My bunny just opened a lettah

Oh yeah, my bunny, just opened a lettah



  1. What a clever bunny, is there a vacancy for a bunny buddy (like a guide dog, but for ppl with arthritis maybe), this little one would be an ideal candidate!

  2. not the most convenient letter opener, but yo won’t find a cuter one…

  3. AH ha ha… very cute. That must be what paper shreaders are full of.

  4. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    That is an adoranibble thang to see and hear!!

  5. that’s too anerable! perfect perforation skills. this handy bunneh is ready to star in an all-animal version of “The Office”! how many words per minute can he type?

  6. I love that snapsnapsnap noise 😀

  7. Wow, that paper made some awfully crunchy noises as it was nibbled. Bun’s like a fuzzy little shredder!

  8. acelightning says:

    Wow, what a clever bunny! (I can’t even open an envelope that evenly myself.)

  9. That was completely awesome. Perfectly neatly opened, and the letter inside untouched!

  10. “I won’t do it. No, you can’t make me! NO! It’s unethical, I tell you! What? It’s for ME? Oh, okay. Sure…”

  11. Positive Jube says:

    Now that IS cute. Bun obvy a candidate for CO office employee along with those hummingbirds etc.. we’ve heard about….

  12. OK it’s obvious but I can’t resist:

    give me a ticket for an airplane…
    ain’t got time to take no fast train…

    oh, office drudgery days ‘r gone…
    bun’s on the job…

    my bunneh opened me a letter!

  13. Why, he makes opening bills a pleasure!

  14. freaky – I just saw this on youtube yesterday and now here it is on CO – and still just as cute!

  15. Do not, repeat do not, make any silly jokes about putting teh bunny in jello. I don’t want to read any posted comments here about jello bunnies. That would not be cute, or funny, at all, noooo.

  16. arbed – I saw this yesterday in the CO Bunnies (Categories sidebar). Vewwy fwweaky.

  17. Pyrit — Jell-O? Wha huh?
    [ahem] …PUDDINS. We’re all about teh puddins here.

    And Rachel posted a link to this vid, yesterday:

  18. *Snoooooort* OH YEAH, that’s where I saw it yesterday. Thanks for the brainworm, Theo. I thought I was losin’ it! 🙂

    Puddin’ puddin’ puddin’ pie,
    Launched the flans and made ’em fly
    Without my puddin’ peeps I would die….

  19. useta hada kitteh says:

    Well, somebunny said it before me, but I’m gonna say it anyway. May I assume that every desk in the CO Dream Office will be supplied with one of these reluctant, but oh so anerable, letter openers?

    I loves teh bunneh!

  20. Francesca says:

    Bunny’s inner monologue: “Oh god, they’re trying to make me open the letter again. I’m not going to do it this time. No! No! No! I don’t care if you put it in front of my face I won’t!!….snipsnipsnipsnip ….. Dammit. Do I get a carrot, now?”

  21. Theo – Sorry to be vague. Reference ‘The Office’. See Cheryl’s posted comment above.
    I’m not a fan of the show but it has this stapler in jello prank . . . I’m not puddin’ you on.

  22. “no, i won’t open letter for ye.”

    “no, i said’.

    “nope nope nope..”

    “AW, AWRIGHT! AWRIGHT! here you go!!” (*Snapsnapsnapsnap*)

  23. I think he just opened his Hogwarts letter, because clearly, this bunny is MAGIC.

  24. Pyrit — crap, that explains it. I never did see any of The Office, US or UK versions.

  25. Useta — but of course!
    They’d work in concert with the Post-It Hummingbirds and the Pneumatic Hamsters.

  26. Hee, Laurie C! His Hogwart’s letter! Yes!
    I want a Hogwart’s letter!

  27. M’k, goin’ to Chicago for a few days. Just hadta get my robotquiz for the week overwith. Bye!

  28. 1) Stuffed pizza at Giordano’s.
    2) Teh BEAN (and Millenium Park).
    3) Field Museum.
    4) Crazy #$@%ing insane cabbies.
    5) Art Institute of Chicago.
    6) Navy Pier if you absolutely must.

    😉 Have fun!

  29. bunnajenny says:

    Busband once conducted a security audit for a company that had a goat as their shredder! Clearly something else we need at CO HQ. You know, to meet snorgle privacy regulations.

  30. oh i saw this on the news the other night! And i was like well…there is fires, world terror, and murders…but nope they show a bunny that can open mail…

  31. Saw this on the link yesterday – very cute! Wish I had one on my desk at work! Sure would make work more fun.
    Lauri – Have BIG fun!

  32. michellemybelle says:

    I certainly will be talking to the person that orders office supplies at work, first thing Monday morning. I even know the little spot in my cube where Mr. Bunneh could live…

    BTW, for the folks that haven’t seen the UK “The Office,” get thee to a DVD player! Ricky Gervais is a comedy god, and the other players on the show are FAN-tastic.

  33. That is the best thing i have ever seen.

  34. Sigh. I confess. Bunnies scare me. I had a bunny, named Buns, large, white with black speckles, a rescue-history unknown. Maybe from Monty Python. It bit me. A lot. No matter how gentle I was. Vet found nothing wrong. Then, one day, someone stole it. I hate to imagine what happened but, I hope my bitter biting bunny bit the bad bunny bandit better.

  35. That’s ridiculous.

  36. I meant that the video is ridiculous, not the comment that was posted before mine.

  37. I could die happy now.

    I have the perfect spot on my desk for one of these! Only problem… I don’t get enough mail… just bills! Maybe bunneh can mulitask and edit papers for me…

    *cronchcronchcronch* “OHNOEZ! Another grammar botch?”

  38. This is entwapment.

  39. This could mean I throw away all my letter openers and get a bunneh.

  40. musicchick2 says:

    As self proclaimed Exec. Asst. of the Dream Office (I AM within shouting distance of the Space Needle after all), I’m updating the office supplies request and not authorizing any more letter openers. We’ve hired Mr. Bunneh instead.

  41. Obvy, bunneh doesn’t like the Washington Mutual. “No, it’s a thin one… you don’t want to see it… I promise… fine, look! You bounced a check AGAIN!”

  42. I love the noise sounds like he is typing. But, I do believe is was aware that you shouldn’t open other peoples mail.

  43. sadie_asher says:

    I want one for Christmas!

  44. zosterops says:

    this just made my day. what a hilarious way of showing your pet off!

  45. “But, I do believe is was aware that you shouldn’t open other peoples mail.”

    HAHA! You’re right! What a proper well behaved little bunneh.

  46. If I tried that with either of my buns Bella would most likely run away and hide and Marlon would just eat it.
    I guess hand opening letters will continue in this household. *Sigh*

  47. What amazes me – that the bun chomps in a straight line!

    Mine would have random semicircular sections missing from the end, and probably the sides, and the letter itself would be shredded, and…

    ( )
    ” “

  48. Wow, harnessing the amazing chewing powers of bunnies for GOOD. Mine only ever managed to destroy computer cords 😦 (not his fault really as I didn’t watch him carefully enough).

  49. Too cute for words…!!!

  50. zosterops says:

    you know, the real potential of this bunnie is for people like me, who do not open their mail for days because it could be something depressing like my mobile phone bill. now, with one of these therapeutic bunnies my life could change! better than dolphin therapie and not as hard on the stationary.

  51. Okay, so how come my letter opener is not at all cute and fuzzy and bunny-like? These must be the new office standard!!!

  52. eikoleigh says:

    That’s awesome. I want one at work. Would make opening bills and invoices so much better! Munchie mail…!

  53. “and not as hard on the stationary.”

    [ahem] zosterops, if I may…that’s “stationEry.”

  54. oh my gosh, with a capital letter in the middle of the word? will never figure out foreign languages (languEges?)

  55. kodomo_ja_nai says:

    dude, this rabbit is awesome! 😀

  56. Teehee coinkidink! This video was mentioned in my local newspaper today! In Tasmania 🙂 very cute

  57. Bless the rabbit and the owner. If anyone cares, the guy introduces the video as “Bunny letter opening machine” in cantonese.

  58. little miao says:

    awwww, so cute!! a very talented bunny, i must say.

  59. That reminds me of my sister’s Siamese cat Sim-Sim… She would hold out an envelope to Sim-Sim, and she’d lick the glue on the envelope for my sister. I always loved watching her pay her bills because of her furry helper.

  60. The bunny’s pretty cute, but I loooooove how you can hear that the whole family’s gathered ’round because they worship their bun! As soon as the camera stopped, Mom, Dad, and kiddles swooped in for a group snorgle.

  61. …And that’s how their bunny contracted anthrax.

  62. lilmiss175 says:

    clever bunny! wish my cat could do sumthing that cute……:)

  63. Jeeezuz, Lex! I’m LOL’ing… so ashamed…

  64. OMG i wanna teach my bunny that!

  65. Give me a letter opener like that and I’ll stop sending email!!!

  66. Funny!!! I never had a letter opener I had to clean up droppings after!
    Very Sweet! 🙂

  67. actually, all rabbits can do that.