Butterstick’s Ma is really flexible

I mean, LOOK at her rubbery back leg. I think she’s been doing pilates. And WHO KNEW that "Butterstick" would be a chosen name for this panda—Are we done with the ‘Ling Ling’s, ‘Tang Tang"s and "Hua Mei"s of the world?


B.L.L.A., nice submishe [head bow]



  1. Bay-bay bear!

  2. You know, Pilates seems sort-of wasted on a panda.
    I mean, she could have the best defined musculature going, but under that pelt, who would know?
    Maybe pandas who are seriously into fitness shave to show off…
    (ooh, thinks of soft fuzzy panda growing out fur…)

  3. you guys r silly says:

    *awwwwwwwww*… He’s getting a big old *schnorgle* from his mama…

  4. Squeee!!! Mamah – bebeh beahs!!!! I wuv dem.

  5. awwww butterstick, so cute. And actually, his real name is Tai Shan, which means strong mountain (i think, my Chinese is rusty).

  6. NebraskaErin says:

    Panda!! Wee baby panda!! Wee baby panda named “Butterstick”!


  7. That’s weird. I thought Tai Shan was Mandarin for butterstick.

  8. Oh, the good old days. Tai shan is not so little anymore! But he is still a cutie. I’ve checked up on him frequently on the Washington Zoo’s PandaCam. Pandas are playful beautiful creatures.

  9. ahhhhhh i love pandas! aww she’s kissing her baby ^_^

  10. aww. nose snorgles are the best!

  11. Panda bear hug!
    I hope this link works. If not, Google (images), “KISS Pandas”.

  12. It works, pyrit. Good one.

  13. awwwww the baby is so fuzzy and cute! ‘nd getting smoochies from his/her momma =D I want them!! x3

  14. falnfenix says:


    i still haven’t seen the little dude, and i live right up here in Baltimore. i’m a bad cutelover. 😦

  15. A thinker says:

    Teh fuzzy-headed baby panda.

    Pandas = cutest animal evar. Despite my kitty devotion. However, kitties remain the best snorgle-subjects (wouldn’t want to try that with a panda).

  16. Oh my gosh, I saw him the first day he went on public display, and he was. so. cute. I’ve also spent many obsessive hours checking up on him with the pandacam: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/GiantPandas/
    (although not so much recently…he’s a lot older now).

  17. butterstick is what all baby panda’s are called until they are officially named when they are 100 days old. this is lun lun’s baby who was born in early september.

    read the article here! http://www.oxfordpress.com/search/content/shared/news/stories/2006/09/PANDA_BORN_1STLD_0907_COX.html

  18. That’s Tai Shan and his mom Mei Xiang. Here’s more cute photos of them: http://nationalzoo.si.edu/Animals/GiantPandas/MeetPandas/PandaCubGallery/thumbnails.cfm

    He turned 1 in July! Such a big boy now!

  19. They still schnorgle even though he’s a lot bigger now. Hope this link works

  20. freetomato says:

    Another panda-cam in Atlanta. The little guy is mesmerizing!


  21. Dpoi and freetomato – I am supposed to be home studying for a test – now all I am going to want to do is look at the links you put up. Gee thanks!!

  22. divine ms k says:

    “butterstick is what all baby panda’s are called until they are officially named when they are 100 days old.”

    Um, as a resident of the DC area, I respectfully disagree. OUR panda was/is called “Butterstick,” based on news reports at the time of his birth declaring him “the size of a stick of butter,” but it is not a universally-applied panda-describing term.

    Many of us choose not to recognize his official name, and are plotting to keep the Zoo from returning the ‘Stick to his native land when he turns two. 🙂

  23. IIRC, Kane and Michelle are right — “Butterstick” was pandito’s starter-name.

    I can’t tell where mama ends and baby begins, in this pic. The symbolism! It overwhelms!

  24. The wee baby panda in Atlanta is a girl. 🙂

  25. Martha in Washington says:

    I think Mom is all like “PLEASE stay put right here and OUTTA TROUBLE for five minutes, PLEEEEASE!”
    And Babeh is all “Sure Mom, okay, five minutes. I can do that, (I think).” Those of you who’ve had smallish children know what I’m talkin’ ’bout!

  26. I see a two-headed panda.

  27. A Fine Morsel says:

    Oh! She snorglizes him and he sticks his tongue out. So much love!

  28. extra morsels for guessing what B.L.L.A means…

  29. Even more panda photos from the inestimable “somesai”:

  30. chet's momma says:

    it’s my burfday today!! yayayayayayaay! I get to lounge and check out CO all day. love to the peeps.

  31. butterstick…! no! attention, cuteness!

  32. EEEEP! no teefs, no teefs, focus on cute, cuddly, cuddly, no teefs.

  33. Theo – YIKES!

  34. I wonder what Butterstick translates world wide? Perhaps, little fat stick? lol! So cute!

  35. Deckard Canine says:

    Faycat: Actually, when the name was announced, they said it meant “peaceful mountain.” Of course, there are probably many meanings depending on the tonality.

  36. Mkay, is it just me, or do those panda teefs look like the wrong teeth for the job? I mean, panda=eat crunchy bamboos all day. Those look like panda=rip and shred flesh teef.

  37. pandas are also MY fave animal ever.

    They look like cartoons to me because nothing could really be that adorable in real life, right? Nope. It’s a panda…it is in fact THAT cute.


  38. Redzilla, you DO know that eating bamboo isn’t exactly the consitency of asparagus. You’ve gotta have saws in your mouth if you want to eat wood.

  39. Hee! Good point, Errata. Wait, you mean it’s not like the bamboo shoots that come with the Peking duck? Still–so much pointiness. Eek.


  41. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Sweet pic!…It’s all there in black and white!!

  42. Put “butterstick” into google image search and you get lots of behbeh pandas. Whoda thunk?

  43. There’s a piece of grass stuck in her bottom.