Holiday Cookie Inventory

OK let’s see… we’ve got the Pfeffernusse all done, the Snickerdoodles are in the Tupperware, the Spritz batch is racked & cooling for another 30 minutes, the Springerles were packed yesterday… um hon, where’s the Klipspringers?

two Klipspringers resting

…hehe!  Trick question.  Love ya.

These little dudes are also at the Henry Doorly Zoo, and they most certainly pwn j00.

PS — no gingerbread this year, sweetie.  We’ve got too many computers already.  😉


I’m a rockin, yes indeed

This little guy is hot stuff!Mini_dog_07Rock n’ roll Paul Lam, rock n’ ROLL!


Post (rhymes with lost) as in blankie post! (You know who you are blankie lovers!)Mini_dog_03Mini dog indeed “Homeboy” Paul Lam.

It takes two bebbeh

It takes two! To make a dream come true…


Well done on the week old baby bears C Wichner!


Get your muzzlepuffs runnin’


Mini hoppin’ ‘ventures


WAY to rev it, Mr. Jose.

What’s up Bun?

P1010408Praying bunage seems to be a trend, a small fluffy trend. Nice one Heather S!

Rare Hamraku Spotting

Roving Cuteporter Chief Sister Officer spotted this two limbed nugget nestled among the astroturf lined shelves of Tokyo toy mecca Kiddy LandImg_1060_2Calling all Japanese Cuteologists to translate exactly what this little dude is up to here! Arigato!

Wicked Awesome

Ova heah, ova heah! So what if I took a digga! Y’wanna staht? I drank a buncha beah at tha kegga n ate a plattah wit lobstah rolls. Killa pahty down Cape I tell ya!HobieShout out to real Chowdahead Jalebee Larsbien and Cape Cod dog Hobie

Smoosh him? Kiss heem? Smooosheem keeeeeshem?

Smlan2006751With a name like Custer, it has to be good. Kees him!

Haw haw haw.

[tapping one spindly toe]


This fine, sassy Laughing Kookaburra lives at the Henry Doorly Zoo, in Omaha.
Yep, that’d be Nebraska.