I…can’t…drive… FIFTY-FIIIIVE! [Part two]

Kathy A., nice work on the Sammeh Hagar look-alike… Check out the other Sammy here.


Get your piggle runnin’…. Head out on the highway!


  1. Saint Stryfe says:

    I wanna roll with… the hammies.. cus they all think I’m so white and nerdy…

  2. Hammie is waaaay cuter than Sammie

  3. juggle geese says:

    Didn’t know they came with such wavy fur.

  4. juggle geese says:

    Didn’t know they come with such wavy fur.

  5. NebraskaErin says:

    Gitcher motor runnin’…head out on the highway!

  6. “I’m going ridin on the Freeway of Love, wind against my back,

    Goin’ riding on the Freeway of Love in a blue Cadillac….”

  7. Is that a seal or a sea lion?

  8. A thinker says:


    Tres cute.

  9. A windswept pig, ramblin’ down the roads!

  10. Right about now, Barbie is reporting her car stolen.

  11. NebraskaErin says:

    Lookin’ for adventure, or whatever comes our way…

  12. My hamster put her nose to the monitor and seemed VERY interested… She’s quite light on her little feet.

  13. Whoa, check out the FLUFF!!

  14. firefinch says:

    I hope that piggeh is the designated driver, ‘cuz I want MAS TEQUILA! Doesn’t have to be Cabo Wabo, El Jimador is fine. I’ve heard Patron is good. Anyone here tried it?

  15. because i can only go… thirty eight.


  16. A thinker says:

    *snortLOL*, Laurie C.

  17. Lamborguinea Hammie, slow your
    Lamborguinea down.

    I’m a ham of means by no means
    King of the rodents.

  18. firefinch – no, but here’s a lime, if it helps any.

  19. They love you for your piiig Cadillac
    Fur-covered seats
    Pellets in the trunk,
    Overflowin’ ’round yer feet

    WHEEKin’ to the girls
    Sittin’ at the light
    Squanderin’ yer timothy on Saturday night

    Cavy I just wonder what yer doin’ in the back
    Of that piiig Cadillac, piiig Cadillac…

  20. Firefinch: Chinaco Anejo.

    You can tell that Mario Pigletti has been going fast, ’cause he’s got highway hair.

  21. Oh noes, Theo. Now I totally have that song in my head, complete with a chorus of squeeing piggies.

  22. Hammie likes the Gasolina!!
    give him more gasolina!!
    hahahahaha I thought about this on the moment I saw him little hammie yankee hahaha great pic, such wavie fur (snorg, squee);)


    Go me.

  24. firefinch – Ivonne is the one to ask!

  25. Is Patron good? Hah! Muy good!! Get the Silver variety. It’s my favorite.

  26. Thanks pyrit!!!

  27. on his way, he will pick up old-lady hitch hiker, i am sure.

  28. moths_are_scary says:

    they see him rollin’… They hatin’… Patrollin’ they try to catch him ridin’ dirty….gotta catch this hammy ridin’ dirty….
    p.s. he’s adorable!

  29. Piggie, you can drive ma car.
    Yes, you’re gonna be a star.
    Piggie, you can drive ma car.
    And, Piggie, I love you.
    (Beep. Beep.
    Beep, Beep.

  30. A thinker says:

    Inspired by Laurie C:

    There once was a piggy named Bob
    Who was given a dastardly job.
    “We’ll steal Barbie’s car
    And we’ll drive it so far
    We’ll be gone ‘fore she knows she’s been robbed.”

  31. firefinch wrote, “I’ve heard Patron is good. Anyone here tried it?”

    You heard right, though I prefer silver to gold. Don Julio is also verehvereh good…and dangerous.

    Tequila and piggies…that seems so, so wrong.

    Teho: You have totally memed me with that song, I’m ruined for the day.

  32. thinker – nice job!
    I have lauowolf’s earworm in my head now.

  33. Thinky, like the limerick, but might I suggest that Piggy’s dastardly job is Repo Pig?

  34. Hey firefinch, I don’t like alcohol that much but I’ve never heard of that Patron…..Jose Cuervo Reserva 100 años is the one my friends like and Don Julio’s, although I’ve heard Corralejo is good hahahahaha little much for one that doesn’t drink right??? well I’ve friends 😉

  35. This little piggy can’t drive 55,
    This little piggy stole Barbie’s ride,
    This little piggy had tequila,
    This little piggy said don’t drink n drive,
    And this little piggy went squeee, squeee, squeee, squeee all the way home.

  36. Oh great.
    It’s the first real rain of the season here, so people are driving like maniacs anyway.
    And now I have visions of little drunken piggie drivers veering all over the highway, top down, fur flying, trailing pellets as they go.
    I’m getting me another coffee before I hit the road.

  37. michellemybelle says:

    I want to go on a roadtrip with this little guy – RIGHT NOW.


  39. “Life is a highway. I’m gonna ride it all night long”

  40. The Guy Over There says:

    Sammeh should have worn a scarf, that way he wouldn’t look like Bridget Jones during that one scene.

  41. I agree – I was thinking a lovely silk paisley scarf, with big Jackie-O sunglasses. Sweet!

  42. OOOOH HE’S CURLY!!!! TO CUTE…OVERLOAD… *shortout*

  43. Little guinea pig, you’re really lookin’ fine
    Convertible and a four-speed – you make CO shine
    Practice road safety: make sure your brakes align-ee-eye-ine
    C’mon and turn it on, wind it up, blow ’em out guinea pig

    Yeah, yeah, little guinea pig
    Yeah, yeah, little guinea pig
    Yeah, yeah, little guinea pig
    Yeah, yeah, little guinea pig

    When he’s driving o’er wood shavings you just gotta smile
    This speed racing piggie has got plenty of style
    Zipping by puppehs and kittehs
    really drives ’em why-ee-eye-ild
    C’mon don’t let ’em pass, play bump-draft, go three-wide guinea pig

    Gonna go to Petco and buy a piggie car
    Got the helmet but this car needs a ‘lil spoiler bar
    Get his own little pig crew
    This piggie’s gonna be the coolest thing around
    This little piggie’s gonna shut you down
    So go turn it on, wind it up, blow ’em out guinea pig

  44. TWEE! Flag on the field!

    Did Sammy the GP climb in the car all by himself, or did somebody *put* him in the car for the photo?

    Major cuteness points are riding on this.

  45. If you want to go and take a ride wit’ me,
    Just a little guinea piggy, You can be my G.
    Oh, why must I live this way?
    Must be the pellets!

    And then, old school:

    It’s the little guinea piggy from Pasadena.
    Go Piggy,
    Go Piggy,
    Go Piggy,

  46. “While you’re out, stop off at the liquor store next to the Walmart down the street and pick up a pint of Smirnoff Red!”

  47. Peg of Tilling says:

    Laurie C., laughing at the Barbie thing…Thelma & Louise starring Barbie and Midge? So here we’re looking at the dastardly cowboy played by Brad Pig.

  48. Piggeh was a racecar driver
    Drove so goldurned fast
    Never did win no checkered flag
    But he never did come in last

    Piggeh was a racecar driver
    He was the Verse Peep’s Number One
    With a Bing Cavy sticker on his 4-4-2
    Yeah he’d light ’em up just for fun…

  49. “Yeah, dude, I dig Sammy Pigar, but when he never really worked with Van Hamster. Couldn’t replace David Lee Rat.”

  50. Redz, but could David Lee Rat play the electric guineatar?

  51. Another great example of the pinny-gig ‘What?’ face.

  52. [yanking pun license out of pyrit’s hand…checking it over]: Very well, it all seems in order. Carry on.

  53. I can not even express the joy I get from having c.o. to brighten my work day.. songs and poems about carjacking guinea pigs can’t be found just anywhere. Kudos to all and a snorgle to the piglet.

  54. Mary, rather than a penny, this little guy is just a guinea for your thoughts.

  55. ka9q's wife says:

    There goes a red headed Piggeh in a blue chevrolet
    -Beat Farmers

    Guinea pig highway in the sunshine
    Where the days are longer
    The nights are stronger than moonshine
    – America

  56. ka9q's wife says:

    There goes a red headed Piggeh in a blue chevrolet
    -Beat Farmers

    Guinea pig highway in the sunshine
    Where the days are longer
    The nights are stronger than moonshine
    – America

  57. ka9q's wife says:

    There goes a red headed Piggeh in a blue chevrolet
    -Beat Farmers

    Guinea pig highway in the sunshine
    Where the days are longer
    The nights are stronger than moonshine
    – America

  58. ka9q's wife says:

    There goes a red headed Piggeh in a blue chevrolet
    -Beat Farmers

    Guinea pig highway in the sunshine
    Where the days are longer
    The nights are stronger than moonshine
    – America

  59. ka9q's wife says:

    There goes a red headed Piggeh in a blue chevrolet
    -Beat Farmers

    Guinea pig highway in the sunshine
    Where the days are longer
    The nights are stronger than moonshine
    – America

  60. ka9q's wife says:

    There goes a red headed Piggeh in a blue chevrolet
    -Beat Farmers

    Guinea pig highway in the sunshine
    Where the days are longer
    The nights are stronger than moonshine
    – America

  61. Argh! I meffed up! Are delayed reactions/corrections allowed?
    Lamborguinea SAMMIE,
    (a la Mustang SALLY), not “Hammie”, what the, where did I get “Hammie”. And it’s, I’m a SAM of means by no means, King of the roadents. What was I thinking, wait a min…Theo?
    Naah, can’t blame anybody. Redz, take the license.

  62. Whut?
    Can’t correct EVERYBODY’S spellins.

  63. Oh, this looks like *Ken’s* car, not Barbie’s. When I was small, I had cars for both of them (official and all) – they came in pink and blue, natch.

    Speaking of annoying songs, teh GP is sayin’ “It’s all about Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee….”

    (As in
    “I’m a piggy
    big and chubby
    what can I eat?,” etc.)

  64. joining the play with a nod to Brian Setzer …

    “my cavy drove up in a brand new Cadillac …

    I said, hey cavy, where’d you get that Cadillac? …

    he said, balls to ya Daddy – I ain’t never coming back!”

  65. Been driving all night
    Paws stuck on the wheel
    Theres a voice in my head
    that drives my heel.

    My cavvy’s callin’
    says I need you here
    Now its half past four and
    I’m shiftin’ gears.

    We got a thing that’s called Cavvy Love.
    Cavvy Love!

  66. sandysquirrel1214 says:

    Go hammie down 55. speed up

  67. Theo – your Spelling is Tori-ble.

    pyrit – Sorry about the meffing up. You could have been a contender, you could have been king…you could have been…pyrex.

  68. you guys r silly says:

    Here he comes – here comes Piggeh Racer
    He’s a cavy on wheels
    He’s a cavy and he’s gonna be “wheet-in’ after someone
    He’s gainin’ on you so you better look alive
    He’s busy revvin’ up the powerful *Mach 5*
    And when the ahh-s are against him
    And there’s CO work to do
    You bet your life Piggeh Racer is gonna see it through
    Go Piggeh Racer! Go Piggeh Racer! Go Piggeh Racer Go!
    He’s off and scrambling as he “wheets” his car around the track
    He’s jammin’ down the pedal headed for a timothy stack
    A carrot’s waitin’ up ahead!
    Go Piggeh Racer! Go Piggeh Racer! Go Piggeh Racer Go!

  69. [scrolling through ipod to sing along with Chacha…]

    Now…[clears throat]…who’s ready to tackle Little Red Corvette?

  70. What if this piggie had a Harley – could a pig ride a hog?

  71. A thinker says:

    If pyrit’s puns are deceptively good, but with meffed-up spelling, does that make him/her pyrite?

  72. AWWWWWWWW!!!!!!

    Kathy – I don’t know if you remember me but I used to talk to you on a guinea pig forum. Your little piggy had 3 babies. I think they all died? This little piggy has been through a lot!!

  73. “Guess I shoulda known by the way you chewed your hay sideways that it wouldn’t last
    “You’re a pocket pet that believes in gettin’ cat-licked one time & then haulin’ ass…”

    Yeah, or not. Prince may be my homie but that doesn’t mean I’m part of the talent pool.

  74. you guys r silly says:

    Oh Theo — That was good!

  75. Aubrey with a left, Thinker with a right hook, but Teho comes in to make the kill.
    Uff, I needed a good laugh, T.
    Getting cat-licked one time.

  76. marsheeeee says:

    “While riding in my Cadillac, much to my surprise…
    A little guinea piggy came riding up…
    It was one-millionth my size.
    The pig must’ve wanted to pass me out
    ’cause he kept on tooting his horn.
    I’ll show him that a Cadillac is not a car to scorn.
    Beep Beep.
    Beep Beep.
    His horn went beep beep beep.

  77. marsheeeee says:

    End quote.

  78. “Meg, you gone and started me thinkin’
    That a piggie belongs in a

  79. Aubrey, I can just hear the guitar siren sound effects – squeeeEEEEEeeee- oh man, thanks entirely too much. Hey, did anybody do ‘Mabelline’ a la guinea pig? No? Perhaps some of our talented bards would oblige…

  80. Cackle, hoot, splode, Cackle-cackle, laugh out loud, giggle, hooting, SNICKER!!!!!, holding nose, head exploding, crinkly eyed, heee heee!, can’t breathe, silent laughing, tears, double over cracking up! *+< (that's me on the floor ROTFLMAO)

  81. Mr. Pig had an oldsmobile
    Baby blue with them wire wheels
    He took her home the day that she was adverstised
    He said she leaked when, it would rain
    And sounded like an aeroplane
    But I knew she was a jewel in disguise
    She had a 455 Rocket
    The biggest block alive
    I couldn’t hardly wait just to take my turn
    She was made for the straight aways
    She grew up hating Chevrolets
    She’s a Rocket, she was made to burn

  82. Aubrey — yer gonna drive me to drinkin’

    Jessara — I thought about that, but somebody wanted some Prince perversions. 😉 But “Maybelline” is easily replaced by “Guinea Pig” so, heck, do it up.

    Giddyup, giddyup, 409…

  83. BTW, I’m quite liking YGRS’s take on Go Speed Racer Go.

  84. This one definitely looks more like Sammy.

  85. EEEEEEEEEEH!!!! Miette, I was trying to piece it together, although my version had something to do with a 455 Piglet.

    I am too afraid to look at the Speed Racer one straight on–I cannot afford to get that stuck in my head, too. When I get home from work I may have to sing “Cat Scratch Fever” to myself to sort of clear the earworm decks.

  86. “Giddyup, giddyup, 409”

    “She cleans real fine my 409…”

  87. Redz… I’ve got the new Manilow cd and if it doesn’t kill the earworms, then nuthin’ will… but it’ll place new ones….

  88. you guys r silly says:

    Theo: Why – thank you, sir!

  89. I’m just waiting for someone to rework that one ditty from Grease. ‘Sall I’m doin’.

  90. sammy

  91. Weird – I’m getting a ‘try again later’ message at the Grease lyrics website.

  92. you guys r silly says:

    The wheels on Ken’s car go round and round
    round and round
    round and round
    The wheels on Ken’s car go round and round – All through the town…
    The cavy in the car goes “wheet-wheet-wheet”
    The cavy in the car goes “wheet-wheet-wheet” – All through the town…
    The peeps on CO go “::poit::poit::squeeee!”
    The peeps on CO go “::poit::poit::squeeee!” – All through the town!

  93. OMG, YGRS. LOL.

    Pyrit — [ahem] there’s more than one place to find lyrics on teh internets.

  94. ..aw Maybelline (aw Maybelline), why can’tcha be true (squee squee squee squeeeee) , ya done started back doin’ those thangs you used to do… This is awful. I can hear the guinea pig earworm backup singers now. Little sequinned red costumes, cowboy boots, bandanas and all..

  95. While the peeps click away, pyrit happens to look up, smoke wafting by, strange sitar music, a voice says:
    GP is teh Guinea Pig
    GP is teh Guitar Player
    GP is teh Grand Prix
    GP is teh Grease (voice fades…) page

    Pyrit taps Theo on the shoulder, but no, Theo & ygrs are bonding at the mo’.

  96. musicchick2 says:

    If you listen really closely *puts ear against monitor* you can hear what’s playing on his car radio:

    “Get your motor running
    Head out on the highway
    Lookin’ for adventure
    In whatever comes our way
    Here and god are gonna’ make it happen
    Take the world in a love embrace
    Fire all of your guns at once and
    Explode into space

    I like smoke and lightning
    Heavy metal thunder
    Racin’ with the wind
    And the feeling that that i’m under
    Here and god are gonna’ make it happen
    Take the world in a love embrace
    Fire all of your guns at once and
    Explode into space

    Like a true nature’s child
    We were born born to be wild
    We can climb so high
    I never want to die
    Born to be wild
    Born to be wild”

  97. YGRS–deadly, man, you are deadly.

    Oh, and Grease–you need to check a lyric site? You don’t just got that song to hand in your head?!

    You know I ain’t braggin’
    She’s a real cavy wagon.

    (And hey, those of you who was kids when that movie came out–isn’t it funny how you didn’t realize how dirty that song was at the time?)

  98. musicchick2 says:

    Good site for lyrics:

  99. [shaking out fingers]
    [cracking knuckles]
    [rolling neck, prizefighter style]


  100. Patron makes my clothes fall off!! The Silver is best! Is Barbie slumped over in the passenger seat passed out? Is that why piggy is driving??

  101. I guess that would make Piggy’s car a real “Barbie wagon.”


  102. Guinea Pi-ig! Why can’t you be true?
    Oh, Guinea piiig, why can’t you be true?
    You done started back doin’ the things you used to do.

    As Barbie was motivatin’ over the hill,
    she saw a guinea pig in a coup de ville
    A bad cavy rollin’ over on the open road,
    but nuthin’ can out-run Ol’ Barbie’s V8 Ford.
    The cavy was a doin’ over 95′,
    Timothy hay was flyin’ side to side.

    ‘Guinea Piig! Why can’t you be true?
    Oh, Guinea Piig, why can’t you be true?
    You’re eatin’ up timothy hay and makin’ poo.’

  103. you guys r silly says:

    uh – oh. . .
    This isn’t Cavy Theater’s reinactment of “Kill Bill” is it?
    Piggeh’s not headed over to OFF the cavy that left her for dead at her wedding rehearsal 4 years earlier, is she?

  104. you guys r silly says:

    heh-heh…Michelle said “poo”…

  105. THAT’S what I’m talkin’ about.

  106. Better make that “Poup de Ville” [snicker]

  107. Walking down the cosmetics aisle
    Saw Maybelline and it made me smile
    Noticed they were rolling in a crate load
    Of my lipstick color – couldn’t wait no mo’
    Forced my way in I wasn’t shy –
    Shoppers bumper to bumper, side to side

    Maybelline, that’s all I can use
    Oh Maybelline, that’s all I can use
    I can’t go back to using
    The brands I used to use

  108. mynameisjonas says:

    “I’m a wild man”

    I love meat wad, and the piggers too.

  109. you guys r silly says:

    ( Gary Numan – “CARS” )
    Here in my car
    I feel *cutest* of all
    I can munch on my hay
    and make poopies all day
    In cars
    Here in my car
    The CO peeps all break down
    Will you snorgle me please
    If I bare my tummy
    In cars

  110. lurkertype says:

    I have been earwormed worse than Chekov in “Wrath of KHAAAAAAAAAN!” All of youse guys are great.

    (clears throat)

    “Pig will have fun, fun, fun, till his daddy takes the toy car awaaaaaay.”

  111. you guys r silly says:

    a puinea-giggy in a widdle toy car would be so much

  112. YGRS:

    To paraphrase LT: it’ll be fun as long as no one takes our toy car away!

  113. Michele,
    I’m sending you the hospital bill for my hernia surgery.

    PS: I think Nora just made a pass at us. Come on! Who volunteers which brand of liquor makes her “clothes fall off”?

  114. Redz, when I started reading the comments on CO, I immediately went and updated my hospital insurance…so I’m cool.

    I’m going to be in Monterey/Santa Cruz/Pacific Grove/Lover’s Point, Friday – Tuesday. I hope to bring back stories of butterflies, otterz and penguinz. Cheerio, peeps!

  115. So, uh, nobody here gets seasick, right?



  116. you guys r silly says:

    Bye Aubrey! — Have a SAFE and HAPPY trip!
    (We’ll save some *cute* for ya!)

  117. you guys r silly says:

    WHOA Theo!
    how WEIRD is THAT!!!???
    (Now I’m picturing “Wayne’s World” and Garth saying “If you MUST spew, spew in THIS”…)
    Pass me a dixie cup, Garth…

  118. A thinker says:


    “Mommy, please take the Flash away from Teho…”

  119. Lauriec, Theo and you guys r silly – I am ROFLMAO – you are killing me!!!!

  120. that’s an awesome picture!! i wish i was crusin with that hamster right now

  121. army_kitten says:

    for some reason the song that comes to mind is that super-catcy but inane french song that plays in the x-files episode with burt reynolds as god:

    ça va, ça va, quand je suis dans mon auto, ça va, ça va, je maitrise bien mon véhicule

    only i can’t pun in french. i can, however, imagine this little piggy as burt reynolds.

  122. Started reading these and had to stop, all the earworms [packs hands tightly over ears, please make them stop, I need to sleep tonight].

    Hasta manana, mis puercolitos.

  123. ::Michele looks around innocently::
    Hernia? Meeee?
    The cavy pulled the coup up to a hundred and four
    And timothy hay was all over the floor
    It got all cloudy and started to rain
    The cavy kept ‘squee’ing for the passing lane
    Rain blew all under poor Barbie’s hood
    didn’t do ol’ Barbie’s hairdo no good

    The water cooled down the heat went down
    But that didn’t stop that ‘squee’ing sound
    The little cavy sat there like a ton o’ lead
    110 a half a mile ahead
    The cavy pooped some poo and looked very ill
    When Barbie caught that piggie at the top of the hill
    “Guinea Piiig! Why can’t you be true?
    Oh, Guinea Pi-ig, you make too much poo!
    And now my bucket seats are filled with goo!”

  124. LOLOLOL!!! OK Michele, you’ve got me singing along now.
    (that was AWFUL and you ought to be punished)
    (LOL again)

  125. Jackie from Michigan says:

    Pig in a blue Corvette
    Don’t drive Ken’s car so fast
    Pig in a blue Corvette
    You need some hay and oats that’s gonna last!

    (that’s a parody of the chorus to “Little Red Corvette” natch)
    Cute pic!

  126. i think this little bebeh could use some conditioner! (heh heh)

    ohhh, his face is so round… I want to hand cup him! ps. creative songs!

  127. Sorry about the silliness- that’s what happens when I’m sick and grading midterms, all at the same time.

  128. misscrisp says:

    bestest sneak peek at most recent comments before dutifully scrolling upwards…evar!
    not seasick…mesmerized …

  129. Jasmine, a special-needs Texel guinea pig, would say “Hi” but she’s too busy wheeking for her veggies and “starring” on her daily cam show. Last I saw of her she was trying to print out some photos and autograph them for her next public appearance! 😉 Guess she’d better get the news of Cute Overload on her website and blog (both for real). Thanks for putting up the photo … it’s one of my favorites.

  130. anneelizmary says:

    Thanks, Music chick 2–I thought I was the only one who immediately heard Steppenwolf! Good Times.

    (Next best would be if that G.P. in a Sin Wagon.)

  131. OMG!! Guineapigs can’t drive cars!! ONLY motorcycles!!


    AH GA GA GA GA!!

  132. Hahaha, cute stuffeded g.pigs, designer white! The perfect nonallergenic, turdfree pet!

  133. We need this in TEE SHIRT FORM!!!!!

  134. If he was driving a motorcycle, he’d be Stuart Piggle.

  135. LC, very good!

  136. This is totally off-thread… but I happened to be amusing myself with stuff besides work. This is in my “J’amuse” folder and it cracks me up every time:


  137. jaypo, on that link, the Orleans album cover? The guy in the middle is running for Congress right now. No guff. He was on The Colbert Report a couple of weeks ago, and yes, Colbert showed that album cover.

  138. Jaypo, if you’re amused by Devastatin’ Dave, let me direct your attention to Rock n Roll Confidential’s Hall of Douchbags. I once laughed so hard I drooled on my keyboard.

  139. And now the “e” and the return key don’t work right. That should have been one post, and “Douchebags,” obvy.

  140. michellemybelle says:

    It’s a day late (and yes, I’m a buck short), but here’s my contribution to the tunes:

    If you’ve got a plan to motor west,
    take my way,
    it’s the highway that’s the best,
    Get your PIGS on Route 66.

  141. Karen in Toronto says:

    I’m’a gettin tired of the ham. How about some OTHER white meat?

    BTW, Fiasco T. Peabrain, the street kid, is losing his kitten fluff and is looking quite sleek and muscular at 3 months. I love the new “Instant On”TM Purrinator. Verbal command (such as “hello-baby”) takes about 3 seconds. Manual activation is instantaneous. Last night he was purring while playing in an empty stock pot — he was cranked up to 11 in there.

  142. RedZ, drooling on keyboards *will* affect how they work.

  143. Oh, and I will check out that link as soon as I get a new roll of paper towels.

  144. Karen- so funny- I think my two month old (Beamer) has the same model!

  145. I say we just gotta ask these
    peeps where the new photos are.

    Excuse me, we peeps
    have the new photos of course.

    – Hey, the peeps have the new photos!
    – Oh. Well. Great! Good!

    They’re up there.

    Don’t you love the new images?
    Not a very lively bunch though.

    – So do you have any real new photos?
    – No. Only old ones.

    I mean if we had new photos here,
    it wouldn’t be called ‘The Cute, would it?

    The Cute?

  146. they see him rolling… they hating… patrolling, they tryin ta catch him ridin dirty ! :O

  147. Karen in Toronto says:

    Jaden, I dunno. Maybe it’s

    Kick, push, kick, push, kick, push, kick, push … and coassssstt…

  148. I’ve just remember a Cindy Lauper’s song “I drive all night”

    P.D.: Have your hamster an autorized driving license? 😉

  149. i’d be frightened if the hammie did :O he’d be driving UNDER traffic :O

  150. he’d need a helmet…

  151. Jennifer Ashley says:

    so cute you should put up more pictures of her!

  152. your guinea pig looks