A Monday-morning inspirational message from this kitteh.

People, I know you don’t NEED to hear an inspirational message. Especially from a little kitteh who can barely focus on his own pawsitude. And sure—what type of message could this kitteh even give you that you don’t already know? But take a moment out from sipping your double-soy-chai-mochacchino and listen:

[Audience places ears up to the screen]

GET THOSE PAWS-UP! Now get out there, People, and kick some Monday morning ‘tocks. Pronto.


Back to your regularly-scheduled C.O. Thanks, CuteTracker!




    ::: kibble :::

  2. New desktop background, yay!

  3. HEHE … yes, Theo, you have earned Meg’s wrath!!!

    What a cutie.

  4. NebraskaErin says:

    Striped belleh!!

    Today is already looking up. Paws up!

  5. oh so so cute!

  6. Sweet Lady says:

    If you love me, raise your hand.. err.. paw.

    Awwww, she lufs me! *snuggles*

  7. Hmmm. Its a girl.

  8. :poit:


  9. I think kitteh lama is trying to give this message: “Do not worry over your jjjjob. No, return yourselves to your natural state of snuggle.”

    Or, that’s the message he’s giving me.

  10. Fuzz, straight up!

  11. I am doing the soft kronsche on baby kitteh’s pink little footers.


  12. *Teho’s IINNN trouble, Teho’s iiiinnnn trouble!!*

  13. TOES!
    Tiny, little, itty bitty, jellybean TOES!
    Want to put them in my mouth!

  14. firefinch says:

    Did they pick the kitteh to match the upholstery or vice versa?

  15. chet's momma says:

    he’s so freshhhh! i wish i could carry this little power ranger in my pocket always.

  16. (Ceebs — does that mean you were able to view the morph successfully?)

  17. I especially like his wee mohawk. 🙂

  18. ShelleyTambo says:

    Subhangi–it’s a girl? How can you tell? I see the itty bitty nipple, but boy kitties gots the nips, too.

  19. “Weeth thees paw, I salute teh Qte. Weeth thee awther paw, I wait for a kees there.”

  20. Ahhhhhh, my Monday has officially been brightenized!

    Forget orange juice–this little marmalade-and-jellybean-toes fuzzball has all the Vitamin C(ute) you’ll ever need. And you don’t even have to worry about pulp getting stuck on the back of your throat!


  21. Yep Theo—I don’t know if it’s the different computer or wot.

  22. I love his “bed head”!

  23. *sticks nose in belly*

    As for its gender, at 5 weeks or so, it’s hard to tell without taking a look under the tail. However, about 90% of ginger cats are male.

  24. ShelleyTambo says:

    Yuppers re the gender of ginger cats–although we’ve got a few females at my shelter right now. I had to sex a little dude this weekend that looked just like this, down to the peeking nipple.

  25. A thinker says:

    WHEEEEEEEE! Squooshy-face!!

  26. I’m mos def getting a “go back to bed” vibe of this little guy.

  27. Kim in PA says:

    OMG – what a cool picture for a MONDAY – I can now go on 🙂 – have a great day little one…hugs and kisses from Kimmy…

  28. juggle geese says:

    Cuteoverload has gotten a little felinecentric. Other species, please?

  29. I can’t stop staring and staring and staring (and so on into infinity).

    This is a kitty Angel. She is pure, purrfect, and feline fine.

    This picture. I can’t explain what it’s doing to me…..

    aaaaaa *poit*

  30. juggle geese doesn’t seem to be able to operate the scroll bar. Seriously, there’s some puppers, some horsies, a gimme pig, so plenty of other species, and some inter-species cuteness.

    Oh, and yummy little baby kitteh!

  31. ShellyTambo – You’re right. I based my assumption on the itty bitty nip! So I could be wrong…


  33. Tony James says:

    “Aaaaaaiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!! It’s an attack of the Mondays! Help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

  34. Those little pawsers need some big-time smooching!

  35. Don King kitteh hair. I wish he were my promoter…

  36. Pink paw pads – paw curlage – and that serious face. He’s banking on his cuteness while he gets ready to give you a left cross.

  37. you guys r silly says:

    You missed saying “itty bitty KITTY nip”…

  38. Teughcats says:

    He looks like he could be Heat Miser’s little kitty – look at the hair!

  39. michellemybelle says:

    Although I find this little guy to be awfully inspiring, I’m still all out of whack today. The time change did me in, and then there’s the general malaise…Perhaps if I met the kitteh in person it would be more helpful?

  40. *Packs up Kitty Angel, along with Puddin’ Snack Pak. Calls DHL. Here he comes, Michelle!*

  41. AYYYY-eeeeee!!!!! Teenytiny marmie kitten with spikey kittenfur and leetle pink paw pads!! That’s it, I’m done for.

  42. AHHH. The pawsitude and the fuzz!
    Kitteh power!!! ^o^
    This defiantly brightened my morning. Yay.

  43. *Double* marmie kittage today on dailykitten.com, peeps. (In case anyone’s head still hasn’t exploded.)

  44. THEPINKITHURTS. *snorgle* I want to give that adorable little paw a kisssss.

    “However, about 90% of ginger cats are male.”

    Whuh, really? Our li’l lady marmalade is a bit of a rarity then, I guess. :3

  45. the spectacular orange marmalade-ness, the smooshed-ness,the stripey-stripe belleh, and, of course, the pinky paw pad!

    oohhhhh, him jeessst waking up now

    jeebuss – i weep from teh cute!


  47. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    That’s ok, Specklet… I want to snorgle dem lil’ paw pads m’self!

  48. :dies: This is my first and not last CO death. Oh god. I can just smell that milky kitty breath! GAH.

  49. Aaaahhhh!!! Look at the standy-uppy hair — I “can’t stand it,” it’s so cute!! Oh, and the extreme pinkness of the nose and paw pads!! Just what I needed today, thanks!!

  50. that paw pad has my nose’s name on it …

  51. “I actually want to lick his nose.”

    me too!

  52. Yeep! Is there a posting time warp goin’ on here?

  53. Wow. I actually want to lick his nose.

  54. ShelleyTambo says:

    Riikka–yep. Girl marmies are unusual, although not as rare as a male calico or torti.

  55. OMG how can you possibly over do yourself every day!!!! this is redonk!!! but just what I needed for a gloomy monday morning, a delicious marmalade ball kitteh, can I have some for my toast please??!!! 😉

  56. This paw is being raised in bene-kit-tion.

    To avoid further harm,
    Submit to the marm.

  57. That kitten is all like “Lemme tell you one thing. Listen here. I’m gonna tell you this only one time…”

  58. juggle geese says:

    @teri, yeah I am really stupid. Stupid me, not being able to scroll. Thank you for that very helpful remark. I did not say that we are seeing cats exclusively but just a lot of cats these days.

  59. Juggle Geese — CO started with a kitten, y’know.
    Teh Kitters have always been a no-fail staple here. Ya gotta honor yer roots. 😉

  60. Anybody's says:

    Hi Theo, I’m back!

  61. I love the crazy hair.

  62. “@teri, yeah I am really stupid. Stupid me, not being able to scroll. Thank you for that very helpful remark. I did not say that we are seeing cats exclusively but just a lot of cats these days.”


  63. OMG so adorable!!!!!!!!!!!!

  64. That kitten is all like “Lemme tell you one thing. Listen here. I’m gonna tell you this only one time…”

    Posted by: JH |


  65. y.manynames says:

    OMG! The pawz the pawz! I am losted! **melts**

  66. musicchick2 says:

    AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!! Widdo pink feets, widdo pink nosie and moufus, sticky up hair on forehead…. OK…this one officially keeled me! *dies*

  67. Love the tummy stripes. And that little pink paw would make a nice sucking candy.

  68. lurkertype says:

    It’s the fact that the stripeys continue unbroken over the kitteh belleh — that is so rare! The “seam” in his tummy fur is cute too.

    I think he’s a boy. Altho I thought it was 70-75% of marmies are boys? In my younger years, I never heard tell of an orange girl, but it seems to be more common now.

  69. Ah, the good old First Post. It’s a winner every time! 🙂

  70. Chris Johnson says:

    Jazz paws! 😀

  71. Baby needs a hairbrush.

  72. acelightning says:

    Extreme furriness – I guess he’s gonna be a longhair when he grows up. Soulful, Newborn-Navy-Blue eyes. Soft pink, er, pink bits. Gorgeous orange stripeyness, tastefully set off by matching upholstery. Wistful, “oh, please love me!” expression. Yup. Kitten perfection.

  73. oh my good god hoohah. i seriously have sat here for the last few minutes trysing to figure if you can get anything nasty from licking kittens, because if i had this kitten, i really really would have to groom it with my tongue. And hey, it sounds worrying i know, but given those pink pads could you do anything less?? I DON’T THINK SO.

    ::keels over::

  74. I love this site

  75. michellemybelle says:

    Lauri – my package didn’t come today – and I think I need it more today than yesterday. Can you check the tracking number for the kitty?

  76. Squee! That’s my kitty! 😀 His name is Koji and he’s going to be FIVE months old next week! I raised him from a day old. He’s my little devil kitty since he was born on 6/6/06. I’ve included the link to his Deviantart entry where you can see another pic of him as well as get a print if you’d like :O *squealing with joy*

  77. Okay, so once the page loaded and I scrolled all the way down and saw this, I started squeaking loudly and bouncing in my chair making incomprehensible noises only a dog could hear. My husband, sitting on the nearby couch, glanced over and asked, “Are you Cute Overloading again?” And all I could do was squeal, “Kitty kitty kitty kitty kitty eeeeee!” and point maniacally at the screen.

  78. i am blinded by cuteness

  79. So cute how can I send mine whats the address I am from Iceland?

  80. IcePeople — see the heading “Got Cute®?” in the right-hand margin.