A Maltese gets sea legs

[ahem] Ahoy!

I say! [yelling over motor] um, AHOY!

[Teeny leg trembles]


Nice Maltese sea legs, Amanda C. 😉



  1. aaaaaah!
    swim, puppy! swim!

  2. so this is almost like me and my roommate. smokes!!

  3. Ach, nearly first!

    Anyway, dogs with handles just crack me up.

  4. It looks like he is saying “Land ho!”. And I bet he’s excited to see all of those TREES!! 😉

  5. Oh woe is me
    I need to pee!
    Get this dinghy
    To that thar tree!

  6. A thinker says:


  7. Whoops; too late
    Couldn’t wait
    Sorry about that, lake
    Fish? No thanks – glad I just ate

  8. I brought a maltese on a boat ride last summer. One of the river patrol boats came up beside us to make sure we had enough jackets and stuff. The guy said we needed to have one for the pup too. He was joking, but, it’s true that little pup probably would have sunk if it went overboard.

  9. Nothin’ like the feel of the salt breeze in yer ‘tocks, boys!
    Hoist the mains’l, whizz on the mizzen’!

  10. NebraskaErin says:

    Look at ‘im, in ‘is wee little life jacket!

    Can’t you just hear him singin’ some sea-farin’ ditty?

    “Yo ho, yo ho, a maltie’s life for me!”

  11. I dont know what it is but I just don’t find malteses *cute*… all that hair… and those teeth!

  12. Lauri – How hard would it be to for dogs to park their ‘tocks into the docks?

  13. you guys r silly says:

    “…whizz on the mizzen’!”…
    heh-heh &:o)
    That was awesome, Lauri…

  14. Poopie. I had a couple of versions of the comment going at once. Forgot to delete ‘to’. Time for lunch. I need pudding.

  15. AuntieMame says:

    The original ol’ sea dog.

    (I can’t believe I’m the first one to say that…)

  16. my first instinct on seeing the rope was to say, “gator bate!!!!!!!”but of course i am from louisiana…..

  17. As I’m looking at him, that cloud over his head looks a little like smoke and I suddenly had a picture in my head of him as the Gorton’s fisherman with a pipe and smoke coming out. He just needs one of those big yellow hats.

  18. Sweet Lady says:

    Awwwww.. I didn’t know they made puppy life vests!!

    Good lords the cuteness….

  19. LOL, Mary. Fish sticks. I also had a vision of him as the Tidy Bowl man in his little row boat.

    Plus, little dude needs to get some good conditioner, or he’s gonna have lake hair tomorrow.

  20. This is a photo of a vanilla malted float! Get it?
    You all have covered the salty talk so well. “Whizzin’ on the mizzen”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    There once was a Maltese in a boat,
    Wearing a lifesaving coat,
    It loved the high seas,
    It never peed into the breeze,
    While sailing past trees,
    And drinking a malted float.

    So take away my limerick license.

  21. Gives a whole new dimension of meaning to the term “poop deck” and now I must go and explode from the cuteness.

  22. Bahahahhaaha!! I take away NO one’s creative license! It’s all good!
    Especially your pyrit spellin’, pyrit! 😉

  23. awwwwwwww if my dog was tha wet he would b freezing his butt off he is so tiny.

  24. jeanniewellercooper says:

    It’s Scupper the Sailor Dog. GoldenBooks. There’s even a movie version, with a painfully catchy little ditty- I’m Scupper the Sailor Dog, etc etc.

  25. hee hee! this is so cute! makes me wanna go on a boat again.

  26. It’s a mighty sailin’ dog! Looks like he’s dogging down the hatches.

  27. Looks like he’s sighted cat’s paws off the starboard bow.

    Okay I’ll stop now.

  28. jeanniewellercooper – When I was a kid we had a dalmatian named Scuppers and we had the Goldenbook and I can recall the dog and the book vividly and fondly.

  29. My friend’s dog has a doggie life vest with Scooby Doo on the sides…

  30. oh my goodness! he has a lifejacket with HANDLES! he’s like a little handbag!

  31. The life jacket KILLS me. Want. a. puppy. life. jacket. NOW.

    Sherioushly. Who knew there was such a thing as puppy life jackets?

  32. Love it! And doggie life jackets are a great idea. Several several years ago my friends husband had their cocker spaniel out on his boat, he fell overboard, apparently hit his head on the boat and sank, they dove in the river but could not find him. Had he been wearing a life vest it might have had a happy ending…..

  33. I wrote about your blog here http://www.blogspoke.com/page/blogspoke/20061102 . Check it out and tell me what you think. I really think sites like yours are doing a great thing for humanity (and animals)! Whenever I check it out it never fails to improve my mood-just as real pets lower your blood pressure when you play with them.

  34. Jesse — fixed your URL.
    Always leave at least one space at the end; the period was messing it up.

  35. Weeeah. Poor cocker spaniel story. Waaaaa! 😦

  36. fyi, my day is not able to start until I have taken the little six digit quiz that proves to me I am not a spam robot.

    Good morning, all!

  37. Looks like the little guy got brave enough for a swim. So sweet.

  38. There are kitty life jackets, too. A friend of mine has one and is training his cat to get used to wearing it before he goes sailing around the world.

  39. “Jesse — fixed your URL.”

    Ah, Teho is now using his powers for good instead of e-vill.

  40. So cute–the cloud looks like a feather in his cap.

  41. I personally am pure e-vil, *but* I have sworn to use my powers of evil only for good. I’ve always assumed Theo was in a similar position.

    Laurie C: Nuh-uh! For reals? He’s got a kitty life jacket so he can take kitty around the world in 9 lives?

  42. “IIII’m King of the WOOOOOORRRLLLLLDDDD!!!”

  43. Redz, nuh-HUH! He and his wife are going in a couple of years, but they’re getting the cat used to the jacket with short sailing trips ahead of time. She hates it, of course.

  44. misskitka says:

    When we bought our sailboat, I wanted to be able to take our cat Bootsie out for trips with us. He’s a bit hyper (understatement) so we found him an orange life jacket exactly like the one pictured here.

    The problem: wearing it upsets his equilibrium so much he just falls over. It is definitely a “cute/sad” moment, so we don’t subject him to it…alas he has never gone sailing with us.

  45. A thinker says:

    LOL, misskitka!

    We Wants Video.

  46. Redz, LC:

    “Never talk to me like that again! No one created me! I am Evil. Evil existed long before good. I made myself. I cannot be unmade. ‘I’ am all powerful!”


  47. Redz wrote: “I personally am pure e-vil, *but* I have sworn to use my powers of evil only for good.”
    That would make you teh 333 = half evil.

  48. I do believe they are sea lion egs.

    not seal egs.
    I’m not a marine biologist, I just play one on c.o.

  49. I had to read that twice, Ceebs. LOL

  50. ceebs – your dark, con-sealed humor is painfully precious – I like.

  51. thank dog someone got it!

  52. UNTIE!