Race around the gazeeebo

You will neverrrrrrr… [‘tocks waving]


CATCH MOI! [leafs fly up]


Most patient sender-inner award goes to Kristal S., who sent this in 12/12/05! Stherious.



  1. ‘Tocktober continues!

  2. Tag! You’re it.

  3. tocks waving… rotfl!

  4. OMG… I definitely take this lil fella trick or treating with me … He’d have the whole knocking on doors and running thing down!

  5. NebraskaErin says:

    Oh, look at the pretty fall leaves!

    Wait, those aren’t *all* fall leaves…those are happy, waving poodle ‘tocks!

  6. Yep yep, he is floofily poodlicious!


  7. This definitely falls under the If Dogs Could Talk: “Comeoncomeoncomeon! Let’splayplayplayplay!”

  8. Those are cool pics! Love the action shot!

  9. I know SOMEBODY who can catch Gazebo Pooch…

  10. I would like to give him/her and BIG HUG

  11. lurkertype says:

    Well, Teho, I have a comment on that…

  12. So noted. Ewww.

  13. Apricot poodleness! Perfect for a fall day, I can understand why Meg held onto it for just the right season.

  14. starrburstsnickers says:

    eeeeeee!!! the ears! the ears!


    and the fluffy nosicle aura!!!! eeee!!!!

    [faints again]

    teh taaaiiiiiiillllllllllll…….. [groaaannn]

    [gasping for airrrrrr]


  15. This pup looks way too happy. :p

    P.S. I just took possession of the MexKits’ mom. She said Our Lady of Guadalupe is too fancy a name for her; we can just call her Mamacita.

  16. TheLoveOfIsis says:

    Whoa. That last picture made me dizzzzzzzzzzzy.

  17. wolfwhocriedboy says:

    Cute Zoomage!

    The fact this was submitted in ’05 gives me hope that my puppy pics might still be considered. 😉

    Big Ears “R” Cute Coalition

  18. Aiofe… so good for you!! You’re a saint.

  19. sorry for the spelling Aoife. You’re still an angel.

  20. It’s ritockulous how cute this is=) I think this is a Cockerpoo. He/she looks just like the puppy version of my sister-in-law’s doggie. These are the only dogs I’m not allergic to.

  21. aoife

    you’re mos’def the patron saint of the MexKits and Mamacita.

  22. lurkertype says:

    Viva Mamacita y los MexGatitos!

    Viva Aoife!

    It’s partly your fault, Teho, for that “museum” post you did… put me in that frame of mind.

  23. rupert bedley says:

    When i was a teenager i used to order pinatas just so i could experience the thrill of bashing a poodle-shaped object to pieces. Now I’m sick of that, so I’m considering buying a real poodle to bash to pieces with a stick.

  24. Lurk — not sure which post you mean…?

  25. T., it is kind of hard to keep track of posts and stuff. I think you’ll know ’em when museum.

  26. Aubrey — I know you were just setting up the pun… but:

    …I talk about museums in some context or other in all of these posts, and none of them suggest “Mamacita y los MexGatitos” to me. And technically, they’re all COMMENTS, not actual posts.

    Anyway. So. Canine tilt?

  27. *Giggle*

    Can’t help ya, Teho, can only laugh. Ewe’ll noem wen museum.

    Aubrey, what are you in yer rl? And, do you enjoy living in your brain?

    Teho, LT, what? Where? Why ewww? I gots lost.

  28. Aoife, patron saint of the Mexkits. So glad you got the Mama, too.

    Boxcar calico kitten Masquerade went to her official foster home tongiht. I will miss her. So will her brother Palmerston, who I still have for now.

  29. Oooooo, Palmerston was SO pretty, LC. And, Masquerade…such good names!

  30. T. –

    I sometimes know not the damage I do.

    So. Canine tilt back?

  31. Looks just like our old Malte-Poo. The best dog I’ve ever had. And we had to get rid of him when we moved away *cry*

    So cute.

  32. “I’m so fast! I’m so fast! Look at me! Did you see me? Did you see how fast I am? Weeeeeeeeeee!”

  33. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Poodles are a scream when they run! At some point they decide to just totally BOOGIE, and they’ll drop their heinders and just FLOOR IT!

  34. This totally rocks! What a superstar. ;D

  35. GreenEyedHawk says:

    Reminds me of my parents’ dog…when he was a puppy we were all sitting out on the deck and he decided to steal my mom’s pack of cigarettes. He took off like a shot up the hill in our backyard and of course, mom took off after him. I’ll never forget them running in circles, around and around the olive tree…first one way, then the other, then back, around around around.
    She never did catch him…

  36. Awww…so fluffy!

  37. lurkertype says:

    T-O, I was talking about your VOX post where you ‘shopped the Boston museum poster.

    Sorry for the baroo-provoking.

    Hurray for Masquerade!

  38. The splodeworthy cuteness of the doggie goes without saying, so:

    Gazebos are awesome.

  39. MUPPY!

  40. Yay, Aoife! Mamacita’s a fantastic name!!!

    That puppeh is the very definition of Barooooooooooooom.

  41. Seriously cool pic. I would live to know how it was taken – there is no way I can get a clear pic of my pooch!

  42. Oh, heeee, I just remembered. This is the clearest picture I have of my Reuben racing at full speed.



  43. Lol, Subhangi, barrrooooooom!

  44. That second one is esp. cute. Kiiiinda reminds me of the pic I have of Elvy being chased by the kitty you guys said I should send out to be re-animated or something.
    Oh and the videos I have of Elvy running and floomping.

  45. SPECTACULAR (spooktakular? :P) motion shot!!!!

  46. fishandchips says:

    Tooooo cute, haha.

  47. When it rains it pours. I’m taking in another kitten tonight that a coworker found and has no idea what to do with. So one more MexKit in the mix. Whew! That’s a lot of little poopies to contend with.

  48. Anybody else hear the tune to “Take Me Out To the Ballgame” when reading the post title?

  49. Actually, no I didn’t. Until now. Thanks.

  50. I’ll see your “Take you out to the ball game” and raise you a Chumbawumba! LOL!!

  51. “All I know is that to me
    “Leaves look like a lot of fun
    “I just want to run and run
    “So watch out, here I come!”


  53. Brak_Silverbone says:

    Yay for Theo and the Dead Or Alive reference! You spin me right round, baby, right round…

  54. Does anyone know what kind of dog this is? It’s sooo cute! 😀

  55. This looks like a very happy puppy. Does anyone know how to post photos to this site?

  56. Bill — it’s the email link under “Got Cute?” in the right-hand margin.
    The mailbox gets full a lot, though.