I shall clean you for as long as I like! [Part Deux]

You shall stay put for as long as I tell you!

Stay, leetle peeglette! STAY!

Oh, and here is Part Un.


Tammy R., Titania is a lucky lil’ peeglette. 



  1. Aww, cat tongue!… What an expression on the lickee’s face…

  2. xP The guinea has this OHNOES expression.

    Good Lord but that’s an adorable piggie.

  3. sweet!

  4. musicchick2 says:

    SOOOOOO sweet! Inter-species grooming! Who’da thunk it?

  5. Wow, their colors match!

  6. That is the cutest guinea pig evAr

  7. Where ees Part UNO?? ONE? I see DEUX but no UNO.

  8. I completely regret never managing to get a photo of my cat washing the ferret. I was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen, next to this one.

    (Megumi kitty would hold down Elric ferret and wash him,… with the ferret squirming like a 3 yr old child getting his ears scrubbed. “They’re clean enough.” “Are not…now just sit still so I can get this spot…”

  9. aww! guinea pig is all “oh noes! kitty lickings! eep! oh well, better get used to it!” and kitty is all “yes, kitty lickings! muhahahaha! licklicklicklick!” and later they will snuzzle each other on the couch. yay!

  10. Martha in Washington says:

    “I wasn’t gonna eat it! I was just gonna taste it!” -Winnie the Pooh

  11. A kitteh licking a pigette? HOGWASH!

  12. That kitty looks so much like my Alaidh it’s scary. However, as far as I know, she hasn’t gotten herself a pet.

    Alaidh has her own blog with pics you can compare…I believe you can just click on my name.

  13. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Ah… So cute. Little piggie’s probbaly a bit confused right now… ^_^
    Trin: Where did you come up with the names for your pets? I’m just curious.

  14. Surrogate baby or all-day sucker? Let you be the judge. ;P

  15. De piggy is thinking “OMG WTF MATE?!”
    You can see it in the eyes!
    And the kitty’s all licklicklick puuurrrrr

  16. When one person lays down the law to another person he is given a tongue-lashing. As these are animals, piggeh is instead given a tongue-washing.

    By God, I’m tired. Night, night peeps.

  17. OMG that pinny gig has the funniest expression like “whyyyy am i enjoying this?!?!!?!”

  18. @Aubrey: Ouch. Bad puns. xP

  19. dickie twinkles says:


    My puppy does the same thing to my piggies. They usually purrr their little hearts out. Except Neo, my scaredy-cat pig wgo looks just like the one in that pic, he just sits there…looking like this: @_@

  20. Titania??? Hey, this pigalette is the same Christmas piggy of 2005!!!


    Yup, good memory today. 😉

  21. acelightning says:

    Piggy is getting religion – he’s becoming a Cat-lick! (But he doesn’t look like he’s enjoying it nearly as much as the ferret in Part Uno did.)

  22. Lord have mercy. This photo should have been accompanied by a disclaimer warning of the potential to induce a diabetic coma.

  23. NebraskaErin says:

    I’m not sure I’m down with all this inter-species canoodling. It makes heads ‘splode with cuteness. Good thing mine is made of puddin’, so the kitties won’t go hungry.

  24. also: i love how the ferret is smaller at its middle! it is like a bean 🙂

  25. That’s one of the cutest guinea pigs ever, and the look on her face is priceless. Like her eyes are whispering “help me!”

  26. Now imagine this cute with seven peeglettes all cuddled around Armand kitty (he herds them). I die of cute every time that happens. 🙂

    Armand is a loaf cat. So no peeglette nibbles from him, thankfully!

    thank you for posting meeee!

  27. The picture’s cute, but – he HERDS them?! I mean, that’s just unneccessarily cute. That’s a cute overload overload. (Do the other piglings have great names as well, Tammy?)

  28. OOOOoooo. I love the names, Tammy! Armand and Titania. And so beautiful!

    Piggies have that purrpetual look of Whaaaat? on their faces. This one also has a very happy look! 🙂

  29. I’ve had many a piggeh in my day, and none of them were that gorgeous grey!

  30. ::eyes twitch from prolonged exposure to image of kitteh-cavy bath::

    Did someone say pudding?

    ::frantically loads spoon, draws it back and aims it wildly in one direction, then the next::

    Back off, man!

  31. I’m sorry, but that’s… that’s just wrong.

  32. BlurpleBerry says:

    That is the cutest guinea pig I have every laid eyes on.

  33. Hehe! What a great start to my morning.

  34. Tammy R: MUST SEE photos/video of Armand herding his piggies!!!!!! Please, please, please, pretty please??????????

  35. Methinks the kitty is sampling its breakfast! :S
    Lol very cute though 😛

  36. OMG !!! The kitty’s tongue …

    furrrrrr-coated ???

    the colour matches the licker and the lickee …

    awesome pic …

  37. I can see the fear in the piggy’s eyes.

  38. i am in love with the lil piggie’s ears.

  39. Titania looks like she’s afraid she’s about to be dinner…

  40. Love the little kitty tongue and the slanted eyes – soooo satisfied.

  41. This reminds me of the cartoons where the cat would befriend a bird or mouse instead of eating it. Eventually the cat would kiss the mouse, kiss it some more until it started salivating and hilarity ensued.

  42. little miao says:

    Awwww, they match! And that’s a really adorable kitty tongue – what a lucky piggie! :p

  43. Wish I was fat says:

    Does anyone else get a non-sexual rise out of getting your hair washed by someone else at the hair salon, barber, etc.

    It’s very relaxing to me.

  44. This reminds me of the “Act like you know what you’re doing” internet-meme pic:

  45. Oh my, I love the color of that little piggie 🙂 I don’t believe I’ve ever seen it before in a guinea pig.

  46. Tammy takes the best pictures. To the people who want more, her portfolio’s here.

    The cockatiel under “others” is my Gabe. ^_^

  47. omfg. omfg. that piggy is unreal. it looks like a snack cake. ZOMG!

  48. :-O Hoooo it’s so cuuuuute! interspecies grooming, awww, how sweet is that!

    And “wish I was fat”: For the rare times I go to the hair salon, the best moment is clearly The Washing. Gaaaahh, feels good.

  49. Lol, if you want to see that perpetual wha’s happnin’ look on G.Pigs faces, go to Tammy’s site (thanks!) and go to “others”, top row, third pic to the right. Three piggies all in a row, SO cute!


  50. Blossom, Dot and Scooby! Hee!

    I love that meme, Theo!

  51. trin: elric ferret? edward or al? 😉

  52. Hey, guys, what does the Z stand for in ZOMG?

  53. Cat: “Hmm… tastes like chicken…”
    GP (loud whisper): “CALLLL THE POLICEEEEEEE….”

  54. Awwwwwwww……..Kawaii!!!

    …you know, I think this might even be the SAME CAT. *amused* can I get her to wash ME?

  55. Trin: I have a cat named Elric! *LMAO!* Something tells me your ferret (*sigh* Years later I STILL miss my eight fuzzies…) and my feline are probably the same snowy shade, right…? 😉

    My Elric one of a brother-sister pair I rescued as kittens, and I nicknamed them The Hooligans. His sister’s name is Jadis (named after the White Witch from the Narnia series), and they conspire to make my third cat, Underfoot, as wound up and high-strung as possible.

    BTW this clean cavy-cat companionship creates a cuteness catastrophically, calamitously capable of causing cranial combustion!


  56. It’s a salt and pepper pig!

    (Great puns, Aubrey!)

  57. This reminds me of these cooking shows where chefs briefly taste their dishes to see if they are well done.

    Let’s face it, that guinea pig is not happy…

    Cute photo though, hehe


  58. smokeyJoe says:

    for god’s sake, piggy, don’t mooooooveeeeeeeeeee….

  59. michellemybelle says:

    Tammy’s got all sorts of cute critters on her site – doggies and kitties and piggies and a bunny and a tortoise and a…whew, all that cute just got to me…have to breathe…

    I’d like to see the piggies with the tortoise, perhaps stacked on top?

  60. AlbertaGirl says:

    Look at the piggy’s beautiful fur! Obviously cat lickies are good for the coat as well as the soul.

  61. Soon the kittie’s mouth might turn into the entrance to the Kit Kat Club….http://members.aol.com/vart0x/mouse08.jpg
    don’t go in peeeegeeee!!!

  62. OMG, sooooooo cute! Gorgeous piggy, gorgeous kitty. The perfect pink tongue! Aagh!

  63. OMG, sooooooo cute! Gorgeous piggy, gorgeous kitty. The perfect pink tongue! Aagh!

  64. OMG, sooooooo cute! Gorgeous piggy, gorgeous kitty. The perfect pink tongue! Aagh!

  65. OMG, sooooooo cute! Gorgeous piggy, gorgeous kitty. The perfect pink tongue! Aagh!

  66. OMG, sooooooo cute! Gorgeous piggy, gorgeous kitty. The perfect pink tongue! Aagh!

  67. OMG, sooooooo cute! Gorgeous piggy, gorgeous kitty. The perfect pink tongue! Aagh!

  68. Though I could never get into it myself, this looks like a scene from ‘Grey’s Cat-and a-Cavey’.

  69. useta hada kitteh says:

    hmmm… needs salt.

  70. Happy, patient piggy! And they match–pigkitty twins.

  71. Oh the quiet terror in the eyes of the guinea pig. The satisfied slanted eyes of the cat! Hilarious.

  72. My cat used to groom my guinea pig as well! I had no idea other cats thoght this was a good diea. My piggie would just sit there totally calmy as a predator licked her. Piggies are cute, but not too bright.

  73. Fish Eye no Miko says:

    Kelly said: “trin: elric ferret? edward or al? ;-)”

    Well, he’s cute and gray, so I’m guessing it’s Al…

  74. you guys r silly says:

    * How * Precious! *
    I have to find my old pictures of my kitty grooming my dwarf mini-lop bunny — My kitty LURRRVED that bunny and would hold the little dude down and groom the living daylights out of him (whether he wanted to be groomed or not!)

  75. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww… *fades into the distance*

    You’re killing me!! Keeeleeeng mee!!*popcorns wif da piggle*

  76. Ooooooooohhh…I’m melting. Melting, I tell you. It doesn’t help that the cat and the piggy are the same colour….

  77. CuteFanatic says:

    Awww!So adorable! Definitely Perfect for cute overload.What type of animal is the cat licking? Is it a guinea pig?

  78. Well, there is that story about the twins being born with different skin colors.. I guess different species could work too?

    Wish I was Fat- I don’t normally like having my head touched, but one salon my roommate and I went to on vacation once gave serious head massages while they washed your hair, and it was heavenly.

  79. Maybe we should have a new Rule. Different species washing different species. I thought of this since alot people said, “OMG, I have to find my picture of my…..washing my….. Think about it. Totally new Rule.

  80. you guys r silly says:

    CC : I agree!!!

  81. M. – ‘quiet terror’: precisely

    Piggeh is certainly displaying BEF: Beady Eye Fear

  82. The figgy triplets are so oinky-sweet together–Scooby, Dot, and Blossom! Lubs dem.

  83. Well, this proves that cats think their everyone’s mom! Silly, kitty…but oh, so sweet. 🙂

  84. i eat poop says:

    this is obviously animal abuse and it’s sick you have this on your site.

    …not cute at all.

  85. ‘Spose it tastes like chicken?

  86. Cats and Guineapigs are ARCH NEMESI!!
    This must be a secret liason with an undercover guineapig who’s gone through extensive cosmetic surgery, in order to steal classified cat documents.



  87. It really can’t get any better than a grey cat licking a guinea pig (of any color). I lervs the piggies…

  88. I*heart*you says:

    You know, it’s these sort of pictures that get me all excited to go out and adopt two bunnies, another kitty, a couple chinchillas, and two guinea pigs…….

  89. I had a piggle that color; we called him Argentum, Argie for short.

    i*heart*you, if you want a taste of EXACTLY that combo, come on over to our house and help clean cages and litter boxes – see how much mess a couple chinchillas, two guinea pigs, an assortment of bunnies, and two cats can make. Especially the cat who is best friends with Chippy Chinchilla, and has learned how to shred paper from him…

  90. Oh, and we also had a grey and white teddy piggle, one of the bestest piggles ever. Her name was Tasha, short for Natasha, ’cause her dad was Nikolai. She was indeed a princess, and she was one of the smartest guinea pigs EVER – she never lost a carrot! She remembered where her carrots were and finished them without getting losted!

  91. Mmm, delicious pig…

  92. lurkertype says:


    Rilly. That’s it.

  93. Brak_Silverbone says:

    I didn’t know that gimme pigs came in that color! *schloorp*

  94. “gimme pig”


  95. The cat’s just enjoying the taste. He knows he can’t actually eat the pig or he’s in big trouble.

    The pig looks terrified. The cat probably threatened him with “Get licked or get eaten. Your choice.”

  96. I looked at today’s pics..awww..awwww..awwwww..ohhhhhh! Dinner! LOL!

  97. LesbianNeoCon says:

    Guinea pig: WTF?

  98. aww..poor pig looks so scared

  99. Awesome Alliteration, Den! ^^

    Heh. Piggeh: “Why did I get myself into this?!”
    Kitty: “Just lemme get this last spot …”

  100. David Harmon says:

    When I still had my rabbit, my cat would occasionally try to groom him. The first time in particular was really funny, as Vorpal got this “WTF?” look, with his ears all askew….

    Over time he got a little more used to the idea, but he’d still hop away after 30 seconds or so.

  101. Squeeeee!!!!!!! That grey kitty looks *exactly* like my Sebastian (click on my name and see him). I would love to have guinea pigs – they are so funny with their “boink boink boink”-ing. Alas, a picture like this with my kittehs would probably be a tasting rather than a grooming… …that and my mom could never come to visit because she’s pretty allergic to guinea pigs and rabbits. What a cute picture!

  102. I believe this kind of interspecies love is illegal in 46 states.

  103. Gimme pigs – I loves it. In fourth grade we had a guinguin with which I had good rapport. I was intrigued by the “weeeek weeeek weeeeek” and the gubbling sounds, and also by, disgustingly enough, the fact that the chow that went in the front looked almost exactly like what came out later. I was less amused when my loving classmates stuffed me in the cage and stood around laughing at me. Ah, the innocence and sweetness of little children! /irony

  104. bergamasque says:

    It’s terribly cute, can’t take my eyes off of it. A perfect picture of animal companionship, care and affection. I love the matching fur colours and the conscientious expression of the beautiful kitty. Not to mention the tongue! More like this please!

  105. Actually that’s not cleaning, it’s tasting…

  106. chimera17 says:

    David – your bunny was named Vorpal?!? That is beyond awesome.

  107. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a nummy guinnea pig?

    A-one, A-two, A-three….. A-onehundred and fifteen…

  108. Heh.. to answer a few questions: Armand licks Titania becuase her fur is spiky. Titania will actually lick the eye goop from Armand’s eyes if she can (yeah, gross). The other piggies in “The Madness” (my herd) are: Olivia, Nutmeg, Winifred/Winnie, Guinivere/Gwinnie, Chestnut, and Hazel. I used to have Shakespearean names (Portia, Ophelia, Bianca…) but ran out of names! Oh, and Titania is NOT scared. Seriously – she has one expression, and that’s pretty much it. 🙂 🙂

  109. Yay, Tammy, I keep saying that, too.
    All my pigs have that googlyeyed look.
    A true cavy connosewer (I was not going to even try to spell that correctly) can see a happy pig, and Titania is happy. 🙂

  110. It occurs to me now that I simply MUST get a new digital camera if just for the photographing of my minischnauz licking my piggles.

    Now accepting donations!

  111. Tammy;

    They GROOOM each other? *head splody*

    Oh would also love to see herding pics. Very sweet.

  112. This is so funny!

  113. I really hate to be the one person to rain on a parade of cute, but I just felt compelled to make a response about cats grooming rabbits/cavies – sorry!

    Cats’ saliva carries a strain of Pasteurella that is particularly dangerous for small animals, since it’s not one that they’ve built up defenses for. If they become infected, it can lead to respiratory infection, head tilt, and death. It’s REALLY not recommended to allow cats near small animals, since even a small scratch, if pasteurella is present under the nail, can lead to terrible infections and abscesses at the site of the wound.

    This picture IS really cute, and I’m loving that cavy’s coloring, but I just thought I’d spread the info for future reference.

    Anyway… moving along!… 🙂

  114. Wow, you really are a buzzkill, arn’cha?
    Anyway… moving along!… 🙂

  115. (sounds of deflation) Oh, come on… cats have Pasteurella multocida in their saliva, natch, but you need a break in the skin’s defenses to have an infection, (else I would be dead by now) and the kitty in the pic is WAY too gentle for anything to happen. And the owner is too careful and vigilant to miss an early infection. And that’s what I would rather believe. So there (puts fingers in ears).

  116. SO cute how they match! 😉

  117. Speaking as a human being, I’m mainly offended because I can’t get either of my cats to groom ME the way this one is grooming that guinea pig! What has a guinea pig got that I ain’t got? The noive! 😉

  118. Wow. That is a-freakin-dorable!

  119. I don’t know which is funnier, the pic. or the caption. Poor confused little guinea pig.

  120. toggling back and forth between Part Un and Part Deux … too funny, y’all. Tammy, your pictures are really beautiful and Titania is the prettiest gimme pig I’ve ever seen. Is D’Artagnan the ferret yours too?

  121. Shannon L. says:

    OMG! That is the prettiest color of pinny gig that I have ever seen! I’ve never seen anything like it before!

  122. Chacha,

    I do pet photography, so d’Artagnan the ferret is not mine. Most of the photos are other people’s pets, and I shoot them in their homes. I have another site called cavymadness.com, wherein you will see a whole lot of guinea pigs, again many of which are not mine. 🙂 I live vicariously though cute animals, I guess. LOL

  123. anyone think piggeh resembles Ma Otter?


  125. that is the most gorgeous guinea pig ever!! what breed is it?

  126. Alice Shortcake says:

    It’s grey, it’s fluffy, it’s…oh, what the hell, it’s near enough