EXTENDED Saturday morning flop

I am having a full and total Saturday morning flop. It’s 12:39PM California time, and I’m still sittin’ here in mah jammies drinking coffee. WHO’S WITH ME, PEOPLE?


Philla B. is. I know that much.



  1. Right on! I’m jammin’ in mah jammies, and am tewtally flopped. Mah kitteh is in serious floppage as well. Life is gooood.

  2. hehehe…1st comment. shweet!

  3. That cat is all like…”Don’t even think about moving me…”

  4. YAY!! Marmie kitty flop.

    Enjoy your Saturday morning relax, Meg. Sure you’ve earned it…

  5. zosterops says:

    am in norway, where the day is 22 hours old and am still drinking coffee in front of the fireplace. is that good enough ?

  6. IMPRESSIVE, Zosterops. Maybe I should re-think that shower, then?

  7. I’m there. Just got showered and dressed half an hour ago. Been drinking coffee and playing with the kitteroos all mornin’.

  8. zosterops says:

    well, here you have to start the day with a (hot) shower since otherwise you dont survive the temperatures … its not by chance I am stuck to the fireplace.

  9. its 4 pm michigan time and i’m still in my PJ’s. I was just gonna start a movie but there’s a floomped kitty on my sitting area…

  10. GeorgiaGirl says:
  11. Oh, Zosterops got me beat but at least I can chill with Rosie!

    4pm in East Tennessee. Got mah tea, got mah jammies… and got mah hundered pages of Lit… argh. I have no kitteh though, so it does me well to see this marmie goodness!

    Enjoy the floppitude.

  12. this is ‘floomp’ from a couple weeks ago. still cute though!

  13. don’t suppose there’s any chance of seeing some Roofie floppage anytime soon? He isn’t hanging out with you today?

    Roofies needs his own category…err dogegory.


  14. I got acouple of things done this a.m. (feeding the boxcar colony, yoga class) and meant to have a productive afternoon, but keep getting hijacked by Palmerston the kitten who wants cuddles and is sooo irresistible…in fact, I’m typing this one-handed while he snoozes in my other arm.

  15. ! The older kitty is upstairs and I bet she’s in a similar pose. YOunger kitty is in front of me, wondering why I’ not more interesting.

    To Do:

    Marathon LotR
    Clean front Room.

    well, I am on disc 2 of Fellowship, so I got something done…

  16. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Regina said: “Roofies needs his own category…err dogegory.”


  17. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Cat sad: “To Do:
    Marathon LotR”

    I need to do that someday…
    Do you have the theatricals or the EEs?

  18. I rolled in around 3:00 a.m. last night/this morning and here it is 2:30 Arizona time and I haven’t done much.
    Lessee – I stayed in bed longer than I should have because I was cuddling with Elvis. When I got up, he wanted to play tag/hide & seek. When he jumped on the bed to hide under the covers, he fell instantly back to sleep, where he’s been floomped since.

    I can blame him for not letting me make the bed. Plus, I can’t vacuum because that would wake him up.

    My cat is a bad influence on me.

  19. you guys r silly says:

    I am just putting my 2 cents in before heading home after being up at 6am, driving people to other people’s houses for the day, and then working 7 hours (for a total of 64 this week.)
    Hey! My kitteh and my jammies & coffee are a-callin’ me NOW! Did you hear them?
    Here I come kitteh and jammies & coffee!
    Have a great weekend, all!
    &:o) =^o^=

  20. Not to be picky, because this guy is a total cutie, and certainly worth peeping again, but this is a repeat from September:


  21. I made it to 3:00 in the jammies, and then I caved. Too hungry, no food in the house, and I live in too small a town to go out foraging in my flannels.

  22. Uh oh…the weird comment reversal thing is happening again. Save me floompy kitty!!!

  23. zosterops says:

    eeh, it IS weird, redzilla, what is that?

  24. Well, it’s 4:40 p.m. here in Mass. There’s nothin’ better in the world than jammies, kittehs, and tea/coffee, all in the same space at the same time. Everything is better warm and cozy!

  25. What weird comment thing…?! Time reversal again? Me no see’um.

  26. Whoops, oh, THAT weird commment thing. I guess Wendy gets the last word every time. 😉

  27. zosterops says:

    well, as soon as someone has figured out how THAT works in real life, let me know.

  28. If only I could stay in my jammies ’til noon! With three little kids in the house, those days are long gone!

    Love, love, love that super fluffy, yummy, delicious, marmalade kitten!

    I wanna bite ‘im!

  29. Lady Douji says:

    Blah, I’m stuck at work today, no kitties and jammies for me until tuesday. *pouts*

  30. you did it! broke the spell!! maybe one needs to pout…?

  31. See, I got up(at noon) and did things, but then came home and put my jammies back on 😮

    I also have socks on that come up to my knees.

  32. it’s 2:30 pm California time and me still in jammies…..just brushd my teefs and I need to study my Microeconomics…all this short run costs are costing me!

  33. Mmmm!!


  34. (strolling past overhearing CO peeps, noticing baby orange tiger, stops midstep)
    Ho, it is cute when a kitty floomped out like that tries to miaow.
    (Looks around)
    Beg your pardon.
    (strolling off, singing to self: coffee in the morning,
    Coffee in the evening,
    Coffee at suppertime.
    (Calls over shoulder)
    Put some Kahlua in it ya landlubbers.

  35. I guess someone has to do it, so it may as well be me. I’m out of my pjs and about to go for a run to enjoy our lovely Arizona weather (read: temp finally not comparable to the surface of the sun).

    [waves at all the CO loungers as she runs by]

  36. Holy repeats, Batman!

    Wish I had that luxury… though I did sleep until 9 for once!

  37. thanks GeorgiaGirl, I swore I had seen this pic on here before!!!
    NOT that I am complaining….floompy mcfluffernutters is worth seeing again!
    i’m gettin old & my mind is starting to play tricks on me sometimes!

  38. GeorgiaGirl — good eye!

    Meg — ‘hem?

  39. I kinda wish I’d stayed in my jammies all day. Really could have used it. Jammies and kittens. *sigh* Ya think 7:30 is too early to get ready for bed on a Saturday night?

  40. Kitty is worf it. Repeats, I mean. He is keeling me softly with his floof.

  41. Positive Jube says:

    Ohhh, that’s ok. a bit of repeatability never hurts… and the thought of cute images being date referenced, databased and cross catadogalogued for accuracy would just spoil things!!

  42. love the tiny pink nose and the little stray orange hairs standing up here and there. Wow I wish I could have joined all you floppers – would have been nice but I was up and out and on the go by 9. However at least i was (mostly) doing things I wanted to do. Sorry you had to be at work Lady Douji

  43. Let’s hear it for LoTR marathons… I’m up to disc 1 of ROTK with a black cat in my lap and a snowshoe siamese on my feet…the ultimate warming system… Me, cats and Viggo. MMMMMM.

  44. ShelleyTambo says:

    julia2–absolutely not. I had mine on by 9pm. The rest of y’all lazies–how do you get your cats to let you sleep so late? Seriously?

  45. bunnajenny says:

    ah tis easy with the kittens once the outside temp drops – they nest in our meringue bed (two fluffy duvets) and they protest when we dare get up to tend to the pups. The pups let us sleep until 8:07 this am (pure luxury and Meggan the new one is only 11 weeks). The cats gave the “I do NOT approve” look and snuggled back in while we faced 20 degree weather. brrrr.

  46. I finally got out of the house around 4 pm this afternoon, and was really debating on going shopping or not, and staying home. Probably should have stayed home, spent too much money, but hey, once a month isn’t too bad. BTW, I was in my jammies til almost noon today!

  47. lurkertype says:

    I stayed in mah jammies (actually my kawaii kitten fuzzy nightie) till maybe 5.

    Staying in bed late b/c of the cat or not doing anything b/c of the cat snuggles is VERY important. There is nothing more important than snuggling cats.

    At least, that’s what they think.

  48. ka9q's wife says:

    I am still in mah jammies but then i am sick..coff coff. Still. Won’t someone rid me of this meddlesome illness?

  49. I spent most of the day in my pajamas vacuuming. And vacuuming. And washing rugs. And vacuuming.

    It sucked.

    But then the SchmoopTeens had a post-Halloween Burton Fest (Nightmare Before Christmas, Corpse Bride, Edward Scissorhands) and a good time was had by all who were teens. 😉

    There’s a whole leftover pizza, too.

  50. Martha in Washington says:

    Today was the first day since last Sunday that I was actually in CLOTHES. I had an emergency appendectomy Sunday and just got up the energy to get dressed today. I missed my CO while in the hospital-thus the need for extra vicodin!-and just got back upstairs to the PC to see what I’d missed. Lovely marmie BTW. Wish I had a kittie to cuddle when my tummy hurts. Glad to be back tho.

  51. I got you all beat. Didn’t get out of my PJs alllllll day. I only wish that I had a little furball of some sort to keep me cozy. Instead, I have a new computer with a nice glowy screen.

    Now, I’m going to CHANGE my PJs and get back into bed.

    Night all!

  52. Theo – Vacuuming sucks! I’m proud of you! You little Dirt Devil! Aubrey missed a good one.
    Movie fest sounded great too.

  53. Martha in W, I hope your recovery is speedy. Take two hits of medicinal cuteness.

  54. M in W–hang in there, hon! *sending kitties and warm puddin’s and Constant Comment tea over the internet*


  55. Martha W — have someone read you the story “Madeline.” That should do it.

  56. Martha in Washington says:

    Laurie C-More than two hits, I hope…As Needed for Pain.
    DTD-more kitties please and thank you.
    Theo-I LOVE Madeline. My kids have all her books even tho they are boys! Wish I could keep them in two straight lines.

  57. wendyzski says:

    Ugh – I wish I had a cute little floppy kitty today – even if I AM allergic…

    My bunny has an ear infection, so I have to give her nasty cold wet ear drops 3x a day. It’s full-contact bunny-wrestling around here, and she’s starting to hate me. It’s only day 3, and it may take as long as a month. waaah.

  58. LOL Teho! “Madeline”

  59. lurkertype says:

    Martha, trust me — appendectomies and other abdominal surgeries do NOT mix with kitties!

  60. Martha in Washington says:

    lurker-now that I think about it I do seem to remember my Jeremiah liking to WALK across my belly at most inconvenient times! Maybe a teeny, tiny kittie wouldn’t be too painful tho and I did bring home some of that gooood medicine!;)

  61. Martha in WA – Belated get well wishes from a newish peep. They say laughter is the best medicine – so this is the place to be. Then again, maybe not after an appendectomy – ouch. Get well soon.

  62. Whee! Some things deserve a second post!!!

    Oh, and we have a marmie kittie at home too! W00T!