Speaking of butterstick, hold on to your hats



I just went over to PandaFix.com and saw this teeny curled tongue of delight. Yes, I just said "teeny curled tongue of delight." Not to mention the ear knobule of delight.


Holy smizzokes, TangTang and PandaFix.com.



  1. Oh my lord! What a sweetie. And the paw over the eyes!

  2. zosterops says:

    so much much cuter than when new born. they are really weird looking the first few days. and scientists wonder why panda mums are so reluctant about accepting their offspring…


  4. i have to admit the fact that baby pandies are just ugly.
    its the sad fact.

  5. i have to admit the fact that masa is a nuffer.
    its the sad fact.

    This pan-pan, however, is full of insane alien cuteness. The teensy paw over the eye! The little tongue looking for a nipple. It pwns me.

  6. Absolutely adorable.
    And Masa – I’ve said it before and I say it again – cute is in the eye of the beholder! so ppplllllgggtthhhh!

  7. O.
    is right.

  8. And faint little soon-to-disapear stripes on his leg.
    Oh my.

    And, you, take that pudding back to where those cats are snorgling.
    They can deal with it.

    This little guy needs his nap.

  9. zosterops says:

    OF COURSE its cute, but it’s NOT FRESH, its already way past the white alien worm stage. get yourself some pics from a pandabirth and tell me that’s not what they look like then.

  10. Feel the need to snorgle.

  11. All I can say is I want one of my very own!!! Pleas PLZ PLZ

  12. It looks like he’s wearing gloves.

  13. O
    that is a picture worth dying over..

  14. zosterops says:
  15. and the fur around his nose looks like it would feel like his blankie

  16. zosterops says:
  17. PONI 1ES??
    Did I miss a memo?
    Couldn’t find it in the CO glossary…
    Easily Confused

  18. A thinker says:

    GAH!! and not to mention the teeny black hand-over-eye!!

  19. ShelleyTambo says:

    I dunno ’bout pandas, but in humans, the ability to curl your tongue is genetic. Welcome to the club, little dude.

  20. More panda’s??? Itsy bitsy panda? Sploding.

  21. NebraskaErin says:

    “No pictures, dahlink. I’ve had a rough day.”

  22. “WHO turned the lights on?!!”

    “the ability to curl your tongue is genetic”
    Yay, maybe I’m part pandy.

  23. sorry
    i was just cranky, and feeling ugly this morning, therefore my comment earlier was total projection toward this helpless cuteness.


  24. *sneaks in quietly – does the ‘first comment’ happy dance – sneaks away*

  25. AlbertaGirl says:

    Even the bebeh panda can’t believe how cute he is! (Gasps and puts paws to face)

  26. AuntieMame says:

    Well, I happen to agree. Pink, squirmy, newborn pandas really aren’t that cute.

    If that makes me a nuff, so be it…

  27. “Oh noooooooooooooooooo! It’s Monday!”

  28. The nosen-fur doesn’t even look real…I have a little Steiff bunny that has fake-o fur just like it! (But even the Steiff bunny isn’t this cute.)

  29. AuntieM and masa, pinky squirmy anythings…cute? I think not. Add fuzz.

  30. marsheeeee says:

    Hey AuntieMame, even human babies aren’t always that cute when they first come out. But it doesn’t take long for them to get cute. Same with pandas. This little fella is a real cutie, as is Tai Shan and all the rest.

  31. marsheeeee says:

    “as ARE Tai Shan and all the rest”. Sorry. Old H.S. English teachers cringing, if they’re even still around.

  32. AuntieMame says:

    I completely agree, marsheeee. Newborn human babies are purple and wrinkled and squirmy and also not cute.

    I’ll take ’em when they fill out a little and look less like something the spaceship forgot to take with them.

    And pandas, like the fella in this photo, when they grow some hair.

  33. I think I feel it…my head expanding, my eyes bulging, my heart racing…is this what being cute overloaded feels like?

  34. This is being panda cute overloaded:

    Legal link (you’ll have to sit through a commercial) – http://www.pandafix.com/pandafix/2006/09/video_pandas_go.html

    Youtube link –

  35. I’d have to agree with masa, zosterops and AuntieMame about newly born pandas. They look like mutant thumbs. If you’re patient, you’re rewarded with cute like this pic. *sigh*

  36. Rule of cuteness: any time an animal touches its own face it’s cute. And this is very, very cute.

  37. Dpoi – you are killing me! That was hilarious!!

  38. PEOPLE! You’ve been holding out on me. I know you have, because if you were keeping me aboob on all things cuteness, I would already know about Dumbo rats, but I only just learned about them 30 seconds ago, while searching for pics of pink hairless squirmers.

  39. A thinker says:

    niedlich, extra bonus points for correct use of “its” and “it’s”. In their correct places. I applaud you.

  40. The Fingers!! The Fingers!! *is overcome by cuteness*

  41. Jools, I am with you. WHAT is PONI 1ES people??? Inquirming minds want to know. 🙂

  42. “WHAT is PONI 1ES people???”

    Someone correct me if I’m wrong (Theo?), but doesn’t this go back to the day Slashdot mocked this site, going all pink and fuzzy with the header “OMG PONIES!!1!!” to make fun of cute animals and squeeing over here?

    (The ones are an overeager commenter forgetting to hold down the shift key while typing an abundance of exclamation points.)

  43. I just want to hold it and hug it and kiss it, well, not to tight because it’s just a little baby so darn cute and I don’t want to brake it.

    I don’t think I could stop staring at the cute pretty baby.

    Awwww, cuteness… it just makes my day SO HAPPY.

    I wish my Yorkie stayed as a pup forever, she was so much cuter than she is now (she is still cute!)

  44. “O *noes*! What did I *do* last night??”

  45. I think “OMG P0N135!!11!!” was a Slashdot-ism well before the Cute Overload crossover.

  46. (bows to the master)
    Namaste, Teho.

  47. omg, love that (PONIES!) Thx!!

  48. Lindr – I saw your little dance!!! Sneaky little thang….

    What a cutie!!! Makes those maternal instincts just kick right in, doesn’t it???

  49. Gaaaaah! Do lil baby pandas really come this teeny tiny and fuzzy?

  50. Oh, man – the paw on face + “mouf” are to die for!

    And I bet this lil’ panda is soooooo soooooft….

    Meg, this trumps your dog/”mouf” pic by I don’t know how many orders of magnitude [add more mixed metaphors as desired!]

  51. Oh, and the eeeears!!!!

    I wants it, I does.

  52. I want me a baby panda!!

    actually I don’t, the thought is nice, reality probably a lot of work plus I’ve got my 2 cute Norwich Terriers Twix and Twizzler.


    [say in tiny baby panda voice]

  54. Janet with Angus and Misha says:

    We’d just like to say we agree with the folk who see this as an extremely, maybe totally over the top, cute picture. Is it possible that being cute is enough?

  55. hahaha, I love the paw holding his face. “Oh noes!”

    I can’t believe how tiny pandas are when they’re born… they’re practically marsupials!

  56. I’m curious about the tongue curl. Anyone know if it’s genetic in pandas too? (ShellyTambo et al.)
    Also, yeah, Stormcat, my maternal instincts are in overdrive over this teeny fragile baby. As with most of the teeny fragile babies on this site…sigh…

  57. SMILINGDOG says:

    Wub im!!!!!!

  58. now i am back with new idea about this panda issue.
    how about new rule; creepy or cute?

    how s that everyone?

  59. Is he making the “Home Alone” face? Too precious.

  60. Peekaboo!! I see you!! =D

  61. masa, I’d go for that category, especially when it comes to bugs.

  62. Is that for real, and more importantly, is that website, http://www.pandafix.com, for real?????

  63. cuteness!! I love panda’s! 🙂

  64. Baby panda cuteness is a given. How ridiculously adorable is the name BUTTERSTICK!?!?!?!

  65. Wow, CO is finally getting me to admit: this is one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen.

  66. Martha in Washington says:

    Redz-The little Dumborat reminded me of TIMOTHY from Dumbo. All he needs is a teeny circus hat!

  67. Martha in Washington says:

    And the other little rats remind me that when my son’s Chinese Water Dragon (named Zheng) gets bigger, we have to feed it “pinkies” which are little tiny pink baby mice! EWWWWW! I’m not sure I can watch.