? “Arrrr?”

  238. uh, Aubrey–
    I thought the pudding and kittens *were* the juggling.
    It’s the baths and bandaids after.

  239. Meg’s gonna take a little time
    A little time to think things over
    We’ve been reading the same old lines
    In case we need it when we’re older

    Now this comment I must climb
    Feels like a world upon my shoulders
    Through the clouds I see Cute shine
    It keeps me warm as my keyboard grows colder
    (ooh wooo oooh oooh . . .)

    (Louder)IN MY CUTE there’s been laughter and pain
    I don’t know if I can face it again
    Can’t stop now, I’ve waited so long
    For Meg to change this lonely photo

    I wanna know what the new cute is
    I want Meg to show me
    I wanna feel what the new cute is
    I know Meg can show me

    Let’s talk about cu-woo-ute
    I wanna know what cute is, the cute that you feel inside
    I want Meg to show me, and I’m feeling so much cute
    no, you just cannot hide
    I know Meg can show me, yeah
    yeah, I want, I want
    . . . (repeat, whine, dramatic chorus . . .)

  240. musicchick2 says:

    By request from Kcat, in the interest of “new cute for today”, feast your eyes on ‘TOCKS!!


  241. awesome, pyrit!!

  242. Oh my… cute puppy…. frightening amount of comments! 😮

  243. AuntieMame says:

    And now that Meg has fixed the captions, all of the “it’s backwards!!!1!ELEVEN!” posters are going to sound silly. 🙂

  244. yeah, I don’t know what those freaks (LT excluded) are talking about, backwards….for shame, they don’t’ know nuffin!!!

  245. I can’t believe my puppy caused all this commotion. I hope all the fame doesn’t go to his head.

  246. Or his “heads”, Yael!
    Gorgeous puppy!

    Can the politcal taped phone calls STOP now? I got 28 in ONE freakin’ day.

  247. Thanks for the kitteh compliments! The lake/isle is in Great Moose Pond…just south of Great Moose Lake in a small town called Hartland.
    My gramps lives there…Hartland on Plesant Street…Yes. It is as nice as it sounds! =)

    Aubrey- since I am the queen of indecisiveness.. can I get a choc & vanilla swirl of puddin!

  248. I jus hav to say — lately I’ve been wasting half my days roaming around the internet – checking out music, poetry sites, photos…. I’ve not had to go anywhere else this morn –Thanks. (BAKER ST.?! Yanks me back over 20 yrs in time -uh, no -wait -ummm….28? Ok, I had a 3-yr crush going on a guy w/ the last name of Baker -MY xcuse –what’s yours, ebee?) Pyrit: What a way to send out the thread. Oh, no – Send in the Clowns just appeared inside my head. AGGGhhhh -rhymes- wasn’t trying —gotta go—FAST! (‘Whacking of moles’…ha ha – good)

  249. ohmigosh i immediately made these pics my desktop pic!

  250. Jay/Los Angeles says:


  251. Yael, it would be well deserved!

  252. TwinklyTerrapin says:

    Oh man, it’s been three days now, and I can’t stop looking at this puppy! He is just insanely cute…and acutely insane, at least in the first pic. Thank you Yael, for capturing the moment and sharing it with the rest of us. Your puppy is totally commotion-worthy.

  253. ka9q's wife says:

    I still think this is the cutest rawwwrrrr evar!!!!11!

  254. ka9q's wife says:

    I still think this is the cutest rawwwrrrr evar!!!!11!

  255. ka9q's wife says:

    I still think this is the cutest rawwwrrrr evar!!!!11!

  256. ka9q's wife says:

    I still think this is the cutest rawwwrrrr evar!!!!11!

  257. ka9q's wife says:

    I still think this is the cutest rawwwrrrr evar!!!!11!

  258. ka9q's wife says:

    I still think this is the cutest rawwwrrrr evar!!!!11!

  259. “This is my best Scrappy-Doo impression”

  260. Aw, so cute!

    I love when pups behave like “I’m SO bad” and then, they give you the “puppy face” look.


  261. What kind of puppy is this? I read through all the comments, and found nothing about the breed!!

  262. he’s a mutt!! mutts are the best kind of dogs and are very much under-appreciated. if you’re a true dog lover, you’ll connect with the puppy that touches your heart, not with a certain breed. there are so many dogs that need happy homes, give them a chance! (sorry this is just a sensitive subject, as there are so many animals roaming the streets that deserve better)

    go to the pound and adopt a puppy like my dog oscar! maybe he knows some jeck and hyde poses as well. thanks!

  263. When I get my own dog, I won’t settle for anything more than a pound puppy. I’ve always wanted to get one, and every time I go to the humane society, I want to take all of them home with me.

    I’m especially fond of the “ugly” or disfigured dogs (i.e. three-legged, or missing an eye). They’re the ones that need the most love and receive the least… 😦

  264. this is by far the cutest pic i have ever seen in my life. i adore it so much i saved it. Just love to look at it and giggle.

  265. rrraaaaarrr….goobagoo?