Listen, Dahlink.

This pup is sooooooo"Peg" from Lady and the Tramp. She’s all taking Lady to school and tellin’ her how it’s gonna be.


Julie L., How dies the song go?



  1. Sarahjane Cottrell says:

    He’s a tramp
    But they love him
    Breaks a new heart
    Ev’ry day

    He’s a tramp
    They adore him
    And I only hope
    He’ll stay that way

    He’s a tramp
    He’s a scoundrel
    He’s a rounder
    He’s a cad

    He’s a tramp
    But I love him
    Yes, even I
    Have got it pretty bad

    You can never tell
    When he’ll show up
    He gives you
    Plenty of trouble
    guess he’s just a
    No ‘count pup
    But I wish that he
    Were double

    He’s a tramp
    He’s a rover
    And there’s nothing
    More to say

    If he’s a tramp
    He’s a good one
    And I wish that I
    Could travel his way

  2. first?
    anyway, wow.

  3. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Yay, another poodle! 😀

  4. Yay! Lady and the Tramp! She does look like Peg, even though Peg wasn’t a Poodle. Now we’ll need a couple of Siamese cats.

    We are Siamese if you please
    We are Siamese if you don’t please
    Now we looking over our new domicile
    If we like we stay for maybe quite a while.

    Does anybody remember what their names were? Did they have names?

    After this we’ll need a Cocker Spaniel, a Scottish Terrier, a Bloodhound, and various mutts.

  5. Well, I was gonna start singin’ “He’s a Tramp” at the top of my lungs but it looks like SarahJane beat me to it. I’m not usually a poodle fan but this girl has it goin’ on!

  6. BlurpleBerry says:


  7. Lucky's Buddy says:

    The cats were Si and Am.

  8. A tramp with big ’80s hair.

  9. i love peg !!! she is the coolest singing-doggie-with-‘maze-haircut ever !!

  10. AlbertaGirl says:

    If you got her wet, she’d look like the little girl from The Ring.

    Just sayin’…

  11. Not so much cute, but I think I saw Joey Ramone with the exact same expression in at least half a dozen pictures.

  12. die it goes!

  13. Yay! You finally posted Ms. Blossom!

    I should mention that she was a show poodle at the time, and I had taken down her topknot so I could comb it out, so it wouldn’t get matted.

    She wasn’t happy as a show poodle (didn’t much like male judges… heh), so now she’s a beloved pet – her birthday was on the 20th, she was 6.

    I adore her, she adores me, that’s the way it should be!

  14. Ms. Blossom kind of looks like Blythe Danner.

  15. CO always makes me want whatever is pictured. And now here I am, stuck with an overpowering, unfulfillable poodle craving. Sigh. Sooooo adorable, and she looks so soft and cuddly… awwwww…

  16. So how matted is your dog?

  17. musicchick2 says:

    Julie, she’s amazin! I was thinking she needs one of those really wide toothed combs we used to use back in the 80’s to make ‘big hair’. I think they called them a ‘pick’. *having 80’s flashback* Whew! Gotta lie down….

  18. Meg – you are soooo right on the money. The spitting image of Peg! Wow-wee!

  19. wolfwhocridboy says:

    Heh, in addition to the “Tramp” reference I was thinking of this: person as a potential “separated at birth?” seg. 😉

  20. Ahhh what a sweetie! This blog is cute 🙂

  21. wolfwhocridboy: I heart that Diana Ross photo greatly – they must’ve been separated at birth!

    Ashlee, she’s not matted at all, though poodles of this color mat more easily than the black or white ones. She does need a brushing currently, though…

    Musicchick2… have you ever gone to a dog show and watched how they do a poodle’s “do”? Talk about HAIRSPRAY… not only that, but they sometimes put hairpieces in the topknot to get more fullness! (In fact, when I cut off Ms. B’s topknot, we did it so a friend of mine could use it as hairpieces for her dogs).

    Happy bunny – I can see the Blythe Danner resemblance, too…

  22. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Hey Julie_L, 🙂
    Thanks darlin’

    Let’s admit it, Diana is the BIGGEST DIVA EVA! If anyone deserves to be likened to this Diva-liscious pup, it’s Diana. 🙂

    (Though Donna Summer came a close-second) 🙂

  23. She looks like a floozie-poodoo!

  24. Wow Sarahjane must type really fast.

  25. LOL, Maymee.

  26. Wow. That’s hideous.

    I mean, I love dogs, but that is absolutely awful.

    What’s cute about this, exactly?

  27. Hi Kristen.
    Since this pic wasn’t up to your cuteness standards, I found something just for you:

  28. *Snortchuckle*
    Yes, Theo!

    *Big grin* Maymee, I bet she had the entire thing copied and pasted and ready! Stuff I am not technologically ready to cope with.

    This dog is gorgeous and happy.

    I wish the same for you, my friends, and peeps of CO. Good night!

  29. She wants more Alpo, though she just ate
    She has a hunger, mere kibbles can’t sate
    She still sees through the hair, cov’ring her pate
    That’s why the puppeh is a tramp

    She walks through park lanes
    Her pads leap and they twirl
    Only barks if she has a case of the surls*
    A full dish is a cert-doesn’t know ’bout the rest of the girls
    That’s why the puppeh is a tramp

    She likes the free, fresh wind in her hair
    People just stare
    She’s a bute – and cute

    Hates California, it’s unseasonably hot
    That’s why the puppeh is a tramp

    Groomers avoid her
    She leaves them a-gog
    Avoids the pup-parazzi they make her tired and bored
    Won’t share her snausages with the rest of the dogs
    That’s why the puppeh is a tramp

    *admitted foul. There is no such word as ‘surls’. I created a vernacular term for ‘surly’. There. I’d say it again.

  30. Aubrey Fitzgerald-Sinatra!

  31. all the dog needs is a pair of sunglasses…cousin it?

  32. ohmygawd Aubrey!!!
    Ms. B is so happy, you’ve nailed her!


    wolfwhocriedboy – yeah, Donna would be a close second – but Diana would be the DIVA.

    Jaypo – flooziepood is exactly the way I see that pic, too. She was so happy to have her hair down that day (of course, it’s always down now… regular pood cut and all)

    Kristen, sorry you can’t seem to see the silly look on her face, that she was having fun. All the poods I’ve known (and I’ve known *quite* a few) enjoy being fussed over. Ms. B jumps up and smiles when I mention brushing her. Then again, poods aren’t for everyone.

    :::think Royalty!:::

  33. hey, that’s my blanket! haha, I have the exact same one.

  34. AuntieMame says:

    I love her smirk. She’s a diva, and she knows it.

    (And LOL, Theo!)

  35. OMG, its GLAM Overload!!! Love the poodle’s curls, JulieL!!!

    WolfWhoCriedBoy – Yer bang on with the Diana Ross thing.

    Theo – A wee bit mean but still LOL!

  36. You dont know how many times in my own personal life I have been told I look like “that dog in The Lady and the Tramp. The one that sings. What’s her name? Peg?” Seriously. And for some reason – I was never offended… people thought that was wierd too…


  38. I’d soooo love to see a picture without the poodle show ‘do!

  39. how come no-one’s used the *bad hair day* line ???

  40. A thinker says:

    Wow. That’s some amazing hair.

    Besides the wild topknot-y bit, I love the abundance of curls elsewhere on the pup. ‘Tis cute.

  41. NebraskaErin says:

    Diva Muppy!!

  42. Wow. And here I thought I was having a bad hair day.

  43. snowangel says:

    Looks like some hairstyles from the 80’s. Big hair is making a comeback! 🙂

  44. hrh.squeak says:

    I love the big grin on her – “Ahhhh. Thanks Mom, the ponytail *was* a bit tight. Now brush me, pleeeese?”

  45. HRH – that’s actually what I named the jpg – badhairday.
    Cara – I *think* I sent in a pic or two of her in a more normal poodle-do… and one with a crazy do. Of course, they might not be up to the “cuteness” factor around here.. 😉
    Auntie Mame – yes, she is a diva… and now that she’s had her 15 minutes of fame, she’ll probably be insufferable! (not)

  46. OMG!… It’s Slash in cute dog form!

  47. Chris W — we need a big black top hat. And a Les Paul.

  48. Hey, I never implied she was suffering or unhappy – merely that she’s ugly. Not even in a “so ugly it’s cute” way, either, unfortunately.

  49. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Kristen you know what they say…..if you can’t say anything nice….

  50. Kristen, lol.
    You such a card. Nothing like marching to a different drummer, eh?

    (whatever, what GreenEyedHawk said…)

  51. Now I am going to hear, “Bum-bum-bum RUFF! Bum-bum-bum RUFF!!” in my head all day long!!

  52. Well, a negative comment is a comment nonetheless, no?
    Anyway, I wasn’t being mean spirited – I’d still adopt the poor thing if she needed a home. I’d just make sure to give her a new ‘do, first. 😉

  53. oh yeah thats me in the morning

  54. william congreve says:

    poodles are horrid …by definition anti-cute …this pic should be removed from this forum