Seal ear bud + beach

We haven’t seen a sealsitude in a while. I bet you missed the tiny ear buds. I mean, are they flappy or what? Those ears are like an epiglottis!

I love the dewds in the back, they’re all: "I…. ate… tooo…. moishe!"


No, Holly H;, YOU brighten OUR day.



  1. This gets my seal of approval. Ork, Ork, Ork!

  2. NebraskaErin says:

    Proving that not only bunnies disapprove.

  3. I think that seal is bored from posing for too many pictures.

  4. that’s a sea lion, no?

  5. Those are sea lions ly’in by the sea.

  6. Yes, he’s looking like “ok, I’ll sit up if you need a photo of one of us upright but hurry up, please, I have napping to catch up on!”

  7. What a bunch of land-blubbers!

  8. “I love the dewds in the back, they’re all: “I…. ate… tooo…. moishe!””

    I think it might be “I ate too moishe Halloween candy!”

  9. Stephanie C. says:

    I’m sure that seals are seriously stinky, since they live around dead fish and generally don’t take showers…but I desperately want to hug this little guy! He’s so adorable!

  10. Flabbeh sealage! Ork!

  11. LUV the wrinkles …

    and the cheek-puff …

    and the loooooong whiskas …

    and the huge dewy eyes …

    and the floppy fins …

    and the seal-point colours (I’m a cat-lady) …

    and the sweet smile …

    and the begging-for-a pat and chin-tickle little face …

    and …

    and …

    gosh – too much …


  12. for the love of tineh ear nubs….squeeeeeeeeeee

  13. Look at that smug smirk of distain on those pouty lips!

  14. I want to chomp his leetle earlet!!

  15. Check his lower lip. It looks like it’s trembling, like he’s just on the verge of shedding a single tear in a save-the-wildlife commercial.

  16. heretic23 says:

    Wanna know something neat? It’s easy to tell seals and sea lions apart! Seals have smooth round little noggens but sea lions have widdle bitty ear flappage.

    Also, someone said something about seals being smelly but they really aren’t! They spend lots of time cleaning their fat little bods and don’t roll around in the remains of their dinners. They smell like the beach…sand, sea weed, salt water and fresh air!

  17. Am I the only one who reads this expression as coy, girlish?

  18. Generally if you actually SEE ears, as in this case, it’s a sea lion. Seals are more like sleek fat little sausages.

  19. This guy seals the deal – CuteOverload rocks! 🙂

  20. No, Arvay, I think this sea lion is sort of, “Hey, sailor.” I mean, weren’t the Selkie myths kind of hinting at that? The seductive power of seals and sea lions?

  21. Sorry, it just wouldn’t work to say “this guy sea lions the deal”…

  22. A thinker says:

    Sea lions have such excellent faces. Plus the wrinkly velvet chub. I have an excellent vintage brown velvet jacket just this colour.

  23. Thanks, Redzilla. I actually think I see her batting her eyelashes!

    And, sea lions can be heroes! I read this article a while back, profiling a suicide survivor and his recovery path and such:

    Anyway, they only mention it in passing, but the guy only survived thanks to a sea lion! (He thinks it was a seal, but sea lions frequent the bay, while seals rarely do, so I’ve made my own conclusions.)

    Fascinating, what?

  24. What a snugglebunny!!!

    Weird fact: sea lions skeletons show that their little knees are bent inside them and they have a tail in there too. This guy sorta looks like he has legs under his skin.
    Hey – I SAID it was weird! 😉

  25. That’s definitely a sea lion, not a seal. Sea lions have ear flaps, seals only have ear holes. The more you know!

  26. Whoa, Ravenkat. People from Kansas read this site (like me). Watch it with the “they have little knees” talk.
    (:op I keed, I keed.)

    That really is pretty amazingly freakish. All we humans have is the appendix. Oh, and that freakish monkey tail hook at the base of the spine…what? I’m the only one who has that?

  27. Neat story, Arvay! Angels come in all shapes and sizes and furriness!

    Yep, Meg, I do believe that is an ear-piglottis on the side of Sealionlio’s head!

  28. Bahaha, Redz. I had gills when I was an embryo. I remember.

  29. AlbertaGirl says:

    He looks like he’s posing for a Calvin Klein ad…

  30. I am now bonded to this seal ion.

  31. I think “seals” needs to be a catagoty

  32. also, seals have fused tails, while sea lions’ are split more like flippers, makin it possible for them to flip them under and walk on land.

  33. That is the most sarcastic looking seal ever! I love him.
    You can just hear him go “Pssshh whatevs!”

  34. Peg of Tilling says:

    Sea lion: “No, I’m a lake! Ontario, that’s the ticket!”

  35. Of the pinnipeds there are 3 familes:

    1. Phocidae: elephant seals, several ice seals, monk seals, and harbor seals. All of these seals have rear flippers that point backwards, and they move on land with a vertical undulating motion called “galluphing.” They lack external ears and use their hind flippers for propulsion through the water. Typically, phocids have thin fur that does not trap air, therefore, they use blubber for insulation.

    2. Otaridae: fur seals and sea lions, have external ear flaps (hence the name “eared seals”). Sea lions and fur seals can rotate their hind feet forward and move with considerable speed. Otariids are also known for having dense fur that traps air to aid in insulation. They use large, fore flippers for locomotion in the marine environment.

    3. Odobenidae (just the walrus)

    So this guy is definitely an otariid, given that he has ear flaps and is sitting up on his flippers. He could be a fur seal, but since his hair is pretty short, he’s probably a sea lion.

    This guy however, seen previously on this site, is a fur seal. See the fuzziness?

  36. z, judging by what P of T said, this fellow would be an Ontarioid.

    Kind of.

  37. Caption:
    “Awful sardine sandwiches we’re ‘aving today wouldn’t you agree Norman? Must be the weathah. Norman? Elizabeth? What the devil ah you doing? How puhfectly dreadful. Rathah, I say! Get up you fools! Ah, a photographah to rescue us. I say old chap could you . . ., oh yes, I’ll pose first of cawse-of cawse. How is this?”

  38. Those are sealions not seals.

  39. So, part of what I like about dis partikalar sealion is the dark flipper tips. Like a French (say frawnsh) pennipedicure.

  40. Bark, bark, bark!

    Judging from his voice I’d say he was a sea dog!

    Seal ion to his friend: “I just lost an electron.”

    Seal ion friend: “Are you sure?”

    Seal ion to his friend: “I’m positive!”

  41. Lauri – That’s awful!! I have to send it to a chemist friend. Listen for loud groans from St. Louis.

  42. “I just lost an electron.”

    I thought voting didn’t start until 11/7.

    And that was very naughty of you, Lauri.

  43. I b’lieve its a sea lion… Still no less cute! And look at its pose! what with the tail curled just a tad.

  44. It’s pinnepeddy nice conversation here…

  45. Arvay, that’s a hall of famer. Step up on the podium with Aubrey.

  46. Like I said in previous comments, seal dissaproval is effing better and is sooooooo cute!!!! I rest my case and seal my heart 😉

  47. This is EXCITING. Lord Peter Wim-seal is about to em-bark on another adventure. There must be a hutch nearby – he’s waiting for his valet, Bun-ter, to show up.

    (Yay! But don’t rock the boat-ium!)

  48. stephanienyc says:

    um…what’s going on in the back there? looks like one of those seals is still eating too moishe… of… something.

  49. Arvay! That’s the cutest comment of all time!

  50. Arvay n’ Aubrey
    Punnin’ in a tree
    Along comes pyrit
    That makes three
    The pun tonnage
    Will break the levee.

    Ok, take away my internet license.

  51. moths_are_scary says:

    REDZILLA what part of Kansas? ME too!! and this sea lion is adorable…i just wanna cuddle with him and use hime as a pillow and snuggle my face into his sea lion baby fat…awww

  52. ka9q's wife says:

    oh, that Pinniped
    can sleep in my bed.
    He’ll smell of fishy.
    It might be squishy.
    i’ll pet his fur
    and make him purr.

    yeah my internets license is about to be revoked as well. Right, Lauri?

  53. Nope, ka9q’s wife!

    I think we both deserve, oh….one more chance?

    At least! Lol! 😉

  54. He looks so velvety.

  55. And I am from Kansas to. Even though I hava now relocated to the wonderful state of Florida. I’m from Wichita and Lawrence. Where are you two (Redzilla and moths_are_scary) from?

    And now to get back to the seal/sea lion. I would say it is not happy that it’s nap has been interrupted. But it is still cute.

  56. Bah, I wish MY rolls looked that adorable, lol! Sweet chocolate pudding-pup, look at those sleepy eyes!

  57. lurkertype says:

    Aubrey, I am busting my brain trying to picture a seal and a bunny solving country house mysteries.

  58. Seal + ear bud = NOT a seal

  59. Love the sea lion and his look of disapproval but as someone else mentioned – I also love the one in the background holding his tummy going “ohhhhh I ate to much”

  60. crankypants says:

    okay peepholes, I think we have established that is indeed a sea lion….

  61. Yay, Aubrey! 😀

    Whatever he is, he is kyoooot! He looks like he’s made of velvet… I want to take him home and put him in my bed, even if he smells of fish.

  62. Another crankypants heard from! Lol!
    Actually, I was thinking the same dern thing!
    (peepholes!, snort!)

  63. Not that it matters, but I think the epiglottis is the flap of skin that seals your windpipe while swallowing, and prevents food from going down your windpipe (dunno what it looks like) whereas the thing that hangs down like a punching bag in the back of your mouth is the “uvula”. Neither here nor there!

  64. I forgot to say, they look like they are wrapped up in skin bags and if you take them out you get a whole new animal.

  65. april: you are right about the uvula.

    only udder thing i has to say is: BROWN VELVET!!

  66. damn, heretic, you sound like you speak from experience. Can we switch lives, please?

  67. Lauri, that was indeed the crankypants you know & love—MOI!
    :^ )

  68. little miao says:

    awwwww… cuddly little lion cub. *snorgle*

  69. Janell & Moths,

    I just relocated from the “wonderful” state of Florida. Moved to Lawrence, although I went to school in Manhattan.

  70. Oh, doh, April, you are indeed correct! I was thinking of the uvula when I was talking about the earpiglottis. Well, got my parts mixed up! 😛

  71. I can envision how it could’ve been worse, Lauri.

  72. Cute one!

    -Steven Burda, MBA

  73. Arvay Henson, MS says:

    Why yes, it is!

  74. seals are soooooooo cute they look like a fish laid a dog though!!!! it is weird if you thank about it