I meant to do thees.

[Princess Di eyes look up]


Yendi V., Thanks for sending "Happy" in… Literally.



  1. Hooray for silly, floppity legs on Thursday!

  2. Beauregard says:

    Oh gah! The side legs! LOVE the side legs! He’s like a little cartoon.

  3. What a sad face! I long to live in a world where puppies need not be ashamed of their flexibility.

  4. This baby looks so much like a stuffed animal, I can just feeeel that soft curly hair! CUTE CUTE CUTE

  5. Are you laughing at moi?

    That makes me sad.


    Really, really sad.

  6. Peg of Tilling says:

    “I meant to do this”–mmm-hmmm. My cats say that too.

    I am totally digging the leopard-print floor…how nice it color-coordinates with the delicious puppage.

  7. blueberries4me says:

    Hehe, my pup used to do that to wipe her poopy butt.

    I miss her.

  8. NebraskaErin says:


  9. AWWWWWW. Floppeh Floofeh!

  10. Teughcats says:

    Is that carpet? If so, it is perfectly designed to conceal poopy-butt wiping! (LOL bb4me, my cat used to do the same thing.)

    Good morning, peeps!

  11. Aggravating morning here. I really need the CO and the Peeps as a distraction today, because I have no appetite to do my job today. A-holes do vex me!

  12. Then they shall be wiped across the floor, LC, as the puppehs’ doo.

  13. *That’s* what I’m talking about, jaypo! My first laugh of the day!

  14. Lol, jaypo!

    Set yer floofy ‘tocks down and rest a spell, LC!

  15. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Dawe…. that looks like ma baby, Lily… Perfect Princess.

  16. Love it, Jaypo! May be a new phrase at work: “Don’t make me wipe you on the floor.”

  17. Pull your skirt down!

  18. A thinker says:

    Poodlage! A very floppy, floofy one to boot…

  19. “Why’s everybody always picking on meee….?”
    ::looks down::

  20. Red – you always crack me up. Gonna have to remeber that one. It reminds me of one day here at the nursery, we had a jack russel terrier visiting while his landscaper people shopped. He was having flea issues and feeling really itchy. At one point he skooted his butt along the gravel to scratch. It was so hilariously funny to watch even though I felt bad for him feeling so itchy.

  21. LC –
    People are vexing you? This is not good. Allow me to suggest a helping of the Tux and the MexKits to defy the vex.

    I call down the CO hex!

  22. Yes, Aubrey, the patented TuxMex-anti-vex hex!

  23. 😀 LaurieC!

  24. You are correx! And, let me lend you one of mine! I collex tuxmexantivex hexes.

  25. 😀 LaurieC!

  26. sorry for the postX2. slow ‘puter today.

  27. jenniflower says:

    Luv the leg floppitude!

  28. Wiping the `tocks like that is usually a sign for worms – and that’s not cute at all.

  29. *Chex* *Reflex* This one needs the super soft Rex tux mex anti vex hex.


  30. Lauri:

    Can I interest you in a bottle of Bex?

  31. On the Decks?

  32. dl – I bet you’re just a ton of fun at parties.

    Puppeh obviously has simply flopped down after a long, hard day of cuteness.

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  34. lurkertype says:


    TuxMexHex… check!

  35. This clearly is a cat in a poodle costume and the look on her face is pure Why-Have-You-Done-This-To-Me? The things people will do for Halloween laughs. Really!


  36. MamaD:

    If no one objex?

  37. Ok Aubrey… if we drink too much “bex” for the tex mex anti vex hex we’ll be wrex on the dex and the pets we’ll perplex. What the hecks?

    Tag, you’re it.

  38. SEX!

  39. Theo, we know what’s on your mind (duh, you’re a male over the age of 10)

  40. MamaD, he elex to be that way.

  41. Exactly, MamaD. Rhymes & sex. (Nothing too complex.)

  42. @jms: I am! And I’m cute, too! And every once in a while, I haul my pets to the vet, if that’s where they need to go (instead of the net).

  43. The Guy Over Theer says:

    What if it is Princess Di? That dog does look a lot like the doggy in the music video, “Something Happened on the Way to Heaven.”

  44. this little dude needs a remake of Brooks and Dunne’s great song …

    “Butt Skootin Doggie”

  45. LOL Okay that pic just had me cracking up today when I saw it.

    Really she was just practicing her pilates, right?

  46. PLONK!