Yup. That thar is Pergo®

Listen, Honey. I know floors.

And this is no ordinary hardwood. This is Pergo BRAND 7MM Oak laminate. No doubt in my mind. Yes, we have it in stock but processing takes an additional 2 to 3 days. [shifts around]

Yep. Eeeeeeeeeet’s gonna cost ya.


Thanks to Sthuper Sthender-Inner Yuriy S. 😉



  1. First!

    Kitty so pretty!
    *pets belly*

  2. Aww what a soft looking belly.

  3. OMG! How did I miss the Pergo® kitteh? Why doesn’t my local Lowes have a flooring consultant kitteh? I’d remodel fer sher!!

    Ittybittykitty feets! Eee!

  5. That’s puuuurgo.

  6. eeeeeeee! belly snorgle, belly snorgle!

  7. ohmygoodness toocute


  8. Anybody know the owner of this kitten?? I’d be willing to pay $ 1.000.000 (one million) for this little rascal!! And I thought I had the cutest cat in the world!!! I WANT THAT KITTEEEEEEEEN!!!!!

  9. Ruben: With its knowledge of flooring, that is one cute and VALUABLE cat.

  10. What a velvet-y kitteh! So soft. And his tail looks like a handle! Makes it easier to port-a-snorg!

  11. A thinker says:

    Wot? I missed this post somehow. I think something is messed-up.

    And that is one SERIOUSLY cute velvety kitten. Hims doesn’t look real.

  12. Kitty needs pants. Observe front paw action! Prt… prt…

  13. OMG! So cute!!

  14. Hey where did you come from little snorglebelly???

  15. Does Pergo make bascatball courts too?

  16. NebraskaErin says:

    Where did this snorglefest come from?! I’d like to use him for a pillow, I would!

  17. He looks you could use him to buff the floors shiny.

  18. Thinker — yeah, I think there was a timewarp delay here too.

    Besides, I don’t see any edge-beveling on that “Pergo 7mm oak laminate” link.

  19. dragonrose says:

    Kitty! Kitty kitty kitty! Kitty belly!

    *brain explodes*

  20. That looks so like plush, and not like cat.. awww

  21. I think he’s daydreaming… of carpet.

  22. chet's momma says:

    i hope anyone googling pergo will get this kitteh!

  23. LOL, Jory.

  24. Awwright now. My haid has not sploded in the last few days but this is the limit. Come on, I mean it’s a Scottie Fold on it’s back, tipped fat front paws, preeeeshus lil face, for Crikey’s sake!! It’s just layin’ there, belleh just askin’ to be snorgled. It’s all like: I know it’s inevitable so I’ll just lie here till they get it out of their system. Resistance is futile. Sigh!

    “Captain, the cranium, she can’t hold it mooch longer! The pressure’s buildin’ Captain! I cannah stop it. She’s gonna blow!!”


  25. NO Stop! IT’s a trap! That is a spring-loaded kitty!

    Puck would sleep like this (rest his soul).

  26. It’s like kitty porn!

  27. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT rub the belly! Trap. Big time.

  28. Me know it trap.
    Me not care.

    ::: FURBERT :::

  29. ShelleyTambo says:

    Yup, time-warpishness.

    Those paws are ready to grab and attack.

  30. I’m with you Theo. There are some things worth risking consciousness and a few body parts for. This is definitely one of them.

  31. why didn’t i notice this picture before? soo cute! I love soft bellies .. always worth the pain! 🙂

  32. Martha in Washington says:

    The EYES, peeps, the EYES!!Just like Puss in Boots. But yes, it’s all a terrible trap, luring unsuspecting customers to buy flooring they can’t possible afford. Fur Shame!

  33. This is an indisputable Trifecta. Choose from:
    #2 look helpless
    #12 fuzz + floppy limbs
    #17 tiny ears
    #19 dainty paws
    #22 curl up your paws
    It’s a wonder any of us have survived.

  34. [puzzled expression]
    [goes to look up “trifecta”]

  35. oh c’mon T-O, just pick your three. 🙂

  36. [considers]
    OK, I’ll have the Hat Trick Combo with 2, 12 and 22, with a side of “Be a floorcovering” please.

  37. [snickering]

  38. BenPanced says:

    Pergo. Kitten-approved since 1977.

    (Yeah, I looked it up…)

  39. lurkertype says:

    Time warp kitn is too cute!

    I too know it’s a trap. And I don’t care. I’m putting on my goggles and going for the tummeh.

    I’ve looked at Pergo in the stores, but none of them offer this bonus kitty.

  40. i love this baby kitty too much! it looks like a little doll.

  41. Don’t you mean “Purrrrrrgo?”

  42. What a cute round kitty face! I want to squeeze the plushy paws! (And hopefully not get scratched to pieces.)

  43. Are we SURE it’s not a stuffed animal?! Too cute to be real…

  44. Does anyone know the breed of this kitten? It’s soooooo cute!!

  45. Flooring?? What flooring???

  46. Since someone asked, looks like a Scottie Fold to me. Note, the flat ears and roundy face.

  47. I forwarded this and then forwarded this again to the same people. Too cute to be sent only once!

  48. the little paws are killing meeeee!

  49. Little baseball-like head! Little visor ears!


  50. your gift

  51. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love him. I wonder if he does windows too?

  52. This cutie is a great candidate for http://www.sluttypuppy.com!