[Waiting patiently]

The little dewd on the left is too funny. He’s got bed head and some serious competishe in the treat-snatching department. I can relate to that.


Nice going, CuteTracker…



  1. Please feed us, mummeeee!!

  2. It looks like an expert mesmer at work to me. Love the tongue-tip on the middle dog!

  3. AWWWWWW!!! These cute doggies is obviously a threet!

    (Sorry, Aubrey. Hee.)

  4. A thinker says:

    LOL. I love animals with perma-redonk faces. Too funny.

  5. Um … that should have been “are” obviously a treat…

  6. Yeah, the tonguie on the middle guy is hilarious! and little scruffball on the left is funny. I wouldn’t worry too much about him getting treats. He looks like a scapper who knows how to fend for himself.
    *sproing!* got it!
    *sproing!* got it!
    *sproing!* got it!
    It’s the other 2 I worry about! heh.

  7. the little pooch looks like a tiny little man in a dog suit

  8. The little guy should go in the middle. lol..


  9. ceebstard says:

    scrapper, not scapper…sheez, I need to get back ta work…mondays, ptui!

  10. NebraskaErin says:

    Guy #2 can hardly wait. My mom’s pup waits like this for french fries. She does a LOT of waiting.

    Guy #1? Muppy.

  11. Ceebs, I thinks you got too much work already. You need more cute.

  12. If I’m not wrong, are the two big ones Shetland sheepdogs? (Or “Shelties” as they are known…)

    Oh, and can someone tell me whats the difference between a Sheltie and a Collie? I seem to remember “Lassie” was a collie … but I always thought she was a Sheltie.

  13. Shelties!!! 😀
    Like my puppy.
    Subhangi-Shelties are smaller than Collies (like other Shetland things like… ponies).

  14. Man, I wish *I* had that kind of focus this morning!


  15. Quick 😉 for Ceebs.

  16. Shelties… the un-collie.

  17. Muppet on the left looks like he’s wearing one of those “feets on dogs” costumes.

  18. Very cute pic!

    Meg, who is YOUR competishe in the treatsnatching department?

  19. Aye, the scruffy one looks a salty dog, so I raise my mug o’ grog. The other two I can see, a pair of Shetlandlubbers be.

  20. thanks to whomever fixed my stupid!
    I know, I know…you can’t fix stupid, but really someone helped me out a bit!
    is that what winky madinky was for Te?

  21. foxy bingo says:

    I want the little one in the hairy slippers! Adorable little squeaky face.

  22. Am I the only one to notice the one in the middle with the lil tongue peeking out … Too cute!

  23. Anybody's says:

    Say hi to Theo for me!

  24. NILIF doggies! Whatcha gonna do for a treat?

  25. Anybody's says:

    Multiple posts are fun!!!

  26. Anybody's says:

    Multiple posts are fun!!!

  27. Subhangi – it’s a WONDERFUL song. Here are the ‘human’ lyrics, etc.:


  28. Ummm…weird, much?

    Why did my answer to Subhangi appear BEFORE her comment?

    Oh yeah, forgot. I can read people’s minds.

  29. Come to me my melan-collie babies,
    And you can bring your friend with you . . .
    Some treats are all you might fancy, maybe
    Still and all know I’m in love with you!

    You won’t have to resort to whining
    I know when to take my clue
    You’ll never have to fear,
    To Petco I will steer
    And I can take my melan-collies too!

    I’ll make sure your coats are always shining
    That goes for your buddy too
    I hope I made it clear
    To Petco I will steer
    And I can take my melan-collies too!

  30. awwww.
    we were hoping for “time warp”
    I wonder if I remember the steps.
    it’s just
    a jump to the left
    and then a step to the right
    put your hands on your hips…

  31. Pyrit – Good one!

    Aubs – great lyricizing, as usual. (Though I don’t know the song.)

    Jeez, whats with the multiple postage? First my Vox and now this … eesh.

  32. corimu fagui says:

    Tongue of middle dog!

    That’s all i got right now.

  33. re: “time warp” comments — I think there are still some servers out there that haven’t “fallen back” from Daylight Savings Time yet, while others have.

  34. pyrit! Yer right on, matey!

  35. The white dog is a Sheltie in her Halloween costume…..

  36. don’t you think the little guy looks just like the little white dog on the muppet show?

  37. dog thoughts…:

    dog 1: and i shall sproing on it and gobble it and drool on it and love it and eat it and no1 else can have it.

    dog 2: and i shall sproing on it and gobble it and drool on it and love it and eat it and no1 else can have it.

    dog 3: and i shall sproing on it and gobble it and drool on it and love it and eat it and no1 else can have it.

  38. Man, lotta duplicate posts today.

    (…Man, lotta duplicate posts today.)

  39. Ya know, I think the song quota lately is higher than ever. Halloween? Full moon comin’ up? What is it?
    hrh.squeak is gonna have a tough time keeping up with the com-pile-ation!

    (snort, T.)

  40. Subhangi, Lauri, gratitude from this pyrit poet. I discovered CO of late. It is the X on my treasure map now.

  41. pyrit,
    I was a pirate for Halloween party, and at heart. As for your songitpoetry, I dig it!


  42. Ah, Shelties! The Compact Collie: All the elegance and silky fur of a full-sized Lassie, in a smaller “economy” model!


  43. musicchick2 says:

    Rosie…. GMTA!! *great minds think alike* 😉

  44. it’s amazing, dogs always know just when to snap into that “i’m so good and patient” mode just for a little treat! then it’s off to craziness again!
    love ’em!

  45. constance says:

    Aw. Now I’m homesick for my little sheltie-poos.

    The big one is “Plato” and the little one is “Aristotle”


  46. constance says:


    The extention on the one above was supposted to be puppies.jpg