Prosh Corgage

Holy ear floppage, juicy tongue action and eye chub.

Sutatabo posted this lil’ guy…



  1. ‘juicy tongue action’?

  2. awww. how is something so unbelievably cute supposed to get some shuteye with that incessant yapping? what a happy lil stubby pup! must snorgle!

  3. ‘juicy tongue action’?

  4. Ghost Cat says:

    OMG! You can actually hear the happy puppy-panting. The pup-anting.

    Too cute!

  5. fancyclaps says:

    Oh mai gawd.

    The cuteness!

    The cuteeeeennnneeeeeesssssssss!!!!!!!1

  6. The former head of our department got a corgi pup about that age. Never saw him that calm. . . She says the sucker is STILL nuts. But that’s UNBELIEVEABLY cute!

  7. oh my gosh! it’s like he doesn’t even have legs, and his little pawsies are attached right to his tummy! what a cute fuzzy baby!

  8. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….can’t a pup get some quiet for snoozin’? Geez.

  9. What kind of yellow prison is this poor pup in!?! This one should definitely be posted under the cute or sad category.

  10. Awwwwwww! His little legs are so teeny and prosh his lil’ tum tum is almost on the floor!

  11. OMG Those cute little stumpy leggs!!!! I just love corgis they’re like a full sized dog with miniture legs. And that little bebeh looks soooo soft. Just wanna snoodle him to bitz!

  12. AuntieMame says:

    The little breath noises! D’awww! And the little stubby legs!

  13. rocketpants says:

    Dooood, this is sooo cute but sad. Do you see how lownsohm he is? He’s cuddling with the WALL, for bob’s sake!

  14. rocketpants says:

    No, seriously. The loneliness is coming off him in waves! I can’t watch…

  15. rocketpants says:

    Dooood, this is sooo cute but sad. Do you see how lownsohm he is? He’s cuddling with the WALL, for bob’s sake!

  16. leprechaun says:


    Seriously. When he flops down on the floor? EEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

  17. hehe I saw this on youtube earlier and was thinking of sending it in, glad someone else did 😀 Such cute fuzzy snuggliness!

  18. SO CUTE!!!!!!! But, he needs something soft to sleep on–not the cold, hard floor!!

  19. Positive Jube says:

    I am going to think that immediately upon pressing the ‘stop’button the camera person picked up Mr Pup and gave him a big snorg and took him home to play with other prosh pups.

    Yes, this is what happened.

  20. Actually this Mini-Corgi reminds me of last night, trying to get to sleep…damn kids rooting up the neighborhood, partying ’till 2AM, BAH! I wanted to put on my overalls, pick up my rifle and run outside looking for those smoochers on my property…

  21. I saw this on YouTube and couldnt bear to watch it all the way thru. What sort of awful lock-up is that adorable pup in!? I would save him…..

  22. Sillygirl says:

    I love the one-ear-floppage action. I can almost smell his little puppy breath. I loooove corgis, but he does need a nice pillow. I do agree, there is definitely “juicy tounge action” in this video (smak, smak)!

  23. Cute, but made me oh so sad 😦 Somehow 😦

  24. Too many comments….

    Positive Jube: Im with you! Thats why there was stoppage so camera person could play with him. He did have a little blanky there – maybe the floor was cooler…. Oh! And some toys. He does look healthy tho!

    All the other dogs barking woke mine out of a dead sleep at 2:30 in the AM. He is very confused…

  25. I immediately thought, “is he in the pound?” How could a pup like that be in the pound? Maybe he lives at the breeders… I wanna adopt him!

  26. Very adorable…and several times he got that look of “Hey, weel you guys shut yer yapping and let me sleep?”

  27. Mellimeldisiel says:

    *pantpantpant… baroo?*

    Ohemgee, people. This puppage is DYNAMITE!


  28. It must be a corgi thing. My little corgi boy has a house full of toys and playmates and comfy places to snooze, but where’s his favorite summertime napping spot? The cold bare concrete floor of the laundry room. Silly pup!

    They’re also the masters of the “pathetic uplook”. That’s why so many corgis are so rotund. Who wouldn’t want to give this little guy a biscuit for being so snorg-worthy?

  29. Awwwwwww, the diddums! 😮

    Who couldn’t love that face?

  30. wolf_plushtoy says:

    Great. Now I have this urge to pull out my Cowboy Bebop dvds and watch them straight through.

  31. Ok, because I can’t express this while at work….
    *sqeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeellllll* That was SUCH A CUTE puppy!!!!! Can I keep him?? CAN I?? Awww, the little itty bitty darling!! Awwwwwwww! *passes out from pure cuteness*

  32. I want a Corgi so bad, they’re so adorable. x3

    That cute little bugger is just calling to me, for me to cuddle it and smother it with lovin’s.

  33. I’ll second Mikko, my corgi seems to prefer sleeping next to a drafty door on the hard floor to all the soft warm places he has access to. I have heard that corgis’ fur is so thick that they do seek out cooler places to sleep. LOVE the sweet, sweet eyes!

  34. I couldn’t watch it all the way through either… This is one of the reasons I don’t do kennels, unless ABSOLUTLY necessary… I can’t see all those lonesome faces just begging me to take them home… I can’t…

    He’s cute, don’t get me wrong…I just can’t watch it…That’s why I’m going to do what “Positive Jube” did…I’m going to imagine that someone came by, saw him, loved him immediatly..and took him home… Yep..I agree, that’s what happened…

  35. Totally agreeing ith you there StormCat! It’s too sad to watch all the way. I hope the little puppy finds a home soon!

  36. Aww, I saw this on YouTube at the weekend and have been wanting a corgi pup ever since.
    It was just now starting to fade and there you’ve gone and renewed it!
    *Goes in search of corgi pics*

  37. The little stubby legs are almost too much to handle!

  38. OMG! I just posted this on my Vox the day before, hoping Meg would see it!

    [sigh] Isn’t he precious?


  39. If you watch teh vid thru, you see he has a raise spot with a nice pink blanket to sleep on, but obviously he chooses not to sleep on it. I think he is like my Onyx Kitty- Onyx only sleeps on our bed if it is under freezing. The rest of the time he chooses teh top of a closed box (good air circulation) or the window. SOme critters (my husband included) like to sleep cool (happy memory of a nap on the cool shaded concrete at camp)

    Inform your anthropormorphism. And listen to Calling All Pets. This very subject comes up now and again.

  40. So cute I cried. And I’m not even a dog person.

  41. Ahh my little Corgi used to be that teeny! I miss those floppy-eared awkward days!

  42. Don’t be barkin’ at the pup. He needs his sleeps, fer cryin’ out loud…

  43. blueberries4me says:

    I come into work first thing Monday morning and I see this. Someone ob-biously wants me dead.

  44. I felt like I was watching pornography designed to hit the cuteness center instead of the sex center.

  45. Hmm, perhaps Fuzzikins is separated from the other barkers because he hasn’t had his shots & he LIKES the cool floor because all his floofiness is making him a teensy warm??? That works for me…now I can totally focus on his snarfableness…

  46. mk, neurologists call that the omg puppies lobe of the brain

  47. Well, I didn’t assume he was in cruel lock up, ’cause at the shelter where I volunteer, the puppers have nice enclosures with blankies and beds and toys, but the room where they go to visit with prospective parents–it’s 100% Auschwitz. Cuten macht frei, and all.

    Dunno why, just nobody ever got around to spiffing it up, oh, and I think it probably overwhelms people with the need to rescue puppers from icky surroundings.

    Oh, and word to the wise. Don’t think you can take a weekend away from CO, and just come back and be okay. This morning, I clicked over, and was all: “Cat-lick piggies, my li’l pony, before and after cat in a sink, Glamour Shots wah-wah, floppity Corgi!!!!!!!!!!!”

    I’m telling you, my head hurts. For future, I’ll know to pace myself after I’ve been off the cute for a few days.

  48. A thinker says:

    Oh my goodness. Port-A-Snorg, I need one of these delivered to me *immediately*.

    Meg, it is Just Not Fair to not be able to hug all of these cute things you’re posting 😉

  49. Eye-whites people,it’s the next rule, stheriously. Too sweet for words.

  50. On YouTube this pups been watch over 700,000 times. Sutatabo also has a Scottish Fold kitteh video just as cute.

  51. Ok, seriously- was this some sort of Chinese puppy mill? You could hear dogs barking, but lil’ dude had no friendsters to bee-bopp with! Definitely cute, definitely sad.

  52. ELB — if it was a “puppy mill” wouldn’t you expect to see 800 pups in an 8×8 cell?
    Try “shelter” on for size.

  53. Oh man – one of my fave dogs is the Corgi!! They are just so beyond adorable – even anerable doesn’t do them justice.


  54. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wanna eat this puppy up! SO CUTE!

    Ps — I love the floppy ear close-up.

  55. marsmannix says:

    I love corgis!!!!!!!
    i felt kinda bad about the concrete floor…but he looks healthy!!!!

  56. slartibartfast says:

    “Plenty of lip and tongue action.”

  57. Oh.

    This video is the epicenter of the earthquake of cuteness that has just rocked my world.

  58. Ok….I am a self proclaimed animal lof-er, with a specialty in kittehs. not really much of a dog peep. don’t get me wrong, I lof doggies too, but i can’t see myself owning one. Until now. I tewtelly hafta get one of these..I have heard they are kinda hyper, but I think I could put up with it for that daily dose of snorgletude radiating from this lil corgipoo. i am smitten, and it’s not a kitten. alert the media. seriously.

  59. He has mittens! Blindingly white squidgy mitten paws! And is steadfastly ignoring the pink blanket to look more pathetic and snorglable.

    A friend of mine’s grandmother used to take her pedigree stud corgis to Buckingham Palace to… er… do their duty for Queen and country… and she would take tea with Her Maj the Q while… stuff happened. Presumably in another room.

    Slightly icky but true.

  60. So cute!!! This video totally made my Monday all better! Love the one-ear flopping, the short lil’ legs, and the hyperactive tongue. I just wish he’d jump out of the frame and into my lap!

  61. OMG!!!! Can it be any cuter?!?!?
    I bow down to CO

  62. Hahaha. I sent this vid to my friend who has 6 or 7 Corgis. I commented to her that I can see why she can’t resist having more and more of these babies.
    She replied, “Yeah, but then they grow into poop eating monsters.”
    She still loves them! 🙂

  63. Too cute! I got a “Prison Break” vibe from some of the scenes – like he’s listening for the secret code: “Psst … we’re breakin’ out tonight! Are you wid us? Arf!”

  64. Oh for the love of….

    That is just freakin’ dearly!!!!!!!!!

    My chest … is tight…

  65. I am guessing this a corgi breeder or dog breeder location – hoping that this lil guy ended up in a nice home – he is excrutiatingly adorable – somebody commented earlier about the “pathetic uplook” – that is SO apropos

  66. Waddle waddle chubbles, I love youuuuuu!

  67. inktellectual says:

    Oh my squeee! My fave parts are when you can see him start nodding off, his lil eyes roll back & when he’s paddling along with his belleh brushing the ground. “So short yer belleh brushes the ground” needs to be a CO rule, in mah personal opinion.

  68. One ear flopping! ONE EAR FLOPPING! TOTAL CORGI LOVE!

    (But then I’ve always loved Corgis anyway. They look like they’re made out of leftover, mismatched parts of other dogs. 🙂 )

  69. ‘Darling’. I meant ‘darling’.

  70. christine says:

    Look at the way he runs! ADORABLE!!!

  71. This video woke my cat up from his nap. Now he’s slinking around the house looking for the yapping pups. :))

  72. Must…. Have…… PUPPY!!!!
    I want that Corgi!

  73. OOOO! I want one! Dh just told me that when his parents move out (with their dogs and other cat) that he wants a dog. I have a few years to convince him to get one of these!

  74. This is so cute, I’m gonna cry!!!

  75. citizen4nr says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!! i just peed a little

  76. musicchick2 says:

    The EYES, people!!! So expressive, and so sweepy. All he wants is a nap, but his velvet soft ear-antennae are pulling in noise from all directions. And what happened to his legs? They’re so short, and cute, and…well, I must cuddle this little guy. And I am a CAT person! :-O

  77. musicchick2 says:

    citizen4nr – “I just peed a little” – ROTFLMAO!

  78. Oh my goodness what cutie pie. But give the li’l feller a comfy pillow to snooze on instead of that cold cold floor.

  79. He is adorably cute! I agree with several others – right after the video someone adopted him, took him home and snuggled up to his cute little tummy!

  80. >>Cuten macht frei< <

    That’s brilliant, Redzilla… and my new personal slogan.

  81. omg. i actually said ‘wow’ while watching that. sooooo cuuuuuute!

  82. Corgi + wall 4 ever

  83. awww man that is…insanely…cute… the little fellow looks so happy and sleepy! ^__^
    P.s This place looks more like a doggy daycare. I know Petcetra has daycare rooms like that, with various toys and blankets laying around in a big room and other dogs playing with each other…. I think that’s where this pup is. =)

  84. Margaret? That’s silly.

  85. I just came back from seeing the Helen Mirren movie “The Queen” and there are many corgis in it. Of course I thought of CO every time they were on screen.

  86. bees on pie says:

    Nice MST reference, Slartibartfast. 🙂

  87. robbykins says:

    oh sweet jesus. so SO cute I almost spilled my cocktail with glee. I am unable to continue…

  88. robbykins says:

    oh sweet jesus. so SO cute I almost spilled my cocktail with glee. I am unable to continue…

  89. musicchick2 says:

    We interrupt this thread for a brief announcement:
    “It’s a beautiful day in this neighborhood,
    A beautiful day for a neighbor.
    Would you be mine?
    Could you be mine?…”

    We now return to our previously scheduled programming.

  90. wow, wonderful cute puppage! What a great personality the little dude has!

  91. Timothy McDonald says:

    Great Corgi!!

  92. beautiful pup,yepyep.. not funny.. where is this pup? and why is he being subjected to this? Geezz.. cute tape?? nadda…

  93. New rule of cuteness – BELLEH MUST TOUCH THE FLOOR!

    [Smooshes chubbity puppity tum-tum]

  94. “Chubbity puppity tum-tum” – Good GRIEF. Teh bebeh Corgi’s turned me into a babbling idiot.

  95. LOL, Subhangi. Works for me!
    Chubbity puppity tum-tum smoosh.
    Chubbity puppity tum-tum smoosh.
    Chubbity puppity tum-tum smoosh…

    I still have a headache.

  96. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I love the first shot of the pup walking toward the camera–if you look at his li’l behind, he walks with a wiggle!

  97. this is too much! i’m going into sugar overload!

  98. I agree with pumpkin – cute or sad! Holy corgi hell! Where’s that Bat Dog to rescue him???

    stoopid dog prison.

  99. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 FALLS OVER WITH THE UNBELIEVABLE CUTENESS OF IT ALL!!!!!!!!!!!! *gasp gasp hyperventilate twitch twitch*

  100. Lex - Be/ Indy1110 says:

    Long story short: love the dog, not the video. 😦

  101. I almost PEEDMYPANTS watching this – especially the ear-bobble-when-walking parts. I want one. I WANT one.

  102. OMg OMg so cute! And its got such short legs and cute eyes.
    So shiny.

  103. i must say i’m a little confused as to the.. um.. lack of.. um.. legs here

  104. OMG!!! the awesomeness of the dog is so cute. I cant believe he got to sleep wit all the other barking noises.

  105. Awwww!!!!! my fave ever corgis rule!! ^^ whats with the big yellow room ? is it an adoption puppy?!!?!?!??!?! ^^