Je t’aime, ma ferrette

Oh, leetle ferrets, why do I love thee?

Is it your skinny, slide-under-a-door-as-if-you-have-no-bones ways?

Is it your ability to appear as a liquid, though you are soft fur and bone?


Tell moi…





It’s the ear-to-head ratio, isn’t it, Tasha B.?



  1. OTTER
    (yeah I know it’s a ferret)

  2. Methinks it be the relaxed flobby,sleppy pawsitude.

  3. OOOOhhhh ferret fuzzy… SMOOCH.

  4. Yay 🙂 I always love seeing ferts on here! Woo!

  5. I love that second picture. That’s what I look like when I’m sleeping. I gotta get me a ferret!

  6. Gah – it’s the pet feet people -look at the soft little feet. 5 toes. Tiny claws. Pink pads.


  7. NebraskaErin says:

    I can hear the wee honk-shus!

  8. A thinker says:

    Ferrets are Teh Qte. Albeit also Teh Stinky.

  9. Man, I so wish I was home, slepping, all curled up like the first pic.

    Leetle ferret…let me join with you in zee tiny honk-shus!

  10. Non, cherie, eet ees zee way I haf sleethered into your heart and squizzled your ear weeth my leetle moist trembling nose.

    I love how the second pic is very reminiscent of old photos of dead banditos. All he needs is a leetle coffin.

  11. Whee, Fertie!

  12. I haven’t been a big fan of ferrets… until I started coming here. Now I wuv awl da widdle ferrets… Of course I always wuv’d awl da widdle buns an’ kitties an’…………….
    Why do you always start talking like that around here?

  13. “Is it your skinny, slide-under-a-door-as-if-you-have-no-bones ways?” lol! I usually don’t like ferrets, but I think I’ve changed my mind now.

  14. Redz, very appropriate imagery on the Day of the Dead.

  15. juggle geese says:

    I would like to have such a flexible spine. Would come in handy sometimes.

  16. No… it’s the pawsitude. The little, pink, adorable pawsitude!!!!

  17. Oui, if I had a ferret,
    I would give it a carrot,
    And a raspberry beret,
    To lessen zee ferret’s ‘bouquet’.
    (Ooh la la.)

  18. Oh pyrit
    I am speechless.

  19. Or almost…

    Most of the time, she wouldn’t wear much more.

  20. Ferrets *are* cute.

    They freak me out when they move/slither, though. They move almost too quickly, too sinuously, like quirky little animated fur ribbons.

    I discovered this while taking care of four of them for a friend who had to leave town for two weeks.

    Darling little beasts, but … they give me the willies. Don’t smell too good, either.

    What I *really* don’t understand is why I love snakes, and I adore me some ratties … but I am very slightly creeped out by ferrets.

    Still — love the ferret pics, especially the ones of the little meepers …

    Keep ’em coming.

    Now — how ’bout them sugar gliders? SQUEEEE!!!

  21. Yeah, I was gonna start a worldwide trend in exercise, helping people get the ferrety slithery spine action going. Called it ferret-oga.
    Only problem: people kept showing up in bedsheets wanting to shotgun beers.

  22. Peg of Tilling says:

    Ferret-oga? You could have a racetrack there. Or a Revolutionary War battle.

  23. Actually it’s “furet” in french. But hey, I’m not going to wake him up to tell him… Zzzzzzz

  24. Tanks, Pegot, now I gots some new punchlines for my joke. [snicker :op -Halloween leftovers.]

  25. finn, awesome picture. as always. it is quite a feat to make “The Gashlycrumb Tinies” even creepier, but you rose to the task.
    we don’t see enough of your creations. or of you. ’tis a shame.

  26. It looks like he’s trying out different positions for maximum ferr-shui.

  27. Lauri C.! Try saying:
    “Feng shway ferret”
    5 times fast.

    feng shway ferret
    fung shway fwayr
    fung shvay, oh man . . .

  28. Lauri sez, “ferr-shui”
    the Aubrey, she’s…she’s… reproducing! noooooooooooooooooooooo!
    kill me now! before the puns do.

  29. i like how ferrets smell! my friend has 6, nothing like a pile of ferrets on your head.

    that one is just beeeeggin for a mucho snorgle in that little ferret curl.

  30. Whoa. Ferrets have paws? I always thought they had little hands and feet, like raccoons. Whoa. My world has been turned upside down.

  31. You loves dem cuz they are little snakes covered with fur!

  32. mariser, thanks for making my day.

  33. To combat depression, sleepiness and general lassitude, CO recommends a dosage of ferret-onin every day.

  34. GreenEyedHawk says:

    When I take my furret The Cheat out places, I’m sometimes confronted by small children who are not too sure what he is. When they ask, I look at them as though they’re asking the obvious and I say…

    Well, it’s cold out, isn’t it? He’s a snake in a fur coat!

  35. chimera17 says:

    That’s adorable, Hawk! And The Cheat has got to be the best ferret name ever. My ferrets were pretty snakeish sometimes, especially in the grass.

  36. chimera17 says:

    Oh, another thing – ferrets do snore, but it sounds more like tiny high-pitched “ehn!”s. And sometimes they sleep with their tongues out. It’s the cutest thing ever.

  37. musicchick2 says:

    “ferret-onin” I KNEW there was a chemical reaction when I come here to gaze upon ‘da cute! Aubrey, many thanks for the prescription! 😉

  38. Il court, il court, le furet
    Le furet du bois, Mesdames,
    Il court, il court, le furet,
    Le furet du bois joli.

    Il est passé par ici,
    Il repassera par là.

  39. liquid ferrets. ah yes.
    Years ago, someone posted a comment about how “viscous” ferrets were. I think they were trying to perpetuate the stereotype that ferrets were “vicious”, but “viscous” defines a ferret’s movements so much better! They kind of ooze around and under the furniture.

    At least, when they aren’t bouncing all over the place!

  40. Do ferrets actually have bones? I’m not gonna believe it ’til I see me some x-rays.

  41. Liquid ferrets? Shaken or furred?

  42. i used to have one like that and it was named stinky cause it smellt bad

  43. I’m going with the floppy pawsitude. 🙂

  44. say it with me!

    That’s adorable, and now I want to hug either ferrets, my monitor, or both.

  45. Does this ferret have bones??

  46. acelightning says:

    They’re weasels. But they’re *cute* weasels.

  47. chimera17 says:

    Fellow cuteologists, a ferret x-ray. Thus proving that they are not actually the world’s furriest invertebrates.

  48. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    When, OH WHEN, will I be in a living situation that will allow me to have a ferret-friend? *sniff* I wuvs ’em soooo MUCH.

    Seriously awesome pics!

    Finn: THNX for that ferrety Edward Gorey-esqe pic! So nice to see a Ferret Fan who’s also familiar with the Gorey-dude. 😉

    GreenEyedHawk: Your ferret is called The Cheat:ROTFLMA! Strong Bad Email IS becoming pop-culture, keep up the good work. 😉

  49. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Even funnier, Wolf, is a guy who regularly comes into my work to guy dog food for his black Lab, who I’ve known since he was a puppy. I asked him what the dog’s name was, and he gave me a kind of long-suffering look, like he was sure I wouldn’t understand, and he told me the dog’s name was Trogdor.

    I laughed and said, “I have a ferret. His name is The Cheat.”

    We exchanged a knowing laugh. No one else around us understood.

  50. eee! it is the curlness that makes ferrets so cute! (curls up into a ball & snorgles whatever is near)

  51. wow. the feets are killin’ me here. got a thing about the feets.

  52. chimera, that X-ray looks like the ferret swallowed the head of a small child.

  53. Oh dear.
    Laurie C, you’re right.
    Looks just like a little skull.
    How seasonal.

  54. awwwwwwwww so fucking cute

  55. Otter!

    -Steven Burda, MBA

  56. …notter.

  57. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    quoteing GEH: “We exchanged a knowing laugh. No one else around us understood.”

    That’s awsome! I have moments like that when I’m wearing my Teen Girl Squad T-shirt. 😉

    Trogdor For President!

  58. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Cheerleader! So-and-So! What’s-Her-Face! The Ugly One!

  59. “Whoa, did I just draw that new hotness?”

  60. Gotta love the ferrets. My favorite pet. I miss my boys.

  61. Hey, the futehs have got themselves an MBA!