It’s Nautastic!

"The Octonauts" a new book from the fine folks over at Meomi is OUT. Lots of rich desktops and colorin’ book pages are out too. Wot a delight!




  1. Just in time for Christmas.

  2. Gah! These little critters slay me. I use the desktop pics and they alway cheer me up, especially the OTTER!!!

    Although the squid in love with the submarine is also cute.

  3. BlurpleBerry says:


    I’m third!

    Adorable. Squids + submarines = anerable, fo’ sho’.

  4. I found out about that book a month or so ago, I think we’re going to carry it in my baby clothes store!

  5. aaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAARGH!! My pancreas has just exploded in my abdomen! I’ve gone beyond diabetic and now suck all the sugar out of any organic substance within twenty feet of me. All because of that anerable Meomi cuteness!


  6. luckycliff says:

    Far away in the lonely night, a critter was heard making various cute sounds…

  7. ::bubble noises::

  8. Eh. I guess it’s just me, but I really don’t find this one cute. I’m not a big fan of cartoons, animation, etc. Gimme a real live kitten or puppy anyday!

  9. Susan Bridges McKay says:

    So much cuteness on this site! But this is def not cute! 😉

  10. Henry Bourvoeu says:

    Is this a paid advertisement?

  11. Are you the ad police?

  12. AlbertaGirl says:

    Gasp! How have I lived my entire life without being aware of Meomi??? Thank you CO for adding another dimension of cuteness to my existence!

  13. Henry Bourvoeu says:

    I ask the questions, mack.

    Where were you at the time this paid ad was posted?

  14. “We all live in a blue fish submarine…”

  15. Are you the question police?

  16. Jeez – if you don’t find these critters 100% awe-dorable, you must have a sprocket missing. So many questions, but the only answer I see is that Meomi are cute-overlords.

  17. Henry — where were you the night Chicago died?