Yer gonna hurl

This Kitteh-Kompilation Vid will make you hurl—then, just as you feel you’ve got it under control, you’ll hurl at least two more times.

Damn that catchy Sesame-Street-like soundtrack! [Shakes fist at crazy kids]

Thanks for the barfitunity, Avalost!



  1. Ahh cats! I will finally be bringing my as-yet unnamed gray friend to my new apartment in mere weeks!

  2. Sweet Lady says:

    Omg omg omg omg omg!!!

    *tries to breathe*

    Little kids singing, “meow meow meow” and kittehs playing… table tennis?!?!

    *faints from cute shock*

  3. Maybe its a sign that I should really get to sleep, but it took me a few moments to realise that that last cat wasn’t pawing at a mirror!

    *huggles all the kitties*

  4. O.M.G. O.M.A.G.* Kitties are the best, the absolute best of everything!

    *Oh my aching gut…

  5. ShelleyTambo says:

    Same vid, different soundtrack:

  6. ShelleyTambo says:

    But this is my fave YouTube kitteh:

    I think it was on America’s Funniest Home Videos or something.

  7. Hehe…I YouTube this vid -all- the time.

    I LOVE the song that plays in the background! From what I can pick up I think it’s some sort of cat food commercial jingle …that’s 4 minutes long? o_O

  8. Last night after a couple of glasses of wine I started thinking about CO- like, cute puppies are like a warming toddy, and cute bunnies are like a nice relaxing glass of wine… but kittens doing goofy things are like crack! THEY’RE TOO POWERFUL AN INTOXICANT!!!

    At least they don’t give you a headache the next morning. Oy.

  9. The fleet of kittens stuck to the hanging rug — OMG that’s the best.

    (hunkers down for Nuffingham assault about all of us enjoying watching kittens falling off of things)

  10. I lurv funny pet compilation vids! :o)

  11. The cat…gasp…the cat pulling himself…gasp…around under the table. STOP! Once as a kid I laughed so hard for so long that I passed out. Hope that don’t happen again.

  12. Redz–my snowshoe siamese does this under our bed. I’m trying to get photo documentation because it makes you die laughing (like the weasels on Roger Rabbit).

  13. OMG, the kitty and the sunglasses … is that REAL?! Too priceless.

  14. They made that into some type of Japanese cat food commercial? LOL

    The two cats at the end totally got me- I thought it was a mirror until they stopped clawing at eachother! LOL

  15. I think that sunglasses thing was viewed/filmed backwards. The cat is actually ‘taking off’ the glasses..

  16. That was highly amusing. Whoever created that was a genius!

  17. Omg…that was redonk. The car pulling himself under the chairs…mirror kitties…kittie bathing himself under the faucet…ping pong…too many to love. I don’t know how anyone with cats gets anything done. Although, I forget….when cats aren’t being completely amusing for an hour out of the day, they are sleeping. or slepping.

  18. It’s already been said, but bears repeating (have we had a bears repeating joke in a while?) that kitties are teh BEST! This was a great way to start the day. It will also be a great way to enjoy the rest of my day. Luv the glorious diversions!

  19. I usually have no probs with vidoes here – but at this rate this is going to take all day!!! Whats the hold up!!?!?

  20. This was a really super great

  21. See, this is why I’m a cat person. (And also why we don’t have any of those kitty-tempting breakables distributed throughout our house.)

  22. Ceebs – absolutely right. When my Elvis kitty is awake, I don’t get much done. This morning I barely made it out of the house at all because he was following me around, looking at me expectantly and saying “Mom, stay home and love me.” Sure, it sounded like “Meowr?” but I know what he meant.

    I’m sure by now he got over it (after I gave him an extra 15 minutes of attention) and is happily slepping.

  23. A thinker says:

    Kats are just simply, superbly wonderful. Just try to imagine a world without them…I wouldn’t want to.

  24. Good.


    That video makes me want to pour a bowl of pudding over my head and never stop smiling.


  26. Tony James says:


  27. Oh Meg – you saved one the lousiest days ever.

  28. This was an awesome video compiliation. It just strengthens my resolve to convince everyone else in the house that We. Need. A. Cat. I mean, who could resist the little face that one cat made when it would paw at that lady’s arm for her attention?

  29. Does anyone know where to find that kitten vid of like, 10 kittens going nuts on a bedspread? I think it’s got like punk rock music playing in the background to drive the point home.

  30. My cat does the paw-at-Mom-for-attention thing too. Sheesh. I never get anything done. And she’s positively p.o.’d if she’s on my lap and I dare to want to get up.

    My favorite was the kitteh under the faucet. What’s up with that?

  31. Hehe…I love the lyrics….

  32. are they actually *meowing* in the soundtrack?
    barfing rainbows indeed.
    Pillow, I think this is what you want:

    kittinkaptain arbed, please forgive me for linking to your blog. meer?


    I wants a cat NOW.

  34. AHHHHHHHHHHH!!! MARISER!! You found it!!!


  35. Aaaaaaah…..great kitty huffs today! 🙂

    Keep this up and I am going to have to boycatt this site! (That means, curl up here and never leave!)

    The sunglasses really did make me go Wow!, but you are right, Jude, it’s backwards. Cute as heck nonetheless!

  36. leprechaun says:

    God bless the Japanese.

  37. I. Adore. Cats.


  38. “The cat…gasp…the cat pulling himself…gasp…around under the table.”

    I L’d my A right O, too, Red Z! My old tom Bluto did that once under the couch. I cracked up and threw him outside till he could learn some manners in the house!

    And LaurieC, yes, the living kitty macrame was awesome!

  39. This is another confirmation that people who say they hate cats aren’t wired right in the head. How can gaze upon such antics and think bad thoughts? How? Of course, there’s a lot I don’t understand in this world but that’s at the top of the list.

  40. lol! omg, what would we do without our cats???

    speaking of which, I just brought a stray in the house. She’s in a condo right now to keep her separate from the others. And she is *not* happy about it. But what could I do??? SOMEONE STOP ME! /whimper…/ pleeeeeeease someone stop me…
    I just couldn’t stand seeing her out there in the cold and wet anymore. I will find her a home. I will… I will…

  41. Good for you, ceejoe! We won’t stop you, we will egg you on!

    More kittys! More kittys!

    (I keep stopping by the Humane Society and bringing home guinea pigs. Sigh. )

    Ooppss…..leaving to go get something done……um..NOW.

  42. ceejoe, many there are but few are chosen. You have no choice. They choose us. She is happy about it inside but not sure she should…you know…be too happy, yet.

  43. *grinning at image of Aubrey being hauled off by the men in white coats, smile and pudding bowl still firmly in place…*
    btw, for uk cuteologists, there’s an otter programme on BBC2 at 8. It promises frolicking babies…

  44. Cats are wacky.

  45. no matter what funny things MY cats do.. it always seems like someone else’s cat does stuff that’s even funnier! No fair! I want my cats to do wild and crazy things like that so I can laugh my pants off at home! My cats are bums, all they do is tackle each other, darn it all. 😉

  46. lol, thanks for the support, peeps!
    Jaypo – I think you’re exactly right… she is probably warm and comfy but not happy that she didn’t get to *choose* to come in. Plus she’s a tortie – and we *know* what their personalities are like!
    And Lauri – I think ten piggies would take up less room than ten kittehs?

  47. Cats are so crazy!! What a fun video! But I agree, it’s better with the sound off!

  48. ceejoe, some have greatness thrust upon them, some have kittehs…good luck and let us know what happens!

  49. That was GREAT! And I know what you all mean about people who have kitties not getting anything done — screw the laundry, forget the dishes, let the dust accumulate, I’ve got a KITTLES to snorgle! Luckily for me, my kitteh Summer loves the snorgling — I can essentially vacuum her entire belly with my nose, and we BOTH love it! No claws, no bites, just lots of purrrrrrs. From both of us, lol! I have seriously considered calling out of work more than once, on account of teh cuteness that is my Summer-pants. I can just see how THAT would go over, lol:

    Me: “I’m sorry, but I can’t come in today — my cat is being entirely too cute, and I must stay home and snorgle the belleh and the little paw pads.”

    My boss: “You’re fired. Oh, and get some help. Seriously.”

    Me: “HA! SNORGLE!!!!!!”

    …hang up, to the sound of purrs and snorgles.


  50. That video was crazy cute, but the captions attached to it really were way out there. Come on now, don’t ruin such a cute thing with such stupid comments.

  51. Oh, if only I weren’t allergic; the swollen snotty wheezing really ruins a good snorgle.
    Can anyone lend me the money for one of those non-allergy cats?

  52. Oh great, now I’ll have THAT song in my head all day… 😉 children singing “meow meow meow!” Too much. And the two cats at the end…you gotta wonder, what game were they playing that humans will never understand?!

  53. Tony James says:

    Shell WildLife Photographer of the Year results are in – some of these are flippin’ marvellous!,,1931170,00.html

  54. TJ, those pictures are literally taking my breath away. The mimic octopus, the tangs cleaning the seaturtle, all of them. *gasping for air*

  55. TJ – They’re lovely! Thanks!!!

  56. “And the two cats at the end…you gotta wonder, what game were they playing that humans will never understand?!”

    I think they were recreating the “wax-on, wax-off” scene from The Karate Kid.

  57. Rumi, more than once I have been late to work by force of Cat. Whether they hide my car keys to stop me from leaving (yes, they’re THAT smart), or curled up on my tummy preventing me from all movement, they always find a way to make me tardy for things. ^-^

    Worth it though!

  58. The manatee pic has me confused though …

  59. I think the one on the toilet doing what needed to be done is the reincarnation of our long lost Merlyn the Original Cyberkitty…

    For several weeks, our roommate, my husband and myself yelled at each other for not flushing…..then my husband caught Merlyn on the toilet…apparently he had figured out most of what it was there for…but he never did get the flushing right…./sigh

  60. When I try and play this, it stops at 2:31. What happens after that? Anyone?

  61. I’m going to watch this video again – I just have to wait until I’ve been strapped to my chair, until all sharp edges have been blunted and moveable objects and puddings removed. Only then will my handlers turn on the video…they will be armed with tranq guns, just in case, however.

  62. OK … I caught “neko”, “arigato”, and “meow meow meow meow!”

    Am I on my way to understanding Japanese?

    (Oh, *GOD* I love kittens!)

  63. Fear not, Aubs. I’ve got a BIGGER tranq gun for ’em lab coats, Muahahahaha.

  64. Am I the only one who can’t see the vid?? Me wants the cuteness!!! 😦

  65. CatFreak — not until you can say “Do not force me to once again destroy your newly-rebuilt model of Cold-War-era Tokyo” with proper inflection.

  66. OMG… that video of the kittens on the bedspread… it’s a KITTY MOSH PIT! Complete with moshing music! How great is that?!

  67. This did not make me hurl. It did make me squee a lot. Awww, just reminds me of all the wonderful kooky things that only cats can do to make you smile when they’re not even trying . . . sigh

  68. Cat freak, I can’t quite understand all of it, but basically they’re talking about the Aixia brand cat food saying “Thank you for the yummy food”

  69. Hey! What happened to the pic? I can’t see it in Firefox or IE… Has it been removed? 😦

  70. Cats are the only creatures who break down my composure and make me act like a complete dork. That’s exactly what this video did.

    I swear someday when I have my own house and a job I will get a cat (or three) no matter how much I will have to pay for allergy medicines later on!

  71. Omg. Song sounds so katamari-ish!

  72. Love this video, esp. the cat with the tissue box on his head, I was trying not to laugh right out loud at my desk!

  73. Maybe we could share one of those allergy-free cats Miao?

  74. AlbertaGirl says:

    People! I have a ten page paper due in THREE HOURS! Must stop watching kitten videos and finish it! Well… maybe just one more…

  75. Christine says:

    I think this site has achieved the pinnacle of its achievements with this video. There’s nowhere to go from here.

  76. I have such sympathy, AlbertaGirl. I wouldn’t be checking C.O. so religiously if I didn’t have three *very* dull chapters to read for tomorrow…Good luck!

  77. hrh.squeak says:

    Once, when I was getting ready for work and Boober wanted me to stay at home and PetPetPet, he very deliberately stomped first one front paw and then the other into my shoes. And then he glared at me – “Ha. Try leaving NOW, mom.”

  78. Netherland Dwarf rabbit, owner!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ says:

    Clever clip collection of cats caught in random acts of cutness!

  79. I’ve finally decided to get a tattoo. What’ll it be? Oh yes – EVERY FRAME OF THIS VIDEO.

  80. It never ceases to amaze me how elegant, sophisticated and graceful cats are.


  81. *cries* I keep trying to load the video, but after about 10 seconds the video stops and says “Share this video Watch Again” ARG! I don’t even get to see past the kitties playing patty cake! Even with the same video with the other song. *cries* It sounds so cute too…

  82. “Jesus-cat” (walked on water) and the “Lucy meets Harpo Marx” set cracked me up!!

  83. Just what I needed to relax after a CRAZY day at work!

  84. OMG that was the best. especially the cat walking on water, is it’s name moses?

  85. Holy crap. This made me laugh until I cried!!!

  86. And triple-barfs for those of us who can actually *understand* the Japanese.


    Urp. Excuse me…

  87. lurkertype says:

    I watched with the sound off, thinking that would help.

    Nope. Still barfed rainbows.

    With the flailing kitteh paws, and the losing to gravity, and the kitty scooting himself around the dining table upside down.

    Yeah, dip me in puddin’. I’m done for.

    (We haven’t caught MomTux yet, but Mr. LT is doing much better. If we can just get MomTux to animal control… SisKit was handed over to them yesterday to be put up for adoption.)

  88. [MEEP]
    [airbrakes go PSSHH]

    [leaning out of truck window…]

    Hey, somebody order 9 cubic yards o’ nilla puddins?

  89. u shouldn’t cuss its wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  90. (watches the video again)

    (skipping across the room-still attached to chair)


    (outruns handlers)

  91. The song was BLOODY ANNOYING!! but the vid was uber-cute 😀
    I just turned off my speakers

  92. musicchick2 says:

    “…but kittens doing goofy things are like crack!” ROTFLMAO, BonzoGal!
    I too am one of the fortunate firmament of cat lovers. One of mine does that ‘paw at u to get your attention’ thing, but he paws me on my back, when I’m ASLEEP! Hee hee…. “uh….Mom? Mommy? um…Maawww-M??!! My bowl is less than full. Can you do something about that NOW please??”

  93. kitteh video AND a swim in a pool of pudding? this is the best humpday EVER.

  94. musicchick2 says:

    “This did not make me hurl. It did make me squee a lot”. Um, Carolina, have you seen a Dr. for that??!! 😉 j/k

  95. mariser – no problem at all about the linkipoo – I think *everyone* should go look at all the adorable kitty vids that I have collected!! 🙂

  96. and links to kitty vids…

  97. So cute! Cats are such absurd animals… I love when they do something dumb and then look around as if to say “Moi? I would NEVER fall off the counter! You must be thinking of someone else…”

    Oh, and Dan already said it — totally Katamari…

    One more thing… There’s a Sit-n-Spin in that video!!! I really loved those things…. I was never allowed to have one as a kid (oh, 13 some years ago when they were popular) and I STILL want one!

  98. Oh gawd, that should be “23 f@#&ing years ago.” I can’t believe I was a decade off. I guess you’re only as young –or as old — as you feel.

  99. Alexis sez,
    “…”Moi? I would NEVER fall off the counter! You must be thinking of someone else…”

    that is a perfect description. and then they walk away with nose and tail high in the air.

  100. lurkertype says:

    We refer to these times as “I MEANT to do that!”

  101. “and I’ll KILL the first person that disagrees”

  102. that song makes me wanna hurl, but the kitties make me wanna cry! I hope none of them were hurt! they were all so cute… 😀 another good one CO!!!

  103. Ok I had to watch it again, was interrupted the first time. I loved the chubby black cat who couldn’t *quite* jump onto her window perch.. and the one using the toilet was a crackup. It’s probably good she hasn’t learned to flush, I’ve heard of cats who flush flush flush to watch the water swirl around… while the owner watches the water bill skyrocket. TOO FUNNY!!

  104. SO CUTE! The song is cute, the kitties are ADORABLE. They remind me of how cute and funny our kitty friends can be. The one with the kitty under the table reminds me of my cat, she does that under my bed, hehehe.

  105. Awww, I just watched this again and it makes me feel so good! Everyone in the world should see this, just makes you want to play.

  106. Well, Andrew, now you owe us a complete translation.

  107. Brak_Silverbone says:

    The one scooting around under the table made me laugh out loud!

  108. birthdayperson says:

    It’s my birthday today, and I couldn’t ask for a better present from CO. Thanks so much!

  109. (duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh)
    You say it’s your birthday
    (duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh)
    It’s my birthday too, yeah
    (duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh)
    They say it’s your birthday
    (duh nuh nuh nuh nuh nuh)

  110. Okay, so it’s still not letting me watch past 10 seconds. I tried it in IE and Firefox. Any ideas?

  111. meowmeowmeowmeow says:

    meow meow meow meow
    kitteh sunglasses
    table tenness
    meow meow meow
    fish fall
    meow meow mow
    *throw up*

  112. Yep, I know the feeling. I call it The Gzzts.

  113. I’m more of a dog person but I loooove this video! It was so adorable!!! My favorite was the cat with the sunglasses and the ‘boxing cat’. Awww!

  114. sock monster says:


  115. I love love love the cat dancing with the lady in the purple sweater. That’s part because it’s hilarious and part because the purple sweater lady sort of looks like how I envision my mom if she ever had an eensy bit too much wine or something.

  116. Happy Birthday, T. I am happy to announce the news of your honorary membership:

  117. acelightning says:

    For those who can’t view the video properly… YouTube is doing maintenance of some kind, and a lot of things are malfunctioning in weird ways. I was able to watch both versions of the video, but it wouldn’t let me save either one to my favorites.

    And did you notice that some of those videos go back as far as 1991?!

  118. Turns up the volume so she can hear the sound track.
    Japanese. Of course…

  119. Gary Fixler says:

    I spotted a ball clock! I love those things. Now that I know they freak out cats, even better.

    I think for sheer cuteness, the kitty losing its balance on 2 legs at 1:51 is the most tastic.

  120. Gary Fixler says:

    I spotted a ball clock! I love those things. Now that I know they freak out cats, even better.

    I think for sheer cuteness, the kitty losing its balance on 2 legs at 1:51 is the most tastic.

  121. Omg, I am literally crying from laughing so hard.

  122. To all the allergy sufferers: If you really, really, really have to have a cat and you’re allergic, the best thing is allergy shots. Since I once had to give a cat away because of my allergies (but I now have five because the allergy disappeared on its own), I wouldn’t suggest taking the plunge and getting a cat that could end up making you feel like your head is going to explode. But the shots really work and if it’s an option for you, I’d say go for it. Then you can watch these videos while snorgling your very own cat.

  123. meow meow meow!…

  124. Wow…that was awesome….my cats just seem so boring now. =(

  125. Aubrey,
    Sticky TOFFEE Pudding! [slurp]
    Spotted DICK!? [uhm…]

  126. Heee, gotta love those Brits.

    Hey, was it truly your BIRTHDAY yesterday, oh great Teho???

    If so, we missed a mighty chance to PARTAY!!! Retroactive???

    *Cement mixer beeps it’s way backwards to the Office window* *Essence of spotted um, Toffee pudding, yeah, wafts thru the room.*

    *Rumble rumble*

  127. Gary Fixler:
    I spotted the ball clock too and thanks for that link..! I had one of these as a kid and I always thought it was SOOO COOL.. wonder what happened to it.. But anyway.. I’m going to be on the search for one now 😀

  128. Jaypo– Spotted dick? They have medication for that now…. Toffee pudding! Yeah!!! (drools)

  129. Ohhhhhhhh LORD! Okay, so I understand virtually NO Japanese, so I am just going to go with my hope that the lyrics translate to something like, “I’m a cute little kitty cat and I do the cutest (bleep!)-ing things, So darned cute and funny it will make your head explode…. Meow Meow Meow Meow!!!”. Yep. that’s what I choose to believe it says.

  130. Not my birthday. Go fish.

  131. WickedWendy says:

    That was great!!!

  132. Is your d&%k spotted?

  133. There are few things cuter than Japanese kids singing 😛

  134. NebraskaErin says:

    I just barfed rainbows for a solid four minutes. I think I need a specialist.

  135. Wow… I’m like the only one in the world that this video isn’t working for. I am teh sad now. *sobs*

  136. GAH! Who knew deleting cached files and internet cookies ACTUALLY works? *barfs a rainbow* I am okay with having to wait that long… this video was worth it.

  137. The best ever! So many gems in there… I don’t know where to start with naming a favourite – Truly beautiful!

  138. Must have lyrics for Japanese cat song!!!!

  139. FYI the song is from this PSP game called Loco Roco

  140. NebraskaErin says:

    My niece and nephew are here. We just watched this video twice, and they were shrieking with joy. My niece just barfed rainbows, I need to go clean her up.


    I thought it was looking at a mirror! D:

  142. o.k. the cat taking a shower under the faucet is what did it for me. he has such a serious look on his face! i almost died laughing.

  143. I love them all and I want the lot!! 😀

  144. Pondy McSlut says:

    okay this is ANIMAL CRUELTY i am suing the company watching cats hurt them self for fun schould not be made into a movie!

  145. Yeah, good luck with that, PMS.

  146. that was too much! too. much.

  147. awesome video
    made me laugh so hard
    they are soo cute!