Just another Sunday, playing with the turtle…

(…No, that is NOT a euphemism, People!) These kittehs are playin’ with a mini-toit-pants, and here’s hopin’ they don’t one-bite him. Gulp!


Thanks to turtle "Chinedum", kittehs "Che" and "Eva" and sender-inner Emily 😉



  1. and i said”this is your project after all”>


  2. What a tiny turtle! I hope he doesn’t get hurt…

  3. I hope they remember to put their toys away when they’re through.

  4. I loves the soft sunshine glow on the kittehs. specially the glow on top of kitteh-on-teh-right head. there is NO WAY that such a peaceful scene can end badly. no way evar.

  5. Yeah, it’s all good. Turkles got that shell sanctuary. And EVERYBODY loves sunbeams.

  6. AlbertaGirl says:

    Aw – kitteh’s paw is the same size as turtle’s shell. What a sweet picture. Kittehs look interested, but in a sleepy way – not as though they’re about to pounce!

  7. Turtle’s probably moving too slow to really engage the cats’ enthusiasm.

    Also, I love how the green of the towel exactly matches the green of what appears to be the turtle’s snack.

  8. Toiny toitle! <3

  9. That is just.. too cute n-n;
    The sunbeams make it perfect x);

  10. lurkertype says:

    This is a lovely picture, even without Teh Qte.

    Yeah, kittehs will probably get bored, or at most do the one paw bap on the shell.

  11. little miao says:

    I hope Mr. Mini-toit-pants doesn’t chomp on their chubby little kitty toes!

    But it looks like he’s much more interested in that green leafy thing. Too cute!!

  12. Unknown to us, there is a hookah just out of the picture.
    Cat 1: “See, his whole being is, like, as big as my paw.”
    Cat 2: “Woah, man. Just, woah, it’s like…you know?.”
    Turtle: “Dude, I sooo have the munchies.”

  13. Amy — in Soviet Russia, kitten huffs YOU.

  14. and in post-Soviet Russia, turkle huffs…

  15. Is it a turtle or a tortoise?

  16. Those cats look like they have luxuriously soft fur coats. Maybe The turtle will want to take a nap on a cat’s back.

  17. Any British cute-o-philes out there should be watching the BBC’s Planet Earth. Stunning wildlife photography with lots of babie beasties and birdies.

  18. Martha in Washington says:

    That looks like the perfect Sunday Morning! Only thing missing is Mom making waffles in the kitchen. Wish it was nice and sunny here though-it’s been raining hard for a week here with no end in sight! Yay Pacific Northwest Winter Weather! 😦

  19. musicchick2 says:

    Oh my goodness!! They look almost EXACTLY like my two babies, Tipper and Pooh! (You can see for yourselves at http://www.musicchick2.vox.com) I’m a bit concerned for Mr. Turtle though. I’m sure his shell will protect him but I can imagine him being flipped on his back, little legs flailing… “hey-ulp!! hey-ulp” and then tucking those legs in quick to avoid becoming a snack! Po’ Mr. Turdle!

  20. musicchick2 says:

    Hey Martha! Yer my neighbor! I is in Seattle.


  21. Martha in Washington says:

    Hey Musicchick2-I’m on the other side of the water-Kitsap Co! Hiya Neighbor!

  22. I think turkle has hypmotized da kittehs.

  23. yay!! Such a cute turtle!

  24. I love how the kitties appear to be playing host to the toitle. They’re all, “Won’t you have a bit to eat? How’s Mrs. Turtle?”

    Alternately, I feel like big tabby cat is using toitle to teach the other kit some kind of zen lesson: “And so the turtle is nowhere and everywhere at once.”

  25. What beautiful kitties! I’ve never seen an almost all-white cat with tabby markings on its face. Also, it’s legs look like little plump crumpets. The other kitty and the turtle are also cute.

  26. “Alternately, I feel like big tabby cat is using toitle to teach the other kit some kind of zen lesson: “And so the turtle is nowhere and everywhere at once.””

    Perhaps kitty is saying “And so, it’s turtles, all the way down.”

  27. Laurie C — that’s one of my favorites.

    We have tiny tortoises like this in my yard…my wiemaraner brings them in to play turtle soccer with them and I’ll find them in the oddest places… they’re walking through the hall… hiding in a pile of laundry… hanging out in the kitchen for a bite…

  28. I think it looks like teh kittehs are feeding Turtle McTortiseson. Isn’t that a pea pod on the floor or some other bit of veggie yumminess?


  29. chet's momma says:

    I love the white kitty’s widdle fat toesies!

  30. We are too well-fed and lazy to keel eet. But we weel look at eet. Eet ees faszinatingk.

  31. I am SO buying the “zen master educating acolyte” theme here.

  32. blindcavefish says:

    I have a turtle and 2 cats and my cats NEVA pay that much attention to the turtle. I am sure that wee turtle is safe, personally I think they are tougher than cats!

  33. Doodalalala says:

    Ahaha, this is teh cuteness. Lazy interest from kits + “OMFG WHAT IS GOING ON” from turtle = absolute cutifulness.

  34. I’m guessing that the turtle just moves too slow for the cats to be interested. So cute!

  35. Those kittehs are so smooth, and clean, and pretty, they are just cuddlicious.

  36. Awwwwww…so cute. And the cats do look a little to sleepy to seriously mess with Mr Turtle. (at least I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping so!)

  37. Cheech and Chong meet tortugita, man.

  38. Turtles is cute! Turtles is cute!

    Don’t hurt him, big stupid cats.

  39. Okay, “playing with the turtle” may not be a euphemism, but how about “pumpkin full of maracas”?
    (see backgound) 😀

  40. gosh! i love this photo. i have two kittens who coincidentally have the same fur pattern as the two meow meows in the picture. =) and my boyfriend has a torty.

    will definitely share this photo with him =)

  41. That looks like the slowest-motionest hunt of all time. “eeeehhhnnnnn — do I really have to move my paw?”

  42. i propose a new rule of cuteness:

    rule ##: pets with pets

  43. Suda nim-
    Somebody ought to tell the tabby that you can’t actually fall asleep in the middle of a hunt.
    But wait.
    Maybe if you’re hunting a turtle it works out okay.

  44. lauowolf — Maybe it’s like a soap opera; things move so slowly that you can skip out for a few days and pick it right back up where you left off.

  45. This is such a cute photo!!! I love the look on the faces of the kitties.

  46. WoW! I love the pic!

  47. Actually, Lauowolf, that factor would make turtles the all-time favorite prey of cats. Imagine–being able to take a nap in the middle of a hunt, thereby combining 2 of the most favorite cat activities.

    Still: “What is the sound of one paw scratching, my teacher?”

  48. Greenighs — re: Euphemisms… I *want* to laugh salaciously, but I can’t figure out why.

  49. NebraskaErin says:

    The kits is all “Where’s its fur? How’s come it’s not purring? How’s come it can’t contort itself to sleep in odd spaces?”

  50. Tiny tortie! TINY TORTIE! I wants him.

  51. I agree with the ‘too slow theory’. I have a weird habit of wriggling my big toe when lounging, reading, watching TV. & one nite @ a friend’s felt a velvety gentle patting on my toe. His cat was juuuust barely patting my toe & looked up @ me like: ‘just checkin, just checkin, I thought it mighta been one of them toe snakes in yer sandal’…

  52. I like them chubby white paws!

  53. *gasp* I love kittehs and all but…..


    Yes, my friends, I just YELLED that.

    My obsession with turtles is NOT unhealthy. I promise. *twitch*

  54. There’s a reason they don’t refer to a game of cat and turtle.


    (“The turtle is cuter than the kittehs!” according to my lil’ sis.)

  56. Tiny Turkle!

  57. Late comment… but I just realized these 2 cats bear a remarkable resemblance to my sister’s cats, Fieger and Gus. They’re even chummy like that. The turtle’s a wildcard, though.