Question for you…. ;)

OK, People, here’s teh Deal. Ususally, when we receive THREE OR MORE photos on the same topic, it can become a category. Here is the THIRD image with one ani-pal "cleaning" another. We’ve had two other images that would qualify for this category, here and here.

Should "Let me clean you" become a category!? What do YOU think?


Slurps to you, Rick G.



  1. Definitely!!!!

  2. Yes, it’s adorable!

  3. no. yuck. a bit nauseating.

  4. Just like my Tootsie!
    Boston Terriers are the best!

  5. A thinker says:

    Sure. Why not. I’m all for it. And when you get matching-colour pets (as these two tuxes and the gray cat & pinny gig) it’s even better.

  6. I definitely think it should

  7. ShelleyTambo says:

    It always seems to be the kittehs cleaning, too…

  8. yes, yes, a thousand times yes

  9. Yes! Share the love, share the cleaning!

    Here, let me clean you…

  10. Yes, these are my favourites! The kitty and the guinea pig *squeal*!

  11. A thinker says:

    Actually, Meg, to make the category even broader and to include some very worthy photos, why don’t we just have an “interspecies snorgling” category, regardless of whether there’s cleaning? Anybody with me?

  12. Perhaps a sub-rule that is must be inter-species cleaning?

  13. Yes! Definitely..It was posted a while ago, but put the one of the close up cat tongue,
    The one where he says “Come closer I want to leek you”

  14. athink, Katie, “great minds…” and all that.
    and btw, I third that suggestion.

  15. That would be a GREAT catagory! This is soooo cute!

  16. YES!!! God, yes! A million times yes! Resistance is truly futile!

  17. NebraskaErin says:

    Yeth, I definitely think thith ith a good idea.

  18. Happy Dance has commenced. I want it!!! Great idea.

  19. Detroit_snapdragon says:

    you totally should! and it should be only inter-species. What about cats grooming people? My Zellie grooms me all the time.

  20. OH YES!!!!!

  21. A kitten licks a puppy while the puppy licks a bunny, is that how it goes? That should be the title of the category!

  22. Yes, yes, a categoty, please.

  23. Well I can already see I’m way outnumbered, but I do agree with Dara.. a bit nauseating even though its sometimes cute.

    And if we don’t have an “animals in fake-leg costumes” category then we don’t need an “animals licking each other” category.. there’s been way more animals in front-feet costume posts.. and they’re way cuter/funnier.

    Just my 2c. *preparing to duck*

  24. Maria Baskett says:

    Absolutely this should be a category!!! You can’t get much cuter than one animal washing another one.

  25. Aye.
    (hrrrmm, cough, ptui, sthpit, picking hair out of mouth)

  26. Meg, if you don’t make this a category I will hold you down with my paws and forcibly clean you! (slurp)

  27. Yes it should be a category!!!

  28. (hoping verrry much for hairball jokes, er, hairball gags)

  29. I agree with the astute commentator who said the category should be named “A kitten licks a puppy while the puppy licks a bunny”

  30. It should be “I SHAL CLEAN YOU”

  31. This sounds fine as a category/tag/collection/whatever… only I think we’ve got so many now that what we REALLY need are “supercategories” that we can collapse and expand. You know, something that would require TypePad to completely overhaul their database system before we could use it. No biggie.

  32. aaaabsolutely meow.

  33. Yes, but let’s call it:

    “When ‘I Like You’ Means Using Tongue.”

  34. I think it should be called “cats licking stuff” They do tend to do that quite a lot — I mean, you don’t really see dogs licking birds or ferrets, and I don’t even know if hamsters or gerbils *can* lick…

  35. Yes x 10!

  36. Yes it should be a catagory, as should ‘animals in costumes’! Kitty kisses are always adorable… especially when it’s interspecies! Please please make-ie the Kissie CATagory! LOL And a Costume one, too!

    Have I mentioned how much I love the pix here? This place rocks! 🙂

  37. inter-species snorgling. tewtally.

  38. puglets rule says:

    YES! Eleventybillion times YES! Absolutely some of the bestest pics on CO are the *I weeel clean you for as long as I want* kind. Inter-species/color matching is adorkable….I lof them!!!

  39. YES!

  40. Yes! Definetly!!

  41. Looking at this picture made me want to take a nap.

    Well, I already did, but now I can go dream about all sorts of black and white fuzzy sweetness. I think this would be an excellent category. Interspecies cleaning and/or snorgling.. so cute.

  42. Yes, it’s purrrrrrrrrrr-fect for a catagory of it’s own.

  43. Jan Spencer says:

    Jessie, I like that “I shall Cleeen You” but how about “I shall Leeeeck you” ?????

    I am all for it, it’s cute.

  44. littlelizard says:

    That looks like my cat! Except my cat has been missing since Thursday 😦
    And ‘Yay’ to the new category.

  45. Yes, please make this a new category. These 3 of interspecies bathing are 3 of my fav photos on CuteOverload.–Thanks! BB

  46. Sorry to hear that, littlelizard. I hope s/he turns up.

  47. Yes yes a million times yes!
    *Had to outvote mariser*

    And yay for tuxkits and Botox terrorists! I lurves dem all!

    *sending out an allpoints bulletin for littlelizard’s kit to come home*

  48. rudie's mama says:

    i like the idea of a broader category, such as the idea from “a thinker” — interspecies snorgling. and jenne, i’m sorry, but i hate animals in people clothes! NOT cute, and actually a bit frightening.

  49. Yes! Cleaning eachother is sweet and adorable and it is a real happy maker when a kitter or pupper cleans you! ooohhhohhhawww how tweet!

  50. slurpedy-yes!!

  51. Yowza! Do it.

  52. misscrisp says:

    hold still now…I just need to get this one spot behind your ear…relax…okay, cleaning…cleaning some more…almost….ALL CLEAN.
    Okay, my turn!

  53. Inter species grooming is a must category! My Pinky grooms me and my husband, does that count? His tung is so shard it hurts after a while I have to run away from him, but he is persistent!

  54. I am not sure, it is always a cat so it may be obsessive cat coverage.

  55. Yes, please! May I have some more?

  56. If a kitteh cleans a puppeh
    Things are good – and not awry

    Meg: YES. A thousand times YES.

    littlelizard: Where you at? Maybe there are some local peeps that can help you look?

  57. Nope. Nuh-huh.

    Sweepy eyes, yes.

    interspecies cleaning, no.

  58. I don’t so much like animals in people clothes as I like the animal costumes where the animal’s front feet become the costume’s legs and the costume has fake arms… So it looks like a little character standing there with the animal’s head for a head… kwim?

    Just clarifying. Maybe.

  59. Of course it should be a category! What is cuter that inter-species grooming? This is what Rodney King was asking for!

  60. YES on the new catagory!

  61. YES!!!

  62. AuntieMame says:

    I say no on the new category.

    It’s cute, and keep posting the pictures, but I think a category should be for unusual things, and not something that animals do to each other all the time.

    Because then we’d have to have categories for “animals yawning” and “animals eating” and “animals running around the yard.”

    Too many categories spoils the novelty.

  63. AuntieMame’s comment made me think of a category “Cats Doing Normal Cat Things”… lol… just cracked me up a little.

    Looking at the current categories, I agree with AM. Interspecies Licking is not typical of the current category splits..

  64. I always added my own commentery when my late rats cleaned each other. Mostly consisting of, “You filthy wodent! You filthy cweature!” Hehehe

  65. Fingers crossed for your cat to come home, littlelizard!

  66. I think I agree with Auntie Mame, she said it very well. And any cat family knows that a cat will lick almost anything that is either semi-furry (another animal) and/or tasty (me). Love the interspecies snorgling but I don’t think cats cleaning something justifies a new category.
    There’s my 2c. Do we have enough cents for coffee yet?

  67. You are right, AuntieMame! and thanks for the agreement, jenne…me too, on both counts.

  68. Yes, yes and yes!!!

  69. Most definitely a new category!!!

  70. take me to the cleaners is a “more approprate” title.

  71. misskitka says:

    hmmm….well I think interspecies cleaning is a bit unusual for many people…many of the comments are of the sort “I never knew cats and ferrets could coexist, let alone bathe one another”

    What I like about the interspecies bath is that it appears to be a caring moment between “enemies”… so it always makes my bleeding liberal heart go “aaahhhh.” I even squee when my cats bathe each other(rather than bickering over prime couch position/food/air).

  72. michellemybelle says:

    I like the broad idea of an inter-species snorgling category (remember the deer and the cat? or the deer and bunny? tiger & piglets?), and I think that fits in well with the other categories. It’s not too specific and yet it’s clearly a genre that needs to be addressed.

    Plus it’s just dern cute.

  73. Oh, for realz!

  74. This not only fits into the “let me clean you” category…it’s also in the colour-match category (like the kittey and guinea)….

  75. yes that is a wonderful idea, but i think it should be an inter-special or not inter-special cat. cleaning desurves a cat.

  76. Hmmm… “lick-fest” maybe. Sounds too naughty…

  77. Chakolate says:

    ‘Interspecies snorgling’ is a great category idea. I’d only go for the cleansing one if it was understood that there had to be at least two species involved.

  78. Hee, then all the pervs googling lick-fest would have something wholesome to look at.

  79. I agree with AThinker below – “Interspecies snorgling” is a must-have category. I LOVE these!!

  80. How many licks does it take to move you from my favorite comfy spot in the bed??? … One …. Two …

  81. Just for the record, it ain’t all about cats. My neighbor’s dog used to gently lick my rabbit until said rabbit fell asleep…and current rabbit is a little lick-monster-in-a-bunny-suit. Now, if I could just get some decent pictures…

  82. Maybe a whole catagory for inter-species snorgling in general. That way the mom animal that adopts other animals would fit too. (Dog with Squirrel & Tiger with piglets)

  83. Awww, why must we limit Teh Qte to just inter-species encounters?

    One of my three dogs absolutely MUST hold the other two down and clean their faces/eyes on the regular. The fact is that when they try to move, she puts her paw on their forehead, like “Stay put until I’m done, dangit!” and that makes it all the cuter.

    So share the love with same-species licking/cleaning/snorgfests.

  84. interspecies hygiene! too cute!

  85. Curious here…just asking either of the two folks here who considering it icky/disgusting/nausiating, whathaveyou, why? Just random curiousity while I procrastinate writing my NaNoWriMo novel. 🙂

    And I say yes to the new category, a generalized one.

  86. Yes! Make it a category! I looove pictures like that! <3

  87. uh yeah!!!

  88. uh yeah!!!

  89. uh yeah!!!

  90. Yes, a new category!

    What a lovely black kitten!!!

    (I’m not too fond of Bostons, hehe.)

  91. Yes please! I heart interspecies cleansing.

  92. Yeah, a new category would be fabulous. I Also think that ferrets should get their own category.

  93. ABSOLUTELY! In fact I want to see more inter-animal cleanage!

  94. definement!

  95. Well, in my mind this is a sub-category of “Interspecies Snorgling.”

  96. Yes! Let’s have a “Leet moi cleen yous” category!

  97. YES, a new catagory please. Haven’t we had some pictures of large dogs cleaning kittens? Those are always good for a laugh.

  98. YES. Cleaning is awesome. Two animals helping each other is the cutest thing in the world, provided they are different species.

  99. +1 for interspecies snorgling

  100. Karla May says:

    You could call it: “Cleaning is my bizness, and bizness is good.”

  101. MaggieBelle says:


  102. Definitely make it a category–that would be great!

  103. Janet with Angus and Misha says:

    You bet’cha, absolutely. Brings back memories of our dear standard poodle Lily holding down Dickens our kitten several times a day to bath him. They both loved it. They slept together as well.. perhaps yet another category.

  104. Yes, a new category! It’s ANERABLE!

  105. Jessica S. says:


    Please, ma’am, may I have another?

  106. Yay!
    A vote for “A kitten licks a puppy while the puppy licks a bunny” from me!

  107. I would call the category “Bath Buddies” and yes, I think there is NEED for this! 🙂

  108. How about “Let me help you”

    Then it’s broader…

  109. DO IT! DO IT! DO IT!

    That would make even MONDAYS cute.

  110. Ah, but Subhangi, Bostons are fond of YOU! 😉

  111. I think you should, it’s just so cute!!

  112. See, Subhangi? Sheldon lurves you!

  113. The_thorne says:

    YES! For interspecies cleaning must be documented and saved.

  114. I vote yes, but only if I can send in the photo of my cat grooming my fuzzy slippers.

  115. Cats wash other animals as a display of dominance. Or so I’ve read. I have two cats and the younger more aggressive cat is the one that cleans the older more timid cat. NEVER vice versa. Regardless, it’s still cute as heck.

    I’d like to see this as a category just because it might prompt more submission of animals cleaning each other and might see an animal other than a cat doing the licking. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an animal other than a cat washing another animal.

  116. I like the idea of a “not your average snorgle” catagory”
    And I’m sending good thoughts littlelizard!!

  117. Cats wash other animals as a display of dominance.

    btw..if this is true the category could be called ‘pwned’.

  118. I love that its different animals cleaning other animals–inter-cleanage? Just a cat cleaning a cat might not be as cute…

  119. littlelizard: Try this URL for info on finding missing cats – what to do is often counter- intuitive:

    Did somebody add a pets section to that Black and White clothing store? Picturing a new business:

  120. i have a big mastiff mix (ginger)who’s kitteh friend (pugsley) likes to take turns grooming each other. they are a little shy though…..
    as soon as i can sneak in on them with a camera in hand, there had better be a category for it! something along the lines of ‘you taste different than usual, my dear’

  121. Huhm, I’ve heard the licking thing with dogs (the dominance) but not with cats. Must go google it. Although, with the issues my kitty displays, it woudl make sense. She always tries to suck on some part of me.

    And heck yes to the interspecies snorgling! Forbidden snorgling perhaps?

  122. UGH! Whenever i come home and forget to hang my coat in the closet, Maximus Bunnius will rip it right off the couch, onto the ground and commence grooming the faux fur….EVERYTIME!!!!!

  123. I see someones been taking Lunesta, whoever sleeps in that bed 😉

  124. FunnyB, that’ll teach you to hang your coat up! ;P

    Maximus Bunnius! That’s awesome!

  125. Oh, and how could I forget the Mighty Mite budgerigar preening the bun’s fur, just like feathers? (The bird likes moustaches too).

  126. [OT]
    Teri wrote: “Just random curiousity while I procrastinate writing my NaNoWriMo novel. 🙂 “

    Ooh, another NaNoWriMo participant!

    I’ll start working on my novel after work tonight.

    I vote yes for a category for interspecies snorgling/cleaning. These two critters look so wonderful together.

  127. YES seelvoopleh! I am lawvingk on the pictures of zee behbehs leekingk on each awther!

  128. I vote ABSOLUTELY YES on the Pleeze To Be Kleeneenk Mee category!!

  129. YES! It should be a category called BATH-TIME!

  130. lurkertype says:

    Yes to the inter-species cleaning!

    Now if only my upcoming vote was so easy and qte.

    GOOD MOMTUX NEWS: as we knew, the animal shelter has confirmed that she doesn’t have rabies, so Mr. LT is off the hook.

    Put your ear up close to the screen and you can hear HRT grrrr-ing at TK.

  131. yes! love it

  132. Cats will clean anything!! I have one that likes to lick the plastic bags from the supermarket! These two are very cute..yes to the new category!!

  133. Another vote here for Interspecies Snorgling as a new category.
    I think there should be a rule that both species have to be non-human, though … will neatly dispose of all those multi-species pix lurking amongst the current categories!

  134. pixie-stix says:

    Puppums doesn’t mind it at all – ‘A little to the left, Miss Kitty.’

  135. i’m sure my input is desperately needed to tip the scales in favor of: YES !!! Please make it a category!

  136. scribblerrn says:

    I vote for interspecies snorgling! The licking is too specific.

  137. I think it definitely should be.

  138. ilovermont says:

    YES! And I vote for “Come closer I want to leek you!” as the category name

  139. My vote goes to “interspecies snorgling.” It doesn’t have to be licking, a good cuddle would work. Remember the big mastiff and the baby???

  140. I think the category should be called “bathing buddies”

  141. Oh yes, definitely. =D That category would be a hit!

  142. Piggalette says:

    I agree with A Thinker: Interspecies Snorg Action. ISA!!

  143. the more categories the better!
    ‘animals in costumes’, tick yes
    ‘I weel kleen you’, tick yes

    yes, yes, yes

    keep em coming!

  144. Yes, please make it a category!! I vote yes!

  145. heck yes!

  146. moths_are_scary says:

    okay, so here’s the thing…I’m only voting for this category if the ani-pals cleaning one another remain different species, cats licking cats and dogs licking dogs are cute, yes…but it’s 115% cuter if it’s a ferret licking a hamster….or something to that effect…yep!

  147. in fact, i INSIST that it be made a category!!!!!!

  148. Bunnies also have groom=dominance, but the reverse of kitties. It is more like, “I am the master! YOU groom ME!” and said demander shoves his nose under the victim. Sometimes they get into a standoff of wills, during which each bunny chin will get flatter and flatter against the floor, in attempt to scoot under the otherbun’s chin.

  149. YESH!

  150. Yes! The possibilities are endless!

  151. WickedWendy says:

    For sure and for certain!!! Lets do it!

  152. I don’t quite get why some folks feel this is “nauseating.” It’s good clean spitty fun!

    I vote for the general snorgling category, with a subcategory of “Cleanliness is Next to Snorgliness.”

  153. it’s a tough call between interspecies snorgling and bath buddies. that’s my 2 cents.
    …what if we buy some puddin with all the cents? (i like mixing rice and chocolate. yummmm)

  154. yes, why yes, you should
    have just such a catagory!
    It’s adorable as a concept.

  155. poor violet says:


    Or should I say, Categorically.

  156. Doesn’t matter to me if you make it a category or not – so long as you keep posting the phots! Love how nice shiny black and white they both are.

  157. hrh.squeak says:

    OK, anybody here ever heard of a rat trying to groom a cat? Nugget loveslovesloves to groom his rattiebuddy Bert, and runs at the cats constantly. Only Boober will hold still for it, and not for very long. I didn’t get my camera in time to catch any of it, which makes me very sad. The best shot would have been the one where Nugget, sensing that Boober was about to take off, grabbed a tiny fistful of tail fur and held on for dear life . .. . .

  158. YES. animals of different types cleaning eachother is way cute. My cat seems to think I’m filthy or something because he is constantly “washing” me. sigh.

  159. I think there should be an inter-species category, that includes cleaning. There’s a lot more cross-species cuteness going on out there tha just the licking part.

  160. I suppose it *could* be called “Lick Me”, but it might be misconstrued. 😛
    Vote ‘yes’ for Tonguelashing!

  161. YES to the ‘interspecies snorgling’-category. They are the best, even when not licking 😛

  162. littlelizard says:

    Thanks for the missing cat vibes peeps. I live in Kent, England – do you have an international squad of missing cat detectives Aubrey?

  163. tina: of course hamsters can lick! they use their leetle hamster tongues to do it! and 🙂

    yes for animals that clean other animals. especially cute cats. nummity num num!

  164. Cleanliness is next to cuteness.

    Vote yea on the category.

  165. Lol, hrh.squeak! That would have been something to see! and something to squee!

  166. definitely for it! This comment is soo funny, and a great name for the category:

    “Yes, but let’s call it:

    “When ‘I Like You’ Means Using Tongue.”
    Posted by: shelley Noble”

  167. “do you have an international squad of missing cat detectives Aubrey?”

    littlelizard, if only Dirk Gently’s Wholistic Detective Agency were real, we’d send him right over.

  168. Auntie Maim says:

    There’s your new caption. That is all.

  169. maybe i’m just bein’ a nerd but i like: “interspeciel grooming”

  170. 2kittygirl says:


  171. Yes please!

  172. Yes definitely and how about calling it “the beauty shop”?

  173. The more categories, the better.

  174. OMG PAAALEEEZE! This is the best thing since well, everything here is the best! My answer is YES!

  175. How ’bout “Kitty has a Hare Ball”? for a Category title? (giggles just a bit), going along with the hair ball line of goofiness.

  176. Yes!!! And if it does, I can contribute to the category!! My two cats loveeee to clean each other!

  177. I agree with donya, title it “Beauty Shop” and then you can show all cleanings between species, same species, self cleaning (my kitty is so adoooooooorable when she’s washin and her face fur gets mooshed into her eyes…..

  178. Yes! Definitely! These are the best!

  179. I say sure, why not. Kitties cleaning other kitties or animals is always cute!

  180. I would call it GROOMING!

  181. Yes, ab-so-lute-ly!!
    It’s so cute!! And clean of course.

  182. After waaaaaaaiting sooo long, it finally happened, someone coughed up a hairball joke, I mean, gag. Thank you zagbug. heh, heh, heh, heh, heh . . .

  183. not “Let me clean you”, something more like “You will be cleaned, now!”

  184. Yes, please!

  185. This should definitely be a category. I must remember to send in a pic of my cat grooming my husband!

  186. Yes, yes, please!!!

  187. It’s my pleasure pyrit. Anything for a squirm. LOL And thanks to Theo for the linkage to even more goofiness. Which is absolutely necessary (in my humble opinion.)

  188. Theo – Thanking you. And what a co-inky-dink, Harry Potter, again.
    zagbug – goofatutley.

  189. have yu realized that all the im-gonna-clean-you-so-just-shuddup poses are cats?
    yes, definately to the idea of the cat-e-gory

  190. Long time look-er, first time comment-er here, peoples. You guys are awesome! But anyways I say to inter-species cleaning, no. Too direct. I say interspecies mingling. Or even multi-animals. Seriously, I’d like a category for just pictures of more than one animal. Uh, my two cents here. Although if CO doesn’t want to do that, then I say go full speed ahead with the cleaning and whatnot. After all, Cats and Racks is a category, but you don’t see too many of those, since it’s kinda…Er…Detailed-ish. Thanks.

  191. show_me_cute_things says:

    Don’t forget about the kitty and puppy from August 4, 2006. It’s called “it’s only rule #4 baby – don’t fight it”

  192. Yes, a Cleaning category please!

  193. I don’t know if previous commenters have said this, but can we at least have another rule of cuteness, like, “If you defy the unspoken laws of nature in which species you chose to be friends with, you’re cute!!”

  194. Most definitely! It’s so nice to see two species getting along!

  195. Another vote for the interspecies grooming CAT-egory!! “If snorgling you is wrong, I don’t want to be right.”

  196. Oh yeah, this category should totally be named “Jungle Fever”… 😉

  197. Some free flowing titles for this category…
    Get yer lix in!
    lix linx,
    how many licks does it take…
    no tickee, no lickee…
    lix pix…
    good, clean fun…

    precious moments, ahhhhhhnnnnn

  198. Eeeeeeennnnhhhhhhh.
    200th comment/post!

  199. YES for eet ees soooo cuh-yoot!!!!

  200. [adjusts reading glasses]
    That would be “200th posted comment,” Pyrit.
    [tightens collar]

  201. andersonic says:

    But not “Let Me Clean You”, that sounds too much like asking permission, and the cleaner is usually a cat.

    You had the right idea with the original caption, “I Will Clean You.” That’s cat talk.

  202. Oh this definitely has to be a category of it’s very own! And to add another criteria to cuteness: if the thing you’re cleaning is much larger than you, then that definitely is cute overload!!!!!

  203. OMG absolylutety!!

  204. I agree with the “Interspecies Snorgling” — sooo cute. And very necessary! But anything with “cleaning” in it is sort of bleagh.

  205. What’s that you say, Theo? As if I’m a Stooge or somethin’. Why I OTTER . . . .

  206. BlurpleBerry says:

    I agree with A thinker. We should have interspecies snorgling.

  207. Christine says:

    Great idea, but maybe even better would be broader “interspecies interaction” category (I have had a sweet spot for different animals interacting my whole life, and maybe there are others like me). LOVE LOVE LOVE CUTE OVERLOAD THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR POSTING SO MUCH CUTENESS.

  208. You must add “Mmmmm, snoutlicioussss” to the grouping!

  209. Go ahead and make it a cat-egory.