“The cat’s out of the…bag”

Yes, I know it looks like a title Aubrey or Lauri would write. Or maybe it will be something like: "What’s in his BAG of tricks!?" or "THIS is a CAT-tastrophe!" or somethin’. Yeah, I know. But let’s see what they DO come up with…





"Late!!!" Oh SHOOT, I cannot find the cat owners name… Some help, Peeps?



  1. I think that last pic is my favorite- ripped bag, snippit of tail.

  2. mine too. 🙂 and the caption “late!!”. hee!

  3. pic 1: “trapped! I must have known that tuna steak inside the bag was there for nefarious reasons”
    pic 2: “aha! the guards are asleep. my chance!”
    pic 3: [rip rip rip] [claw claw claw]
    pic 4: “later suckas! I rulz!”

  4. Beauregard says:

    Oh my god. I LOVE that last photo. “I’m out BITCHES!!!”

  5. you couldn’t find your way out of a paper bag….

  6. Every picture tells a story. Another sa-weet scrolldown.

    Oh and P.S. — YAY FRIDAY MFBT!!!

  7. They really let the cat out of the bag.. or rather he let himself out!

  8. You got that right Teho!! And to top it off today is my birthday! 😉

  9. yayyy fridayyyyy!
    yayyyy birthdayyyy!
    it’s a delightful day in the town of world series winningness. grey. rain.
    and da kitty tail!

  10. Mighty swordarm on that kitteh.

  11. a norwegian saying is: “buying the cat in the bag”, meaning “making a bad deal”. is this what happened here?

  12. a-hem. This isn’t cute it’s cruel! that poor paper bag could have been used for sorting newspapers for recycling! or a kid’s Halloween costume! will someone please think of the children!

    actually this reminds me of the great battle of Moxie v. liquor store bag. and the aftermath, when Moxie the victorious sat calmly amidst paper bag bits and washed her paws. so cute.

  13. and, methinks I like #3 the bestest, with only ear and paw visible.

  14. Miette:

  15. Doodalalala says:

    Baha, i love the second one. Such dexterity…

  16. pendlerpiken sez,
    “buying the cat in the bag”, meaning “making a bad deal”

    I don’t know if that’s what happening hear but I have to comment on the phrase “buying the cat in the bag”. too adorable. I don’t think that phrase exists in English, but in the Appalachian region of the US they say “buy a pig on a poke (bag)” to mean “making a bad deal”.

  17. This is a prime example of what I call The Swiss Army Paw, very useful indeed.

  18. Doodalalala says:

    er, third pic, that is

  19. Amazing paper bag, it changes the printed text with magic!

  20. G. — maybe its front was printed differently than its back. So yeah, basically magic.

  21. Wow.. Lauri.. Aubrey.. the PRESSURE! 😉
    Waiting patiently..
    [Meg’s caption reminds me of an announcer/narrator on tv saying quietly “lets listen in and see what they’re up to”…]

  22. Cats in Racks???

    How about Cats in Sacks!!!

  23. G. is right, the bag is turned around between pics 2 and 3.
    so it seems that through the magic of editing, two different cat-in-bag shoots are merged into one…
    ’tis magic I tells ya!

  24. A thinker says:

    W00t Aubrey and Lauri gettin’ mentioned in teh postz!!

    Cat: “You thought that you trapped me. Aha! I am too clever for thees…”

  25. NebraskaErin says:

    I imagine in the last pic he’s all, “I’m free! Ooh, look, a cardboard box!” and then ends up in another adorable predicament.

  26. OMG! PINK PAW PADS!!!!

  27. I love the 3rd pic.

    This kitters def. fared better than the time my cat got trapped and ran around the house with a paper gift bag handle and a little bit of the brown paper stuck around his neck and a leg, looking like a cape. I missed it, but my dad saved the handle/bag remains for me after he cut it off the cat and bandaged his own wounds.

  28. We have the same expression in Dutch: buying a cat in a bag means making a bad deal.


  29. ShelleyTambo says:

    *Puts on prof glasses* One of the presumed sources of “let the cat out of the bag” comes from a practice in the Middle Ages of fooling shoppers who were buying piglets (I believe): Merchant put a cat in the bag instead of the piglet (I believe a somehow unconscious cat or else kitty would give itself away). Purchaser bought the bag (apparently not allowed to look in it), got it home, opened it, and “let the cat out of the bag”–thus getting a surprise (and also a bad deal). To which I say, “Caveat emptor.” (I read this a while ago, and my info may be a little fuzzy.) As this is a cute site, I will refrain from decribing what else cats in bags were used for at the time.

  30. BCteagirl says:

    Same bag, it is just turned around. Kitteh must have sneakily been clawing his way out back (they will never hear this unholyr racket!).. then they turned the bag around to snap a shot of his handiwork… You can see the ‘front’ as the back in the last pic if you look closely…..

  31. I had no idea cats had such powerful judo chops.

  32. Fan Girl Break

    OOOoooo pink ears!

    We return you to your much more intelligent conversation.

  33. LOL Ceebs!

  34. “…and my info may be a little fuzzy.”

    ShelleyT, we love fuzzy.

  35. This is a microcosm of my home life wid my three cats. The allure of the paper bag as something to crawl into is well-documented and need to be re-state here. However, when hung from a doorknob (which is what I have to do if I DON’T want anybody crawling into said paper bag) it morphs into a kitteh Houdini challenge. So it’s so cool how the 2 have been combined here in this montage.

  36. Kitty’s kung-fu is trong indeed!

  37. Well, I don’t know who the owner is, but they live in Los Angeles or the surrounding area. Ralph’s is the main supermarket chain there.

  38. mattarigo says:

    Hey that’s my cat! lol His name is Milhous! Thank you for posting him 🙂 Don’t worry about losing my name… 😦

  39. And, in Hebrew as well, the expression “buying a cat in a bag” means… You guessed it… Bad deal 😉 We’re having a real chain of nations and languages here. Portuguese, anyone?

  40. Shelly Tambo, you beat me to the educational lecture! I only want to add that the expression “Buying a pig in a poke” is actually the same as buying a cat in a bag. The pig in the poke was actually the cat, as described by Shelly.

    Oh, and…cute photos! Love the escapey tail.

  41. mattarigo says:

    Okay, just so y’all know, “buying the cat in the bag” is the same origin as “let the cat out of the bag”. This would happen when an inexperienced buyer went the butcher and the butcher would sell them a pig in a bag (for food) alive, and then when they got home they’d open up the bag…and a cat would come out. That was a bad buy cuz people didn’t really eat kitties.

  42. Hey, isn’t “Ralph’s” the grocery store of choice for The Dude in The Big Lebowski?

  43. ‘Splains the L.A. connection, as noted by Maria

  44. pixelrevolt says:

    Okay still, this is the cat owner. Different name.

    To address the changing text. Yes yes yes this was not even intended to be a story until I took a punch of photos and then saw the amazing potential.

    Perhaps I should fire my continuity expert.

  45. lezlee, you are correct. see “pig on a poke” here

    yes, yes, it is. and for that reason I *must* some day go to a Ralph’s.
    I heart teh Dude
    teh Dudeness if you are not into that whole brevity thing
    I heart the Big Lebowski
    I most heart Walter

  46. herpantsness says:

    Dr. Moritz van Taco does this too! I ask him “Mo-mo! would you like to be going of the shopping?”, and carry him around the house in a large paper grocery bag, or any bag with handles. He sits in the bag, all hen-like (which is hilarious bc he is kind of too big to do this, but enjoys smashing himself into tight space) and purrs the whole time. Awesome. AWESOME!

  47. bag-o-kitty

  48. pixelrevolt says:

    I must say the thing Milhous (yes this very cat; me=owner) enjoys most is when i lift the paper bag up high so he can see from a perspective he can’t reach on his own.

  49. The only thing better than watching a cat in a bag is watching another cat watching the bag. It’s like they don’t know their buddy is there (or don’t care)…crouch… wiggle the butt and POUNCE! With 5 cats things can get quite crazy.

  50. pixelrevolt says:

    K, i’ll stop overposting, but Milhous just told me he’s very happy to now be famous. Thank you all.

  51. LOL! Love the little pink ear and pink paddy paw sticking out of the bag, then the bit of tail in the last pic!

  52. W00T for Lauri and Aubrey becoming famous!

    W00T for Friday! My shift got cancelled! (Or rather, *I* cancelled it ;-P) Lazy lil’ bum, meh.

    And no work tomorrow either – It’s WORLD ANIMATION DAY!!! (28th Oct)

    W00T, everybody!!!!

  53. Oh, and, erm … CUTE KITTEH!

  54. Julia2:
    Oh, Swayte Jaysus, my sister’s calico Minvera Gumdrop once did the getting head and forelegs caught in shopping bag handle.

    Only, I was there while she tear-assed through the house in hysterics, destroying a variety of things, including all of the wiring behind the entertainment center.

    Oh, and incidentally, I fell down laughing, blacked my eye on the arm of the sofa, broke a nail, spilled coffee on same white sofa, oh, and peed my pants. Good times. Wish I had video footage. Of the cat being chased by a bag-demon, not the other.

  55. ShelleyTambo says:

    RedZ–I think I shall have to “borrow” the name “Minerva Gumdrop” for the shelter kitties.

    PS–I told some peeps at the shelter about “Incontinentia Buttocks.” I had to explain the reference to some. *sniffs* Some people are SO uncultured.

  56. OK, yeah, I cleaned it up a bit for the PG-13 rating.

  57. Mattarigo/Pixelrevolt: Thanks for sharing your kitty compilation! And as for firing your continuity expert – [snort!] Don’t we all wish we could do that from time to time.

  58. A thinker says:

    Important Announcement: Folks, if you want to LOL, check out the last picture in today’s BBC News day in pictures gallery:


    (sorry, can’t link directly to pic)

  59. T., oh yeah babe.
    can you email me the NC-17 version of that pic?

  60. Thinker, I like the second-to-last pic there – panda getting a pink birthday cake!

  61. Thinkie, love that BBC pic. I just wish I knew enough about cricket to invent dialogue for the monkeys. *sigh* sports challenged. I didn’t even know the baseball championship thingie was several games until a year ago. World Series. Go figure.

  62. HOLY &%*$!!!

    Thinker – These same guys routinely terrorise our college! They’re known as “langurs” – and are MUCH more aggressive than monkeys.


    Scary creatures. Brrrrr.

  63. Escape from AlCATraz

    and Mouse:
    Love the Swiss Army Paw.

  64. Theo: okay, here’s my question…if that’s PG-13, does that mean as a culture we’re still working under the mistaken impression that 13-year olds won’t be able to figure out the blurred word?

  65. Redz and Thinker – I *LIVE* in that place!!!!

  66. A thinker says:

    Kewl, Subhangi. So sorry to hear about the monkey terrorism–I’ve heard they can be pretty aggressive.

    LaurieC, I like the panda/birfday cake too–prompted some astonishment that pandas live to be 34!

  67. Thinkie, LOL I did!! How utterly droll and bored they look. Oh! That’s right, they’re watching a cricket match. (no offense–placating British spelling–to our cross Atlantic cuzzins).

  68. Meg, a little piece of verse
    If you are not adverse
    The owner I know well
    But I’ll never bag-a-telle.

    Weak, sorry – but it’s early in the AM, and I react VERY POORLY TO PRESSURE! Also, I really don’t know the name of the owner. Artistic liscense, which I used for my own selfish motives. ‘Bagatelle’ isn’t even a popular word. Poopie. (scuffs shoes and walks home)

  69. RedZ — nah, the 13-yr-olds get it. 12 & under, though? 100% clueless, sweet & innocent.

  70. pink paw padz!!!!! I love the last escape pic. Well done!

  71. Heather S. says:

    I have to say I’m loving photo #3… You can almost here it… “ehem, heeeloooo? Can someone heeeeellp meeee?”

  72. Aww, come on back, Aubrey! Only you could use “bagatelle” so early in the day.

  73. Jaypo –

    I don’t blame the monkeys. 😛

    (And also, I doubt if the British will be offended – they are far more interested in soccer than cricket, and rightly so.)

  74. I’m reminded of a crazy bag incident by Julia2.

    I had just moved into my new condo, was exhausted, and hadn’t time to hook up TIVO. It was the season premiere of 24, so I ran up the street to get a salad and back home so I wouldn’t miss it. I’d just adopted my kitteh Harper, she was about 5 months old. I put the salad, which was in a plastic grocery bag on the sofa, thinking “it has no meat in it, she won’t be interested.”

    Clearly, I’d never owned a cat before.

    20 seconds later, I hear a horrible kitteh noise, run from the kitchen, and see the cat running around in circles like a crazy person (mind you, moving boxes everywhere) with the plastic bag on her front legs like a backpack! HOW? I have no idea. But when I looked up after freeing her, I’d missed the first few seconds of 24 and jst saw a shot of the Prez in the situation room and everyone looking very grave. AAAHHHHH!

  75. Silence Dogood says:

    love the second to last picture. Milhous waving “bye”.

  76. He looks just like Mr. Gus (our kitty who died 12 years ago this October). We once carried him around in a 12-can Bud case he crawled into. We soon saw the tip of his tail, too!

  77. Hey Theo, totally off subject BUT how come when you click on your name it takes you to your typepad profile but if I click on mine it goes to my email… I’d like it to go to my typepad profile as well… how do I do it?

  78. //off topic thread
    Hey, did anyone hear more from Rebecca Skloot?
    /end of tj

  79. JP,
    She thanked me for the input, and visited the thread where there was the ‘discussion’ about her last name (I thought she might enjoy it – she thought it was a skloot, er a hoot).

  80. I didn’t expect to hear more from her — I assume she’s off to write her piece and sometime it will appear in the magazine. I forgot, however, to ask what magazine was — anybody else catch it?

    Also, she said she lurks on the site, so maybe she’ll de-lurk and let us know where and when it’s supposed to appear.

  81. That is animal abuse! That kitty should be taken away!

    And given to MEEEEEE!! 😀

  82. Oh great leapin’ langurs…to have my name mentioned in the same breath as our Mighty Muther of Pun-ishment. I really REALLY am not worthy!

    That said, I love Milhous and his bag. Er, I love Milhous getting out of his bag!

    And, I am SO glad he used teh Bag Lebowski.

    MFBT!!! Post that on yer blog so we can steal it, teho! 😀

  83. The way the head and the paw are position in photo #2 makes me think of those Chinese “good luck” cat figurines. Only furrier.

  84. Say the following in a high squeaky kitty voice.

    Picture #2
    “I am invisible. No one can see me.”

    Picture #3 (even higher and squeakier)
    “Hi, I’m first at Ralph’s. And , I sure hope no one mistakes this for a ralph bag.”

  85. HAHA! my cat does the same thing, he loves it when we put him a paper bag and hang the bag on a door knob!

  86. RedZ, your incontinence stories are making ME incontinent! 😀

  87. There once was a cat in a bag
    Making it tear and to sag
    So he had enough
    Uncomfortably stuffed
    So he escaped – with nary a snag!

  88. Wow. They give out GREAT trick-or-treat goodies in THAT neighborhood.

  89. Heather S – I’ll take the liberty to answer instead of Teho – include your typepad profile in the “URL” box when you’re posting your comment.

    BTW – I clicked on your name and it went to your profile … seems to be ok.

    Jaypo – I got an email from Rebecca Skloot, and mailed her back, gushing about CO.

  90. Kitten [to Tom Cruise]: “Okay, look, it’s pretty simple. You don’t have act your way out of the bag. Just use your claws and teefs to *tear* it. Watch.”

  91. Heather S. says:

    Aah thanks Subhangi!

  92. indigoreiki says:

    I love the little sweet paw pads sticking out of the bag. . .catkisses attack

  93. Heather S. — back from lunch now, but it looks like you got the TypeKey thing figured out.
    (Thanks from me too, Subhangi)

  94. Yeah I think I got it now… I’m not sure how I got it before Subhangi came along, but apparently I did!

  95. Edward Scissorpaws!
    Subhangi: so langurs engage in gorilla warfare! Hmmmm….

  96. Redz:

    “And what’s the name of your kid? ‘Purri’? ‘Furry’? What’s with that?”

  97. Lol Anita!

  98. Since we are on the subject of getting bagged, here is the recipe for my witch’s brew.

    2 12 oz cans limeade
    2 12 oz cans lemonade
    1 fifth rum
    lime sherbet
    a sprinklin’ of dry ice
    ok, maybe two fifths rum.

    Some frozen hands floatin’ around and around.

  99. chet's momma says:

    i lovs it when cats are all “hen-like” or when they fold all paws underneath the floof and look like loafs o’ bread!

    chet is a bag lover too! glad to see these lil moments on CO!!!

  100. chet's momma says:

    i lovs it when cats are all “hen-like” or when they fold all paws underneath the floof and look like loafs o’ bread!

    chet is a bag lover too! glad to see these lil moments on CO!!!

  101. chet's momma says:

    i lovs it when cats are all “hen-like” or when they fold all paws underneath the floof and look like loafs o’ bread!

    chet is a bag lover too! glad to see these lil moments on CO!!!

  102. chet's momma says:

    i lovs it when cats are all “hen-like” or when they fold all paws underneath the floof and look like loafs o’ bread!

    chet is a bag lover too! glad to see these lil moments on CO!!!

  103. chet's momma says:

    i lovs it when cats are all “hen-like” or when they fold all paws underneath the floof and look like loafs o’ bread!

    chet is a bag lover too! glad to see these lil moments on CO!!!

  104. chet's momma says:

    i lovs it when cats are all “hen-like” or when they fold all paws underneath the floof and look like loafs o’ bread!

    chet is a bag lover too! glad to see these lil moments on CO!!!

  105. Check out this video of a cat sleeping with his tongue sticking out! hahaha

  106. Nice, Lauri. If I lived in a bohemian neighborhood (read “underemployed twentysomethings”) rather than residential suburb (read “well-tended schoolkids”), I’d definitely set something like that up, come Oct. 31. AND I’d rig up some way to light it from under/within, for that eldritch glow (de rigeur, don’t you know). I’d be the spot to stop on Beggar’s Night, all right.

  107. Cat fights way out of *dry* paper bag, news at 11.

  108. Yeah, I’m thinking strobe light behind it, too. I am playing Mannheim Steamroller’s Halloween cds…so far it’s wooowooooo, wolves howling, spirits shrieking…..very very cool…..eeek, now a foghorn. THis is gonna ROCK tomorrow night!!!

  109. musicchick2 says:

    And here’s one with a white cat playing in a bag! How appropo! It’s slow, but fun!

  110. J-po, R Skloot wrote me back to thank me for my opinion and siad she’ll definitely let Meg know when the article comes out and also the link to it.

    Cute kitty, reminds of my Pinky when he goes and hangs out in the Trader Joe bags. He also likes to wear Target bags around his ass and walk around like it’s no big deal, like I found out one day.

  111. This cat is part of the feast – a Bagger’s Banquet.

    (My brother thoroughly decorates his home – 10/31 style. So thoroughly that it frightened his – at that time young – daughter into tears. A sign of success, yes?)

  112. Ooops, kids, I forgot the two 2 liter bottles of 7up, or Sprite. Coulda been a bit puckering there.

  113. If the bag were a bit smaller it could be a baguette. 😛

    tears = success at Halloween! Yes!

  114. “And here’s one with a white cat playing in a bag!”

    Bag playing? Could bagpipe playing be that far behind?


    Do you mean a bag-catte?

  115. there was once was a kitty who folded his paws,
    and went undercover as bread.
    he claimed double pay through the bread-kitty clause,
    (which made up for lack of street cred.)

    he slunk in a store and chose a good shelf,
    began to think like a loaf.
    he did a good job of disguising himself,
    while reciting the bread-kitty oath.

    “i’ll think like some bread, meow meow,
    i’ll get picked and bought, prrow prrow,
    i’ll duck down my head, grrow grrrow,
    or i’m sure to be caught, mrrow mrrow.”

    sure enough he was paid for, and carried away.
    this was what he had trained for, and in waiting he lay.
    when the bag was left hanging from a closed kitchen door,
    he paw-chopped it to pieces and leapt to the floor!

    …oiy.. uh… and then he got bored with the ryhme and went to get a drink.

  116. PHERAL!!

  117. Awesome, pheral!

  118. lol.
    ::scrapes the theo off walls with spatula::

    there there. i’ll put you in tupperware.

  119. Anita –

    Gorilla warfare?! They’re Weapons of Mass Disruption.

  120. PHERAL. Fer Pete’s sakes-


  121. HAHAH Awesome! My Spook loooooves to do this! And in a Ralphs bag too! The Dude would be proud 😛

  122. A thinker says:

    Bwavo, bwavo, pheral. [golf clap]

  123. Re the Skloot–She emailed me asking if she could quote from my email. I’ve never seen a reporter get anything right when I’ve been privy to the real story!! Whatev…

  124. Of course it was ALL GOOD!! Gushingly good and how much I lurf you guys and we each other, and all that!

  125. Just lookin at somethin in a bag.

  126. ::bows::

    (any excuse to yell, really)

  127. PHERAL! Awe.some!!! What happened next, pheral, what?! [scoots closer on the floor to hwere Unca Pheral puffs on pipe]

  128. or should I Skloot closer…

  129. *Looking over sadly at the crowd gathered around Pheral*

    Wait for me!

    *Clock strikes*

    GAH. It’s 1 AM here and I gotta get some shut-eye. Looks like I’ll be missing on the fun …

    Anyhoo … nighty-night. (I feel like Cinderella.)

    *Honk-shus ensue*

  130. auntie pheral (sorry, was channeling the cat back there, hadn’t just randomly changed gender :P) knows what happens next, but has an online chat due shortly… so perhaps the pome shall continue later!

    so save yer Sklootin’, and i shalllll retuuuuurrrnnnn! ::voice echoes::

    ah. melodrama.

  131. I had this link and I… I didn’t know who to go to… So, um… here:


    Sorry if this is a repost.

  132. Wooooow, pheral! You are da Baglady! 😀

    Now, put it to the “music” of White and Nerdy!

  133. lurkertype says:

    I just… I got nothin’. I’m all clevered-out. I get here too late in the day to make with the pomes and puns and japes. I salute the Peeps.

    Still haven’t captured MomTux. 😦 We’ve trapped two different possums and had to show them the way out of the cage b/c possums are stoooooooopid.

    This evening? MFBT, indeed.

  134. What’s all this Skloot business? Did I miss something in the comments?

  135. I, too, missed all the latest skloot. (definitely a noun used for defining late breaking news)

    Anyone wanna recap for us?

    Sorry you couldn’t find a brain, either, LT. 😦

    It’s a sad day when all the brains are gone!

  136. Elaborate bow to Pheral, who clearly has gone pheral.

    Hey, haven’t you ever heard of a Redneck Suitcase? The cat’s pajamas are in the bag. (Get it? Har-de-har-har.)

  137. Skloot…wasn’t that a Jane Fonda movie?

  138. Marsheeeee says:

    Hi, guys, may I join you all? I’ve been lurking since last Christmas and have decided to make myself known. You all are so much fun, and Meg is awesome! I love this series of pictures, but then I love all the pictures on this site! (Back to work mumble mumble…)

  139. Guyses! I just found an awwwwsome storeh!


    [Dr. Huxtable Voice] You see, Theo… addiction doesn’t just hurt you, you see? Rudyyyyyyyy!

  140. Welcome, Marsheeeee! The more the merrier!!!

  141. Marsheeeee, welcome. Have some pudding.

  142. Marsheeeee says:

    Thanks, Lauri.

  143. Marsheeeee says:

    I hope it’s chocolate. Thanks, Laurie C

  144. Awwwww SNAP! It’s Marshee!


    Aaaaand a spethial Halloween one!


  145. Casey – thanks for sharing! That was froggin’ hilarious!

  146. (I meant the toad story, but Home Star Runner is faboo, too.)

  147. Oh, man, I love the fact that the dog outgrew the wildly addictive toadsucking of her youth and now only sucks on weekends! Lol!

  148. No problem. I died laughing when I read that all the neighbors won’t let their dogs play with Lady because of her addiction.

  149. I am trying SO hard not to make an inappropriate joke about only sucking on weekends. If I fail, will you remember that I at least tried to resist?

  150. OK Pheral. Where were we? Oh yes…

    Headquarters watched via kitty-ear-cam,
    At their consoles they sweated and smoked.
    Eight agents they’d lost, to date–all K.I.A.
    Their missions cut short when they croaked.

    And there in the phosphor, blurred shapes bobbed and swam:
    Butcher block, sink faucet, vent…
    Then the ECG jumped and the consoles lit up:
    There it is! Our boy’s picked up the scent!

    “Prr-rrt! We’re online,” whispered Double-Oh-Nine.
    “Target acquired! Sexy Schooner!”
    With the go-code transmitted, he slunk and he flitted
    Eyes fixed on sashimi-grade tuna.

    One hop to the countertop, two to the table–
    Then voices, outside on the lawn!
    “$#!%, they’re coming inside! Only one way to hide…”
    LOAF FOR YOUR LIFE, Major Tom!

    (All righty then! Cliffhanger! Anybody care to finish this??)

  151. A thinker says:

    Welcome, Marsheeeee! (Wow, that’s a lot of “e”s). Have a pudding. Or two. Or maybe (since, as Teho has pointed out, it’s the weekend) a bunny creme.

  152. Wow, Teho! No dishrag, you, today.

  153. A thinker says:

    Woo Teho! Brillo continyation of pheral’s brilliance. I’d take up the challenge, but I duz not have da time…

  154. Mariser: “That cat really tied the room together, man.”

  155. Teho feeling all bettah?

    I been feeling like a dishrag for two weeks…one of our friends in Toronto came to visit and brought with him the dreaded Canadian cold, now I think I’m stuck with it for the rest of the year! Don’t get me wrong, me is Canuck, every winter when I was still living there I got all dishraggy….Immune system gets a D. Not an F since I’m still alive.

    Oh Laurie C. I’m going to TO in a couple of weeks, do you mind if I contact you then to see if I can take a look see at the box car gang? Does your organization take donations like cat food, etc?

  156. Wheeehooo. Fabulous, T!

  157. Mariser: I have a friend who used to live in L.A. and he said he and his friends used to go to the same cool bowling alley as in the movie.

  158. Or: “That cat in the bag really tied the room together, man.”

    Having 3 “bag cats” – I speak from experience – new bags go on floor, first cat that can, sits on bag, in living room, thus enhancing the decor

  159. sandy p., yes, e-mail me when you’re in town, and yes, indeed we do take food donations. Thanks for asking.

    I hope the boxcar cats won’t be hidden away from the cold somewhere by then. Cross your fingers.

  160. marsheeeee says:

    Thinker: Thanks for all the sweet stuff. “Marsheeeee” is what my nephews called me when they were little, so I kept it. You don’t have to write all 5 if you don’t want to; “Marsh” is close enough. And Casey, my CB handle (any of you good buddies remember those) used to be Marshmallow. So it’s highly appropriate, thanks! (Geez, what a welcome! And you get poetry too!)

  161. Marsheeeee says:

    I meant “write all 5 e’s”. Sorry.

  162. Welcome then Marsh5e’s

  163. Tony James says:

    “Do you mean a bag-catte?”

    Nope – I believe she means…
    “All in all, he’s just an old, saggy cloth cat.
    Baggy, and a bit loose at the seams.
    But Emily loved him.”

    For those not lucky enough to grow up with BagPuss, Teh Internets brings you…

  164. Well, *sputters*, I had never heard of Bagpuss, but it appears he has been a very busy puss!

  165. TJ – Bagpuss looks charming! Sort of like Pooh. I’m a big fan of Pooh.

  166. Tony James says:

    There you have it, folks – prima faciae evidence that at 2.23pm on a Friday, Teh Ovahload turns scatalogical…

  167. …not eschatological?

  168. Caroline sez,
    “That cat really tied the room together, man.”
    !yay! another Dude fan. fanfcukintastic.
    sorry I wasn’t here earlier. damned work [mumbles. grumbles]

  169. Tony James says:

    Well, Mariser, it’s possible that Teh Kyoot taking a turn for the scatalogical is a subject for study by those with an eschatological bent, but…

  170. Ow. I would hate to have my eschatological bent.

  171. [forehead smack]

  172. Scatalogical chat under this post of a cat?

    It’s only s-cat-a-logical.

  173. Tony James says:

    Not usually one to post links, but I saw this and thought of…well, that some people here might think it was funny. Be sure to watch it right to the very end, though… 🙂

  174. Oh Nooooooooo! /Mr. Bill voice

  175. AuntieMame says:

    More funny animal pics under Photo Fun at cnn.com.


    The link is near the bottom in the right margin.

    See especially the pink poodles. 🙂

  176. Scatalogical chat under this post of a cat?
    What kind of a brat must you be to do that?
    Into the fire we should throw your assfat,
    So clean up your mouth with this bar of Irish Spring.

    ROFL. Yes, I quit. I have ADD.

    THanks for fixin’ my “a”, T. 🙂

  177. Lauri — what? Huh? I have NO idea what you mean.

  178. “So clean up your mouth with this bar of Irish Spring.”
    To your Vile Body then this cleansing will cling.
    When sparkling and bright you’re finding your skin
    It’s time then to turn to original sin
    I robbed this last line
    From MST3K
    But I think you’ll allow this…least I hope so, m’kay?

  179. Welcome a-load, Marsheeeee!

  180. Okaaaaay. Meg? Did YOU fix my “a”?

  181. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    HAhahaha! Great entry Title
    along with a great series: of, tells a complete story, pics!!

  182. bunnajenny says:

    Young Tony James, the nuffinghams will be after you for that! And thank you for posting Bagpuss, makes me all nostalgic.

    I feel like I’ve been gone for months, this has been a very long, but very good week…unfortunately work sapped most of the wit, humour, and intelligence out of me and then, what was left, went into puppy parenting.

    But I’m having a lovely Friday soir catching up with all of you and everything with a nice cup of tea, some truffles, and the rain pouring down outside.

  183. Tracey – a little late but I just got home –
    and like Marsh5e’s I too have been lurking and decided to join in the chat’s – unfortunately – I can’t look at work like apparently most of you do so I will always be late…oh well. Great site and love all your comments.

  184. LMAO Theo! beautiful!

    i have a different plot in mind (it grew and grew in my head this evening, i’ve got a bleedin’ cat-bread novel written) so rather than finish yours, i’m going to write a parallel piece. two versions of the same catloaf mission!

    but definitely not at 2am in the morning. have a great weekend all, i’ll be around sometime when the old brain neurons join me again. 😀

  185. OK, this will also freak out the ’nuffs, but it’s funny and the hamster reminded me of it:

  186. Welcome, kcat! I can’t get on while at work, either, but happily I have some weekdays off due to working weekends! Ok, I work part time, too! Bwahaha.

    Those commercials are hysterical! “Bugger!!*

  187. musicchick2 says:

    Hey Theo! Sorry for the threadjacking, but I wanted to ask you if all the Doones’ found homes and stuff. Do you foster on a regular basis? I have 2 adult cats. I’m wondering if fostering would work under these circumstances. Also… how do I find your blog? Sorry…I don’t get a chance to read all the posts here, at least not enough to be totally ‘in the know’. Thanks!
    *we now return to our regular programming*

  188. musicchick, I used to foster when I had several adult cats, but I only fostered kittens, because bringing kittens into the house was less threatening to the adult and more territorial cats. The resident cats were a bit discombobulated at first, but gradually came to accept each pair of kittens with more and more resignation.

  189. Pinkerton! My Pinkerton! You’re alive!

    (ahem) Sorry. This meowmeow looks just like my late Pinky (snif), right down to the green-grape eyes. Loved him. He used to follow me down the street when I went for walks!

    (Did I say “snif”?)

  190. musicchick2 says:

    Jaypo…re Rebecca Skloot. She emailed me back and asked permission to quote me (I dunno what part??!!)and asked my age, city, & state. AGE??? Wierd… I asked her to let me know when/where it’ll be published. We’ll see. :-/

  191. MC2:

    I think she asked your age because she’s trying to determine the CO demographic. She doesn’t realize that we span the ages as well as the globe, that we are she as you are he as you are me and we are all together. Someone should let her know.

    Oh, and I’m considering joining Vox (finally). Does the audience have an opinion?

  192. ka9q's wife says:

    on the NPR story you should play the show. It is a bit different and I LMAO. stheriouthly

  193. ka9q's wife says:

    on the NPR story you should play the show. It is a bit different and I LMAO. stheriouthly

  194. ka9q's wife says:

    on the NPR story you should play the show. It is a bit different and I LMAO. stheriouthly

  195. ka9q's wife says:

    on the NPR story you should play the show. It is a bit different and I LMAO. stheriouthly

  196. ka9q's wife says:

    on the NPR story you should play the show. It is a bit different and I LMAO. stheriouthly

  197. ka9q's wife says:

    on the NPR story you should play the show. It is a bit different and I LMAO. stheriouthly

  198. musicchick2 says:

    Laurie C. – Thanks! And that makes sense. Only danger is that I would fall in love with each and every one that I fostered! 😉

    Aubrey – THAT makes sense! If I had cogitated on it enough it woulda come to me. But at my advanced age you never know when the light bulb will appear over my head. Now I’m curious about the demographic of the fans of CO. I am 50, but only my hairdresser knows fer shure. She helps me look a decade younger…hee hee

  199. ka9q's wife says:

    yayyyy Aubrey love to see you there. Although I have to update myself, having been ill for three straight weeks. ugh. Better now though.

  200. ka9q's wife says:

    yayyyy Aubrey love to see you there. Although I have to update myself, having been ill for three straight weeks. ugh. Better now though.

  201. ka9q's wife says:

    yayyyy Aubrey love to see you there. Although I have to update myself, having been ill for three straight weeks. ugh. Better now though.

  202. ka9q's wife says:

    yayyyy Aubrey love to see you there. Although I have to update myself, having been ill for three straight weeks. ugh. Better now though.

  203. ka9q's wife says:

    yayyyy Aubrey love to see you there. Although I have to update myself, having been ill for three straight weeks. ugh. Better now though.

  204. ka9q's wife says:

    yayyyy Aubrey love to see you there. Although I have to update myself, having been ill for three straight weeks. ugh. Better now though.

  205. musicchick2 says:

    Oh gawd….sorry for my redundancy. Jeez…

  206. Vox vox vox, Aubrey!
    Teh more teh merrier, there, too! 🙂

    Yike, sorry you have been sick for three weeks, ka9q’s w! That is awful!

    Whal, welcome to the club, musicchick2! I am 50, too!

    Advanced in all aspects! 😉
    Wait, I meant asspects. Ass and pecs.

  207. MusicChick2 — here’s both my Vox and the entry that includes the Doones follow-up.

    Aubrey — yes, by all means, Vox on.

    Pheral — OK, so it sounds like there will be a whole Agent Catloaf series, then. Heh. Let’s see who else we can rope in. (Auuuuuubrey? TeeeeeeeeeJay?)

  208. And Lauri — you are most probably haunted by a Proofreading Poltergeist.
    It *is* that time of year, y’know. WOooooOOooOoooowooOOOOOoo…

  209. useta hada kitteh says:

    Oh, poodles. I got all excited when the link Teho posted to his voxmobile had the words new foster kitty in it, but it was Artemis of the dim dark past. She’s bootiful, but I thought there was a new foster kitty and now I’m all sadified. Unless I missed somethin? Lemme go back and check… nope, didn’t miss nuffin. no new kitters. sigh.

    I do like this bag-kitteh though. wish I could think of clever things to say like pheral and aubrey and teho (pheral and aubrey and teho, oh my!) and, well, everybuddy else…

    anyway, as for demographics, I’ll be 50 in December. Does that count?

  210. Sorry bout dat, Useta. Was posting a catch-up for teh Music Chick.

  211. here’s my continuation of the poem….

    the lock clicks, the doorknob turns,
    and brave tom hunkers down next to the bread.
    he wouldn’t give up the distance he had earned,
    (‘cuz if he did, they’d have his head).

    deep in strange territory tom was,
    but he kept his wits about him and became a loaf once more…
    soon, footsteps nearby and then a question of “do you hear it buzz?”
    the kitties at headquarters hold their breath and pray that the humans head for the door.

    one human looks straight at tom and wonders,
    “how did you get out of the bag?
    surely loaves of bread don’t grow legs and tear bags asunder!”

    then he shrugs and looks down at the floor,
    only to discover the gadget he was looking for!
    “i found it!” he calls, and the two head for the door.

    headquarters sounds the all-clear
    and tom is a cat once again.
    the tuna is captured, the mission complete.
    and tom slinks out of the house with prize in mouth,
    and scampers away on his little cat feet

  212. Yet how many times does the victor at hand
    Look mockingly down on his foe
    Yet to turn a blind eye
    To other enemies sly
    Who follow his paw-pads so slow?

    The tuna was fresh, the smell aromatic
    The cat’s senses they fell in a swoon
    Smaller footseteps crept up
    Their hopes for to sup
    And to partake in the kittie-cat’s boon

    His hunger was fierce – he chose to relax
    But his alertness he chose not to tax
    Tiny squeaks were heard
    The cat thought “Absurd!
    My ears must be filling with wax!”

    He closed his eyes then and started to dream
    When he woke things were just as they’d seemed
    Then he saw with dismay
    Dinner carried away
    By the mice working all as a team!

  213. The cat’s out of the bag – It’s the WEEKEND!

  214. Theo, from an expatriot, would you and family be willing to go out and have a box of Old Dutch potato chips, a bowl of Byerly’s Wild Rice Soup, and a Schweigert bologna ring for me? I’m feeling a little homesick for MN right now…

  215. WOW, coaddict and Aub. It makes me all misty-eyed and patriotic and brave and dashing and daring to read your poems. We need all these poems compiled in ONE place.

    Someone take, oh, a year and a half unpaid leave and go through all of CO and pluck out a book o’ poems, please. Thank you! 😉

    And, as for poltergeists….I lurves dem! 😀

  216. Ohohoh, and looking back through poems, wouldn’t it be awesome to have all the peeps catch their cats “loafing” and get pics and submit them for the Odes to Loafs?

    (Loads to Oafs, too, hee)

  217. LOL. Veddy niize, CO Addict and Aubrey. Even if the meter does seem to keep changing. 😉 I can’t wait to see Pheral’s own continuation.

    HRH Squeak — are you logging these??

  218. Kelly Mc — Hi!
    I know Byerly’s does good soups; we haven’t tried their wild rice yet. Will look into it. As far as potato chips, even Old Dutch, hmm, maybe not so much… maybe the next time one of the girls has a movie party. It looks like Schweigert has a whole line of kitchen-friendly meats that I could check out, though. Didn’t know they were local. Thanks.

    Still — at the risk of making your homesickness worse — HERE’S the deli sausage:

  219. Wait WAIT wait wait wait hold it. Wait.
    Mice, um, see, they don’t like sushi.

  220. T., yes – I did notice that conflict of ‘interest’, yet powered on. Rather than the mouse’s particular food tastes, I chose to swell on the classic confrontation between Cat and Mouse. I like to see this as an epic poem.

    Good Morning, all.

  221. [Lip quivers]

    [Tears pricking eyelid]

    WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I missed all the fun!
    _ _
    / \
    > <
    | |
    | __ |

  222. Gah … can’t draw with these damn symbols …

  223. Lol, Su! There IS no missing the fun around here. You just show up, and there it is! Fun! Sometimes currant, ok, and sometimes not currant. As in sometimes grape!

    Sorry, got myself in a jam, there.

  224. Hang on, Lauri! Let me see if I can peel you off …

    Oh, and Theo, CO Addict and Aubrey – that was FAB. (a little deviant plot towards the end, but hey, I love multiple narratives.)

  225. Subhangi — stay tuned, it sounds like Pheral’s going to finish what she started, too.

  226. hrh.squeak says:

    Hey peeps, Yup, I’m logging all the poems. This one is truly awesome. But Teho, I’m working from the oldest to the newest, and I’m only up to Jan. ’06. So it’ll be a while before this one hits the blog. Hey Lauri, it may take a year and a half, but I’ll get there! And besides, the more time I take, the more adventures of Major Tom there will be!! Yay Yay Yay!!!!

  227. Oh that is great news, hrh! I do vaguely remember something in the deepest darkest recesses of my memory about you doing this, now that you mention it!
    What a grand collection it will be!

  228. Grocery list:


  229. JH — Perfect! Simplicity itself. And it sounds like a good brunch, too.

  230. Thanks Theo!
    I keep hoping one of us (there were 13 kids in Dad’s family) will take a trip back soon… Did you ever ride the Mad Mouse at Excelcior (sp?). A favorite memory… We live by Lake Nokomis, still remember the rides around the lake on the back of Dad’s bike.

  231. Someone probably already said this, cos it’s painfuly obvious, but :

    “Uh oh! Secret’s out! Someone let the cat out of the bag!”



  232. 🙂
    And, then the cat said, “To heck with this, I am letting MYSELF out of the bag.”

  233. TBL fans: 69 cent check for milk; when cashier turns away, Dude’s slips cat into Ralph’s bag with the milk

  234. Zoe Blyth says:

    That puss is gorgeous…Reminds me so much of my late, bestest friend Irving…She was a giant white kitty with one yellow/one blue eye and totally deaf.

    Really cute pics…x

  235. lol, excellent poems coaddict and aubrey!!

    i renegued on the poem a bit… i have the plot all laid out and i just don’t find the time! one daaaaaaay… ::voice fades away::

    Oh, and Lauri, you win best caption, lmao!