Just a reminder, peeps… this is it, right here, the feline washcloth, the kitty loofah, the interspecies sandpaper scrub-brush that we’ve been taking about with this question.


Click on the photo for the C.O.X.C.U. just to make things abundantly clear.
Any questions?

Nice droplet, Lord Kalvan!  (Everybody say Hi to Princess Hank!)



  1. This photo is amazingly cute! It’s electro-cute-ing! W-O-W.

  2. Well said, Pyrit.

  3. omg you just gotta love the suspended water drop.

  4. A thinker says:

    Excellent water droplet catch.

    As well as Very Wise and Serious Kitty-Face. Me likes Princess Hank.

  5. hiya princess hank – won’t steven e be jealous now?

  6. kitty trying to taste exclamation point.

  7. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Princess…. Hank?

  8. Catman Dude =^-.-^= says:

    My brother’s cat likes to drink water from the kitchen faucet too…..then she throws up….everytime.

  9. Hi Princess Hank! Kitty drinking suspended droplet…super cute…kitty licking goop out of doggy’s ears…gross!…close-up of kitty schnozz…cude!

  10. Who am I to say, but maybe Princess Hank is short for Princess Hanky? Every princess needs a hanky to wipe water droplets off her princess chin.
    (and that’s no hanky-panky)

  11. Peg of Tilling says:

    Droplets on the muzzlepuff! Droplets on the muzzlepuff!

  12. Hi, Princess Hank! You’re awfully cute. My Sanibel does the same thing – running water fresh out of the tap must just taste better – perhaps it makes them think of fish in a stream? Either that or it’s just another way they can drive us crazy.

  13. NebraskaErin says:

    Awww, what a cute Princess! my Princess’s name is Norm, so I do understand that sometime pretty girls can have unfortunate names.

  14. La Principesa has a very red tongue from lots of slurpage. Droplets on whiskers! And did you see that gigunda droplet suspended under the faucet? She’s magic, too.

  15. What a purdy kitteh!! I wonder if Princess Hank *asks* for her water drops. My sweet ol’ tabby cat Terra used to do that. She’d jump up on the counter by the sink and say, “prrrrt?”

  16. awesome shot! I love the red polka dot on her nose! Pretteh kitteh!

    I have a couple kittehs that will sit and wait at the bathroom sink for me to turn the water on at drip speed. (Of course with ten cats in the house, I could probably say I have a cat that does that about most anything!)

    Update on the stray I took in a week ago: she passed her physical at the vet, she’s eating well, still growly, but likes petting most of the time. I currently have a found ad running for her. She’s a very pretty tortie, front declawed. Anyone in MI looking to adopt???

  17. This is how cats survive in the wild.
    They find natural springs like this one, and tear open the bags of dry food all on their own.
    So don’t go thinking they need you.

    In fact, if they weren’t hanging around, we’d all be knee-deep in yucky wet cat food.
    And how would we like that?

    Or so my cats say.

  18. michellemybelle says:

    mariser & Lord K – congrats on the posting! Princess Hank looks like the kitty that I had when I was wittle (her name was Tiger). She didn’t do cool stuff like this though.

    Will Steven E be featured too?

  19. LOL, Lauowolf, this is what my cats claim, too. That they’re perfectly capably of living on the squirrels they would catch in the wild.

    Oh, and kind of sad but heartwarming, check out BBC’s photos of a horse rescue. Just, uh, skip pic#3, which is not heartwarming.

  20. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    & Nnniiiiccccee water droplet catch!
    By photographer and kitteh!!

  21. mariser, Beautiful. Congratulations.

    (Low sweeping bow)
    I dust the floor before you with my feathered hat,
    For sending us this photo of your Princess Hank, the cat.

  22. Wow Redz, great story. I didn’t skip #3, sad, but the other pics. very heartwarming. I liked the one of the 4 ladies leading the herd off the island (#6).

    And, back to regularly scheduled programming, Princess Hank is adorable. (I one had a female cat named Harold. So I understand the name “Hank”. Sometimes it just seems to fit.)

  23. AuntieMame says:

    If Princess Hank is here, surely Steven Elizabeth is not far behind?

    I need to get a cat so that I can name her Princess Bob or something. 🙂

  24. I often wake at 2AM to the scratchy sound of kitten licking dry faucet.

    I bought my princess a fountain water bowl several years ago – so I could get some sleep – and she just refuses to drink out of it.

  25. my cat does that too!! we don’t want him to ’cause it just wastes a lot of water… haha

  26. Glad everybody liked the shot. It took a few tries. Normally she will drink from the other direction and thus rendering the view useless. When I get home, I will post the rest of the shots either on my vox or flickr accounts.

  27. Mary: my fave part, too: 4 women on horseback leading the herd to safety.

    I got so tired of the faucet licking antics that I got one of those fountains, which the cats seem to like.

  28. mleiv:

    Sounds like my cat. I bought Mr. Princess a cat fountain but he prefers the tap. Second best is a drinking glass (I suppose so he doesn’t have to deign to bend over).
    Here’s pics of my kitty with his drinking glass.

  29. Sqeeeeeeeeee! our little princess is on CO. won’t she be surprised.
    [Steven E. mumbles, grumbles] I’ve sent several pictures of Steven E. and he has never been featured. won’t he be jealous? I thinks he will.
    btw, I have never had a submission to CO win the “pick me! lottery” but I’m still happy for the SO aka “Lord Kalvan” and P. Hank.

  30. musicchick2 says:

    Laowolf – and here I thought my cats could READ the label on the cat food bag. There goes my theory that they have super-feline abilities.

    And the photo of Hank is awesome. I definitely need to ask Santa for a decent camera this year.

  31. D’Aawwwwww….

  32. HAH! T., has been rendered speechless by the deployment of the super-secret weapon: sweepy-marmie-kitteh-with-paws-up-and-pantaloons

  33. Max and/or Mariser — I was curious about one thing, with those Vox pix: They’re obviously taken with a nice camera, judging from the superfine resolution (and therefore superlarge image size)… so, why are they so dark? Was your shutter speed set a bit fast, maybe?

  34. Wups, sorry… [melts back into speechlessness]

  35. hey T., I’ll let mon schmoop answer your technical question. I can vouch for the finene$$ of the camera, though. it is a Pentax digital SLR (his birfday present)

  36. A thinker says:

    T, a nice whirfle-rub of the tummy to Mr. Bounce in reply.

    And Redz, thanx for sharing the horsie pictures. As a certified horse geek, my heart warms at their rescue but feels a bit sorry for them too…

  37. Theo — love Mr. Bounce. maybe my next kitty will be a marmie.

  38. Don’t click on the links to Fatal Fluffy!!! Slepping chub-cat photos on Friday afternoon?! Peeps, I’m barely awake as it is and I still gotta do payroll. Can you believe they trust me with payroll?

  39. Theo,

    For Princess Hank, I think I had it set to spot metering and it read off her white. Some of the shots came out OK, some did not. I should have checked the metering. I had the camera set to its auto setting. Hence the flash was keyed to the metering. Shutter speed was recorded as 1/60 sec. Didn’t want to set a long manual shutter speed as the water would be blurred.

    For Steven Elizabeth on the bed, it was with the lights totally off using the flash. Lucky to get anything.

    In general, I feel the Pentax *istDS pics are slightly dark. About 1/2 to 1 stop maybe. Especially the indoor shots. Nice thing is the pics have a lot of latitude so you can easily adjust.

  40. Theo, Mr. Bounce is very fetching. He must have been counting nose hairs.

    RedZ, that was a great story about the horses. I hope the authorities slapped their “caretaker” with heavy fines AND costs of rescue. And the ire of a nation.

  41. Fatal Fluffy is teh fatale! Very byootiful kitteh.

  42. “Nice thing is the pics have a lot of latitude so you can easily adjust.”
    Yep, just as you say.

  43. lurkertype says:

    Oh, I’m SURE Steven Elizabeth will be quite jealous.

    But I lof this pic! Nice going Lord K.

  44. My Schmoo must have her morning drinkawattah from the faucet, too! All this started up again with the change of the seasons for some reason. She is very adamant that she MUST get in the bathroom and get to the faucet. Of course, I dare not comply.

  45. Oh, and this is an AWESOME stop action pic! Even has the little globules of water on kitteh’s whisker pads!

  46. Yay, Lord Kalvan and Princess Hank and mariser! and a can of concialatory tuna for Steven E.!
    Nice, shot! I loved this one on your vox!

    Purrdos to all the humans whose furkids allowed thier lovely photos to be posted today! Kneedless to say, they are all VERY purrdy!

  47. little miao says:

    it’s an amazing picture, mariser and lord kalvan!! Princess H is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, and the photography is outstanding. Wow.

    Hugs to Steven Elizabeth, who’s beautiful too. 🙂

  48. Why don’t my kit kats drink from taps? why why why???? I try to convince them they would look fetching catching driplets from the tap but they won’t hear any of it. They prefer drinking their H-dos-O from a very tall glass so they don’t have to bend over.

  49. Fine! I finally caved and got a flickr account so I can show off my anerable Flanny cat drinking from the faucet. Slurp!

  50. A thinker says:

    Veddy nice upside-down neck-craning action on the Flanny-cat, Redz.

  51. i did some housesitting for people that had a couple of cats…one liked to drink from the bathroom sink, but he was slightly particular about it. the water had to be running in your cupped hand and he’d paw at the arm the water was in if it wasn’t in the right spot. cats are so funny!

  52. And I had a cat, named Picabo, (a rescued abused female who had hip surgery due to being kicked and walked like a penguin everafter which was OK since she was black & white and her wonky hips also allowed her to climb down trees head first), anyway, who thought drinking from the tap was the BEST because she kept forgetting how the water went right up her nose, ev-a-ry time, and she would, “heh-sneh-(trying to keep eyes open)-thnn-hrnnk-(head tilting)-snrrk-(lip curl) -saa-neeze the water out.

  53. One of my customers has a cat that will only drink water that is running in the bath tub.

  54. misscrisp says:

    Ruble Kopeck says Hi to Steven E. and Mr. Bounce and Mr. Princess:
    He also supports the “Freedom to Clean” Act of 2007:

  55. Wow, a captured “thhhhhhhhhh”!!

  56. acelightning says:

    I think I understand why a lot of cats like to drink from a running faucet like that, instead of out of a bowl. After all, don’t a lot of us humans like to drink from the garden hose?

  57. Rest in Peace Scamper
    Just had to tell someone that our 13 yr old grey and white kitty died in my husbands lap on the way to the vet this morning. A sweeter kitty would be hard to find. My 19 year old daughter is devastated, as this was her kitty.

  58. karen – That is so sad. I am sorry. Sounds like your daughter grew up with a very sweet friend.

  59. you guys r silly says:

    Karen : I’m so very sorry to hear of your loss. I know that you will all miss her.

  60. I’m sorry about your family’s loss, karen. Sounds like Scamper was loved so much, though.

  61. Redzilla — your kitty is spooky-cute. does s/he have whiskers?

  62. That’s brilliant. XD

  63. Sad to hear it, Karen. Hope Scamper went peacefully :o(

    No, Fatal Fluffy. Flanny doesn’t have whiskers. She has what we think of as whisker place-holders. Wherever a cat has whiskers, she has little bumps. And, yeah, there’s something distinctly alien about her.

  64. Torbie, torbie, torbie! Torbies kick ass!

    Beautiful cat.

    She looks like my dear departed Amber, only with not quite so much red in the fur.

    You can just barely see it in this pic, but Amber had a precious little squeeable lip-freckle, too.

  65. Sorry to hear about your dear friend Scamper, Karen!

    If I can go gushy here, may you feel her presence in your home still, and may you all meet again someday by the Rainbow Bridge. Just lost one, myself … and immediately had a tuxxy little rescue kit come into my life.

    I love ’em both, although they could not be more different.

  66. thanks for the kind thoughts. our other two kitties are wondering where she is, i keep expecting to see her curled up sleeping somewhere.

  67. Many people say cats understand and process the loss of one of their friends a lot faster and with fewer problems when they can see the still little body.

    Cats are predators. They know death well, instinctually if not experientially. They understand that dead things do not come alive again (even if you toss ’em, like prey, up in the air a few times.)

    In the past, I’ve let kitties sniff the body of a deceased “roomie”. They really *do* seem to get it, and are respectful and even a bit affectionate. I’ve seen a few give a “one last lick” or a “one last face rub” to a fallen buddy.

    I know that, since you were rushing her to the vet when she left you, you didn’t have the opportunity to take her body home, though, so in the absence of Scamper’s mortal shell, just try … *telling* your other cats where she’s gone.

    My friend the Cat Whisperer says to do this while holding a vision of what happened in your mind, as cats are telepathic. They’ll pick it up.

    Sweet memories and heart’s peace to all of you. That “searching” can really twist your heart, can’t it? Especially when you’re half-searching, too.

    My rescue kitty likes to sit in exactly the same places Amber sat. It’s sweet, and a little jarring, too.

  68. CatFreak, you have a real nice touch with words. Thank you. Hubby has decided that we will not have any more pets cremated. He wants to bury them. The man hardly ever sheds a tear, but he cried for Scamper.

  69. i call my boy cat princess, too. <3 he is just so prissy it is unavoidable.

  70. GOOD GRIEF!!! Can’t believe I missed all this!!!

    Looooovely kitty, Mariser & Schmoop!

    P.S. Am at my parents’ (YAY!) and with 8 kitties and a puppy too! Expect pics on Vox once I get back …