You have .02 seconds…

…to get OUT the way.



Nice work, CuteTracker and "Eepie" kitten >^•^<



  1. “Why do I always feel like somebody’s watching me?”

  2. “Jaws” a re-enactment with small kittens. {{dnnn dnnn dnnn}}

  3. Eetsa a leetle black head een a sea blankets!

  4. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    IIIII… seeeeee… yyooouuuu…

  5. Captain: Hunker down the kitten!

    Crew: Kitten fully hunkered, sir.

    Captain: Engage hindquarter wiggle.

    Crew: Hindquarter wiggle complete.

    Captain: Give me two tail swishes.

    Crew: Tail swished twice, sir.

    Captain: Launch kitten in 3… 2… [picture taken]

  6. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Sven: Hhehee. I love the hindquarter wiggle…

  7. it’s like a shark fin in a sea o’ plaid.

    (cue JAWS theme; with 33% more kibble breath)

  8. i want that image wallpaper sized!

    why doesn’t CuteOverload have wallpaper-sized cuteness?

  9. He looks like my Ares. Too cute!

  10. staticgirl says:

    1. awwwwwwww.
    2. meep!
    3. *runs*

  11. Sven: THANK YOU!!! The image that you created was so perfect!!! I laughed out loud and I think I woke up at least one of my fuzzy hoarde on the bed… That was great!!!!

  12. Aaawwwww. It’s a plaid-y-puss!!!!!

  13. zosterops says:

    yep, sven, perfect.

  14. musicchick2 says:

    ^5 to Sven. You GOTTA be a cat person! LOL! Awesome.

  15. floating in a sea of sheets…. aaaaaahhhhhh i want to go back to bed….

  16. The composishe is just PERFECTO! But I’d hate to have been the photographer’s fingers about 2 seconds later…*LOL*

    Mornin’, y’all! ^___^


  17. Pyrit — veddy niize.

    And I disagree with the pre-pounce peeps… I think Eepie is simply having a lazy Sunday on the lovely comforter, like Spot is, up in our bedroom. Eepie & Spot are both black Halloween cats, even. Our duvet is plain grey flannel, though.

  18. this should have been the caption for the previous post.

  19. haha that is just a truly awesome picture!

  20. Mofo — also veddy niize.

  21. Black and white at it’s finest. Very artsy fartsy and great.

  22. Sven… omg!
    Hes DEF in prepounce because the eyes are HYOOOGE and the ears are perky. He’s about to launch at you. Right after this was taken, he looked like this guy:

  23. omg I didnt realize until I looked back after posting that I was disagreeing wif Teho… **cowers in fear**

  24. OH YEAH and him eyeballs look like the same color as an olive

  25. My kitteh that looks much like this kitteh gets this same “sweet” look in her eyes. It scares the ever living heck out of me. I love it!

  26. shweeeet! looks like my li’l Ebony peekin’ at me. awwwwwww…

  27. lurkertype says:

    Living with TK, Mr. Pouncy McPouncersons, I’m agreeing with Sven. That’s exactly what happened.

  28. Michele sez
    “I didnt realize until I looked back after posting that I was disagreeing wif Teho”

    there, there [pats hand]. is not All That Bad. teh Teho is just, yes, but also merciful. it won’t hurt THAT much. and it won’t last THAT long. and you’ll know better than to disagree next time, mmmmkey?
    now, hold still for jus’ one second…

  29. [upends cup of Dannon “Lite” raspberry whipped yogurt over Mariser’s head]
    […which remains un-dairied]

    Stupid narrow-mouth container, stupid no-puddins-in-the-house…

  30. I am really liking this photo more and more. Even though it’s only a black & white – joking. If you look long enough at the comforter, heh, it mooooves. (Yeah, me and the hookah cats.) Also, this could be made into one those 1500 piece puzzles you neVAR finish except the edges and the kitten’s face. Or this could be the hardest crossword ever with reeeeally long words. #1 Across, What is the best website of all?
    Oh, and that kitten is def ready for blast off.

  31. This is so NOT the peaceful land of counterpane.
    Still, if I were sick in bed, I’d want one of these guys.

    Well, at least it was lite yogurt.
    Nothing I hate worse that that fatty, whole milk stuff in my hair…
    (And creme brule, forget it.)

  32. Wild Life Show Narrator:”Today we explore the life of the checkered sea apex predator, the Black Kitten. Watch your feet, its going to be a hell of a ride!”

  33. Pootytat-tersall!…[ducking flying puddin’ and whipped yogurt…]

  34. A sea of plaid, and a kitteh-face, all in monochrome. Very artsy.

    And good one, pyrit. Honourable mentions to Sven…

  35. Tizzylish says:

    It isn’t “hindquarter wiggle.” It’s a butt-rev. 🙂 Hee hee hee

  36. Kitty’s lost in a sea of comments! :O

  37. such intense eyes!

  38. awwwwww so cute

  39. Aren’t those ears a little bit big for this kitty?
    He looks as if he’s made off with his big brother’s set.

  40. This picture is genius.

  41. Ears, eyes, and a mask for a face. I dig black cats.

  42. Great picture. Awesome composition. I’m jealous.

  43. WHOA. Nice color combishe. Me digs this winter look.

  44. awwww how cute I love her is she yours&awesone

  45. Best picture ever!