We have a new category. I repeat, we have a new category. [Say in Jack Bauer voice]

Kittehs "Maybe" and "Dr. Phil" (NO, I am not making that up) are doin’ some cleanin’. You know what this means, People. WE HAVE A NEW CATEGORY. There are lots of ani-pals cleaning themselfs and others, and it’s high time we just make it official. Introducing:

"I Shall Leeck You"

[Thunderous applause]


Way to go, Andrea (with both your hilar kitteh names and the creation of the new category.)



  1. daaaawwwwWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!!
    ::: steampoof :::

  2. NebraskaErin says:

    Schlurp, schlurp, schlurp, schlurp…

  3. chet's momma says:

    you missed a spot!

  4. awwwwwww!
    I want in on that action!!!

  5. Jessica S. says:

    Huzzah! All hail the new category!

  6. christina says:

    to the tune of Queen we will rock you

    Buddy you’re a big cat, hedgehog, small dog

    Being snorgled around gonna make your hair frizzy some day

    You got mud on your face

    You big disgrace

    you need a sandpaper tongue lick all over the place

    We will we will lick you
    I Shall I shall leeck you …

  7. Hugh Laurie is going to be on with Jay Leno tonight, for you Hugh lovas!

  8. Awwww! Yey for new a new category!

    I’m not sure if linking to my blog is ok (sorry if it isn’t!*ducks from potential pudding being thrown*), but this picture just might be able to make the cut into CO…http://fatcat.vox.com/library/photo/6a00c2252569968fdb00cd96f7df2c4cd5.html

    Or what do you think?

  9. kitteh! lickeh!

    I am a part-time cat nanny this week – looking after my friends two cats while she’s on vacation. Weeeheeee 🙂

  10. :oimph:

  11. That looks sort of obscene. Like I feel like I shouldn’t be watching that…

  12. Fatcat – great pick! Blue tongue! 😀

  13. Yaaaaaaay! New Category!

  14. ShelleyTambo says:

    Awwww…My foster cat tried to do this to my kitty over the weekend. Alas, it went like this:

    Salmon P. Chase (foster): *Lick lick lick, groom groom groom side of other kitty’s face.*
    Bryn (my cat): *tail twitches*
    Sal: *lick lick lick under other kitty’s chin*
    Bryn: *mad tail twitching*
    Sal: Oh look, your jugular. I wonder what that tastes like. *glomp*
    Bryn: Oh no you didn’t! Hiss hiss hiss *slap’s Sal’s face, claws out*

  15. A thinker says:

    I wish I was a kitty, with a kitty pal to snuggle. This is so cute it’s making me hurt.

    And, fatcat…that…is…astounding.

  16. Please, please, please, someone tell me that FatCat’s interspecies licking photo isn’t shopped!!!

    And applause to Christina for getting off that fine rendition so very early in the morning. To which I will only add:
    “I’ve had my share of litter kicked in my face,
    and now I’m going to snooze.”

  17. Um, should we really be interrupting this scene? It looks like they need a private moment together…

  18. I’m not a dog owner, but hope the pups get into the cleaning action. They’re less delicate than cats, but certainly thorough.

  19. as adorabubble as the picture and category are (and they are), I must take a moment to feel sorry for the cleanee-on-the-right. not for being leecked, but for being named “Dr. Phil”. really Andrea, how could you?
    tsk tsk tsk

  20. You don’t know, mariser, when the lickee isn’t being licked, maybe he’s a big, obnoxious loudmouf with no credentials, who offers people useless advice on topics he knows nothing about. Uh, what I mean to say is, maybe the lickee earned his name.

  21. Awesome!

  22. I love the photo and the new catagory! Great name!!

  23. If he’s going to be putting his head on my stomach, I’m going to get it clean first.

    (And hurray for the new cat-egory, and what a swell couple of guys to start it off with.)

  24. musicchick2 says:

    My kitties do this on a regular basis. I’ll turn around and ‘catch’ them and immediately go “Awwwww!” But they never “groom” me! *pouts*

    Christina – brilliant! And thanks! Now I’ll have that stuck in my head all day! 😉

  25. Hear hear!

  26. Ay yi yi! The Leekersons are leeking again!

  27. Awww, the black striped cat looks JUST like my poor kitty who passed away this spring.

  28. Grrrreat new cat-egory!! We used to call this
    ‘Beauty Shop’ when I was a kid. Sweet babies.

  29. In response to Redzilla’s non-too-veiled slur against Dr. Phil (the human one):

    Dr. Phil has a B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. in clinical psychology from North Texas State University with a dual area of emphasis in clinical and behavioral medicine.

    Isn’t that credentialed enough?

  30. well now, guess I will have to lurk with a camera so I can catch Nala grooming Dh’s eyebrows. It would be easier to catch Nala grooming Onyx’s forehead- video would be better- the low approach “You still love me??” “Yes, I still love you. Let me fix your part”.

  31. [sing-song]: Sandy loves Dr. Phil. Sandy loves Dr. Phil.

    Chill, San, just a little joke. :o) I’m from Kansas, where we have no respect for diplomates of Texas institutions.

  32. Oh, and how cute is Maybe? He’s at that teenage time, when his heads kinda big, and his legs are all gangly. I lof him.

  33. Cat-

    I have (sadly) accumulated FOUR cats who are completely aloof from one another.
    I never get to see cat-to-cat snorgling or grooming.
    It’s a red-letter day when felinicides aren’t attempted.

    I wonder, if I got another kitten (to keep company #4 kitty I got to make friends with my three grouchy old cats), would a new kitten befriend the youngest cat — and then the two of them could snorgle and groom each other.
    Or would I have FIVE aloof cats.

    And then I could think of getting another kitten to make friends with….)
    This way madness — or crazy cat ladydom — lies.
    But why won’t my wretched kitties do this?

  34. McLeeckersons: Have you been eating mcwaffelsons?
    McSlurpersons: Yeth.
    McLeeckersons: You’re all mcgrubbersons.

  35. lauowolf – Sounds like you are merely wondering out loud but here’s my unsolicited advice: A common enemy can be a cure for aloofness, hostility. So, not another cat, instead, a puppy!

  36. lauowolf – And here is my unsolicited advice: If you end up with ten cats (like moi!), you’re bound to have some snugglers/groomers. Odds would be in your favor…

  37. the licked kitty’s (hmm, har har ? ) is in a weird “way”– is that an ear? etc.

  38. winston & charlotte's mommy says:

    Pyrit, you made me LOL. That has to be the cutest dialogue I’ve ever read.

  39. RedZ, you’re a hoot! 😉

  40. There are some things you should be grateful for, Lauowolf. My two cats are sisters, from the same litter. As you’d expect, they’re not aloof from each other. They do cuddle and groom…sometimes. The rest of the time, they’re engage in that age-old sibling rivalry. So there’s biting and clawing and hissing and usurping the snuggle spot on Mommy, and stealing treats and just general love of creating havoc and terror for each other.

  41. I only have one cat, so I get all the benefit of snorgling and cuddling. If I had another cat, I might have to share attention and I’m not ready to be that selfless. Elvis loves getting brushed, but thankfully he doesn’t feel the need to groom me.

  42. Fatcat I looked at the picture on your bog earlier this week and wondered wy you didn’t submit it as there had already been talk of a new category. Yeah! And love the little pink tongue.

  43. uh yeah – wy=why

  44. I like the shiny-ness of their coats, and their young and fluffy, but not quite full-grown coat of fur looks. They look so cleeeeaaaaannnnn!!!!!!! 🙂

  45. AlbertaGirl says:

    Hooray for leecking! Hooray for Leeckersons! Hooray for waffles!

  46. Great new category

  47. Words to live by, AlbertaGirl.

  48. I personally was holding out for a “Snorgle McLickersons” CATagory. Sqweeeee!

  49. Chongrats on the nhew chategory!

  50. And they WILL CHAT!

  51. threadjack/
    Is anyone else having trouble getting to The Daily Kitten today?
    /end threadjack

  52. CeeJoe — yep. http://www.dailykitten.com/ appears to be completely offline right now.

  53. tanks, theo! Didn’t know if this annoying surfcontrol was blocking something else now…

  54. Yes, I just tried to view The Daily Kitten and it was offline.

  55. I love this photo! The ginger cat reminds me of my London, who passed away in May 05. I’m now ready for another cat and it has to be a ginger tabby.

  56. Bridestein says:

    OMG! I have a cat named Maybe, also! We got her 15 years ago and weren’t sure we’d keep her, hence the name. However she never seemed to care for it much and so after a couple of years we actually had to lenthen her name to Maybelline which she likes much better. I’d be interested in knowing how this cat’s name came about.

  57. *SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!* *superglues eardrums back together*

  58. lurkertype says:

    Thank you, Agent Bauer, for announcing this new category. I am certain it’s going to be quite an asset in our fight against bad people.

    Fatcat’s picture is MADE for this category! Not just domestic animals leeeeck!

    lauowolf, I feel your pain. We have nothing but grrr hiss growl chomp. I’m kind of missing the days of the one fluffy cuddly HRT — but of course TK is sooooo cuuuuuute. Try borrowing AmyH’s costume for a few days to see if you’re really ready to be a Crazy Cat Lady.

  59. Okay, I need to make a sound that’s somewhere between an “ow” and an “aw” – here goes: aowwwwwhhhh!!!! Why can’t my kitties love each other like that? My life would be so much nicer. “Why can’t they all just get along??”

  60. Heh, my two kitties like to groom each other… but only as the lead-in for Kitty Wrestlemania 2006!! I usually goes something like: “lick lick GLOMP rassle rassle THUMP rar!” And then one of them looks at me all “Mooooooooom!!” and the other one takes that nanosecond of distraction and WHOMP again. Not that I could be any help, because I’m always laughing too hard 🙂

  61. Exactly, Kim! Cat-Licking in my house always ends in GLOMPing.

  62. The BF was always a dog person but I think he is beginning to appreciate the entertainment potential of kittehs. I thought he was going to fall off the couch the first time he witnessed the “lick-GLOMP” combo…

    I’m waiting for the cats and the dog to get comfortable enough to GLOMP each other. It’s only a matter of time.


  64. My cats, Coyote and Clancy, are like this all the time. Except that when Coyote cleans Clancy (who’s very fluffy and longhaired), he ends up getting a mouthful of Clancy’s fur, and then pulls it out. Since Clance is uber fluffy, it doesn’t leave bald spots, but it does hurt. Then Mom or I yell at Coyote and he runs away. Lather, rinse, repeat. Other times they just go lick, lick, divebomb on other cat’s head.

  65. i agree with this category. AGREE!

  66. Baroo? Can’t figure out grey kitty’s head…

    [twisting and turning]


    [back and neck precariously in yoga pose]

    Ah. NOW we see it.

    (We as in sis and I.)

  67. Awww. I approve of this category. I hope everyone’s seen what may be the best “gee whiz, ma” picture the animal kingdom has to offer:


  68. Thank you, thank you, thank you (sung to the tune of badgersbadgers…)!!!
    I visit this site every day, and you just keep making it better!
    Big hug to the kittehs in the pic!

  69. Tony James says:

    There appears to be a rash of kittie-cleanin’-kitties out there…

  70. I have brother kitties that are 6 years old, and they are forever bathing and snorgling each other. Frequently, it turns into spats, but the cuteness more than makes up for it.

  71. Dr. Phil was named basically for the reasons Redzilla said. It started as a joke and stuck. Maybe was named after a character on Arrested Development (though spelled differently). The photo is old so if you want to see how big Maybe is Dr. Phil has his own myspace page.
    thanks for all of the comments!!

  72. I definitely think that the toddler licking the pig should be moved to this category. *nod*

  73. Kaye — totally! Done.

  74. If “I shall leeck you” is justifiably a category…

    Then shouldn’t we also have a category containing all of the C.O.X.C.U.s?