A few moments with a Mini McHorsersons

La la la [trottin’ around]

La la la [clop clop clop]

La la la [tiny tail swish]


La la la [thump]

[Curls hoof-hocks, sniffs ground]

loo lee la


This redonk horse moment brot to you by the fine folks over at Pacific Pintos mini horse farm.



  1. Oh my goodness! The cuteness overwhelms me!

  2. He smells all milky, I can smell it all the over here! soft pretty baby.

  3. GeorgiaGirl says:

    OK, peeps.

    Somebody get busy and animate this teensy horseh…

  4. hermeowness says:

    Off subject: Has anyone else noticed? Cute Overload got a plug in the November MAXIM mag.

  5. you guys r silly says:

    * Happy * Trails * to you, precious little Mini McHorserson!

  6. Horsey!!!!!!!

    I want I want I want!!!

  7. He looks like a toy in the first picture – almost too cute to be real!

  8. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    That’s a mini to the cutness max… thanks!

  9. I actually gasped out loud when I saw him. So much perfection on such tiny hoofages.

    *Sigh* *poit*

  10. loo lee la

  11. Awww… My lil pony!

  12. aWWW he’s so floofy . .. *snuggle*

  13. BEEBEE!

  14. Sillygirl says:

    Mmmmmmmmmm my fave… poniiiiessssssss!! I can just feel his soft little nose… (and the hoof hocks are called fetlocks btw… which is actually kinda cute in and of itself!!) Mmmmm kiss kiss!

  15. Dee horsies are de cuties, all right.

    However, I may be unusual in finding even full-size horses, of whatever stripe, cute as well. They are likely to be baby-talked and kissed and hugged (which some of them appreciate and some don’t).

  16. That little curly tail! Killin’ me man, killin’ me.

  17. Wow. At first glance I thought his left front hoof was painted shiny-smooth metallic gold in the second picture. I can now see that it was only an illusion (perhaps visible to only me!) but wouldn’t that be so fun?!

  18. lurkertype says:

    I want to keees heem on the blaze right between the big horsy eyes.

  19. Meg I love you hon, but PLEASE STOP with the ____ Mc_____erson jokes. PLAYED OUT.

  20. Keeker, I have to say I love the ** Mc***ersons jokes :)) I started using that myself to refer to various creatures/objects… It’s fun. Give it a try 😉

  21. acelightning says:

    In addition to being utterly adorable, miniature horses can be trained like guide dogs:
    Horses are actually *better* than dogs for assisting blind people, and they are strong enough to also help people with balance or mobility problems stay on their feet. And everywhere they go, they are met with squeals of delight…

  22. “McHorsersons”

    Love it.

  23. Holy McCRAP acelightening :O

  24. *reads more on that sight* “HELPING HOOVES”?!?! *dies of cute-itis* I don’t think I could EVER see anything cuter than this! Did you see the little booties they wear to go inside buildings?! I mean COME ON!

  25. “site” not “sight” …sorry *grimace* Clotypus out…

  26. Wow – the horse is adorable! Love it. And – I am toooottttaaalllllyyyy in awe of the guidehorse site – that is amzing! Though I admit I was wondering about the *ahem* shall we say bathroom issue of horses – until I read that they can be housetrained! In awe totally up to my eyebrows!!

  27. Um yeah – I meant amazing – not amzing sorry 😦

  28. Pacific Pintos! Horsies that will more than add up to a hill of beans!

  29. Yay for Anybody McWhoeversons! You can run that one into the ground and all the way to China, Meg. I will always love it! 😀

  30. “Mcwafflesons”, savvy?

  31. EEEEEE!!! Wee lil’ horseypunk-


  32. Oooh, and the guide horse site is awesome too! Squee!!!

  33. Are his little hooves painted gold or something?

  34. I thought his hooves looked gold too!!!! (Admittedly – I know nothing about ponies!)

  35. >>Are his little hooves painted gold or something?< <

    Vegas, baby, Vegas!

    Seriously, the only thing missing is a full-sized human to give us some perspective on JUST HOW WEE this little horselette is…

  36. Yep, please keep going with the Mc***sons. I think it’s hilarious. Excellent site, Meg.

  37. about time there was more horses on here! 🙂 very cute

  38. *I want one!!*

    Cutest little baby ever!

  39. useta hada kitteh says:

    There’s currently an ad on TV that uses Mc-something-sons — I always think of CO, while at the same time wondering how the ad people get away with “borrowing” McMeggersons phrase. Unfortunately, I can’t think what the ad is for, nor what the **** in ****ersons is at the moment. (once again adding credence to my theory that advertising helps us remember cute ads, but not the product they’re sposeta be advertising.) Anyway, I’m for whatever mcwhateversons, any day, any way.

    Useta hada mckittehsons

    Oh, and loves me some baby horsie any day any way, also as well.

  40. Little Mini McHorsersons
    has light coloursed hooves to go with the light coloured legs. If you look at a dark horse that has one sock, said horse will have 3 dark hooves and one light hoof. Seriously!

  41. OMG Ponies!

  42. Gold teeth yo ho. Gold hoof???
    That be foal’s gold.

  43. adore-a-fur

  44. I now have a life goal – I will train me some guide ponies.

    I love horses… have on, in fact, but she’s at the McMommerson’s house right now, since I live in the city.

  45. Keeker, I cannot belEEVE you would complain about the McWhomersons.
    It’s the best namey fun going!

    Me lurves it!

    Lauri McWhatserfacersons.

  46. Like a thinker, I love horses of all sizes – though this one’s curly tail is amazing!

    Am wanting to touch the soft winter coat right now…

  47. jkhsquonk says:

    Gives the term “my little pony” a whole new meaning.

  48. No, you can’t have a pony. Not yours:

  49. AuntieMame says:

    OMG! P0N1ES!

    He looks like he’s levitating in photo #1. Maybe he’s floating to meet our other flying pony.

  50. WAY adorable!!!!!!!!!!

  51. pyrit: *rolls up newspaper and taps you on the nose gently* Nnnnnnnnno. Nnnno!

    (LMAO btw 😛 Foals gold. Awesome)

  52. Clotypus, it wont ‘behoove’ you at all to use that rolled up newspaper.

  53. You know what they say about the McHorsersons… you can’t argue with them, they’re just neigh-sayers!