Rule of Cuteness #27: Have a tiny Mouf

If you have a tiny mouth, you’re most likely pretty cute. Check out tiny McMoufersons here. He could prolly fit one of your earlobes in there.


Know what I’m sayin’, Janet T.?



  1. Oh My!! I’m going to faint from cuteness!!!!

  2. Looking at the lil’ guy, you just HAVE to give him a cookie. He will DIE if you do not give him a cookie. Or two. Or three. Heck, take the whole box, just stop STARING AT ME WITH THE EYE OF CUTENESS! ARRRGH!

  3. Catherine Fox says:

    way too cute, love the eyes…..did I get 1ST????

  4. sonorajayne says:

    aww! How cute!

  5. musicchick2 says:

    I agree with Meaghan. COOKIE FACE!! Tooooo cute!

  6. It’s nice to see a good looking chihuahua here!…Too bad it’s not one of mine, but…;)

  7. It’s a fuzzy wah wah doing a fantastic impersonation of Hugo Weaving! Either that or a perturbed owl…*LMAO*


  8. I love me a good ol fasion long haired chi chi hua hua.

  9. you’d have to break the cookie in half for this lil guy to eat it. … . soo cute

  10. Hugo in what role, D2D? “Mister Anderson!” or “Isildurrr!” …?

  11. Either one would be appropriate, Teho, though in LOTR you could see his eyes more often. I enjoy the dude’s acting and all, but he always looks like he just caught a strong whiff of someone’s flatulence. *LOL*

    Hugo McPuppersons looks much cuter with that same indignant face, though… 😉


  12. Damn, I forgot his best role, too:

  13. little McMoufersons looks like he’d LIKE to bite my earlobe. I’m a vet tech and I’d rather wrestle a big ol dog than to deal with little bitey dogs any day. He’s just so damn CUUUUTE though.

  14. GreenEyedHawk says:

    How can you NOT enjoy a character named Mitzi Del Bra??

  15. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Oh, and I agree with Amanda. I’m also in a dog-related profession and I have to say, it’s those little-mouthed pipsqueaks you have to watch.

  16. My heart is yours! Just let me know and I will move the stars for you. Damn cute, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

  17. Wait just a minute-ure poodle, “little bitey dogs”, “little-mouthed pipsqueaks”???????
    I beg your pardomeranian,
    Ouchi-wah-wah, don’t be re-pug-nant, or I’ll have to shih-oo-tzu. Means, watch it.

  18. Cute, cute, cute…. but those eyes are has a bit of a naughty look… It’s kind of like one of my ferrets. She looks soooooo cute until the stranger comes close enough, and then she jumps up and sinks her teeth into the strangers little finger.. 🙂 They never take my warnings seriously….

  19. lurkertype says:

    Definitely using the qte for nefarious purposes.

    “Aren’t I cute? Come clooooser, cloooser… CHOMP!”

  20. I think he’s a pappillon, we have one named Kermit. He loves grapes and you have to cut them in half for him to eat them!!!

  21. wolfwhocriedboy says:


    This is another Big Ears victory! Take note people!

  22. That is such a mischevious gleam! I love the little pups, especially ones that look like trouble! (Also, don’t want to be thrown in with the Nuffingtons, but referencing an above post, feeding your dog/cat grapes or raisins is a bad idea. They can’t break down something in the skins, and if they eat too many, then they develop kidney problems. No grapes for the furries!)

  23. That is a papillon, for certain. So much fluff, such a tiny muzzle — ahhh!

  24. I think that’s a chihuahua.
    This is a papillon.

    Papillon’s have “butterfly ears”, hence the name papillon, which from my understanding means butterfly in french.
    Correct me if I’m wrong though.

    Here’s a long-haired chihuahua for comparison.

  25. Okay, I have seen my mom try to eat a piece of toast
    when her “baby” chihuaha is on the couch. He will actually climb right up and remove the toast from her hand (with his teeny mouf) whilst she is attempting to shove the toast into HER mouth.

    Why does she allow this? I think we have the answer right here, folks.

  26. Oh, I see here there is a discussion on Papillons. I just posted about my mom’s chihuaha, who is a long-hair. She tells me that just about everybody that sees him thinks he is a Papillon.

  27. Papillons v. Chihuahuas:

    Wow, keep seeing more stuff on here. Somebody talking about Papillons liking grapes. My mom’s dog (the one everybody thinks is a Pap, but is a Chi) loves them, too. He will eat ANYTHING!

  28. Christina says:

    It could be a papillon puppy before its massive ear-hair has had a chance to grow in. That looks a lot like my parents’ papillon did when they first got her.

  29. Baroo?

  30. acelightning says:

    Oh, Theo – I *love* “Priscilla, Queen of the Desert”! And I am in awe of Hugo Weaving. What a range of roles he’s played – Tick, Agent Smith, Elrond, and even with the mask covering his facial expressions in “V for Vendetta”.
    And he’s not “cute”, but I think he’s better-looking than the chihuahua…

  31. No grapes for the little furry kids!!! I’m definitely not a Nuffington, just want to make sure no one gets hurt, no matter how much tiny mouf pouting for grapes goes on!

  32. To alison re: the grapes – tell it to my mom! believe me, i have preached to her about table food – it is futile – the dog gets what he wants when he wants it.

  33. hrh.squeak says:

    When I was growing up, we had a little muttapoo named Buddy who loved grapes. Just not to eat. He would roll it around with his nose for hours. Kyoooote!

  34. I think this is a long haired chihuahau for sure. I’ve seen the teeniest puppy Papillons and the ear hair is much, much longer, and Poms have much more fluffitude.

  35. I think it’s a papillon, it looks just like mine. it’s got a lot of white fur too, chihuahua’s usually have a lot of brown or black fur.

    It’s super-cute ^_^

  36. OMG !! cute factor 10/10 ere, definetley papillon !

  37. stephanie sevilla says:

    Wow my chihuahua looks like yours!!

  38. this dog is adorablo. i also have a long-haired chiuhuahua.

  39. this dog is adorablo. i also have a long-haired chiuhuahua.