Oh, Laurie B., you have really outdone yourself. Please tell me you took your pup to Glamour Shots for this. Brilliant. Gaaaaaaaaaah!


 You’re not the only one who chose this get-up at Glamour Shots at the mall… I think it’s called the "Barbara Mandrell Special" w00t!



  1. That is toooo good…I got Radar’s pictures done at a studio once…they were inside a Meijer’s (target type place in the midwest) and they asked me if I wanted a deal on pics of my kid…I said he’s furry and has four feet…they said ok.

  2. HA! I love the fact that both Meg and the pup got the same template for their Glamour Shot!

  3. Hee… too funny. The Chihuahua is definitely cuter!

  4. hibousoir says:

    Oh man, this is gonna make me laugh all day. The eyes! The smile! The wrinkly neck! HA! HA!

  5. OOOOOOOOOOOooooooowwwwww!! She even has the starry-eyed starlet gaze! Sooooo cute!
    Hey, ceebs… out if Elvis sees THIS babe!!!

  6. Peg of Tilling says:

    It’s Hua Hua Gabor! Give this pup a diamond collar, darlink!

  7. Heh heh Lauri! If he ever needs to make Donut jealous…

    I love how the dog has wrinkly old lady neck.

  8. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Hmm, pink nose, eye capsules, cute little smile, big dewy eyes … Yup. I give up. *faints dead away*

  9. Regina, that’s one cute giant mutant rat terrier!

    I was actually at Billy Bob’s Texas Friday night and spied the ugliest dress I ever did see in a display case. Turns out it once belonged to Barbara Mandrell. I wonder if she has a pink feather boa, and if so, would it have fit around the shoulder pads of that dress without killing off an entire battalion of chickens?

  10. Sillygirl says:

    I want to be disgusted but………

  11. AlbertaGirl says:

    P of T: Hua Hua Gabor… ROFLMAO!

  12. What is it about Glamour Shots that makes you look 40 years older than you are?

  13. OK Peeps.

    I’m probably going to break a few brains with this, but it’s a sacrifice that must be made…

  14. Cathy G, my thoughts exactly.

  15. Peg of Tilling says:

    *Shakes head*

    *Sound of broken glass*

    Yep, Theo, my brain is broke.

  16. I’m mesmerized by the morphing…hair that turns into ears and back again…eyes that project out and then cave’s perfect Theo

    can’t stop watching

  17. gah yer glamor shot photo isnt worknig right for me i must know what you look like!

  18. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Ohh Regina I have a Radar-dog, too! This is mine:

  19. musicchick2 says:

    She is SO loving the photo shoot! “Yes, I AM marvelous, thank you very much”.

    Btw…is it just me or is the link to Meg’s glamour shot broke?

  20. musicchick2 says:

    Regina… Radar is doing the Paris Hilton ‘glance back over your shoulder’ paparazzi poze!! TOO CUTE & funny! I LOL’d!!

  21. musicchick2 says:

    THEO!!! OMG!! The morphing! *insert Twilight Zone music here* ROTFLMAO!

  22. My goodness Meg – the hair! It’s like three times bigger than your head (a lovely shot of a lovely lady 🙂

    What a classy picture of zee adowable pups. Excellent clarity.

  23. Aw! This is SOOO anerable! Its my birthday today (29th – yahoo!) but I have a cold (boo!) and this is just the pick-me-up I need!

    Thank you! xx

  24. T., I shure hopes you got permish from Mistress MeggieMoo to do dis.
    otherwise, it’ll be “POW! right on the kisser!”
    “to da moon!”

  25. Mariser — let’s just say I’ve kept her apprised of my actions.
    [teh chuckle]
    And yes, this is one of the many reasons I keep my real face off the ‘net.

  26. Holy Crap Theo! *Drools* *must find pieces of head…*
    Thats great, I have to take my chihuahua’s to get theirs done now…Mine aren’t nearly as cute as this one though… one is fat and turning grey and her pup is neurotic. hahaha

  27. Theo, sometimes you feel like a nut… Luv it, luv it!!

  28. I loved Meg’s Glamour Shot but I couldn’t see what Theo did, unless his masterpiece is a blank page…
    unless Meg didn’t like it & tookem both down…

  29. ceebs, Meg seems like a good sport, I bet she’s still LHAO.

    Boxcar kitten update: Oscar (one of the tuxedo grays) was adopted yesterday and reports are that he’s settling in well to his new home. As I type, Palmerston is chasing a foil ball around my the legs of my dining table.

  30. LC, she did laugh. There were an awful lot of exclamation points.

    Ceebs… it’s a Flash anim. Your browser will need this:
    …anyway, it’s hosted on MY site, like the Glossary. Heh heh.

  31. I can’t see Megs picture 😐

  32. meant to say also.. weee Lauri! ^.^

  33. Raymi and Skielar — here’s the glamour photo. I don’t know why the link barfed; it works on my PC but Jaye’s laptop didn’t like it…

  34. oooh..turns out to be the one you used lol >.<

  35. Well yeah, what’d y’think I’d use?

  36. Meg-ness the hair doesn’t suit you, not these days (ok, it was ’94 for crying out loud!). But I just wanted to say that you are incredibly beautiful, bad hair and all. That goes for pups here too. But not as much as you!

  37. OMG! You need to NOT post that pic Meg!! What if some magazine picks it up now that you’re blogafamous?

  38. No idea Theo >.<

  39. Yo Quiero Glamour Shots

  40. lurkertype says:

    No worries, Aldana — ain’t nobody going to recognize her today from that pic, just from the hairstyle!

  41. Chihuahua Gabor

  42. AuntieMame says:

    This needs a background of a field of wildflowers rather than the black matte.

    And a diamond tiara.

    And legions of adoring fans.

    Oh wait, that’s us!

  43. [goggles at wah-wah]

    [goggles at Meg]


  44. Still say the wahwah looks like a dinosauroid with ears. Observe:
    Still cute in that “so-ugly-it’s-cute” way, though.

  45. jackie31337 says:

    Theo: love the morph!

    Cathy G.: “What is it about Glamour Shots that makes you look 40 years older than you are?”

    Hehe I remember going to one of the glamor photo places one summer when I was 14. Upon seeing my picture, one of my friends nicknamed it “Jackie’s jailbait picture”.

  46. GreenEyedHawk, Your Radar is a handsome fellow, LURVE the poofy chest. Great attitude in his eyes!


  47. A thinker says:

    LOL, Teho. Dat gived me a haidache.

    And I agree: Meg is *much* cuter than the chihuahua (the un-morphed version of Meg, that is…)

  48. Huh, I can see the morphy on this computer here at work….I’ll try it at home again.
    Too funny. too much time on *someone’s* paws! 😛

  49. NebraskaErin says:

    Fahbulous dahlink!

    I can’t see Meg’s pic from here at work but I might be able to from home. Mental note to check CO from home tonight.

  50. N Erin — scroll up. I posted an alternate link.

  51. NebraskaErin says:

    Thanks, Theo!

    That is some big hair, Meg. Big FABULOUS hair!

  52. Whoa, that morphing thing IS a brainbuster. But I couldn’t stop watching. I think I have epilepsy, now!

  53. foxy bingo says:

    Paris Hilton’s losing far too much weight.

  54. christine says:

    I don’t think this one is cute!

  55. Look at those sweet lips and that demure smile. I am gooooone. [she swoons]

  56. Not Barbara Mandrell, Meg – Tammy Wynette! 😉

  57. Chastity K says:

    sexy babe

  58. My step-mum went to Glamour Shots a long time ago, and decided after the photos were taken that she looked like “a hooker.” I didn’t know what a hooker was at the time. Looking back, I agree 😛

    Is Glamour Shots still around?