First time ‘tock viewin’

Look man, I didn’t ASK to see your ‘tocks. Them thar are some scary ‘tocks. [Shivers]


Lies V. R. and I are looking for the photographer of this and other kitten photos. Anyone have a clue!?



  1. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Kitty does NOT look happy… O_O
    “DO NOT WANT!”

  2. Haha. The caption was exceptionally funny this go.

  3. FionnaCathyLizzie says:

    i think thats the cat equivilent of a cute-induced head explosion

  4. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Kitty says, “What the HELL did you have for lunch???”

  5. sweet jane says:

    Kitty looks like a dandylion gone to seed!

  6. All the pix on that link make me believe I’ve died and gone to heaven. And heaven is populated by kittens. Here’s another one that seems to go with that set:

  7. This series is where the infamous “Cliche Kitty” came from, the 3rd pic on the site. But just a warning…the photographer is VERY touchy when it comes to these photos. Whenever his photos pop up on the web, nasty emails follow soon after.

  8. snowpupgirl says:

    I believe it’s stock photography, well, according to wikipedia it is:

    From there they have links to this photo. For instance, here is this photo elsewhere:

    This “series” of kitten photos is available MANY places.

    Just thought I’d give out a shout…those stock photos are CUTE!!! I think everyone should go look at all of them…

  9. This is a classic “YEEP!”

  10. Oh 😯 …I hate when that happens… those exhibitionists, always takes you off guard!… poor kitty 🙂


    Poor kittums is doing his bestest to look Skary, while the dog is paying no attention.

  12. snowpupgirl says:

    And because I have to…

    “Oh no, he’ll chase you up a tree after hissing at his ‘tocks!”

    “But then you will be forever friends when you come back down…”

  13. haha too funny. poor kitty lol but those are CUTE tocks!! its not like danglers are involved?! looks like puppy trumped to be honest. kitty got caught in the back draft 😐

  14. I’ve got that series of “Kitten” photos bookmarked, and I go and look at them from time to time. There’s one of a gangly half-grown tabby kitten and a hedgehog that I adore.

  15. If you look at the kitteh in other pics on that link, you see he has the stubbiest tail EVER.

  16. Zomg! I think I died and gone to heaven! Thank you everybody that gave out all the other links *poits*

  17. Does anyone else think those stock photos all look like scenes from “Milo and Otis”? Especially with the little marmalade kitty and the crab?

  18. Ok, maybe not all of them…but a bunch of them.

  19. Kitteh: Simon says turn around!
    Kitteh: Put your tail down!
    Kitteh: Put your ears up!
    Kitteh: Simon says frizz!
    Kitteh: Got ya! You’re out!

    (Or maybe they are playing frizz-tag)

  20. Kitteh says, No self-respectin’ nanimal keeps their tail up in the air all day.

  21. Alt. caption
    Puppy: “Well, okay, if you don’t like my joke, I’ll go tell it to someone else.”

  22. lurkertype says:



  23. acelightning says:

    But ‘Tock-tober is finished – isn’t it now Nose-vember?


    Maybe this site would know?

  25. Don’t shoot, puppy!

  26. Kitten:”If you fart I swear I’ll…”

    Puppy:”Brrrrrrrp! Whaa?”

    Kitten:”You dead you hear me. Your so dead!”

    Great caption!

  27. Later, the puppy apologizes for, umm….well, we won’t go into that…

  28. Why the hell do you screw up your links so that it’s a pain to get the URL? You’re an asshole.

  29. “Someone” — yeah, two things:
    1) What the hell are you talking about?
    2) Do you really think anybody’s going to help you, now?

  30. GreenEyedHawk says:

    I can’t speak for everyone here, but I have to say I don’t feel any partocular desire to help….

  31. LOL at the non-typo, Green.

  32. right before the photo was taken, that puppeh was all “annnnnd tailup!” Because the kitteh had just finished watching the newest episode of Yo Momma and was making fun of puppys Mama

  33. In case anyone’s interested, the pup is a Shiba Inu – only the coolest dogs on earth (NO bias). Their tails are always up like that (curled – u can’t see it in pic), and they have the thickest puppy fur, and cutest lil black nose mask – oh! and the ears – did I mention the ears?! So smart, they’re scary – Yes -‘wonder muts’, they are…. VERY cat-like (Ours lives w/ 6 cats, and 0 dogs, so you can imagine HER identity crisis).

  34. deanna – I’m interested. Thanks. A Shiba Inu. Now I see it. They have the best legs, like tree trunks, like an Akita’s.

  35. Aww, I sent the directory of these kittehs to Meggles a while back but she ignoreded it 😦

  36. A lot of shibas also go nutso for catnip.

    No I am also not a shiba groupie, no not at all.

  37. hrh.squeak says:

    Heehee, me splody Teho’s head:

  38. hrh.squeak says:
  39. hrh.squeak says:

    And moving in for the kill:

    Happy Monday, Teho and Peeps!

  40. Hmmm, I used to have the linkness for the original photographer: as I recall, a really good photographer from Japan did these.

    Will update from home if I can find the link.

  41. *nods* Momi is right – I remember the photographer was Japanese, too.

    But, isn’t Tocktober over…?

  42. LOL!!! Kitty looks mighty worried…

  43. I think those photos were taken by Masanori Hata, the director and creator of Koneko Monogatari, or as the more popular known, Milo and Otis!
    One of the photos is the cover of the dvd release. I can’t be absolutely sure, but I really think thats the photographer. I hope that helps. 🙂

  44. Eew! Dog farts!

  45. The photographers were Toyofumi Fukuda and Hiroyuki Ueki. All these pictures are from a Japanese CD-ROM of over 200 cat pictures produced by Synforest, called “Neko ga suki.”

  46. william congreve says:

    this is just me hoping that the word “‘tocks” never catches on and becomes accepted parlance …i’m somehow comforted in the knowledge that it never will

  47. william congreve says:

    since we’re talkin about ‘tock i got a new suggestion …how about “taint” — that being the slang for the space between your anus and your genitals becoming ” ‘aint” …aint that great???!?!!?